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  1. True. It just reminded me of the same crap Trump was spewing at the time and just wouldn't shut up about it.
  2. He forgot about his OLinemen. I blame Trump and Goodell for this. Trump should have just gave his opinion once and then shut up about it. He kept going on and on and Goodell then decided to come up with some NFL law about it. They should have left it with if you want to take a knee, fine. If you want to stand, fine. Instead Goodell decided to make pariahs of those who would take a knee to go hide in the tunnel. If your not going to watch or buy tickets to the games because your offended by the kneeling, then your not an NFL fan in the first place. No one says you have to respect the opinions of those taking a part in this (NFL kneeling) protest, or to those who do not... just accept it and move on. Goodell and Trump just made it worse by demanding the rules to just one side.
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    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    Wow, that's been there like forever.
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    Some More Cops Who Need to Be Fired

    N/M sorry, already posted.