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  1. Not sure I agree. Remember Sua?
  2. Or trade back to #3 (who will most likely be in need of a QB.) Pick up a good haul and still draft Sewell at #3
  3. Jets keep Gase and hire Bruce Allen as GM. They still get the #1 pick and then spend it on the owners pet favorite punter....It can happen, can't it?
  4. Are any of those options any good. Haskins is the tallest midget?
  5. ^He's not wrong.. This is a fairly common outcome for this franchise
  6. Del Rio has turned Manuskys trash into a well oiled machine. All we need is a game manager at this point (Sarcasm font)
  7. There are 75000 empty stadium seats. Some of them close to a bathroom. I'm pretty sure he could support his treammates from there
  8. We need a 'skins meme Haskins on phone. "Coach I can't come to the game today, I have a stomach ache and trainers say I need some rest" RR coaching on sideline with Chemo infusion bags "Hold my beer" Come on your closet Memers, make it happen
  9. I jumped on this thread to see the status of Charles, so doubly interesting question
  10. Would any of this had happened if our Defense held opponents to 14 points or less?? A winning record gets a lot of bad stuff overlooked.
  11. Montez does have a strong arm and great size. I wonder if we'll see him before Alex sees the field
  12. I don't think the offense will be explosive, but should move the chains a bit more. 3rd down conversion rate will be a key indicator here. Football team 27 Rams 24
  13. Collins is not in our top ten things to be disappointed in
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