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  1. http://6stream.xyz/video/washington-football-team-vs-arizona-cardinals/
  2. Yep. Five dollars minus whatever stamps cost these days Cards - 24 Football Team - 18
  3. Dan Hanzus (NFL.com) has us at 23 and the Eagles at 17 in their power rankings.
  4. Washington is used to playing in their empty stadium. Advantage: Football Team.
  5. The Yahoo Sports app gives you all the games. Saw last night's game on it. Edit: Sorry, your right. I just installed it last night and it looked like they had all the games. Looks like it's just games in your area. Oh well. You can try NFLBITE.com, but I'm not sure how well that will be working this year.
  6. Yes. Install the Yahoo Sports app on your phone.
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