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  1. Hall and Silva comin up. I can remember when they said Hall would be "the next Silva". Then Hector Lombard was called "the next Silva" And now supposedly it's Adesanya.
  2. Which one ? It's 2 different games. They may not be on YT in their completion, but you should definitely find at least the ending to the 2nd one I mentioned, because it's one of the more wackier finishes in all of football ; Dallas lines up to kick a game-winning field goal. We block it, Taylor recovers it, and runs into their territory as time runs out completely. But because of a penalty on them, we were allowed one more play in regulation. Fortunately the penalty also put us barely in FG range for ourselves, then we use that "bonus" play to have Nick Novak kick the game-winner. An
  3. It helps to have ETN, but nice comeback from 18 point deficit by true freshman Uiagelelei, who ran one in himself for a 30 yard TD on a 4th down.
  4. I can't help but think of our heavy history of drafting duds in the 4th round, and become convinced we will get nothing out of it essentially, so I REALLY don't want to trade for a 4th.
  5. Incredible play Strangely, that same era is known for yet another anomaly, besides the Wall-Butt
  6. Some of my favorite Dallas games, other than the ones above, were the one where Cooley scored 3 TD's, and the one where Sean Taylor returned a blocked FG to set up the winning FG.
  7. So, if DJ Uiagalelei beats Boston College, do ya go with the "Hot Hand" and bench Trevor Lawrence the rest of the season ?
  8. So, that's our 2nd round pick, going first in the 2nd round, after Tennessee forfeits their #1 completely for violating COVID policy, so only 31 teams pick in the 1st round ?
  9. I think we pursue the spot where Kyle Trask is expected to go.
  10. 'Extinct' giant spider rediscovered on army training area https://www.yahoo.com/news/extinct-giant-spider-rediscovered-army-143148736.html "A giant spider which was feared extinct in the UK has been rediscovered at an army training centre after not being spotted for over 25 years. The Great Fox-Spider is Red-listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ and was feared extinct in the UK as it hadn’t been seen since 1993." What a previously thought of as extinct, giant spider, may look like...
  11. With all the "talent" they added, plus Tomsula, wasn't DL supposed to be their strength, and one of the best in the league ?
  12. They must have really, really seen some special RB qualities, and seen them early, for them to almost immediately switch him to RB, considering our dire need at WR, and considering that's where most of his college experience was at.
  13. And just so happens that we play both of these teams. A real test coming up, for Allen with this Defense.
  14. He's having one of his best years. Why would we not want to re-sign him, if he wants to be here ? The rotation of Kerrigan, Sweat, and Young, is something you want to have. It's something I think Rivera and JDR want to have. Only way we trade him, IMO, is if it's for a proven, impact player that fits a hole that's a glaring need.
  15. Or maybe even if it's Top 3, if Sewell is as good as advertised.
  16. Did they change the rules regarding ejections ? Because last I heard, which was not long ago, is that a player had to have 2 egregious Personal Fouls, in order to be ejected. Now it seems they are ejecting after just one. What is the new criteria ?
  17. Can't have a list of Top Games, and include that Dallas game, but not this one...
  18. I have a feeling this guy might stick around a while. Not doing too bad, considering where he was picked, and who he's playing behind.
  19. The sad thing, is that it's taken this long in his career, to properly use the RK. The amazing thing is he's playing like a 2nd or 3rd year player, at this stage of his career.
  20. Even MORE amazing when you consider 3 more things : who's been throwing the ball to him, and who's been blocking for the Thrower, and the lack of receivers on the team to take pressure off of him. Just IMAGINE if he had a better supporting cast.
  21. Oh, you're safe. Even if you "lose" the bet, you can always claim that you were not talking about Dwayne Haskins, since you spelled this guy's name as "Deayne". Clever move there
  22. I did a comparison of Shuler vs Haskins since many people say Haskins didn't get a fair shake. I just simply compared pass attempts, to get an idea of each 1st Round QB's sample size, before the team "gave up on them". Shuler had 390 attempts, and Haskins had 349. Shuler had more attempts obviously, but not by a lot. It was a difference of 41 attempts, which is little more than about one game's worth of attempts. So if you compare those 2, it's very close to being about the same "fair shake"
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