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  1. We won by 17 runs but, of course, it didn't matter in the standings. Just one of those seasons.
  2. I've unhappily accepted that it's just not our year. Not much comparison to 2019 at this point, our record is much worse than it was at this point that season and things just keep going wrong. It's not the same feeling at all. This looks more like 2015 than anything: a roster with a lot of potential wasted on injuries and bad luck. Hell, Ross is right back on the IL. A team can only handle so much.
  3. That's a momentum killer right there. We've got a bunch of bums on the mound against one of the best teams in baseball, we'll drop 2 or 3 of those going into the break, down 5+ to the Mets and that'll be a hell of a thing to come back from. Absolutely demoralizing loss and zero excuse for it. Max wears this one but Davey putting in Sam ****ing Clay against those hitters was the clincher. Should have just let them walk off the first pitch.
  4. Gotta love clown pounding a team as solid as the Padres. This has been an enjoyable series. Respect to our guys for not being staggered by that brutal sweep.
  5. Next man up. If it's a special season, we'll stay in the fight and get healthy at the right time. If it's not, we still know what we've got when it's clicking. The spark is still there with Davey.
  6. It's a decent time to get hurt, in a sense, because we're not that far from the break. It was going to be a rough couple of weeks anyway. I figure with Parra out there we'll still get professional at bats and plenty of Baby Shark energy. We just won't be starting games out 1-0 every single day.
  7. As long as the Mets lose as well, I'll accept this L. Just call it now, give the pen a break, get em tomorrow.
  8. C'mon Braves, keep it going. Mets brought out one of their weaker starters tonight.
  9. Considering how it happened, and it's hot as hell, I'm going to assume it was just a cramp.
  10. I mean...looking through the power rankings this morning, most sites have Tampa as a consensus top 3-5 team. They won the AL last year and haven't changed much. Wins like these are VERY impressive. I wrote off those Dodgers and Padres series, but I think we've more than proven we can compete with them. We split with SF, after all.
  11. Holy crap, we're about to sweep the AL champs. If we keep hitting like this, we can beat anybody.
  12. Lol I guess we don't have to imagine Robles hitting. First homer of the year.
  13. I am in awe of the top of this lineup. Imagine if Robles starts hitting and we can preserve our defense. Adding Adam Frazier would give the lineup so much length and a wealth of utility options. As long as Bell keeps hitting, Zimm can stay fresh. The offense is right there. We just need the pitching staff to get healthy.
  14. It's good for everyone involved as long as Bell is hitting.
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