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  1. No foolin?.. Kyle Rudolph eh?..**** foolin...get this dude now... and the Dolphins let go of Kyle Van Noy? Yes please
  2. Thanks for everything Alex!..best wishes to whatever ya do next! Loved alex before he came here love him even more seeing him go.
  3. Interesting to see jj watt go to the cardinals
  4. Depends on who you ask..go ahead ask me Didnt see watt going to the cardinals..hmmmm
  5. Ron Rivera on vacation make more sense than on a holiday
  6. Nooo its happy birthday..new years eve was closer and my wife chants out happy birthday on new years eve..instead of happy new year
  7. There hasn't been any holidays around tho..christmas was over a long time ago..ohhh maybe a valentine's day holiday..but valentine's day isnt considered a Holiday...hmm confusing
  8. With what's transpired between alex and ron/Washington will free agents actually wanna play here?
  9. Has Trent came out and said he'd be happy to come back?
  10. Well **** you to russell wilson..rather play for the cowpukes..pfff and he grew up a Redskins fan my ass
  11. Right that's what I'm saying why don't I see us as a possible candidate for Russell services Russell Wilson or bust please
  12. How do you know I sit to pee?..I never laughed at trading for watson..didnt want to give up a d linemen but didnt laugh at it.
  13. As much as I hate saying it and as bad as it would hurt...send 3 first rounders a 4th and j Allen for Russell Wilson.
  14. Give up the future break the bank I. Dont. Care..get Russell wilson here..him with this defense equals a sb..3 with gibson and Mclaurin and Thomas would be hot
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