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  1. Wake n bake, very excited for this game..I dont think I've watched Kyler Murray play yet..very very nervous hope our d crushes them..gotta stop the hop..just like malp said..gotta stop the hop
  2. What are you doing for the game?..do you just watch from home when it's away games or did you travel with the team?
  3. Say huh?..to many people is what your saying? Here at the local Buffalo Wild Wings they only allow so many people in that's why I'm thinking about being there at 10:30 and just hang out for the morning games and stay until the game starts
  4. Go to your local sports bar... isn't there a Redskins bar you go to a lot?
  5. So assuming you've been a fan scince birth like the majority of us you've been a fan for 121 years was it just the first 111 years you would dawn something with redskin on it?
  6. I get up at 215 am to be to the farm by 4...by 8 PM I'm out cold lol..I save my beer drinking for sundays only..or should i say for when Washington plays lol..I'm very nervous for this game also very excited..19 17 team but I could also see it going 34 17 cardinals..I have confidence in this defense....but I've also been a fan for a long time lol...good morning y'all l hope ya have a great day and gooooooooo Washington Football Team!!!! Lol..I'm ready now..not much of a participant last night sorry
  7. No I never said you're alone I'm just curious if you'll still come around here and why
  8. God I'm already starting to prepare myself in case the skins lose tommorw...a loss puts them at .500...do I than root for the team to lose or win?
  9. But still have an account here? They are upset about the players and <mod edit political comments on two diff political topics--one week ban>..and the name change of course lol..there old fashioned I guees
  10. I know sorry..not allowed there..funny video friday..I'll remove if need be
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