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  1. One would think Dez could/would wanna "ball out" here especially to stick it to the boys twice a year.. if he's kept in shape and ready to go I'd say bring him in..
  2. Got a gut feeling ukskinsfan could be(.heyyyy I'm starting to sound like a broken record hahaha)on to something... Peterson was brought back and everyone's savior was signed but nothing on Scherff..if Dan Allen has it that hard up for Haskins and the niners are right there not needing a QB..I'd ****ing freak the **** out if we traded Scherff..WOULD HATE IT, BE SO PISSED,...than get over it by training camp, all in again for the skins all excited for another season yay go skins just to be in the same position next year ..rinse,wash, repeat.
  3. He should do jail time if guilty...just wondering if the skins were in on anything/the big splash?..idk...shame on hill if guilty..I'm leaving it at that.
  4. What's this about tyreek hill was on the trading block at the start of free agency?
  5. Adrian Peterson is the number 1 running back of this era to have on the team to mentor Guice...we should fill lucky..I can give two ****s what other team's wanted or didn't want him...chalk it up to what ya want, point is the Redskins couldn't ask for a better fit for Guice.
  6. I don't like the flowers signing...but WE didn't pay him ****...the REDSKINS who we have no control over, might have over paid him, but WE didn't...y'all should maybe consider just joining the cheerleader side of things?..
  7. Ohhhh yes the good ole "were you looking with your elbows" from ma...which lead to.."look with your eyes instead of your elbows"
  8. The Redskins are a 15-1 team every off season in my opinion and I get plenty of sleep...7-8 hours a night and some days multiple 2+ hour naps..
  9. Ya the poor poor guy..oh no how horrible for him doing what he loves...and to be forced to have to play for such a horrible franchise..pssst please!!
  10. Yep the cowboys seem to be suited up a bit do the eagles and it's looking more n more like the basement for us. Till the NFL no longer exists...any given Sunday, throw out who has who on each other team's rosters, divisional games especially is anyone's game.
  11. Yep I worded that wrong..I could tell you weren't to enthused about the signing lol
  12. Yaaa that above clip is ugly.. ****ty ass hand work!..that's coachable tho..#incallahanwetrust