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  1. It is highly likely that Thomas got more serious hits at VA Tech playing QB than he has as a TE for WFT. In three years he rushed 495 times for 1,332 yards, an average of under 3 yards per carry because almost all of his runs were up the middle out of the shotgun. If it was third and short, it was Thomas up the middle.
  2. FUNNY! But, hey, you neve know -- maybe you've hit on something here!
  3. Here is my prediction. Heinicke wins the competition and is the starting quarter back. He takes the team through the first nine games undefeated, and in the tenth game is injured. Fitzmagic comes on in relief and leads the team to an undefeated regular season and a playoff win. In the second playoff game, Fitzmagic becomes Fritstragic, and a fully recovered Heinicke comes in to finish the game, save the win and continue on to an undefeated season and super bowl win. Sound farfetched? Anyone else remember the '72 Dolphins, Bob Griese and Earl Morrall? "Morrall joined the Dolphins in
  4. Nice read for Heinicke aficioanados. "It would not be surprising to see Heinicke under center at any point this season. If this happens, Washington should be confident in what he can do on the field." https://www.yardbarker.com/nfl/articles/washington_qb_room_has_taylor_heinicke_been_overlooked/s1_16721_35324687
  5. I absolutely agree with you, BY. But -- I am highly prejudiced, and I just happen to believe that after training camp and three preseason games, it will be Taylor Heinicke that we see take the field as our starting QB against the Chargers. Cheers!
  6. TM, the injury was a direct result of the illegal low hit. If he does not get that hit, he does not go down and injure his elbow. It truly is that simple. I suspect we could go on about this all day and twice on Sunday, and we will not really solve anything. I do believe we will get to see TH on the field quite a bit this season. Time will tell if the injury concerns are validated or not. Cheers!
  7. Not that it makes any difference to the point you are making, but just for clarity, no, he did not get knocked out on his first play. He had one play before half time and then started the second half. He had ten total plays and completed his only pass before being concussed. Ironically, he was in for T. J. Yates who went out for a concussion protocol of his own. Yates, by the way, was playing because Tom Savage was out with a concussion from the game before. Yates passed the concussion protocol and came back into the game to replace Heinicke. I don't know, maybe Houston needed to have their QB
  8. MT, I don't think we are that far apart in our opinions. It's just a matter of how we state it, and what we seem to suggest. Let me ask you this hypothetical. You are the coach. You have made it clear there will be a competition for the starting QB position. You proceed through training camp and preseason, and you conclude that it is close, that Heinicke has remained healthy and that he has an observable edge in the competition, but you also remain concerned about his proclivity for injury. Who do you name as the starter? P.S. I would start Heinicke because he has outperformed Fit
  9. And he also said at that time, “...Or if Taylor ends up being the guy, why wouldn’t we want that guy to be the guy for a while?"
  10. 1. The Minnesota injury was non-football related. 2. Concussions by QBs are not exactly rare. 3. The elbow injury happened when he was sacked and the defense was flagged for roughing the passer. It was a serious injury that required surgery, but he did return to the game with a brace on his arm. 4. Additionally, the injury in the Bucs game, though painful, was relatively minor, and he did not miss an offensive series while continuing to play very well. Is his injury record cause for concern. I don't know, maybe so. Is it "really alarming"? I think that is sheer hyperbole.
  11. MT, this time we are going to have to agree to agree. Cheers!
  12. MT, I just don't think you have a true grasp on reality for this situation. Here are two quotes form OC, Scott Turner. Neither of them sound like he is upset with what TH did. In fact, it sounds to me like he expects it. “If Taylor is going to play, he’s got to play,” said Turner. “We’re not going to baby him. We’re not going to play scared. We’re going to play to win. Everybody on this team deserves that. He’s capable of it. He’s got to raise himself up to the challenge, and he will.” Turner chuckled at Taylor Heinicke saying he would run out of bounds now rather
  13. Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Deshaun Watson, Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott -- I think odds are in the same exact situation, any one of these six would have done the same thing TH did. And again, we're just going to have to agree to disagree.
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