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  1. Ron reminds me of Marty S for some reason, and I liked Marty
  2. Great run stopper but weak in coverage, even weaker yesterday because he was playing hurt. The G-men did nit resign him for a reason.
  3. Redskinscub

    Game Day Thread - Thieving Maras at Redskins

    Having one impact player can make a huge difference in a team, sure can't fill all of the holes but can make a big difference.
  4. Redskinscub

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I agree it starts with Snyder. While I think he truly wants to win, I am not sure he is a real people person. Maybe he needs to take a Dale Caregie course? Bruce gets blamed for everything but he is nothing more than a salary cap specialist with a link to our past (George Allen). Our drafts have been progressively better minus the Scott years. We went years without draft picks and losing picks in 2010 (i think that was the year we were penalized) and losing picks when RG3 and out did not work out really hurt. I like the direction we are going and hope we get a good coach. Callahan has impressed me much more than Jay. Winning will cure everything.
  5. Looks like Kendall is not doing as well with the Cheifs as he was here, should we go after him as a free agent?
  6. Redskinscub

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Eagles II

    If you think yesterday's loss was painful, how many of you remember the end to this game?
  7. Redskinscub

    Next Coach?

    I think Callahan deserves a lot of credit for keeping the team motivated, and playing hard. I don’t think he should be a full-time coaching candidate. However, wasn’t this the best case scenario? Play fairly well, be competitive and lose? What are people complaining about? I agree, and I feel like the team has an identity, something it has not had in a while. Whether it is for just this season or more... I like the overall professionalism and effort that Coach Callahan has put forth.
  8. Redskinscub

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    I think Callahan has a lot more in him, keep in mind he tried to convert Nebraska to a west coast offense. I honestly do not think our rookie qb could handle any more. It needs to be simple.
  9. Redskinscub

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Packers

    i agree, I had a lot of respect for Moses when he played thru a lot of injuries, but now he is not playing well. Bandon S is the same way, inconsistent
  10. I watched the Skins Carolina game today, I saw Erik really move some people around and play with a lot of energy. seems to be enjoying himself (especially when he spiked the ball after a TD)
  11. Redskinscub

    Next Coach?

    I do not know if Callahan is the long term answer, but he is a definite upgrade from Jay in my opinion. Very professional and puts a lot of work into his job
  12. ok thanks for doing this. Hopefully Erik will be the next Russ Grimm
  13. I have not got to see many games on tv, so I wanted to ask some of you that have seen the games, how Erik Flowers is doing st guard?
  14. Redskinscub

    Welcome to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    I hope with time he develops, but Haskins looks totally lost. He split reps during training so he should have some kind of a clue but it does not appear so. I would like to see him more engaged with the qb and coaches on the sideline, maybe carry a clipboard. Also his body language on the field needs some energy. Remember during training camp when the DBs were getting plenty of interceptions? I wondered if it was the great cb play or poor qb play. Again, I hope he develops into a great qb, but I don't think he is even close to being ready to step on the field.