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  1. bakedtater1

    Starting QB 2019???

    That stupid ass thing above is stupid...mood??!!!..MOOD!?!!?!? do we know what his mood is he looks like he's in a good mood to me and speak for yourself I'm a big Redskins fan and that's not my mood going into 2019..stupid as ****ing tweeting bull ****...dont tell me how to live my life!!! And what you think he's in a bad mood because of all the cuts and what have you on his face???.. with my 3 11 year old kids and my three dogs that's how my face looks at the end of every day..
  2. bakedtater1

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    That's riiiiiight...the 36 million dollar pay back..**** you mara **** you!!!
  3. bakedtater1

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Congratulations to Lorenzo Alexander for the contract extension with the bills, personally one of my favorite players in the NFL for a minute now of course another one of those players the Skins let get away..
  4. They are skinsinparadise oh are they ever... And it better be to become the head coach... Not just defensive coordinator... If their intentions are for him to take over as head coach just get it over with now and make him head coach now.
  5. Ok chill out man..I'm entitled to my opinion I'm just stating what I've not seen who the hell am I to say rather a players dominant or not ... No right or wrong here..
  6. Snyder loves to still the headlines.... I predict this Sunday it's announced Gregg Williams named head coach of the Redskins and Jay is shown the door...let Gregg chose his guys..
  7. This is exactly what I hope happens.. I truly believe the rant I went on a few pages ago is what's going to happen.. Haaa I'm telling ya..I'm calling it/all ready called it ..Danny boy stepping up to the plate..gonna do things his way, tell Bruce to sit in the corner and zip it..
  8. I didn't watch that game because of how much offense I knew was gonna go down and I prefer a defensive game...and I had something going on I can't remember but ya wasn't that the game that was supposed to be in Mexico?... Anyway I appreciate SemperFi providing that clip of the highlights of Donald.. that's the best highlights I've seen of Donald I'll backtrack and say that he is a dominant player but I guess I don't watch the Rams enough and what I do see of the Rams I don't ever see any of those highlights I just seen..any way, as you were
  9. Yeah nope what confuses my brain is Aaron Donald in the running for MVP when I don't ever recall seeing any highlights or anything about him any Rams game I've ever watched I've never seen him have a dominating game, a game even good enough to say he could be MVP..idk just me man
  10. I don't think he has I think you made a good point.. so I sit here standing here actually still believing that we could have beat the Rams..maybe lol Any Rams game I've watched I have never seen Donald dominate like mac does.. we beat them in la recently.. then we beat them in our house with Kurt as quarterback.. and then the last time before that I thought was in St Louis where we were up two touchdowns and we end up losing with dat dude
  11. What's so confusing about my post?..I think the Rams d line is overrated and we man handle them when we play them..??
  12. I'm not saying Wade Phillips is over rated but I believe that d line is..we haven't played the Rams with Suh there but when were healthy our oline dominates there d line every time.. Aaron Donald is irrelevant when he plays us..I still don't understand all the love for Donald..I don't think he's good.
  13. bakedtater1

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Big ol fat bong rips...I've cut down drastically on drinking... Worked on laundry and got the kids mentally prepped for the school week.. thank goodness for a saints win they were starting to scare me there for a minute..I thought for sure I would have to ban watching another Super Bowl with it being the eagles Patriots... Now let's keep our fingers crossed we could see a saints chiefs Super Bowl