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  1. bowhunter

    Have your self a game Fabian Moreau.

    What a well thought out contribution to this board. (Not all thoughts should become posts.) I bet you're a hit at parties...
  2. bowhunter

    No more max contract free agents.

    By your logic, I think Mr. Snyder makes more than you, maybe we should leave him in charge? And it's probably fair to say that no FA is coming to this franchise on a discount. Hell, even our fans don't want to come anymore
  3. I would like to think that most of us aren't obsessed with Chase, as much as we are with him being on the board at our spot. We need draft capital. TE, OT, OG, WR, etc. and we don't have a 2nd rounder. It would great to pick up a bunch of early picks and get a talent infusion.
  4. Tired, or is this some midwestern way of saying "Fixin' to?"
  5. bowhunter

    Redskins Gold Member Appreciation Day Benefits

    "Gold Member" Yeahhh Baby Sincerely, Austin Powers
  6. bowhunter

    Next Coach?

    I meant the "look at me, I'm only protesting bc I'm on TV" message, but now I feel like I'm ruining a perfectly good rant.
  7. bowhunter

    Next Coach?

    That above stat from 2014 makes me think differently, (ranked #22) with Kaep under Roman. Plus, I HATE Kaeps message more than I dislike Bruce (and that's a lot)
  8. We have gaping holes at LT, TE, CB, and WR. If we are fortunate enough to end up with the #2 pick and spend it on a generational QB instead of trading for multiple picks to build a team. ..that "generational QB" and the rest of the team will be screwed for 10 years.
  9. bowhunter

    SI: Bezos & Amazon Want In ...On the Redskins?

    Edited out. Not Redskins related
  10. bowhunter

    New BANG! Redskins Cartoon: Hostage Situation

    "The Silence of the Fans." Nice take Mr. Bang
  11. bowhunter

    Just admit it, you're going to miss them next week

    Peak of the Rut. Great day to be in the stand all day
  12. Absolutely. After Snyder cleans house and our new GM Joe Barry leads us to the promised land
  13. bowhunter

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    So Dorsey supposedly offered a first and Bruce refused. When BA attempted to re-ignite the talks Dorsey opted to feed his pride over his teams needs? Dorsey now "furious" with Bruce and opted not to talk trade. Sounds like Dorsey and Bruce are cut from the same cloth.
  14. bowhunter


    Mckinzy definitely gets around. He's quite a Casanova
  15. bowhunter

    Suggest Name Change for Extremeskins Stadium Forum

    It's a good thing, because our stadium certainly isn't