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  1. Trump is even further up his own ass now than he was in 2016. He's completely entrenched in conspiracy theories and alt right talking points. The majority of Americans have no interest. And that will ultimately be his undoing.
  2. When Trump credited himself with saving "thousands of lives" all I could think was "Yeah, but...what about the 200,000?" Trump did a horrible job with the COVID-19 section because of course he did. He has nothing. "The bleach thing was sarcasm!" What an asshole.
  3. If Biden had turned around and used Trump's "you can't say that, you'll lose the left!" shtick on the white supremacist balk...oh man. Biden whiffed on a bunch of softballs, but he hit a few.
  4. As I said in my previous post, we absolutely need them. I supported John Kasich speaking at the DNC and Dubya's superpac funding Biden. It's all hands on deck for the greater good. I'm just baffled that anyone could still be uncertain.
  5. I mean, if you're still undecided at this point, you likely suffered brain damage before the coma you just awoke from.
  6. Trump was directly asked to denounce white supremacy and he couldn't.
  7. https://twitter.com/CBSNewsPoll/status/1311138888971358208?s=19 I dunno why this isn't embedding but I guess that's appropriate
  8. The way Trump embarrassed himself tonight, this was tee ball and Biden only hit a few singles. But it's better than getting completely run over. Trump is not focused or efficient enough for that.
  9. That was the worst debate I've ever watched. Wallace was a pushover. Biden sounded old, slow and feeble for much of the debate. Trump was a complete ****ing idiot and, worse still, whiny and passive aggressive. Nobody wants that in a leader. He was an incoherent, paranoid mess for the last 20 minutes. Trump started off strong and Biden was horrible in the first segment but it evened up by the end. It's hard to say who came out of this looking worse but I'm not happy with that at all. If Biden won, it was like a 6-3 WFT/Jets game. And thank God that Trump back football,
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