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  1. Sure looks like you did. On a written document here, basically On a somewhat related note - can anyone recommend a good site, as an online auto insurance agent, to shop all the companies ? Since it's online, and it involves entering highly personal info (such as SSN to check your driving record), my first and main priority is that it's considered an extremely safe and secure site, compared to others. I know nothing is foolproof, but there's degrees of that, of course.
  2. I suggested he become a doctor first, then cure himself, then return to football. And in that order. Partly because it would be cool to have a player jersey that says Dr Love.
  3. Since it's your first ticket, you should be eligible for the class. It'll save you points on your driving record at least. Which will save you 30% or more on your car insurance, in the future. 15% because of the points, and another 15% if you choose the insurance with the best rates.
  4. I've taken a step back. And Ng is for real. But I no longer see Jones as some 'larger than life', fighter. His last several fights were far from overwhelming in their impression His non-PED fights were not that impressive. He's now a much more conservative fighter. Another fighter, who seems over-rated, and is booked this weekend, is George Mas. Still in disbelief, that he's getting 2 consecutive title shots. All because he sent a knee toward a Takedown, that virtually everyone, and their grandma, knew was coming at him.
  5. Thread title must be changed...to "ESPN.com: Washington QB Alex Smith cleared by his surgical team for full backyard activity, with his toddler kids"
  6. So, Aldon Smith has found some criminal trouble, yet again. His NFL career has to be over, by now.
  7. Talent-wise, and health/legal issues put aside, I was very excited about Guice. If he could have stayed healthy, and stayed out of trouble, I think he would have been great. Both of those "ifs" turned out to be too big, obviously. But even though he didn't have the twitch you mentioned, he more than made up for it, in other ways. Especially after that first big preseason run, I was excited. The run he got injured on, the first time. Then, I knew ; that his talent was for real, and on an NFL level. But...oh well. He apparently dropped in te draft, for a very good reason. Man
  8. Sounds like something, that if I read about, I would not want to see images of, at all.
  9. Who woulda thunk Peyton Barber would have outlasted him in this team's RB room. It's also crazy to think that a year ago about this time, we were expecting a RB including Peterson, Guice, and Love, and more. We were all excited and curious how we would spread the ball around to all those "quality backs". Yet not one of those 3 guys played a snap in 2020 for us.
  10. Maybe when he gets his degree and becomes a doctor, he will be able to cure himself, and then return to Washington Football and become a star. Or a Wolf
  11. A lot of people. In order to pay these guys, their purses. Ben Askren is laughing all the way to the bank, in the most literal sense. After the fight, when asked what's next, he replied, "I'm gonna go to the bank and cash my $1 Million check, and then..." he says with a smirk. I don't think he's exaggerating, either. And that's not to mention what they paid all the other "fighters" and "entertainers". Reality TV has been a thing since the 90's. And apparently it's even bigger, these days.
  12. Ironically he will probably last longer on this team, than the guy who had this thread started just for him. Too bad he doesn't have a famous name of a pro athlete, attached to him. Oh wait, he does !
  13. No mention of the Black Keys ? That was pretty decent Blues. Or how about Frank Mir's moral victory, of surviving 7 rounds with Cunningham, taking it to decision ? "The balloon's gonna pop ! The balloon's gonna pop !" Well, Mir's balloon never popped ! Victory for everyone ! Also, it was great to see Holyfield coaching. Because I never knew I had so much in common with Evander Holyfield ! Holyfield said he never really wanted to be a fighter. Because he didn't like to get hit. That's crazy ! Same as me ! So, that's what motivated him to actually b
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