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  1. Damn, F.P. might be in the doghouse after that tweet lol.
  2. Metalhead

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    There is also Shang-Chi and the upcoming Eternals movie. Also there is the organization A.I.M. that was established in Iron Man 3. AIM and the unlocking of latent abilities can tie into the Eternals and Inhumans and possibly be tweaked to bring in the Fantastic Four and X-Men down the road.
  3. Same here. I've already started the sell-off, free agency, and salary scenarios in my head. What sucks most of all is the manager situation. Davey needs to go but Rizzo can't drop the axe because it admits he whiffed on a manager for the third time in a row. Plus it shows that managers only have two seasons and a short leash, so no good manager will come here. A manager like Girardi would probably want four or five years with no options.
  4. In one of the Nats promo commercials from two or three years ago Zimm even says "I'm not a rah-rah guy". He and Rizzo have been the only constants through the entire run of good seasons which all ended in failure one way or another. This is likely Zimm's last season anyway unless he comes back for a minimal contract or maybe clean house and make him the first base coach.
  5. This teams' best shot was probably 2012. The two blown saves (2012 and 2014) by Storen and managing blunders in each playoff series ripped the soul out of the franchise. They have never gotten over the mental aspect after the playoff failures, like learning and bouncing back stronger.
  6. You got that right. Maybe Rizzo can banish the staff half-way through in Milwaukee, leave without them on the way to LA.
  7. It's the little things that bring us joy in dark times.
  8. I'm still dreaming of a full 162 with Eaton and Turner at the top of the lineup. Something that will never happen
  9. Metalhead

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    Not to keen on GM retreads like Danny Ferry. His Executive record, not much to write home about:
  10. This would be the best case (and ideal) scenario. Snag two, maybe three, legit pitching prospects for him. The problem will be ownership. Last year Rizzo saw the writing on the wall, had a Harper trade lined up and ready to pull the trigger, but got the no-vote. Team finished 82-80 and Harper walked for nothing.
  11. Thank you Big City
  12. I can't believe Barraclough made it through the 8th unscathed lol.
  13. So...when is there going to be a move or change to get this team jump-started? This bullpen is what it is, and it's costing games. What would get it going? Drop the axe, make a trade, sign Kimbrel, etc.? I have a bad feeling that this upcoming stretch bookended by St. Louis and LA is going to determine the season (and the fate of some).
  14. Huge double-play, whew *the strike-out and pick-off. Delayed post, weird.