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  1. Kyle definitely brings something to the offense so far. Mainly because he has a better comfort level. As long as the offense is running descent, I'm good. Players get benched for a lack of performance. Hopefully, DH gets another opportunity and makes the best of it. If not, this is not d-league. Also, he's got to change the perception/narrative. If you're not a strong study guy or you don't work hard, you better be a gamer and you best have some humility about you. That's life.
  2. Collins was ok. Just spent a lot of time making up for the FS issues. We've seen many times when he does play within his capability, he's making big hits for losses and causing turnovers. Communication was always the issue with this defense in the past. It still is for the most part. He was brought her to play in the box. But of course like most FA that come here, they end up playing outside of what got them the FA money. So who's fault is that?
  3. I hate the media. Plain and simple.
  4. Cool if you disagree. But are you saying Ron cares what the media thinks? You mean, a media culture that knows nothing about winning? Moreover, nothing about the intricacy of the game? I will say, I think he cares about the fans. Unfortunately, the media is the way he communicates to the fans. So maybe he cares indirectly. But remember, this culture change is not just about the players. IMO, this entire environment (us and the media) behave much like a person that has broken bad far too many times in life. You know the type. The type that pulls from all the past bull**** and quickly jumps to n
  5. Just left the dentist office, so I admit I'm a bit buzzed. Plus I'm drinking bourbon to combat when the local anesthesia wears off. But here's my take as I listen to Jack Del Rio's interview today.... This team is extremely young and inexperienced (using my best Obvious impression). The organization has a boat load of cap space and pretty good young players with high ceilings on relatively small contracts. They've got cap space for free agents next year to fill some of extreme needs next year. I have a feeling they are going to spend money on a veteran wideout again off course
  6. I remember Chris Russel asking that question in the presser. It came off like he was building a case. And sure enough The Rooster goes in on Rivera's answer as if The Rooster has experience coaching in the NFL. Russell was actually trying to see if Rivera was going to change his answer. Personally, I've gotten into it with Russell a few times because of how he likes to dig for ****. I am convinced this is how its taught in journalism school or maybe its how they teach it on the job training. But I feel Rivera's pain in every interview where he's shaking his head when JP or Russell attempt thei
  7. Point taken. But the other side of that observation is being too quiet allows these sharky ass reporters to fill in the blanks with political, drama and conspiracies. This is a tough market. Always has been. Ron has said he's got big shoulders. I think we the fans and the media are going to have to get used to this coach-centered approach. JP, WP, Russell and rest of the gang are just going to have to change they way they do business. These coaches are not on trail. The line of questioning from these reporters over the years really do come off like they're building a case. Of course with this
  8. After being a fan of a losing organization for 20 years, I am not adequately equipped to give coaching advise. Ron tried to win. It didn't work. That's life. He took ownership and stood behind his decision. That's a man. Whether you agree or disagree with the decision, you can in no way predict the outcome. What you have is a loss. How it happened is immaterial. Football is life that way, huh?
  9. Its a general observation that tends to be true with the exception of a some we call well beyond their years.
  10. So does anyone here believe that Millennials display an inordinate amount of entitlement? How about the kid that will listen more to the social media sensation or the so called star over a person with years of experience in a particular area of life the kid is interested in? I see Haskins being the type that will listen to Cam Newton (a well known personality) and dismiss a so-called no name player with years of experience in Thomas Davis. He should listen to both. Hell, I may be lumping Haskins into a group, but I just don't perceive that same vibe with McClaurin or Chase. Haskins just strike
  11. So I'm listening to John Keim's podcast interview with Darrell Green. Very interesting take by Darrell on Haskins. I'm paraphrasing, but Darrell basically said he had no issue with the Haskins benching. He pretty much said it would give Haskins time to reset. Darrell also mentioned that there is a bit of arrogance in Haskins that needed to be knocked down a bit for him to be able to listen. He said maybe Haskins just needs a little bit of adversity to readjust his mindset. So that got me to thinking about Urban's conversation with Ron. Urban told Ron to challenge Haskins. Maybe this is the cha
  12. I think Alex had a lot on his mind in this game and probably wasn't comfortable standing strong in the pocket and looking downfield. I never thought he'd be an upgrade under these circumstances. Try breaking your leg and coming into your first game in the rain on FedEx field's horrible surface. Oh and by the way, he had no real first team reps and the OC was nowhere near in the flow of the game. Ah, one more thing...you've got the best D-linemen on fire against your **** of interior line. Yea, Brady wouldn't have been an upgrade in this one.
  13. The Rams d-line is probably talking big **** to this teams linemen. And ain't **** they can do about it. Plus everybody in the building knows what Turner is going to call. Almost over....
  14. I have a feeling the OC will be a conversation piece this week
  15. We knew the line was suspect. They have been captured, arrested and are currently being executed. **** 'em They play with no pride. We'll hear about it from Ron.
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