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  1. joeken24

    Next Coach?

    I'm not in on Tomlin at all. Say what you want about AB and Le'Veon, but neither one was a so called bad teammate early on during their time with the Steelers. Tomlin allowed whatever he allowed over time to fester. AB was absolutely wrong for doing all of what he did and Le'Veon just wanted to get paid. But to me, something in the approach Tomlin took with his star players (to include Rothles...) caused him to lose the locker room. So while Jay lost a lot of games, he was never accused of losing the locker room. Here's what James Harrison said (after he retired btw, so I don't see an axe to grind or a reason to lie): ...James Harrison said Tomlin lacked the discipline of Bill Belichick and played favorites in the locker room.... That to me, is alarming because it's coming from a player (and players talk to other players).
  2. joeken24

    Next Coach?

    Will we ever have a coach with this much reverence....with this much of a Neo like aurora? Probably not..... But this is hilarious!
  3. Oh make no mistake, Josh is ****ing awesomely terrible! Imagine if Fitzmagic was playing this whole game. Yea the Fins are tanking. Case still doesn't do it for me.
  4. joeken24

    Redskins vs Dolphins Prediction Thread: Toilet Bowl vol. I

    You cannot make this **** up. LOL I predict Fitzpatrick is going to run this **** in for the 2. LM ****ing Ass Off!!!!
  5. joeken24

    Louis Riddick as GM?

    Riddick spoke about people with agendas but didn't name names. I think he was talking about Jay. He did name Bruce and did show a disdain for Bruce and the crap that was coming out of his mouth during his presser (which I agree with). I commend him for speaking on it. But one thing I'd like to point out is that Riddick spoke a while back about his opinion on Dan. He said that he believes Dan has changed and showed a bit of admiration for him. So sounds to me like his issue is with Bruce. My take is that Dan is in a pickle with Bruce only because of the stadium. I honestly believe that Dan is trying to get a stadium in DC and Bruce is so entrenched in the deal that it would be catastrophic to pull him out. Unless it is contractually impossible to strip Bruce of his football operation duties, Dan would be prudent to hire a guy like Riddick (played the game, understands the business side and is a proponent of discipline and focus). Dan should also structure the org chart accordingly, placing Riddick (or whoever he hires as the GM) and Bruce at the same level so there's not interference from Bruce's power mongering ass.
  6. joeken24

    What does Doug Williams do exactly?

    I think he's VP of player personnel, which I assume makes Bruce President of player personnel (although his title says just President. Whatever!!) Anyway, you have a guy running the college side (Kyle) and another guy running the pro side (Alex Santos). Doug is in charge of those guys. The issue with Doug and probably the reason Bruce is still here (beside the stadium effort) is because Bruce is known for negotiating contracts and understanding agents (since he was one). Doug doesn't seem to like the camera and is apparently not efficient in contracts and the salary cap. This draft was good. Whether he should be credited for it I'm sure is up for discussion. I honestly think if Doug was more efficient in the money/contract area, he'd be the GM. Right now Dan is paying three guys (Bruce, Doug and Eric Shaffer) to do a job that maybe one guy may be able to do. I haven't done research to see how the successful organization do it. But if you look at the Patriots, there is not a lot of layers. You've got the Owner, the Co-owner (his son), a player development guy that is in charge of all the scouts and Bill, coach/GM (who gets to pick his guys and negotiate the contracts). So obviously it can be done. The Patriots site doesn't go down in the weeds with their entire front office staff (no scouts shown) so I can't see how things are structured. But its apparent that the buck stops with Bill and his Patriot Way. The Steelers VP is also the GM. The Redskins front office looks like congress. Bottom line IMO, the Redskins need a football guy that can push a football culture while being solid with contracts, negotiating and maneuvering the salary cap. Who that could be is the question? I hear people talking about Kyle Smith. But I'm not sure what type of relationships he has with the Drew Rosenhaus' of the world, if he would be a good money guy or a Vinny (??) I will say, the Redskins have improved on the money and contract structure side of things. And based on what's going on in the north star state, maybe that part of things is not so bad. But still Bruce needs to get that stadium and order that UHaul truck as soon as possible.
  7. joeken24

    Chris Thompson where do I begin?

