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  1. BleedBNG

    Random Thought Thread

    Last night was the last damn straw, I’m so over this crap!! I may be 30+ years old, but I can still throw these hands, and can still handle my own, in a fight!! So you cowards think you're bad ass, because 4 of you came at me & started crap with me AGAIN?? 4 of you....REALLY??? So now it takes 4 of you to come at me??? I still handled my own, I left one of you laying on the ground, flopping around..and slapped the crap out of one of you, and left your blood everywhere, the last two of you, got scared and got away. I just came out of my house & there you were, waiting for me, ON MY OWN PROPERTY I might add!!!. You're all lucky I don't have any marks on my face!!! I have some on my arms, legs ...& my neck, but no big deal!! Bet you weren't expecting me to fight back, .. huh? I'm too damn old for this kind of crap. and I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to turn and run, but i kept on coming at you, and I made sure you got yours too.. all I have to say is you attacked me not only once..but many times on my own property, you're a bunch of cowards!! And as soon as I got the best of 2 of you.. the other 2 took off like your butts were on fire, coming to my house and trying to jump me was a big mistake, because This time I was ready for ya!! What goes around comes around, and you get what you deserve. I swear, I HATE all you Damn Mosquitoes!!!
  2. BleedBNG

    Random Thought Thread

  3. BleedBNG

    WP: 20th anniversary of Snyder

    Let's hope so...
  4. BleedBNG

    Random Thought Thread

  5. BleedBNG

    WP: 20th anniversary of Snyder

    It was between him, Cook and the Milstein bros. There was no one else, unfortunately. The only thing better I would say if the Milstein bros. had bought the team is that we would have had a GM in place during those years. But who's to say the team would not have moved somewhere else.
  6. BleedBNG

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Well, who knows
  7. BleedBNG

    Random Thought Thread

  8. I went with 8-8 because we'll be halfway there in going 16-0 next year.
  9. BleedBNG

    Random Thought Thread