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  1. My brother and I loved him on Mythbusters. The show was our first introduction to Grant and he was a joy to watch. I'll be talking with brother about this in the morning, I know he'll be upset about the news
  2. Hogan has changed drastically over the last two weeks. All of a sudden he's towing the party line hardcore. Telling Baltimore to crack down to protect statues, pushing huge cuts...I wonder if his new book has something to do with it as well. His recent success and leadership is at odds with releasing and profiting off a book during this pandemic and unemployment.
  3. The incredible Floor Jansen (Nightwish) with Henk Poort in this rockin' rendition of The Phantom of the Opera. Henk was also the Phantom in the Dutch version of the musical. For this he altered his voice by adding "distortion" other words, heavy metal vocals.
  4. I'm waiting for that Dear Leader-esque 18 hole in ones.
  5. This. Even Gorka has some commercials trying to peddle snake oil. Overall it's disgusting.
  6. I need to see both of these, asap. My brother has both on bluray and I may just snag them this weekend. I will say that Mandy has the best trailer I've ever seen, absolute insanity. I have the first movie (or I think his first) by the director that did Mandy called Beyond the Black Mountain. Actually I'll start with this before the other two.
  7. I will always support Prometheus as well even with it's fatal flaws. It has the best visuals/atmosphere I've seen (what Ridley excells at) and has one of the best scores ever. Seriously, it is possibly my favorite soundtrack with Shawshank right behind it.
  8. Me too. I think that is what hurt Covenant the most, cutting continuity (and audience familiarity) with her character and essentially rebooting again. If one-offs with each cast is the new thing, I honestly wouldn't mind seeing a prequel movie featuring only Engineers that leads to the event of the hologram runners scene. Just something to fill in the cracks and broken logic of Prometheus and Covenant. Something to explain the variety of xenomorphs (like Fifield, the squid, the deacon, the white null from Covenant) and the motivations of the Engineers.
  9. That's an April Fool's article, says it about halfway down. In it's current state, the franchise is a dead, derelict space craft. Ridley has wrecked his own story in two consecutive films, which is crazy. Fresh bodies (and minds) are desperately needed. I can only think of a handful of directors/producers/showrunners that may have the talent, interest, passion, or dedication to pull off a resurrection. Some personal, reach-for-the-stars picks: Danny Boyle Neill Blomkamp David Twohy (amazing lore and world-building) Denis Villeneuve (slow-burn, like Isolation?) Alfonso Cauron
  10. I am absolutely stunned (and thrilled!) by this ruling. Great news that brings hope.
  11. This is a favorite of mine. This is the rehearsal of the tribute concert for Freddie Mercury. Major names were in attendance during this will see David Bowie and Seal both in this video. There is another video of David Bowie and Annie Lennox's session. Imo, George Michael was one of the very few people capable of replacing Freddie.
  12. I have my towel, I'm ready to go.
  13. I checked out some more of their stuff. I found a lyric video for The Source...pretty neat, as it highlights each singer/character when their parts come up. It's crazy that it's like watching a movie (or musical).