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  1. Excellent thing to happen with training camp opening..TOMMOROW?..omg we made it girls and boys!!!
  2. Welp...training camp is right around the corner..I'm ready....
  3. Why in gods green earth do they still hold tc in california?...never made sense
  4. I was thinking about our o line the other day and who the projected starters will be and I completely forgot we got Charles Leno...so he's the left tackle and the rookie cosmi will be at right tackle correct?..just some things I'm thinking about pre training camp...
  5. Hi..hows it going?.glad to.see ya around pre tc
  6. Right. Where. We. Wanna. Be....hail..I'll get involved...dallas it's your divison lol
  7. Lol I know better Lol Dwayne toothless haskins lol..sorry that's the pabst talking lol
  8. I just want to get all the Kinks out before training camp starts I know tweeting is a big thing when reporting stuff from Camp so I just kind of want to be able to follow along
  9. Where people can post messages to there followers..k..an individual message is a......????..I'm lost now.. it's hot as F here and the Pabst is cold and truck pool is in check
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