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  1. Some tasty Halloween treats! Btw, a little NSFW...but we're all adults right?
  2. Some Evil Dead themed goodness. Protect thy speakers, compression killeth them (and your left ear).
  3. That can't be real, he looks like a corpse. Hands are swollen too...gross.
  4. https://deadline.com/2020/10/furiosa-mad-max-spinoff-george-miller-anya-taylor-joy-chris-hemsworth-1234596503/ Awesome news for Furiosa fans. This is also a good shift for the franchise as the "reluctant hero" and aloofness of Max (such as Hardy's portrayal) can only carry a narrative so far.
  5. This is AWESOME. It's like a mix of Photek and Portishead. Thanks for this!
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