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  1. Bacon

    Fantasy Football 2019

    I was able to pick up John Ross III in place of Antonio Brown, so it's all good. Crisis averted.
  2. We can get that number down to 3 just by sweeping the Marlins and getting a few lucky breaks in the meanwhile. More likely, it's going to be like pulling teeth. But we're still very much alive.
  3. Matt Carpenter in 2019. You've got to be kidding me.
  4. They blew it. Wow. This season is screwed.
  5. Cubs lost as well. No significant ground lost today, only a missed opportunity.
  6. 11 in a row or we don't go! Paloffs is now!
  7. I don't even want the wildcard after watching this.
  8. Wouldn't be a Max start without a bunch of K's and an annoying solo shot HR.
  9. Throwing away runs already. We had Wainwright on the ropes that inning and let him off.
  10. What is Vic's WAR at this point? He's doing everything for us.
  11. Nats had a much better record against >.500 teams than the Indians or Twins going into this month. They just fell apart in September instead of October like usual.
  12. No matter what happens, Davey will likely not be our manager next year. This season took too much out of him.