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  1. Last year when Ron was hired, he mentioned that the FO needs to stay intact between then and the draft. If there is going to be a hire, I would expect it to be done sooner rather than later.
  2. Honestly, what else did you expect out of him his rookie year once he began to see the field and had Haskins throwing to him? -Over half of his catches for 1st downs? (Check) -Over 12 yards per reception? (Check) -ZERO (AS in None) dropped passes? C'mon man, no one has hands that good. (checks stats) (CHECK) So I think he has kinda shown that he IS the guy when you want a steady possession receiver that gives a young QB a steady option.
  3. Did you watch that vid on the previous page, Shiney Hiney did that EXACT same dive in college. I mean exactly the same
  4. I wonder if he ever played against Moreland (JMU) while at ODU, and if Jimmy ever had a pick against him...
  5. 5 days ago there were multiple posters talkin about our urgent need to sell the farm and move up a dozen spots in the draft for a second tier QB. We now have enough optimism to sit back and allow the draft to come to us. How fun will that be?
  6. Would love to keep the man. Hope it happens. But if we can't afford his demands at least Charles will be coming back
  7. Logan Thomas is big an will already be on the field. Have a last minute motion where Thomas motions to behind center. He can do the QB sneak and maybe the motion will draw the Bucs offsides.
  8. A quick check of the record books shows what we already knew. In spite of over 40 years in the league, the TB Buck-an-ears have NEVER Won the NFC East division title. A feat that the WFT did in their very first year of existence.
  9. Darnold is largely an unknown. But in his defense, he really has yet to be put in a situation to thrive. He has been expected to carry his team from day 1. That's a lot to put on the back of a rookie that has little to no talent surrounding him. Here, he could sit for a year or whatever term was necessary for him to grow. He'd have a D that could carry the team and an O-line that somehow has turned out to be an unexpected strength. He's young, smart, has high character. and what was believed to be pro-bowl caliber talent. And most importantly he wouldn't cost us a high round pick. If the Je
  10. I'm of the opinion that Darnold could be picked up for a 3rd. One of his strengths in college was the short/intermediate passing game and a good pocket presence. Yes, he looked bad in NYJ, but he was in a situation that few could thrive. Let Alex go next week, trade a 3rd for Sam and let him and Allen battle it out. We could the add round 1 and 2 talent to MLB, WR, and OT as the picks fell to us.
  11. at least Dwayne got us Chase. We wouldn't have that at 8-8
  12. And his incompletions were either drops or at least well thrown balls. I realize that no one game planned around him. But I would at least like to keep him around
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