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  1. bakedtater1

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    That's why I don't use Facebook and Twitter.. make it harder on you folks LOL have to deal with the knuckleheads on Facebook and Twitter than me here..haaa I'm just ****ing with ya man.. of course I've heard of the NFL offseason... But if you ask some certain folks they would agree there is no such thing as an offseason...
  2. bakedtater1

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    No, are you serious?!?!.. asking me if that's a joke?!?!?.. no it's not a god damn joke, there is NO OFF-SEASON in the NFL.. boy have you lost your mind cuz I'll help you find it...hehe jk that was a joke.. but no seriously there is no off season..I believe the combine starts the same month of the Superbowl lol.. at the most a short month later.
  3. bakedtater1

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    What off season?
  4. bakedtater1

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    Most unbelievable story in the NFL......
  5. bakedtater1

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    Is Donovan McNabb a Hall of Famer? Everyones thoughts please.
  6. ^^^brilliant!!!..I absolutely love it, and Angela from the office approves it
  7. bakedtater1

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    Heyyyy now lol
  8. Have some respect and ya can't sensor your own bad words silly mcnilly..
  9. Now if we see excellent play from bostic than everything will be ok and will allllllll be over foster..
  10. bakedtater1

    WP: 20th anniversary of Snyder

    I completely respect those fans who used to be season ticket holders or even fans who only seen 2-3 games a season and have now completely stopped supporting the team..I know I talk alot of trash about those who don't stay positive about the skins but I truly respect and support your decision to not be positive about the team and to especially not support the team buy no longer purchasing tickets or merchandise. I would like to see Snyder come out him self and take votes on what to do with the franchise... obviously he wouldn't sell but possibly get excellent advice from some very knowledgeable smart folks on how to run a franchise properly?..idk it's hard for me cause I love the hobby from Sept 1 to Feb 10 .. spending time with family..cheering on the skins..oh this just hit me I bet ya can find a video of me on you tube when I was at b dubbs and the skins beat the cowboys last year the way they did(strip return for td)I jumped freaking cowboy fans actually excited for me high fiving me one dude hugged was a blast..I think of all the memories..the wonderful memories..just certain plays in games.. memories that keep me coming back for more..I should just give up being the kind of fan I am but I can''s a disease I guess..sooo Snyder or no Snyder the extreme fan in me CAN NOT BE STOPPED..Hail On!!!