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  1. @JumboIt's tough to follow any one topic in a mega thread. Add in opinions added to a comment made 3 days ago and it's tough to sort out the "news" from the "olds". I'd much rather see threads addressing one particular topic and comments that apply to that one particular topic
  2. Emory &Henry is reconsidering the mascot "Wasps". Wasps can be burgundy and gold....
  3. It would be nice if they only brought Frank back to say "Touchdown! Washington Red....s" and maybe some of the pre-game stuff. Let someone else do the play-by-play
  4. My pharmacy is close quarters with all of my staff running to and fro shoulder to shoulder. Knowing full well that we're the first place sick people go. Handing us their germ ridden rx. If they think an NFL lockerroom is a breeding ground for disease, they haven't seen nuttin yet. "Opting out" would be nice, but yeah. I'm of the opinion that if we're essential and are truly exposed to the virus, they shouldn't have an issue playing with a face shield.
  5. There have been multiple posts from a lot of the members here praising a certain profile signature. I wonder how many people will try to edit out their previous comments now.
  6. True, although his resume also has a fair amount of demotions as well. Guess we will have to wait and see
  7. Has Warrens role been announced? Asst director of Pro Personnel without an actual director to fill Santos shoes? I assume that would in effect make him acting director of PP. I'm hoping that Smith gets the GM title soon
  8. WartHogs seems like an obvious way to pay homage to our glory days, Same syllables as Redskins, Starts with "W" and only ugly women could find the name offensive.
  9. Washington Oompa Loompas. There could even be a golden (season) ticket in every specially marked candy bar.
  10. I haven't spent a dime on Nike in years. no tears on my part. John Mara and Nikes $3/week child labor can both eat one.
  11. Saddening news. Gigantic men would run through walls for you, and we were all proud to have you here. RIP Coach
  12. Thanks Martin. There are actually conservative gun owning pro life members of this forum as well. Hoping that we all can continue to come here and escape the outside world as we discuss REDSKINS football.
  13. I remember having a young QB like that. He'd look like a world killer, and then get benched 2 games later for throwing pics left and right. I think we "Liked that"
  14. Foster is both young (age 26) and hungry. So....