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  1. The Saints have a running game and a very good defense. It wouldn't take much maneuvering to get us into their position. A good QB and a couple more top flight offensive targets would put us into contention every season.
  2. Heinecke slapped around this Bucs secondary with a garbage WR corps. Brees is getting smothered. Obviously that means Heinecke is better than Brees I don't make the rules.
  3. I would gladly welcome Watson here, I don't care at all that he's speaking out against that joke of a franchise, but we're not good enough yet to maximize the value of that move. Watson takes the 49ers to the Super Bowl in the first year. Maybe the Colts too. Dolphins go deep. Our WR corps is awful and I'm not sure Watson's cap hit would allow for us to substantially improve it. Why would he even come here? But yeah a couple firsts and a player would be a fair trade for a top 5 QB entering the prime of his career.
  4. Have you been following the situation at all? The Texans' front office is an absolute trainwreck. He has every right to be frustrated and voice that perspective. It took him four seasons of being treated like he was expendable to speak up.
  5. Whatever we do, I just pray we don't waste our cap space and young, exciting roster on Donovan McNabb 2.0 because our brain trust is too afraid to gamble their jobs on a QB who wasn't drafted first round. Not saying that's what will happen, but Snyder is still the owner and I've been burned by this team too many times. I'm already having visions of Snyder flying Matt Ryan out on his plane ahead of his worst statistical season and a middling 8-8 record.
  6. California announced that educators are getting their vaccines in early February. It would be amazing if I could have my first dose by my 30th birthday on the on 13th and have my second dose almost a year to the day that our first lockdown happened.
  7. And I would do the same. The problem comes when you sink so much money into a new QB that any "competition" is entirely superficial. That's what many of us are concerned about.
  8. I would be disappointed but by no means surprised if we kneecapped our roster with an expensive, aging McNabb type in an attempt to minimize risk at QB. Of course, I would expect better of "actual football people."
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