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  1. BleedBNG

    The Impeachment Thread

  2. BleedBNG

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    Yeah, unfortunately it's the only position he THINKS he knows. He likes to play Jerry Jones in the war room with this, and I mean only if one is up for grabs in the first round. Any other position he doesn't have a clue. He let's Allen be clueless.
  3. BleedBNG

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    We might as well get used to it and hope somewhere along the line he gets it right because, as long as he owns the team, he will always pick the QB. I can't stand even the thought of him always picking a bust, so I hope soon he gets it right.
  4. I know what Roullier could have done to help.
  5. BleedBNG

    The Official 2020 Draft Positioning Thread

    Well there is no question I don't need to (or want to) see anymore of Keenum and McCoy. I thought early in the game Haskins was off target most of the time with the short passes. Like way off. I was thinking let him just throw long ones for awhile, but our receivers (except McLauren) are meh. He seemed more of a play maker in the 4th, but that was all just garbage time. It's hard for me at this point to tell anything except I would like us still to get a DE that could put a lot of pressure on QB's. Still gonna be awhile to get any good defensive secondary set up, so the pressure will help if Haskins improves in the remaining 6 games.
  6. BleedBNG

    The Official 2020 Draft Positioning Thread

    Might have been Tua if the unfortunate didn't happen. But I'm not sure about Burrows or Herbert. What do you think? (I have no idea)
  7. BleedBNG

    The Official 2020 Draft Positioning Thread

    Remember, it doesn't matter if the Bengals beat us out. They're going for either Burrows or Herbert. We just have to beat out the Giants and the Dolphins to get Chase.
  8. BleedBNG


    That's good, but make it more of a reality... "Fire Bruce Allen"
  9. BleedBNG

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    So, do we go Chase Young DE or Andrew Thomas OT?
  10. BleedBNG

    What would you do IF YOU bought the team???

    Federals - a 2 year nightmare (7-22) Stars - can't stand looking at the ones in Dallas Warriors - seems to be what most people agree to except it is shared with a pro team in SF.
  11. BleedBNG

    Redskins vs Jets Prediction Thread: The Bowel Bowl pt. 1

    I give us our customary FG and throw in a TD (due). I'll give the Jets a tie by the 4th quarter, and then our defensive secondary will hang on to our #2 pick in the draft. I guess they'll figure they'll need some help next year. Redskins - 10 Jets - 20