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  1. Hugh Jackman was just with Feige and also had his Wolverine beard, so probably not him. Actually I suppose it's possible with the developing Multiverse storyline.
  2. I found the letter from my PMI request. I'm re-reading it now. It says it's a USDA loan with no PMI but an annual fee. The person I talked to on the phone apparently goofed by saying I had PMI but actually meant the USDA fee. * Thus leading to my own mix-up. So it looks like I have to refinance no matter what to get rid of the fee.
  3. Thank you. I'm trying out those calculators now. I'll check out Better too.
  4. Yes I plan on staying here...well, unless I get a job around DC. I could commute but it would tough. I know people that do it from down here. I contacted them when I hit 79% a couple months ago and they said I couldn't because of legislation that was passed on farm loans just before 2014. They said the only way was to refinance. I'm trying to find the letter and info again.
  5. Thanks. It just feels too good to be true because I'd be saving an outrageous amount of money. I'm not sure how to predict/project what my payments would be for years 23 through 30 but I know it would total more than 3k a year.
  6. I'm seven years into a 30-year at 3.875% and considering a refi. I have a Farm loan and also stuck with PMI forever unless I refinance. LenderFi can get me down to 2.75% for a 15-year. It would cost 3k to close and my monthly payment would drop about $16. The monthly payment savings versus the 3k is a wash over the next 15 years but I would chop off eight years of payments. Is this a no-brainer?
  7. I was looking at this a couple days ago. I propose that all states with a majority of their land owned by the federal government lose their Senate and House reps...and still be taxed
  8. I started The Mole People last night. I'm only 35 pages in but...OMG. It's about the homeless people that live below NYC.
  9. Has anyone saying "no" seen the proposed map? The federal land will not be part of the state. The mall and adjoining federal buildings will be a sliver of federal land going west to the basin and Potomac. It won't be landocked either.
  10. Yeah I've been trying to keep my arm loose and move it around a bit. At this point I am expecting an increase in stiffness and soreness tomorrow.
  11. Got my first Moderna at 2:15 pm, arm is starting to feel sore in that spot...like a good punch. Guess we'll see how it goes over the next day or so. I got the shot along with my boss and a coworker, so it will be interesting to compare side effects...and who calls out "sick" first lol.
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