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  1. The entirety of the NL East minus Florida is competitive and talented but full of holes. None of these look like championship teams.
  2. Bacon

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Best episode in a long time IMO. Not a lot of action but the dialogue was actually really good and in character. Everything with Jamie hit hard. Tormund's story was hilarious. Just a lot of highlights in general.
  3. Man, I wish I could agree with Renegade that our system of election was especially trustworthy, but the last four years have opened my eyes to the foreign tampering, voter suppression and gerrymandering running rampant in this country. That's a huge fissure in this country's foundation that many would view as a good excuse for civil war. As we all know, those who denied collusion and voter suppression will gladly change positions if their team loses. It's just a matter of results.
  4. I already watch the Redskins in one sport, I don't need them in two.
  5. The good news about losing in Marlins Park: there are no witnesses.
  6. Nah we'll win tomorrow and Strasburg will **** the bed in the rubber match to get us back to even. This is a .500 team until we get a legit bullpen and Trea gets healthy.
  7. We lost to the ****ing Marlins tho.
  8. Really into the idea of putting Joe Ross in there and letting him figure it out. He needs innings.
  9. Only need two runs in 9 outs against the Marlins bullpen to keep this thing going. Definitely possible.
  10. Idk what's so hard about keeping the ball low when we need a double play. Those last two balls were neck high.
  11. Lmao Matt Grace coming in to save the day
  12. He's not getting removed from office, so the best route is to do whatever's possible to establish the validity and scale of the evidence in the report so that it can be cited as common knowledge in 2020. Leak everything, fight tooth and nail to bring the facts to light. Make it an enormous challenge for Trump to brush it off in debate. Anyone who is on the fence about voting for Trump will have their conscience dragging them the entire way. Failed impeachment proceedings run the risk of delegitimizing the report, so even though I'd love to make the next 18 months a living hell for Trump, it's undoubtedly a risk. I'm not sure what they should do, but circumstances make November 2020 the only realistic opportunity to end Trump.
  13. I have every intention of going to the Corbin game of the upcoming Dodgers series, if I have a choice in the matter. He's gone above and beyond for us.
  14. Bacon

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    Spent Monday night vaping Maui Waui and listening to Yes. Probably the best way to keep myself out of trouble during spring break.
  15. It is. The problem is that it matters less in the end than one would hope. Just an incredibly disheartening situation all around.