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  1. Bacon


    One of the worst teams to ever (dis)grace DC sports.
  2. Christian Yelich getting upset on Twitter about the sign stealing puts this whole controversy over the top as the funniest thing to happen in baseball for a while. Teams, fans and players are turning on each and back biting over the Astros, a team whose cheating bull**** we overcame. Now all we have left to do is laugh it up, watch and wait for the offseason to unfold. I love it.
  3. Imagine letting your child do this to themselves
  4. My father is a Rams fan and forbade me from supporting them growing up because they were such a bad franchise in the 90s and he didn't want me to suffer. There's a ton of irony in that, but that's basically where I'm at with Stephanie and the Skins. She's allowed to support the Skins when Snyder sells the team and not a day sooner. I doubt she'll want to partake in that suffering anyway with her mom being a Packers fan. We might have another PokerPacker situation with that kid.
  5. Jersey is sharp as hell but where tf are the blue ones??
  6. Bacon

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Just checking in to say that my team has scored 28 points less than our league leader and I'm 4-6. It's one of those seasons.
  7. Because so much of the sign-stealing tracks back to the Astros and Hinch, I would ban Hinch from the league. On top of that, give the team a severe payroll cap in 2020 and take a couple first round picks away. They've been cheating for a few seasons, so they should be punished for a similar length of time.
  8. Only way Bellinger could have been more valuable than Rendon this year is if he had jumped a hundred feet in the air and caught Howie's grand slam. Bellinger doesn't spit in the face of momentum and the officials to keep the season going like Rendon did here.
  9. He's definitely got the fabled "clutch gene" and that mostly showed up in the form of great defense in the playoffs.
  10. It's so nice to support a team that isn't defined by its failures on and off the field.
  11. Were they stealing signs in game 6 or was Stras just tipping? I know they had to adjust to what the Astros were seeing.
  12. 0-4 at home with their cameras rolling LMAO Astros want to be the Patriots so bad man but Hinch is no Belichick
  13. I didn't like Bryce all that much even when he was here. Don't really think being liked was ever his goal though.