    So you found it necessary to chime in on a post you found to be pointless? Consider your ways and don't lose any sleep ok. Relax Francis. I can see you now, throwing something at your computer screen. Damn. I could see if I was joking about someone crying about ST's death. But the guy you all wanted fired is sitting at his home in Craighton smoking a cigarette and drinking some craft waiting for another million+ check to come his way next year. Chris crying about it just seems laughable to me. I feel like i'm fighting against short haired chicks with plaid shirts.
  8. joeken24

    Chris Thompson where do I begin?

    BOOM!!! Holy ****. Maybe I should replace the n with a r. Now this is shenanigans!!
  9. joeken24

    Chris Thompson where do I begin?

    Ya'll are too damn serious. Go to a thread where people are talking about world hunger and injustice. Sheesh. The season is ****ing over for all intents and purposes. Normally its over around mid season for college football so folks can start talking about who to take in the draft. But its over damn near before it began.
  10. joeken24

    Chris Thompson where do I begin?

    And your reason for replying is....? Looks like you care a lot.
  11. joeken24

    Chris Thompson where do I begin?

    Nah. Just trying to get a temperature. Rest assured, I know my audience. But I remember another player crying about his QB and it becoming a national punchline and a favorite .gif. Remember this? So be honest. Did you laugh at this and/or make fun of it when it happened? Here's another guy that plays with heart and emotion (all be it with cowgirls). No need to answer, just make sure you're being honest with yourself. Regardless of how he was perceived, in this case his pain was over being concerned for someone besides himself. Same thing with Chris. Fine. I started out by saying its better for a man to release stress and frustrations than to walk around with a health problem waiting to happen. My point was that Chris cries on just about every interview I've seen him in lately. Heart or no heart, there's a time and place IMO. Further, for those that walk sheepishly and silently through life worrying about getting their ass whooped, that's your choice. Been through too much to worry about that ****. To me, I could give a damn about Chris crying over his coach getting fired. It does nothing. I like Chris as a player and maybe even as a guy if we knew each other. But if I knew him, I would say bro, why the **** are you always crying? You cried during the interview with Guice and that **** got national attention. Through all the **** this team has been through, never seen you crying before (?). Are you crying for publicity? WTF bro (now that's a joke for some of you (i really should say all of you) sensitive ones). And admittedly so, this was meant to be a bit. Cause frankly I'm not losing any sleep over Chris crying. I mean really..... ???? But of course the sensitive ones here are sure to come out the wood works. Just align me with Patrice O'Neal. That'll keep things in perspective if/when you find yourself bothered by something you read from here.....sometimes.
  12. First off, as a military vet, I understand that sometimes being too overly type A can cause undo stress over time. Sometimes a man needs to let it all out per se. But I'm telling you, Chris has got to be one of the most emotional dudes I know. And quite frankly its annoying as ****!!! Damn Chris!!! Go somewhere in private, let your emotions out and stand there like a ****ing man and give the damn interview. You look like a ****ing (fill in the blank but you know what I want to say). Again, I'm tired of this dude for this reason alone. He was on with the Junkies a while back talking about how Gruden was a players coach because he let them be men and he keeps the game fun. Again, the game is much more fun for you and us when you win some ****ing football games!!! Now that your so called players coach gets fired because of the bottom line, you sittin there on TV crying about it? Even this baby is lookin at him like WTF bro!!! Stop all that damn cryin'!!! Every time you give a interview, you droppin tears. Watch this ****
  13. Jay came from the Cincinnati Bengals. Its not like he came from a winning organization and got snuffed out. He was a losing coach.
  14. joeken24

    How do you define "Team Culture"?

    Team culture is not defined. There's a culture here. Its just not conducive at this point to winning football games. The culture here is much like everything else inside the beltway. The good old two step where talk is considered change but everything stays terrible mediocre with no value. Bruce is indeed presidential. Problem here is, this is mother****ing football. I honestly don't think any of the guys they have their eyes on are going to put up with fake ass ****.
  15. Its not like Gruden comes from a solid organization or winning pedigree. So for him to be happy to leave is mute.