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  1. For anyone who sees the numbers spiking and panics: cases are spiking because they're testing more aggressively. It's not that the virus is being locally communicated that quickly. It is being spread, of course, but testing methodologies have a significant part to play. I think Singapore is a great example of how to handle the virus. Over half the cases have recovered with zero fatalities and they've been on top of things from the start. Better than our orange idiot leader burying news of the virus to briefly preserve his re-election chances.
  2. Bonehead move of the century was not leaving Greinke in, but I'm not complaining!
  3. If you think Soto and Robles are perennial all-stars, you don't gamble it all on them in their early 20s. And I think our pitching is so elite that we can compete without adding much offensively. In fact, I think Rizzo achieved his yearly goal of putting together a potential 90 win roster. Most outlets and betting books place us between 88 and 90 wins. This team is more seasoned, has tons of confidence in its manager, and has some of the best pitching and fielding in the sport. It will be on other teams to figure out how to score on us, not the other way around. Barring injury, we will almost certainly start off faster than last year and I expect greater consistency overall. Now, what I see happening down the road is for this team to slowly evolve into a higher scoring roster with pitching as the weak point. Right now, we're building around Max and Stras, but soon our strongest assets will be in the outfield and it will be up to Rizzo to land some stud pitching prospects that will allow us to re-sign Soto, Robles, Turner, etc.
  4. Turning the game off in frustration somewhere around the 5th inning and turning it back on once we had the lead is still one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I don't get the happy feeling I should hearing that clang. I just kind of feel guilty and bad. Lesson learned. On the other hand, Soto scoring off Osuna and Hudson throwing his glove? That gives me the warm fuzzies. That final out might always be the best sports moment of my life.
  5. Kieboom and Garcia for a couple years of Bryant? I dunno, man. Maybe. If the goal is youth and to save money, going that route would have been pointless. Just sign Rendon. Robles for two seasons of Bryant would have been a horrible move.
  6. Wow, every single hot post on r/baseball is about the Astros. They've somehow managed to screw this apology up so badly that we're still talking about the scandal like it's breaking news three months later.
  7. After 2 1/2 long years, I'm finally a credentialed teacher. Really can't believe it's over tbh. There were some periods in there when it seemed like it would never get done. It's ****ed up how expensive the process is. Very grateful to my parents for contributing when the school system was asking me to work without pay for 6 months.
  8. Brian Dozier serving as a mediator between us and the Dodgers before the World Series makes him one of Rizzo's greatest signings.
  9. As a prospective educator, I've discovered that Buttigieg has the educational platform that most closely resembles my own. Bernie and Warren want to starve all charter schools to death, which would really hurt my job prospects. Pete just wants to nix the scummy for-profits and crank up accountability. On the other hand, I don't like the way Pete is raising his money, and that is a big deal to me.
  10. Can't wait for the Dodgers to find new and exciting ways to blow it in the postseason.
  11. Great game. I'm so happy for Andy and Mahomes is a young legend.
  12. Finished the final episode of Bojack Horseman tonight and I'm bittersweet over the whole thing. It was time for it to end, but I also don't like realizing that I'm 6 years older now and these characters that made the scary world of Los Angeles seem a little more ludicrous, flawed and approachable when I moved there are now a thing of the past. I think we all have shows like that. Post-series depression is a real thing, but it hits harder when you've been following a show for years and identify with the characters. At that point, it's like losing a friend.
  13. ^ One of my favorite GIFs ever because I saw it live and couldn't believe it. Legendary.
  14. Bacon

    Kobe Bryant Killed in Helicopter Crash

    Let's revisit that discussion when Jordan passes. Not a level playing field right now.