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  1. Now its SB or bust for real!!! What- ****ing -ever.! Meanwhile Bruce has let go of a guy that is only 3 years removed is coaching in the SB. A DC who is going to coach in a SB. Two 1000 yard receivers and (dare I say) a franchise QB (all be it a maddening one). Anyone got anymore great moves outside of these (and I'm being hellaciously sarcastic here)? What a ****ing pickup to get excited about.
  2. This is a rumor, prediction thread. All fun. Again...relax francis.
  3. You just felt like saying the word foolish. If Eric doesn't like the other teams and he sees a future HC gig in Dallas (uuurgh hate saying that) and he gets head coaching money, that makes sense. Assistant HC is not a lat move btw. I don't have a word I feel like saying so I'll leave it at that. Oh here's one.....relax.
  4. I predict the sum of all fears and it has to do with the cowgirls. They just fired their OC. I admit they've upgraded at the WR position. My prediction is that they lure Eric Bienemy from the Chiefs and promote him to assistant HC and pay him a boat load of money to keep him from taking a HC job. I said it in another post that the Redskins should do this. They obviously didn't listen to me and stayed with the ridiculous 4 (it was 5 but the special teams coordinator got the **** out in time) and their ****ty minions. The cowgirls offense becomes like the Chiefs offense and the Redskins defense gets completely embarrassed for the next millennium under Gregory M. We already know what Gruden's offense will produce. My dog produces it only moments after he devours his puppy chow.
  5. You must be dyslexic. There's treatment ya know.
  6. I'm probably a hybrid between about three of your Redskins fan types. Maybe more. But I tell ya, I could probably sit in a bar, have a beer and a reasonable conversation with all of them accept the homer fan. We'd probably end in a bar fight at some point because I'd end up saying shut da **** up bro with dat homer ****
  7. joeken24

    The season in gifs

    From learning the Redskin are interviewing for a new DC to hearing Manusky is freakin' returning... From thinking there will be change to hearing everything will stay the same... Where's my damn bottle.......of bourbon. ****!!!
  8. joeken24

    Terminate Manusky

    Lets see if Manusky gets fired... Survey says....
  9. joeken24

    Starting QB 2019???

    Eric Bieniemy absolutely. Bravo bro. Someone that gets it. You're not going to out-strength defensive lineman in this league anymore. Especially when you have no passing game to worry about. I was listening to Kedric Goulson (yesterday maybe). He talked about how the Falcons took advantage of the Redskins' defensive line rules. They were able to do it because of their threats at WR. Of course they beat the breaks off the Redskins. But they didn't move away from it and Redskins obviously was not able to adjust. But back to this are absolutely right about Gruden being the constraint.
  10. joeken24

    ProFootballTalk : Zach Brown On This Organization

    so why are you arguing? Its all opinion anyway. Also the word Professional is such a subjective word. For instance, you're not being very professional about demanding that what you say is absolutely correct. Kinda reminds me of an organization I know.
  11. joeken24

    Take the full cap hit for Smith in 2019

    2019 will probably be the easiest year not to watch. Knowing how the plans (and who know what that is (???)) of this organization goes south, it doesn't really matter what QB they roll out next year. The offensive scheme is lethargic and predictable. The staff is happy with the WR's inability to separate and get open quick. They're ok with their QB getting manhandle. And they don't seem to have a problem with picking up soft tissue linemen. So not good indeed.
  12. joeken24

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    ****ing depressing
  13. joeken24

    ProFootballTalk : Zach Brown On This Organization

    Don't mistake professionalism for institutional ism. Staying professional does not mean staying quiet when professionalism is compromised by egos and stubbornness behind closed doors. Blame it on the media this time if you want (and believe me, I'm the first to get on the media). But in this case, the Redskins' so called organization does not get my benefit of the doubt. Its poorly run on and off the field. To be quiet about the problems, IMO is unprofessional and a part of the problem. Speaking of...have you heard from that professional GM? Have you heard from that professional coach that laughed when ask if changes will be made. How about all the games where it was obvious the coaches were unprepared? Was that professional? Spare me the anecdotal phrases we all grew up to know. I for one believe all those catchy phrase are just bull**** made for those that would have us bound in whatever institution(s) you and I was bred in. I'm not professional......I'm a reasonable free thinker.
  14. joeken24

    Starting QB 2019???

    I suppose you're right. Man, its a trying time to be even a fair weather fan. Watching a football game shouldn't be so stressful. I really think this team has taken on the personality of what goes on inside the beltway. Just a very mundane status qou approach. Conversely, every game this weekend had exciting offenses, solid defensive plays and dynamic risk taking coaches. Although I was rooting for the Rams, I found myself sad to see the players on the Eagles sideline. Just a good game. I look back and realize I'm never really happy watching the Redskins. Oh yea, the AP runs are fun to watch because its AP. But overall, its just 2-3 hours of blah every damn weekend. I know a guy from the 44 Diesel tailgate ready to bounce on this team. Just a terrible time to be a fan IMO.
  15. joeken24

    Starting QB 2019???

    Go get Nick Foles. But I preference that by saying get a OC that facilitates his strength. If Gruden is designing the offense and calling the plays, it really doesn't matter. They'll suck.