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  1. Malapropismic Depository

    The Race to Black Monday 2019: 12/30/19

    Didn't he used to coach DB's for us ?
  2. Malapropismic Depository

    Paloffs is Now: 2007(merged)

    Except Denver And they did it with no passing, virtually
  3. Malapropismic Depository

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    If you can't beat Minnesota, then shouldn't you change your Username to "ThePackIsntQuiteBackYet" ?
  4. Malapropismic Depository

    Poll : Source of Massive Injuries the last 2 years

    Does it seem like the injuries have reduced, since Gruden left ?
  5. Malapropismic Depository

    Next Coach?

    Tonight, Seattle's Schottenheimer makes another strong case for getting a HC hire in the NFL next year.
  6. Vikings' forums apparently don't have a "Please use descriptive thread title" rule
  7. Malapropismic Depository

    Do the Redskins have a future guard in Flowers?

    Christian did well at RT. If we have trouble finding a decent LT, I'd at least try Moses at LT to see if he's better suited there. Flowers HAS to re-sign, out of gratitude. The rest of the league pretty much, gave up on him, and Callahan sure as heck resurrected his career.
  8. He actually was a gutsy runner. I'll give him that. He probably did have a better chance at getting 3 yards on his feet.
  9. Malapropismic Depository

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    I bet the timing is not a coincidence. A bump in this thread at this time, is not surprising
  10. Malapropismic Depository

    2019 Game Day Thread

    All I was saying was that the stat by itself can be very mis-leading in general. It really has nothing to do with the Seahawks' particular case. The stat can potentially be used the same way on another team, that actually is a big loser, so they should do away with the stat.
  11. Malapropismic Depository

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Isn't that what I said in my previous post ?
  12. Malapropismic Depository

    2019 Game Day Thread

    You did not quote my whole post, so that was out of context. My point was, that the stat itself is misleading - not that the Seahawks in particular are big losers.
  13. Malapropismic Depository

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Seahawks 5-0 in games decided by 4 points or fewer, like that makes them great. But you can spin that the other way, too. When they lose, they lose big.
  14. Malapropismic Depository

    2019 Game Day Thread

    On that 3rd down play, they tried to blame it on a deflection. But it wouldn't have even been a close pass if it wasn't deflected.
  15. Malapropismic Depository

    What in the blue hell are the Dolphins doing?

    Swinging Gate 2.0 ?