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  1. In all fairness, Callahans intense practices are being blamed for our O-line injuries. In todays NFL, if you're not Winning you're Whining.
  2. I'm really not understanding the GW love here. In fact, I was probably "meh" at best about it. We were wanting to replace our DC with another DC that is more prone to drama and hasn't had a top 10 D in a long time. A retread to make a splash, I get that some here dig that. I'd rather gamble on young unproven talent that on a run of mill DC who only has name recognition.
  3. bowhunter

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    Only way to eat this is to have a quality rookie QB on the roster and playing in his stead. I think there's a good chance this happens, but I'm an optimist. Shouldn't be , but I am
  4. bowhunter

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Interestingly, OG Connor McGovern was drafted in the 5th rd of the 2016 NFL draft by Denver. He has become a solid starter for them. Perhaps we have found a way to circumvent costly player trades by simply re-drafting kids a few years after their original draft. (note, I'm aware that the other OG Connor McGovern just happens to play the same position as his namesake)
  5. Agreed. While you were posting this response, I was googling up Defensive rankings. Williams is no magician. This fanbase cannot clamor for upgrades, and then clamor for more of the same old mediocre...Can they??
  6. bowhunter

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    With the great amount of early D talent in this years draft, That's what I would do as well. Maybe even trade down in the first with Oak at #24 and swap in exchange 2nd rounds (3rd pick in rd 2) Grab a Defensive playmaker and get Grier with the early 2nd. I'd much rather see that happen than selling the farm
  7. bowhunter

    Trade up to draft Haskins???

    As I read this thread and all of the draft capital involved to make such a move, One name keeps coming back to me. Ditka
  8. bowhunter

    An Offseason Plan

    This year will be a strong test of our young talent. Our question mark and $$$ at QB will dictate that some tough choices will have to be made. Unlike many of our gaping roster holes, we are fortunate that Crowders possible replacement is already here. (Crowders money will need to be spent addressing holes where we do not have that luxury of up and (hopefully coming) depth. We need a FA SS, and Crowders cost may come close to buying a Collins
  9. I respectfully disagree. I've seen some mock drafts show Grier drop completely out of the 1st round. I've also seen some (Sporting news link below) have him picked in the top 10. The Draft is a complete crapshoot once the 1st 5 picks or so are taken. I think one the key decision drivers by our FO is the health/recovery of our OL. Maybe with a keen eye on Jonathan Cooper and his progress towards being a LaVauo upgrade. If Cooper is a "go" I think Will Grier will be a strong candidate at 15. If not, my money would be on Cody Ford.
  10. bowhunter

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Bleacher Report really doesn't like us: " Every high-end rookie quarterback in this class should pray they don't hear their name called when Washington is on the clock. " Reality is, we really aren't set up for a rookie QB to walk in and take the reins. But, IF our O-line is finally healthy next year, and both Guice and AP are what we should expect them to be, we really don't need a rookie QB to carry our team on their shoulders.
  11. I'm thinking that a QB like Will Grier will be available around where we pick. Trading away our 1st round pick now simply removes any options. Who knows who will drop to us come draft time?
  12. Believe it or not, I'm not in complete disagreement here. HaHa is a valuable starter quality player ATM, and we have some holes to fill, so if the price is right I would love to have him onboard. I was stoked when it was announced that we picked him up. But I do see Collins as being much closer to being the type who makes an impact here
  13. Collins please. Add in HaHa if the price is right (say $6m/year-ish) I think we would be wiser to overpay for Collins, but like most of us here, I miss the ST style of play.
  14. I love this thought. He was highly touted prospect on this board in the draft thread. But we also need to admit that he failed to flourish in Green Bay, and subsequently was mediocre at best during his brief stint here. I doubt if any of us on this board don't already miss DJs gameday play and personna. We must have a gaping hole if Ha Ha is being touted as our future.
  15. Both Quinn and Crowder turned in the EXACT same combine speed of 4.56, only one of them is $millions cheaper than the other