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  1. bowhunter

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Lets just hope he beefs up enough to play LG
  2. At that price, he should be here. I realize he gained the opportunity to play with Brady. I really liked Mo
  3. Compared to what we have now?? Yes I do. I know he's not necessarily "elite" but at least he's in the "damn good" category. , And similar to LC, I think he would actually want to be a Redskin if it happened
  4. Then extend Scheriff NOW, and at a contract with reasonable numbers until Smith comes off the books. Use the savings of the extension to sign Jon Cooper at $4m. Then at least you have a plan. And even a bad plan is better than none
  5. I don't think we can afford to give up any early picks. We need at least 1 G now, and Scheriif would make that need be TWO starting G's. ...and a QB (3rd?) I seriously think all of our picks are already spoken for. Not for BPA, but need
  6. If you were gonna trade Scheriff, wouldn't it make sense to re-sign him up first? So that his salary looked even more appealing to the new team??
  7. That's what's scaring me. When Guice tweeted he can have his locker, my heart dropped...
  8. bowhunter

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I am VERY surprised that Jonathan Cooper was not signed asap. He seemed to step in and play OK during his brief stay before he tore his bicep tendon. If the FO is waiting to see the draft outcome before adding some depth here, I could definitely see a repeat of the 2018 fail.
  9. bowhunter

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I do view OL differently than I view other positions. If your MLB sucks, the safety behind will get more tackles. He is expecting contact and although maybe getting a bit more wear, should get up to see another play. Even in the running game, whether your RB gets +9 yards or -2, they still get tackled every play, but in the passing game the performance of your OL has a direct impact on your QBs health and career. The QB is not expected to be viciously hit (esp blindside from LT play) on designed pass plays. I might be old school, but OL should be the first building block of any team. Let's face it, we do NOT have any depth along our OL at the moment. It is a glaring hole that needs to be corrected and taking away the strongest link in a very weak chain only further weakens it. It would be nice to have the luxury of Trent being an expendable talent. But until a quality team is assembled, we can't afford such a luxury. It is what it is
  10. bowhunter

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I think we aren't in a position to trade away any OL talent at the moment. Realistic trade options only exist when there is depth at a position. If we still had Nseke it might be a remote (but very risky) possibility , but it's one I wouldn't consider if I was GM. Christensen looked like a poor pick when it happened, and I don't think we've seen anything yet to convince us otherwise
  11. A. Alexander?? Yes, let him play. There are mixed reports on him, many like the initial reports on Nicholson. Potential but no guarantees. Certainly nothing to think he should be penciled in to be a starter at this point.
  12. bowhunter

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    And What good would it do us anyway. TW is a stud LT, behind him is......Christiansen?? Heck we don't even have a LG at all, and having a 1st rd pick would simply mean that we had to use it on yet another tackle and hope he panned out. No net gain
  13. Jonathan Cooper is STILL a free agent?? Why haven't we at least signed him up??
  14. Every senior veteran on his last contract year also takes a valuable roster spot from the young hungry rookie. I hate to lose a talented late rounder becuase we wanted to see if a 33 year old corner still has some gas left in his tank. Let him Compete for that spot, nothing else. And if the rook looks almost as good, turn DRC back on the streets.