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  1. Yes," shares of profits" given to players suffering from catastrophic injury. not underperformers. I don't see how this could ever be seen as an "incentive" to alter someones life after football. Things like Death (ie ST) and obvious career ending injury are a little different than S'uas's vision problem escapade.
  2. My point being that the culture of our FO has been to hire mediocre and "used" coaches who have nothing to lose by coming here. Lateral moves from one bad team to another. A young up and comer is not going to replace a Belichek, but might salivate at the opportunity to become the Redskins new face, leading a poor team into an exciting one. Will Bruce allow for such an opportunity, I doubt it. But if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere (in Sinatara voice lol.) What do we have to lose by trying? The current formula doesn't work, and yes, it is an ideal opportunity for someone given the choice between starting as the 3rd assistant to Mr. Belichek or becoming a Coordinator here.
  3. Most disappointing is that it was a lateral move. We didn't lose him to a higher ranking offer.
  4. bowhunter

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I had proposed something similar earlier in this thread. Trade back from 15 to 25-27 (Philly, Indy, Oak) and pick up an extra 2nd round pick. Get Grier in late rd 1. Best OG with our 2-15 and hopefully trade 2-27 for a 2020 first rounder.
  5. So very true, But it's a good idea to also remember that a ST roster is usually composed of your 2nd and 3rd tier guys. Our injury history and thus constant roster turnover means that he will be forced to cook with new and less talented ingredients every week. If you can't have a great ST roster, then you better compensate for it by having a great ST coach.
  6. A team like this is an IDEAL situation for a young innovative up and comer to break into the NFL. As I mentioned in the new ST coach thread, I would like to trust Doug Williams HBC connections to find the young innovative guy. There does exist a talent pool that does not come through Tampa.
  7. Doug Williams didn't have any connections/inside info on young innovative up and coming coaches from the HBC ranks? I think I'd rather use Dougs collegiate connections than Bruces Tampa ones.
  8. Any chance we can upgrade this hire and bring back Bazooka Joe?
  9. Before I read the post, I was prepared to point out that we finally made a hire without a TB connection. LOL. We hired an ex-buccaneer with an abysmal ST history. Move along folks, nothing to see here
  10. bowhunter

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    If a top ten stud drops, I'd rather trade back a little and get a Grier/ OG combo. Something just makes me think Grier would be a good fit for Gruden
  11. I agree. I wasn't implying that GM was one of the most cerebral guys, just that I'd rather have his replacement be a true strategist vs a rah-rah intense guy
  12. I really don't remember Manusky catching a whole lot of flak (even on here) until DJ starting piping up. I'm fine with GM keeping his job for now. Does he sometimes make the wrong call? Of course he does, every DC can get caught with his pants down. I keep reading about how we need a fire and brimstone type DC. I'm not sure that I 100% agree with that. Position coaches and even team leaders can be the fierce cheerleaders. I want a DC whose strength is being CEREBRAL. Making adjustments and putting players in the right spot, right time, and playing to their strengths.
  13. I think Kotwicas loss will be a little greater than many on here expect. It doesn't take too long of a walk down memory lane to revisit the nightmare of Bazooka Joe and the frequent blocked punts, FGs and returned punts against us. Remember that ST relies on our 2nd and 3rd level talent for the majority of their positions. Having 2,437 players on IR and almost impossible roster turnover to deal with, our ST play SHOULD have been abysmal. Yet, it wasn't. He was given feces and feathers to cook with, yet was still able to cook up a palatable meatloaf.
  14. In all fairness, Callahans intense practices are being blamed for our O-line injuries. In todays NFL, if you're not Winning you're Whining.