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  1. bowhunter

    Are we just gonna ignore how terrible tre Quinn is

    Gruden when Crowder fumbles punt #1: "That will never happen again" Gruden when Crowder fumbles punt #2" " Wow! What are the chances?" Gruden when Crowder fumbles punt #3: "Next question..." ES When Quinn actually catches every punt: "I miss Crowder"
  2. bowhunter

    Have we seen and heard enough from Norman yet?

    Are we using Dunbar correctly? He seems to suck less But I understand that our D probably plays to Dunbars strengths more. Our D requires CB to cover receivers and catch an occasional INT. Neither are Normans strenths
  3. Put every starter in concussion protocol and have them see S'uas optometrist
  4. I think he's about 2 days away from coaching this team.
  5. bowhunter

    Next Coach?

    Elway also seemed smart. I get that Peyton was a very cerebral QB, perhaps the best. So I could only get on board with Peyton if B.Mitch was made ST coach or halftime speech maker.
  6. Remember that 50/50 ball that Haskins threw to P.Rich? Think 30 yard completion vs an INT. If we could trade Trent for Diggs and a 2nd?? Yes Please
  7. bowhunter

    Press Release: #REDSKINS QUOTES - Gruden

    Sounded like he's treating Haskins as an afterthought. Healthy Colt, then healthy Case, both over a healthy Haskins. No mention of giving Dwayne some 1st team reps and seeing how things go. Writing is on the wall. In Grudens mind, Colt vs Brady is a epic battle for the ages.
  8. bowhunter

    Welcome to the Redskins Wes Martin OL Indiana

    I made a point to watch Wes, as I was excited that we drafted him. I think he played rather well. Showed some extreme game smarts when he tried to get Bergstrom to snap on the delay of game penalty. Never saw him on roller skates and always seemed to get the upper hand. I hope he finds a way to shine on this team. He ain't replacing Scheriff (this year), but I liked what I saw.
  9. Kerrigans sack total would be significantly greater if he got to play against us a few times in his career. Heck, look what we did for Mack last night.
  10. Scheriff at approx $14m a year and a LT and LG on rookie deals would still be a fairly reasonable expense for an OL. Its all relative. Brandon has done his part well enough to earn (current) top 3 OG salary. In 2 years that figure will seem like a bargain. I cant seem to delete out those large block tweets that actually have no bearing on post. I apologize for the clutter
  11. I thought I read that Ramsey was also a headcase and distraction. He makes Antonio Brown look normal. Those guys come at a discounted rate Read below: I don't think Ramsey and Manusky would be a good fit. Until " Mansuky" goes at least.
  12. bowhunter

    Tony Wylie leaving Redskins for Special Olympics

    I bet he at least medals
  13. What would be a fair trade? Trent for Fuller + ?
  14. bowhunter

    Josh Norman Covers a Pass (a Bang cartoon)

    Priceless! I now demand a full length BANG!! musical
  15. His biggest knock so far is lack of experience. There's only one way to get that. Give the new HC real time tape. Route trees and verbage may change, but he'll have to learn that regardless.