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  1. So I tried it out. Nope, not happening. Got to 79 last night and I was wide awake in bed until midnight. I can do up to 76 inside during the winter, but that is my limit.
  2. Charlie is about to have a heart attack lol
  3. That may have been the simplest, minimal swing I've ever seen. Like really weird lol. He was still standing straight up in the batters box like it was nothing.
  4. Parra is so damn clutch.
  5. Metalhead

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    Thor Love and Thunder sounds great and that logo is a thing of beauty. With Waititi writing and directing, Portman will be in good hands.
  6. I feel asleep around the bottom of the sixth...and with what happened, thank god I did. With two massive bullpen blunders in two of the last three games I'm afraid Davey could lose the clubhouse. How does it make the players feel knowing that their manager could screw it up at any moment?
  7. Can we just say this current stretch is going to be "more difficult" than the last and be done with it?
  8. A pitcher having two hits in one inning should be fairly rare...but for one of those hits to be a homer, rarer still.
  9. And Zimm struck-out to this guy...ugh.
  10. We now have the lead.
  11. When will we stop pitching to Freeman???