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  1. Lol..right ****ing on man..this is funny..I like it..seriously, not being sarcastic Excellent pick up for the cardinals Damn I would love to have seen gibson and connor back there
  2. I.was there in 2005..joe gibbs...I traveled from alaska to idaho to Colorado for.that game. Chase young montez sweat aaaaaaaaand fitzmagic
  3. This defense will be sick..chase young in year 2...cant wait!!
  4. I've never met cooleyfan?...do you know what I'm referring to? Well I was hoping somebody could help me possibly research it maybe there's info in tailgate section?
  5. So.you remember fans that went to the game talking about it?
  6. He didnt win a superbowl for them?..my best friend is a dolphins fan...die hard phins fan..he says its 50.50...that he needs work still...kinda wishes they would have hung onto Fitzpatrick..
  7. There has got to be somebody who remembers it or knows where to get a clip of it
  8. Quick I need someone's help does anybody remember the playoff game in Seattle where there were fans mocking Sean Taylor's death with his jersey hanging from posts with bullet holes and fake.blood? I'm arguing with a Seahawks fan on YouTube that said that that incident never happened and I remember it like it was yesterday so vividly real Seahawk fans mocking the death of Sean Taylor
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