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  1. Completely 100% agree with you as I sent that post in it hit me that it might look like I'm trying to say my friend is an Insider LOL and he's just a goofball Idahoan from Florida like me except for me I'm not from Florida lol.. I told him not to hold his hand over his ass
  2. Hopkins ain't going anywhere my very long time best friend(huge phins fan)says the rumors of tunsil being shopped is poop
  3. I predict t Williams for Mike Evans and a 2..
  4. Would it be to replace Jordan Reed? OJ Howard is a beast isn't he?... I sure wish Jordan Reed had a helmet that wasn't painted with a target on it.
  5. Id **** if we got hill ..even evans..
  6. **** that puke above ^^ and the eagles jerzey he's wearing
  7. I can see it happening...I'm totally down too!!
  8. The pro bowl sucks..has since the 90's
  9. Not trying to turn this into the pump ya up thread(I already pulled the good juju thread out for that lol)but if Callahan(kind of known as a big deal on the o line front)can put together just a decent enough line we could win some games this year Dont forget about way..joke around about the special teams all ya want but when the d is scoring from fumble recoveries and pick 6's yall be thanking tress..
  10. bakedtater1

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    I go pulling into the Walmart parking lot and some guy has a Cowboys hat on so I said out my window the Cowboys suck, go Redskins! he laughed, that's all continue on
  11. bakedtater1

    Poll: Your 2019 Redskins Predictions

    We beat the **** out of Dallas at home..Collins will have the defense....the offense... the crowd....all absolutely pumped we'll stomp the cowgirls!!
  12. Not with the double headed monster that I first mentioned in early camps that we didn't have at those watch black n blue punch mouth football ****in riggins so jazzed he's out on the field high fiving absolutely stoked about what he's seeing guice dragging 2-3 players down the field while his Jersey is being torn off ...I want some of Wentz's Jersey from week 1's looking at you bud!!..yaaa go skins I'm pumped can't wait for the season let's get it on!!!
  13. No way not happening this thread is not falling to the dark depths of the seller were our beloved WASHINGTON REDSKINS WILL NO LONGER DWELL!! IT STARTS NOW AND DWAYNE HASKINS WILL RISE PROUND AND STRONG!!!..Let's hear it for the rookie's that are gonna bring our skins back to relevance once again!!! #StartDH
  14. #StartDH ..Callahan puts together a brilliant run scheme ya start Haskins week 1..hand off hand off throw..#StartDH..
  15. I also truly believe(and this pressure could start to mount by week 3 if keenum is slippin)that if grudes were to name haskins week 1 starter today the amount of ticket sales would increase for fed ex.