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  1. Oh yeah sure just like.last year but this year....I'm taking the back seat approach this year
  2. Ok I.mean seriously who's really interested in this season?..just give the division to dallass or ny already give up till we have a name..****in no namers
  3. Oh..stupid ass twitter anyway..jesus gods you.stil do that crap?
  4. What the **** ^^^^ ??? We're gonna suck **** this year anyway...probably should just tank....we wont win anything with out a franchise qb..it has to be a franchise qb or you ain't ****..we didnt draft the next mahomes..we're ****ed..just wash this season and on to maybe next year..we win 3 games tops
  5. Drew breeze comes.out of retirement and signs before training camp.. bolllllllld predictions..
  6. Any leaks on who the Niners start off with?
  7. I havent been to denver scince 2005...hmmmmmmmmm
  8. I met chris collinsworth in island park idaho Hung out with him and Merrill Hodge all day..
  9. Dude kind of reminds me of DeSean Jackson.
  10. I officially love Rob Gronkowski now. Absolutely love how he donated 1.2 million dollars for a park in Boston area..that's way awesome... I know you'll never see this Rob but you're a good man
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