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  1. Believe me, The Cheeseman has gotten plenty of love. He may not fall into the category of contract extensions, but he might as well be, because Cheeseman is the future of Special Teams.
  2. This Kris Moutinho should be tested, to see if he's been injecting concrete into his face.
  3. Really looked like a leg break. Clearly above the ankle. Also, as far as Conor being frail, this break has nothing to do with that. Certainly he cracked the leg from a previous leg kick or 2, and the slight twist, was the straw that broke the camel's back.
  4. Silva wins by SD Looked like a clear UD
  5. Anderson Silva boxing Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr, coming up shortly. At least it's not one of the Paul brothers ?
  6. I've always wondered what happened to him. The former name, not the latter
  7. My gut is telling me Scherff is playing his final year here
  8. If true, then Bostic picked the wrong end of his career, to start blooming.
  9. It's seems extremely rare that you find NFL players that have the combination of Top Tier talent, AND tremendous work ethic. Usually it's one or the other. The lesser talented players have to work extra hard to compete with the more talented ones. While the extremely talented ones seem to get lazy, and rely on their natural talent, and not work real hard to improve their craft. Meanwhile, we seem to have found at least 3 young gems that contain both of those qualities at very high levels. Makes you think "Watch out, NFL"
  10. There's also JSW. So out of those 3 young DE picks (all three being 7th Rounders) vying for a backup job, gotta figure at least one of them pans out. These 7th Round DE's are being accumulated like a bowl of spaghetti, to keep throwing them at the wall, to see which one sticks
  11. I think I see some ES-ers/Hive members following him there
  12. Yes, it could be either of those 2 things. Could also be that Ron knows Settle needs to step up, due to the combination of Allen not signing an extension, AND not showing up for OTA's. Kidding ? Actually, a very likely scenario, is that at some point, Ron likes to get One-on-One with most of his players, and due to the limited amount of clips, we don't see much of the other close-up coaching he does with players.
  13. The very first week after Gibson missed 2 weeks due to his Turf Toe last year, he rushed 10 times for 60 yards, and a 6 yard average. And that's not even 100%, because I know we pushed him back before he was ready. Who knows, he might have done that, as low as 80% recovery or lower. He's still a very dangerous runner, even with a bum toe. Gimpy or not, he will toe the line, for us this year.
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