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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Cleveland Football Team

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Just now, Warhead36 said:

Sewell is for OL what Young was for DL last year. If we tank for him I wouldn't be upset at all.


If we have a top 3 pick, it means Haskins played garbage the whole year.  We have to take a QB then.  

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5 hours ago, Daniel.redskins said:

We would have won this game with Kyle Allen.  Our dominant defense only needs average qb play to win.  Who cares if Haskins has a higher ceiling?  The best player should play.  


Damn, as one of the biggest Haskins supporters on here, I totally agree. Our D is so good, that I'd be open to giving Allen a shot. But he needs to look SIGNICANTLY better than Haskins. Let him play against Bmore next week, if he's playing on a low level, bring back Haskins the following game.  


And not for nothin, Haskins SUCKED today, but another thing I will say, outside of the lack of weapons on offense, I am REALLY not feeling the style of offense we run. **** looks goofy as hell. I like being able to break out one of these slight trick plays, but not every damn drive.


Stop throwing so much and give the ball to GIBSON.  **** this RB by committee BS. Give him a chance to get in a rhythm. 


And oh yeah, CUT HOPKINS

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59 minutes ago, mhd24 said:


If we have a top 3 pick, it means Haskins played garbage the whole year.  We have to take a QB then.  

If there isn't an FA we like, draft a QB in the 2nd round and let him sit behind the Peg Leg/Kyle Allen. Start the new dude whenever. Our entire offense is garbage, including the majority of the O-Line which should take more than a year to truly fix. To draft a new QB with our first pick and play him in an offense that isn't completely rebuilt would be a tragedy.


As much fight as the rest of the offense showed today, I don't believe we really do have a functional offense. A year spent in offense like this is a wasted year for a QB on a rookie contract.

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1 hour ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

I'd take Dak in a heartbeat.  Hell, I'd take Romo if he'd be willing to come out of the booth, assuming we could get him a full back replacement. :P Or Troy.  I bet Troy could still spin it a bit.  

Ya.mean off.the beach lol

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1 hour ago, primetime441 said:

You're being ignorant if you don't think repetition at game speed doesn't benefit a player.


Good god almighty, man. 


Of course repetition at game speed benefits, but it's over the long term; that's why Rivera isn't going to pull him and is being patient.


2 minutes at the end of a game that you're definitely going to lose isn't suddenly going to flip some sort of switch on.

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It was nice to see Chicago come back and win from being down 14 with under 5 to play, so that can be pointed out to RR. I hope the media stays on RR about his bizarre unwillingness to try to win games - two weeks in a row is beyond unsettling. I bet any group of players would be disappointed, but especially a young team looking up all shiny eyed at a respected coach. The players want snaps they want stats that's how they get paid. Garbage time is easy money.  Plus, you know, most all probably hate losing.


Playing the injury phobia card doesn't cut it IMO, otherwise he would have taken a knee on our final plays, vs risking a Kelvin Bryant type situation by running our prized rookie to seal up our loss. 


TWO WEEKS in a row.


  • (0:26 - 4th) Z.Gonzalez kicks 65 yards from ARZ 35 to end zone, Touchback.

  • 1st & 10 at WSH 25

    (0:26 - 4th) (Shotgun) A.Gibson up the middle to WAS 26 for 1 yard (D.Kennard).


I think it's safe to short us since there are no garbage time scores to ever worry about.

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23 hours ago, IrepDC said:

It literally does have an impact on player growth, but the fans here don't get it. Pitt, Green Bay, New England, Seattle, all have great relationships with their fan bases.


We are known as a fickle fair weather fan base.


The script here moves to chicken or the egg, win first then have a great fan base. I'm aware the circle of thought we follow.

If our players aren’t developing well enough all because of things being said here on ES or Twitter, well, then they shouldn’t be in the NFL anyway. 

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