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  1. Yep, have never seen a victory in person. About the closest I've come to it was the Giants game @ Fed Ex in 2007. Dominated the 1st half, and then fell apart in the 2nd. Went to tie it at the end, and Ladell Betts got stuffed twice from the 1. The last one I went to was the playoff game vs the Packers. Thought for sure we were the better team that day, but I seemed to jinx them yet again. I'd have given anything to even see a tie.
  2. Been a fan since I was 6, thanks to my Dad. When I was in the 3rd grade, a classmate and I made a scrapbook at school from newspaper clippings. That was the year of the first Super Bowl win. After the season was over, Joe Theismann came to a local department store to sign autographs. It forever cemented the bond. I am lucky enough to remember all the Super Bowl wins vividly as they occurred in elementary, middle, and high school. I'm unlucky enough to have never seen a skins victory in the 10 games I've attended throughout the years.
  3. He certainly does...but never quite enough to end the reign. Instead, we as fans keep ending up with egg on our face because our love for the team. I completely understand why so many are considering walking away from it all. The thought has crossed my mind as well. Never thought that would be remotely possible with my 40 years of fandom.
  4. How does Trent even get a choice in where he goes at this point?
  5. The name "Cowboys" offends me every time I hear it. :puke: It should be offensive to real cowboys too.
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