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  1. Yeah, forgot that if the Cowboys win they'll be in 1st place for at least a week and a half. Right now the NFL has NY over Dallas in the standings, but if they both win I think Dallas will go ahead of NY because of the their win over NY earlier. Not sure why NY is in 2nd place over Dallas right now in the standings.
  2. The winner will move into 1st place in the NFCE... for about 3 days. JJ's Rejects - 27 Team - 18
  3. BleedBNG

    When's The Win?

    Nothing surprised me about the first 2 games. If anyone had a win in either of them, that would surprise me. I know it's MNF and we've only won about 1 or 2 at home, but if this team can't get up for the game against the Bears to eek a win, then this is going to be a LONGER season than I thought.
  4. I would say that if we had beaten Philly, it might be a 70-30 Skins crowd. But after the second half beat down, I think a lot are just figuring same old and trying to sell off their tickets. But it's still early and it IS Dallas so it's hard to tell. Probably be more of a 60-40 Dallas crowd is my take . Hope I'm wrong.
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