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  1. bakedtater1

    2020 ES GM's Mock Draft....

    Ok ill give it a go...follow the rules the best i can and do the absolute best at playing...I think with some guidance i can do it...
  2. bakedtater1

    2020 ES GM's Mock Draft....

    They gave it up for that safety from the dolphins..totally forgot Soooo do i go to the Steelers website to see what there needs are?.. How do I get information for the team I'm managing?
  3. bakedtater1

    2020 ES GM's Mock Draft....

    How come the steelers dont have a first round pick?
  4. bakedtater1

    2020 ES GM's Mock Draft....

    Where do we see a list of where everyone is in the draft?
  5. Pic to share? Makes the grass stains pop...and when ya got grass stains ya know damn well you've been gettin down! Keep as close to the original colors as possible...untill a name change, keep it all original
  6. bakedtater1

    2020 ES GM's Mock Draft....

    Ok..I've seen this thread here year in year out for a while now.. never have gotten in to it..I'd like to give it a go..I HAVE NEVER PLAYED...if I can play I'll take the Steelers if so...
  7. bakedtater1

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

  8. And ya know everyone I guees except for olsen lol wants to play here now Good...making it easier to land that safety of theres
  9. Hooper and bradberry it is on day one of free agency
  10. No **** cut the b.s.....lock flowers down for 3 more, scherff for 6 and trent for 3..bradberry and dude from Minnesota would be a dream...obviously major t.e upgrade..
  11. Kerrigan is a sack n a half from being the all time sacks leader for the skins..and i just got a throw back Kerrigan jersey...can we hang on to him at least one more season?
  12. Please..i live under a rock in idaho... Pure speculation and pipe dreamin.
  13. There quietly working on a deal now...ron knows whats best
  14. No tag for scherff as they prepare to ink him to a new contract. I hope that's the case anyway.
  15. Shameless on Netflix is nuts...though a documentary, dont **** with cats was crazy...I dont know how to pick shows to watch..I thumb threw netflix, disney+,hulu live and can never land on wife is the t.v show picker..I usually go do something else as she will watch that ridiculous ass sabrina teenage witch bopper ****..or unbreakable Kimmy or the good place yuck...god i hate the off season lol