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  1. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/19/health/johnson-vaccine-blood-clots-statement/index.html Only with the traditional vaccines. No signs of this being the case with the mRNA vaxes at this point in time, which make up the vast majority of all doses being administered in the US.
  2. Seeing a hyped up crypto at 28 cents a share probably caused a significant short term bounce. Now that it's back around 36 cents I would imagine it's going to be a little more stable. I don't have confidence in any significant gains until it's available on coinbase. If you see Doge as a wave coin and a poor long term investment, that's the day to sell.
  3. Eh, it's already rallying back to the value it had when I made my initial buy in. So far Doge Day is more of a dud than a cataclysm.
  4. Yeah I got burned. Oh well! Never had enough invested to feel it either way and it's a cheap lesson learned. I'll just let the paltry amount I have roll. It'll bounce back when it's low enough to entice others back in.
  5. It's a sound approach either way if you're not sweating the money. I don't expect it to get much further than $1-2 this year (perhaps once it hits coinbase you'll see some significant gains beyond that), but the community is robust and it's treated as a symbol of a new kind of reddit day trader, so I don't think the floor is very low. Who knows, maybe it really will go to the moon and I'll be able to use my initial paltry investment to diversify into other crypto. This is my first.
  6. I put $95 into Doge this morning. I'll triple my money when it skyrockets tomorrow (4/20, so called "Doge Day"), pull that original $95 back out and lose nothing from my original investment while keeping the rest where it is. The way I timed it, it's free money. If Doge blows up even further, great. If it bombs, why would I care? I just view it as something fun to do with a high floor and potentially enormous ceiling.
  7. That's disrespectful. Keep him a Nat until the wheels fall off.
  8. Another clutch inning for Hand. Is that a thing yet? I'm sure it is.
  9. Even when we were totally awful the other day against the Dodgers, Max still handled a terrific lineup like the champ he is. Even better tonight. What a legend.
  10. I wanted to dump Bryce but keep Rendon. Bryce is really good, but he couldn't get the clutch knocks that Tony Two Bags gave us all throughout that playoff run. Rendon was a lot of fun and was beloved by the team when he was here, but he also played like he was dead inside. Ice water all through his veins, no fear, no panic. Bryce definitely got in his own head when things weren't going well.
  11. I want Ross to pan out as a long term option. I really do. Every time he has a great game, it makes my day.
  12. I live in Toluca Lake and it's paradise if you can afford it. Not only in terms of looks and safety, but for being adjacent to so much culture and opportunity. States that offer experiences like that, including pockets of MD and VA, deserve fairly high rankings. Yeah, land in Nebraska is affordable, but there's a reason for that.
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