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  1. I still say his team is going to make the playoffs as the 6th seed. I'll be rooting for him, unless he plays the Rams or Bears (which will probably be his first opponent).
  2. Yeah, I was using Edge but it's like riding on a bumpy road. I think for now I'll stick with Firefox until the chrome gets fixed.
  3. Same here, and quote button wouldn't work. I'm using Edge now and it works fine, but when I use Vivaldi (Chrome) and refresh, the quote button, edit and response don't work. I guess I'll have to use Edge for now
  4. BleedBNG

    Redskins vs Jaguars Prediction Thread: 2018 Disappointment Superbowl

    I'll have to admit, lose this one and we might as well beat out the Giants in the draft. Of course that's what will happen anyways. Jacksonville has scored just one touchdown in eight quarters under Kessler playing some mediocre defenses. Maybe JJ will do better. Redskins - 24 Jags - 21
  5. I hate the Pats, but I rooted against the Eagles in the SB. Must continue with the trophy memes. Didn't feel too bad since the Pats lost. One of the many reasons, but to me a big one, why Allen MUST GO. I feel no matter what Kirk does, it wouldn't mean anything to Snyder as far as Bruce is concerned. If Snyder really felt Cousins was the franchise, he'd be playing here on a 3 year $90M GRNTD contract. If Snyder really wants a coach or QB, and they agree to the contract, they would be here. Snyder agreed with Allen. But we still need a GM.
  6. The only reason for right now that I'm hoping the Vikes keep losing is to help us get a shot in the PO's (until we're eliminated of course). If the Vikes do make the PO's and it's against the Cowboys, then I'm rooting for the Vikes as far as they can go. More pro Vikes than anti-Bruce. Nobody's going to be rooting for the Cowboys no matter who they play. Anyways, Viking fans on their message board feel that they're one and done in the PO's.
  7. BleedBNG

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    Well hope the Giants are happy with their big win. They just sank (from 5 to 8) below the Jags for a QB pick in the draft. C'mon Skins, let's help the Jags keep it that way this week.
  8. BleedBNG

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yeah, is the shipping extra if delivered and left on fire?
  9. BleedBNG

    Gameday Thread

    Could have been 23 or 24. I can't believe that we made not 1, but 2 two pointers in a regular season game... garbage time or not.
  10. BleedBNG

    Gameday Thread

    They're grilling him at the Vikes message boards. One called his fumble "The $84M Turnover"
  11. BleedBNG

    Gameday Thread

    Cousins looking at having to make 2 TD's or 1 and a FG... no way
  12. BleedBNG

    Gameday Thread

    Red Zone Kurt
  13. BleedBNG

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Giants II

    This is what I love... 3rd qtr. Redskins 3rd and 2 at NY22. DoubleJ throws to Floyd towards the left in the endzone... incomplete. Then he scrambles for 1 yard... turnover on downs. Way to go Gruden!
  14. BleedBNG

    Does Doctson even care?

    Yeah, I have to admit it was such a ticky-tack garbage call. I know having basically your whole offense as backups there will be a lot of penalty calls, but those refs yesterday were giving me a headache on just about everything we did. I would have been really mad if we were just a TD behind, but being 24 points behind... a hell, screw 'em.