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  1. I looked I've been getting spanked since thursday though. Still up but dopamine low. With today's drop I've been able to add to a couple positions which I've been wanting to do, so that's good. Also bought this "dip" on a new one. Aiming for the long-term for what I have now.
  2. RIOT has been insane. Bought at $38...hit $60 yesterday and went up $20 today, tap-dancing around $80. Edit - went up 21, now at 81
  3. Ok, OTC help needed. I bought 250k shares of a cheap one (yes, my "gamble"). TDAmeritrade started breaking the buy into a rapid series of 10,000 share transactions every 5 seconds. Who, or what entity, determines the transaction size? The "company" I'm buying into or TDAmeritrade? I haven't found anything that states OTC transactions are limited to certain quantity of shares. Edited again - I was able to cancel the order before completiin but I think I'm getting smacked with a whole bunch of TDAmeritrade transaction fees when the dust settles.
  4. Ok, now ETF's. For example, something like ARKK that is at $150 a share, is that too high to get into? I would not be able to get too many shares at that price...would I be missing greater returns on a lower ETF? Basically, how does opportunity cost come into play? @techboy just to be clear, I am not a gambler or looking to beat the market. I prefer "set it and forget it", but I do have some fun stuff that I can sell and then lockdown the gains by dumping into ETF's. It's apparently a rookie strategy (and I'm ignorant) but I've nearly tripled my investment already...and I want to p
  5. Thanks. I'm trying to develop a strategy now. I've had a very good week and most of my new stocks are intended to be long term. I guess my dilemma is if something blows up within my self-imposed "sit" period, will I be willing to sell off and break my own rules? I could dump it into ETFs...that can't be all bad.
  6. Last friday I finally got over some emotional attachment to two stocks and sold them off. My first ever major sells and it felt like I overcame a huge hurdle, almost liberating. This has allowed my to start diversifying into more sectors and ETFs and I have seen immediate positive growth. I am still a noob though and not getting too crazy. I already have FERS/TSP and a Vanguard Rollover IRA going. Anyway, I had some questions about diversifying stocks. I use TDAmeritrade, btw. Can you be too spread out? Can you have too many different stocks/ETFs? For exampl
  7. Just bought a little more of SNDL... How high to the moon? * and I am so ready for MYDX to become meme stonk.
  8. I'm not seeing CCIV on TD. Does it go by something else? Is it Churchill Capital?
  9. Yeah other stocks were getting jumped on too, like NAKD. It was up 500% at one point this evening. I have a piddly 200 shares but not worth doing anything with it. It's coming back down now.
  10. Shoegaze, electronic, heaviness. A brilliant deconstruction and reconstruction of melody. To me, this song feels like I'm being burst into star-stuff (Sagan reference) and then being reassembled by the universe. Hard to describe...it's a journey.
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