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  1. Ah ok he's both. Thought you meant he was the NFL receiver, while Sims was the folk hero. Come to think of it, I seem to recall the legendary stories about how Wright would rescue ladies, children and kittens, from rushing rapids after their boat over-turned.
  2. We were supposed to be in the Super Bowl this year, since we built this team just like the 49ers, on the defensive front 4
  3. Yea. Sometimes really bad things happen to seemingly good people. Alex Smith comes to mind.
  4. Not a former Redskin - but of course, a relative of one. And a guy that some people wanted us to draft in a late round : Brett Rypien will start for the Broncos this Thursday night vs the Jets.
  5. Is it safe and accurate to say that Wright has surpassed Cam Sims' pace, in the 2 UDFA's quests to become an NFL receiver ?
  6. It was joke - remember the bull scenario in Spain, during his offseason with us ?
  7. Yea, he hurt himself on a "bull-rush" play to blitz the QB. Crowder had a big game, in his only game - 7 receptions, for 115 yards, a TD, and a 69-yarder. Otherwise, been bothered by a hammy
  8. Baby steps ? Probably too late in the process for that. He's taking his last steps in the league, not his first
  9. Eerie resemblance between John Harbaugh and Jim Harbaugh
  10. The season gets delayed, which means we get Ioannidis back, we get Foster back, we get Harmon back, we get Love's speed back- we get our offense back - so Super Bowl ! Tell @bakedtater1 to keep playin that country music backwards, so we get our players back, our truck back, our wife back, our job back Oh, can't forget that backwards country music also means you get out of jail too, so Latimer and Guice both get out of jail ! Maybe we get them back too !
  11. The current score now matches our final score
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