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  1. joeken24

    Redskins news: Adrian Peterson being sued for Millions

    I'm a real estate investor. Maryland is probably the absolute worst place to be an investor IMO. Getting sued is almost common place if you're in the 35-37% tax backet. Keep in mind that his company is being sued, so his personal assets are somewhat protected. As a landlord and commercial investor, I've been sued a few times. Its ugly, but not as bad as you may think with the right representation and documentation.
  2. joeken24

    Running back depth chart

    Ankle sprain. Not sure what grade.
  3. joeken24

    Running back depth chart

    Yea, I think Perine should definitely be on the bubble. Don't forget Shaun Wilson, RB, looks to be our guy on special teams.
  4. joeken24

    Running back depth chart

    Who can tell me where a RB with vision would have taken this run? A running back with vision would have juked right to set up the back side cut.... A RB with no vision (or simply playing because the coach likes him) does this...... He just doesn't run with purpose, confidence or vision to me
  5. joeken24

    Case Keenum antisocial?

    Dude...I have nothing to say to you about this thread.
  6. So here's Chris Simms talking about it. Notice he says reading the tea leaves...sounds like he's speculating as well. So this is solid info?
  7. I'm not at all emotional about the situation nor the thread. But to that, if what I said doesn't apply to you, why on earth would you chime in? Again, you continue to make my point about believing speculative reports. Its just plain sheepish to me. But hey, you do you. What I mean by sheepish is this: Trent has every right not to talk to the media about his personal health situation. The mindset of someone that believes Trent needs to speak out because there is speculation and rumors flying around about him is a sheepish mindset IMO. Here's another case where if enough (whatever that number happens to be, Idk) people talk about bull****, bull**** becomes truth. and Lets just say Rapportbull****ter reports this crap at the same time Kap is reported to sign a multi year contract with the Patriots. This speculative story about Trent not wanting to play for the Redskins is a back page story that other reporter won't touch. As a result, Trent is put on the PUP list (like he would have anyway); Training camp starts with no one talking about trades or any of the other bull**** floating around. But alas, this story is the hottest story, so all the reporter are feeding into it and they gotta say something.
  8. After one preseason game? You trippin like that?
  9. Quoted by many people? Who? I'm really asking because I have not heard anyone I consider reputable. Nor have I seen or heard from someone that said they talked directly with TW and he said anything remotely about not wanting to play for the Redskins. Please close out this aspect of the argument with who these people are.
  10. Yea, i was just telling folks to lighten up about DH's performance tonight. And yes I'm sure you were making a joke. So my apology.
  11. During pre-season baseball, pitchers throw balls in spots to test their limitations. QBs throw balls in windows to test the waters also (sort a speak). Admittedly so, Haskins had bad throws on the two interceptions. These weren't let me see what I can do against this coverage. Bad throws, plain and simple. But hey, bad throws are a part of the game. And to that, its his first NFL game, he's playing with a lot guys he won't see in a couple weeks and he's young.
  12. No I think Williams is recovering from a real life cancer scare.
  13. Listen to this I do believe Santana. I also believe Trent's situation transcends football and money. So again, trade and all that other **** is exactly that......****. Since I believe Santana, I imagine that Trent's medical situation is the reason for his absence. However, the facts are still not available. Regardless, I wish the best for Trent and his family and support him in whatever decision he decides to make. He's a great player for the Redskins. But consider this... you've been diagnosed with cancer. There is probably a myriad of emotions one must go through when the doctor hits you with the news. So while you're going through your own emotions, you somehow have to reassure you family that everything is going to be ok. Obviously, there is a lot more to dealing with this horrible disease, but surely football is not important at this point, right? I wonder if he had to deal with any chemo? Wonder if he lost weight, felt weak or stayed up late at night wondering if he was going to die from this (?) You see, this has been Trent's life for the past year all the way up to 2 months ago when he had a procedure at Bethesda hospital. But some of you disregard that aspect of things and lean directly towards some football related bull****. Not me. And btw, never heard Santana say anything about Trent "not returning....period" See how reporters use the term source to lie? I ****ing hate sources.
  14. Missing the point. The point is stop jumping to conclusions when you have no freakin facts. It simply keeps you from taking your foot out your mouth later. You all that scream trade Trent, don't pay him, he's not the best in the league etc. blah blah blah!! Bottom line, I can say beyond a doubt that he's the best on this damn team. Some of ya'll acting like the Redskins are somehow an establish team like the Patriots where they can let a solid player go and plug another one in and win. If you had a cancer scare (and who knows what the diagnosis is because you can't report or talk about personal freakin' health information), would you report? What you need to ask yourself is why noone in the organization has brought up contract or health? 1. If it was contract an organization can talk about that all day. But what do you hear? Crickets. 2. If its health outside of football, you can't say **** by law. So again, use some common sense and stop believing bull**** artist with microphones.
  15. Some fans wonder why players move on around here. Fans around here are so damn politically embedded!! ****!! So quick to believe Ian and other guys that probably have axes to grind with the team you all ironically root for. But alas, some of you are hook line and sinker to every report that comes out negatively about the Redskins. What you end up doing is (collectively along with this sorry ass media) run players out of town. I say again, have you heard anything from Trent? No. So how can you honestly believe and run with all the speculation and rumors? Let alone (and suddenly) scream for trading the best LT in the league? Oh and btw, with a suspect line going into this year? Child ****ing please!!! Here's a tip: step back and think **** through logically when you hear rumors. He who has an ear, let him hear.