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  1. His athleticism is ideal for a pulling guard. But I do think he'll be a tackle. But much like Scherff who was drafted as a left tackle, we'll see where he fits.
  2. Santana Moss and Brandon Scherff couldn't/can't stay healthy. Santana started his career with the can't stay healthy narrative. Personally, if a guy is healthy, I can't concern myself with the past as it relates to what he can bring to the team right now. If that were the case, Scherff should be released immediately. I'd like to see solid evidence that his arm strength is in the bottom 1/3. But to that, while arm strength is nice, its a bit overrated (see DH). I'd rather see solid anticipation and the ability to throw guys open than a guy with arm strength. Now with that said, if
  3. Bruce vs. Dan https://theathletic.com/2590032/2021/05/15/ex-washington-football-team-exec-bruce-allen-responds-to-daniel-snyder-in-legal-filing/ I do believe Bruce conducted a smear campaign. Of course it was pretty easy to get you campaign clicks.
  4. I am definitely not suggesting that. Jumping to conclusions is not good for anyone btw. What I am saying is that Rivera doesn't strike me as a guy that cares about titles. All-pro is a title or phrase base on the past. Much like Dogecoin to the moon was. Throw some money at that coin based on the past and see where it gets you. I do believe Scherff will win the position based on performance. But I think its absurd to reference titles or pay to validate that position. I also think there is going to be competition at all positions and its not going to be given. But to your point, if they are wil
  5. We'll see. I'm not down on Scherff. But I definitely don't see him as the 2nd best player on the team. But you did say arguably so there is that. Bottom line for me is that Scherff will not be here next year. If that is the case why would the team not look to the guys they brought in this year? As a matter of fact, why even allow him to play if you have even remotely comparable talent under contract? They went out and got two starting linemen from other teams. That has to account for something. Starters are not coming to teams to play backup. Jus sayin'. Remember Scherff was not drafted by thi
  6. I suppose the question is this....is Scherff the best RG on the team? I only say this because I thought Moses was the best RT on the team. Rivera has repeatedly said that he is going to play the best 11. I realize the long term deal was not done partly due to the current salary cap. I mean if Brandon signs a deal this year, he'd be locked into to a lower contract overall than comparable or lessor guards signing deals next year. To me, this is a just bad timing. But what if Rivera and Matsko decide Cosmi has won the job? What if (one of the guys they brought in) Wes Schweitzer and Flowers ball
  7. Turner was a year 1 coordinator with horrid QB play, young inexperience WRs, a RB that never played the position and a average at best OL. Additionally, no offseason to learn what your players can do situationally. This year the focus is on position flex and speed. I also go back to that clip of McVay sitting on the bench with #8 stating that he is learning. Learning.wmv
  8. Interesting and somewhat alarming video. I'll definitely have my eye on this guy's channel. I'll also be interested to hear a real sports reporter ask Turner about this and what his plan is to improve moving into next year. That is the line of questioning I'd like to see and hear. All the questions about how a grown ass man feels, what his thoughts are on social issues and how he feels about Dan not being in the building (which you know is coming), is ****ing bull**** IMO. This analysis is what I think a football enthusiast wants. I'm old enough to know how I feel about COVIT test and every ot
  9. That Tampa game was extremely maddening. I get bad calls. Its part of the game. But when you watch that game, you'll notice the timing of calls. It very easy to call holding on every play. But when you call holding on 3rd down, I look closer. We had two 3rd down calls that pretty much stopped reasonable good drives. That is the hidden yardage that kills. Its also a sneaky way to create momentum. That game was total bull**** from an officiating standpoint.
  10. I have yet to witness Heineke not knowing where to go with ball. He has a great grasp of the offense and Devin has not been in the league long enough to trick a QB that know what they're doing. Heinike was able to manuever Todd Bowles' tricks. So to me Devin is irrelevant in that regard. He may have made some plays but he ain't causing a shutdown on his own.
  11. One player? So you're saying if Devin White played in that game, he would have intercepted, broken up every throw and/or caused Heineke to **** himself? Come on man.
  12. Don't recall John Beck ever balling out in a regular season game. Particularly against a top defense.
  13. Cole got up a bit gingerly. Hell of a play but chill young fella. We need ya.
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