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  1. I don't post nearly as often and when I do, apparently it's not memorable lol. But I was persistently and most definitely screaming for Vea over Payne in that draft thread
  2. Washington Contagion. (unless until immunization rate catches up)
  3. Just stop. The JDR effect?? The least vaccinated demographic in this country is the black/hispanic population. Many refuse it due to being the "Trump" vaccine. We were doing so well keeping politics out of this discussion. Please don't start it again.
  4. And for the Loyalists who want our brand to still bear the "Red..." There is such a thing as the Red Mantis (aka Kung Fu Mantis.) OK, the Mantis thing started as a way of kidding, but badassery is still badassery
  5. https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/green-mantis-eats-grasshopper-35514583
  6. That's assuming our defense doesn't give up any more points than last year. But we now have a QB who doesn't mind taking a few risks. More INTS will lead to a few more points on the opposing teams scoreboard. So I'm thinking points on both sides will be elevated
  7. Those "voices" have already waffled over to Cancel the next culture. Who would have thought that the image of a NA princess would somehow make butter offensive?? Redwolves is in NO way offensive to anyone other than field mice and carrion. If we end up going with some lameass name bc of that mentality..... Red-Bulls??
  8. One theory about the origin of Catahoula Leopard dogs (I have a Catahoula) is that de Soto war dogs interbred with the Louisiana redwolf. Creating what should in fact be one BadAss SOB. Many of them are. However my Catahoula has got to be the most spoiled and lazy lapdog on Gods green earth. No fences and no leash. He has free range of the farms acreage to run and chase to his hearts content. Yet he doesn't ever leave my sight or protection. And actually prefers to just lay in the AC upon his custom memory foam bed. So although Mr. Califan and I often disagree on a few subjects, I have to admi
  9. Apparently losing only further endears Snyder to the rest of the league lol. Lord knows they've kept him around for this long. So I suggest an alternative strategy... Why not hope that Snyder wins so many championships that the league votes him out??
  10. If they go with that style logo, I would probably change the teeth to make a "W" instead of an "M". Subtle, yes, but nice touch
  11. The one laying on his back after (Almo/Zeke/Saquan/etc) gave him a shoulder pad to the face, allowing hm to gain 4 more yards as the rb falls forward but is tripped by his ankles. Not a good thing, even though Stats show a high "tackling" percentage
  12. So you're kinda hoping for the whole praying mantis chewing off the opponents head thing?? I dig it
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