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  1. Can't count how many times I heard someone say about our losing opponents, that they "actually lost to a team with no name". Yet something far more significant, that is worthy of far more mention, is they lost to "a team with no GM". (not to mention a QB with almost no calf muscles, a coach in chemo, etc etc)
  2. I'm not counting him out. Numbers don't lie. His W/L record : Five and One, means he ain't done.
  3. What stood out the most, that hasn't already been posted or quoted in this thread or the AS thread was this : In the interview with the military rehab doctor, who perhaps treated thousands of servicemen/women with similar injuries from combat - he said only about a dozen of them reached the level of recovery that Alex did. Let's not lose grasp of how much it means to do as well as he did - just the exercising he was able to do, was amazing by itself ; or even to go out and play Flag Football in a league for 40 year olds would be astounding by itself ; but to compete at the highest le
  4. I wouldn't categorize "kicking down your own door" as something that can "happen to anyone". He made the choice, and it could be considered somewhat reckless. And that's why I feel that injuries can be a concern in the future, because he lives and plays quite reckless. Maybe reckless isn't the best word, because it's not meant to be a negative criticism. So don't get me wrong - I have a ton of respect for him, and he may be a good QB and a healthy one - but the risks seem higher for him, because of the style that he plays and lives.
  5. Actually, wasn't that the game that we were leading by 15 points, with about 4 minutes remaining in the game, and they came back and won it, with 2 TD's, a 2-pointer to tie it, and then won in OT ? That one hurt.
  6. Smith, Heinicke, and Allen won't be all on this team next year. We are going to add at least one more QB, and I could see it being either extreme - an established vet, or a developmental young player. And that would make 4 QB's, which we won't keep on an active roster. If Alex makes it through the offseason with no major hitches, and he's 100% ready for camp, then someone has to be the odd man out - and my guess is it will be Kyle Allen. There's the slight possibility we don't add another QB, and don't subtract any of those, but it's probably very unlikely
  7. Alex with a broken wheel, actually seems more durable than Heinicke. Heinicke has been injured like 5 times, in the very limited action he's seen in the NFL
  8. Fresh interview. Noone - not anyone, can raise jut one eyebrow, like Alex Smith. He's still got it, folks. His military rehab Dr said he's seen this injury many times - from roadside bormbs and expIosions. And the only ones that recovered to his level - were the elite Special Forces.
  9. We are the only team/defense in the NFL, whether regular season or postseason, (other than Tampa's Week 2 game), that completely shut out Gronkowski.
  10. And people call Alex Smith old. Brady's got 7 years on him. Wonder what they call Alex when he's 43. It's weird. Give Brady some grey hair and beard, and he looks like the Dos X's guy
  11. The last one, on a regular season roster, yes. We had some in camp, that didn't hang on. There was Elijah Wellman from WV, who I had a huge crush on, but Gruden cut him.
  12. That FB Burton who just threw a key block on a huge run by Kamara, was on our team last year. Wish we could have a FB again, someday
  13. I think it changes the whole meaning and context when you type geyser instead of geezer. Isn't a geyser known for it's immense strength and velocity ? Meaning that Brady is actually an intimidating airborne threat ?
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