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  1. This one kind of reminded me of Brunell to Moss on MNF
  2. I hit the search for it but didn't notice the lock. Hmmm, so that ones gone... OK thanks!
  3. Why do I still feel there will only be Dallas fans in the stands.
  4. He's usually OK as the game goes along, but seems to miss the first FG. The difference in yesterdays loss. Hopkins
  5. White trunks - how we feel before each season Black trunks - reality
  6. Anything's possible in the NFL, but their remaining schedule doesn't show any signs of even one game with a win.
  7. Kirk Cousins Reportedly Taking Losing Hard... https://www.thesportsmemery.com/articles/vvty87x6ncr664yb9jagggyeyvzxh5
  8. Totally agree. I don't see them winning any game along the way either but hoping they win a couple somehow.
  9. Those are the best 2 that I can come up with if they are going to win just 1 game, otherwise it's a clear shot at the #1 pick.
  10. Yeah, like I said, it's tough for them the rest of the way. They got Lawrence unless he stays another year.
  11. Look at the rest of their schedule. More brutal than ours. Their best chance for a win would be against the Dolphins or Browns.
  12. The Jets can't even score against the Dolphins (so far). I think they will win that one.
  13. Except for maybe a few in preseason, I knew we lost the game before the attempt because we never get those 2 pointers. Maybe Ron is thinking to get as close to the top pick in the draft as some of the fans are.
  14. Unless the wish was to make a wish whenever he wanted a wish.
  15. Washington Football Team Playing like it's 1932 Thee Team - 24 Mara's Giant First Round Mistake - 20
  16. Probably end up at 3 https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/football-team/2021-nfl-mock-draft-roundup-ohio-state-qb-justin-fields-washington
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