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  1. I'd love Parsons here. What do you think are the chances he makes it to 19?
  2. A black mark on his character to want to become a better player/team (regardless of pay status.?) Is that the message you send your children, to do the minimum??
  3. Yeah, you Cant do that. Although it is acceptable to convert a LB to FB. So you're getting just a little bit ahead of yourself. First we need to convert Harmon to LB. ( I'd suggest WILL.) Then AFTER that fails, we can convert him to FB. Or we could just realize that he catches the damn ball and blocks well and leave him at WR in the mold of Pierre Garcon.
  4. Perhaps they already have settled on "RedWolves" and therefore are putting such pitiful other options on their list that survey results will show overwhelming support.
  5. Zaven was my early favorite pick for #19. I'm coming back to that and would loves y'alls insight. Two years ago many of us fell for another Lb Leighton Vander Esch. Interestingly, he was picked at #19. Disregarding LVE's injury issues in the pro's, Who do you feel is a better draft time prospect?
  6. That theory didn't hold up for men named "sue" ('ah) or Rambo however
  7. The Cursive Redskins "R" and the WFT "W" could combine nicely if RedWolves was the selection
  8. Y'all use one of those daylight savings calendars in Idaho?? First day of Spring was last week
  9. Entitled women who demand their way simply because
  10. The sale of Ivory from deceased Elephants could buy more Rangers and preserves. But common sense doesn't seem to hit that crowd out to protect the cute ones. They don't grasp the concept that nature is a **** and that natural death of wild animals usually involves starvation or being eaten by a prey animal. They live in a world where meat comes freshly packaged in a grocery store and feed their dogs premium slaughter leftovers. Some of them can't grasp the fact that their dog and cat food is yet another dead animal. And I don't really want those Karens freaking out over a helmet logo. So yeah.
  11. I think at first blush it conjours up thoughts of the Ivory Trade.
  12. And unleash the tantrums of the environmentalists, PETA, and 1000 Karens? The Bullets got canned bc it wasn't PC back before PC even existed. I don't see the name "Tuskers" making it through the preliminaries.
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