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  1. I am. He’s awesome. Aaron Rodgers on the other hand in close games when we’re trailing by 3 to 7 points with less than 2 minutes remaining, give me Favre any day. Rodgers chokes in these situations most of the time. Brett was awesome in these situations.
  2. Our Defense got better as the year went on. The first half of the season our run defense was awful.
  3. Well we’re close to Canada.
  4. In Lambeau hopefully with Rodgers as our QB. Brutal defeat last Sunday that will probably send us on a downward spiral. How good do you guys think the Skins will be next year?
  5. That silent lucidity Song totally reminds me of the early 90s. Love that song.
  6. I am a huge REM fan but Losing my Religion was the worst song they had.
  7. Ironically this is the year Washington won the Super Bowl. Any of these songs remind you of that team?
  8. You guys get a bad winter in 2013-2014? That was awful here?
  9. I have to ask do you Washington fans think that the 1991 team was the best ever SB champion ever?
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