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  1. Metalhead

    The ES Heavy Metal Thread

    Oh man, I didn't even hear about his, out of nowhere
  2. Yeah that is one of the strangest things I've ever seen in my life. It looks like a clear band-aid but he was clearly using it or doing something with it, intentionally. Do players use a band-aid reversed for the tackiness to get a better grip?
  3. Metalhead

    The Impeachment Thread

    Yeah, that's it. I'm surprised reporters aren't blasting it in Trump's face.
  4. Metalhead

    The Impeachment Thread

    Didn't Parnas have instagram posts of him with Trump after having a private dinner together? And saying they had great conversation?
  5. Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Person 1: You're alright, you did great. Can I get you anything? Do you need anything? Person 2: Ice Cream. I'd like an ice cream, please. Person 1: Yeah, what flavor? Person 2: Doesn't matter. It's for my ***.
  6. Underwater. A solid sci-fi horror film. There aren't many genre flicks like this so I'm more forgiving on my score of 7.5/10. My brother and I immediately agreed that Underwater provides massive (pun intended) possibilities for a Lovecraft/Dagon mythos, thus the .5 lol. Overall great effects, some good tension, a couple jump-scares, and awesome clammy moments for the claustrophobic. I loved the score - a nice mix of hard dub electronic and dark ambient. I'm going to track it down if possible. Kristen Stewart was fine but this movie's writing put her in an odd position, dialogue-wise. She played a solid leader for the survivors but it felt like the writers gave all of the good dialogue to others. It's hard to describe. It was like she was overshadowed but not - her character still felt like the driving force. However, Vincent Cassel and TJ Miller could have stolen the movie at any moment if allowed to. My only real beef is the pacing and editing between scenes. The best way my brother and I could describe it is like an inch-worm moving: quick parts where A goes right to C (the audience must assume B happened), followed by slow moments of fear/dread/quiet, then quick bursts again. Reminds me of Neill Blomkamp/Oats Studios "Zygote" in that way.
  7. Metalhead

    Is it weird to go to the movies by yourself?

    I go solo all the time. My brother and I will meet up too...tomorrow night we're going to see Underwater. Maybe if going alone makes you feel weird or uncomfortable, try picking a showtime that isn't busy. That may help ease any social expectations.
  8. Signing Asdrubel back is solid and I like the moves over the last couple days. We could field this team on Opening Day and be alright for a little while. As with others, I'm not a fan of Donaldson for four years. It feels like it would be desperate and reckless to do so, and it appears Rizzo agrees.
  9. For real. I don't think he is enough for the Cubbies though. Kieboom is already 22 years old...Bryant will be 28 tomorrow. How long would it take Kieboom to reach where Bryant is now? And could he earn an MVP in that span? If you can build a package without Robles, pull the trigger.
  10. From what I had read Hudson wanted two years, Nationals only one. They had at least a mutual agreement on salary. But then they sign a different guy for three years. This bullpen needs as much stability and help as possible, just re-sign Hudson too, dammit!
  11. Not worth losing Robles for either of those two. Nolan is nowhere near as good away from Coors and Bryant would possibly be a two-year rental.
  12. "Max ******* Scherzer, Hall of Fame". That should be his plaque - in your face to match his intensity (and insanity). Man I love the sound of that.
  13. Metalhead

    How was your 2010’s?

    Up and down...ultimately ended on top. The down points were brutal (stress and severe anxiety from a couple horrendous coworkers) but the ups were massive jumps and positive for my career. In 2012 I jumped from local machine shop/manufacturer to a rising (but still local) govt contractor. Learned a lot and was involved with some cool and fun projects. Bought a condo in 2014. Adulting things. Then in 2018 I lucked out and went govt. It was still a huge decision because my govt contractor was (and is) a part of my life and treated me like family. I was in a great position there and it was not easy nearly wrecked me emotionally. Plus I was flipping to the other side of our contract. I received the nickname Anakin during my two-week notice.
  14. Starship Troopers (1997). Damn this movie keeps getting better and better. Aging very well. Today's political/media environment makes the satire even more savage. And Jake Busey's teeth fight for top billing.