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  1. The Padres have won 3 playoff series in 50 years and nothing in the last 2 decades. The Reds haven't won a playoff series in over 20 years. The Mariners haven't been to the playoffs in any capacity in 17 years.
  2. Bacon

    Random Thought Thread

    Waiting two weeks now on a FBI background check for a job. I'm blaming Trump's dumbass shutdown for this even though it's been over.
  3. Bacon

    Let's brag about our kids thread

    It seems to be impossible to take a picture of my daughter that isn't heartwarming. I thought it was my camera at first, but it's definitely her.
  4. Bacon

    Random Thought Thread

    Heading for a $7000 tax refund this year. I love my daughter.
  5. Bacon

    Random Thought Thread

    Are you getting a lot of them lately as well? It's been awful. My dad has been getting a hurricane of calls too. My cell lists them as "scam likely" on the caller ID. Like yeah, no ****.
  6. Bacon

    Random Thought Thread

    Y'all were right to be patient. My job offer came through today, everything is signed and covered and start on the 4th. A dollar less per hour than I was hoping for, but CA's minimum wage is going up in July and if everything goes well I get full benefits next semester anyway.
  7. So my daughter picking up swears from me will help her in school? Great news!
  8. Bacon

    Random Thought Thread

    So last Tuesday, I got promised a job at a school by the principal there, said HR would be sending the offer letter in the next 2-3 days. Really excited about it, it was a great opportunity for my career. Monday now and I haven't heard anything and the guy isn't answering the phone. What really sucks is my wife just last week lost a job she was offered because a budget cut had to be made. What are the odds this happens twice to the same couple in a week?
  9. Bacon

    Election 2020 - The Presidental Race.

    Seems a safer bet that he would join forces with someone like Biden to liven up their ticket than jump from a failed senate bid to a presidential race in one go.
  10. Bacon

    Gameday Thread

    I'm annoyed that the Pats did it again, but I'm mostly just sad and disappointed that I don't get to watch the Chiefs' offense again this season. Probably the most entertaining thing about this season, honestly.
  11. Bacon

    Gameday Thread

    Hell of a game. **** the Patriots though.
  12. Bacon

    Gameday Thread

    Fun day of football, too bad the refs soured it a bit.
  13. Bacon

    Gameday Thread

    Score differential looks about right so far, all things considered. Both QBs had a horrible redzone throw they want back. Hopefully the Chiefs can settle in defensively.
  14. Bacon

    Gameday Thread

    I'm into it. Targeting is already revieweable in college ball.