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  1. Record over the past 10 years. Not good. Kyle was heavily involved. Kyle’s name came up for the first time by Bruce Allen after an apparent good draft. That plug was a power move at best. Jus sayin
  2. The Redskins has never drafted a franchise QB. I suppose you could say RGIII and #8 could have been, had they not been surrounded by morons. If WFT can find a GM that has an eye for QBs, I'm good. Of course he'll need to have an eye for other positions. But Ron and Jack knows defense. We only need two or three positions on offense (TE and WR). I'd say lineman, but I'm hoping Saahdiq comes by healthy and ready to play good football next year (and maybe Geron makes a jump). My thought would be TE and WR comes by way of FA. So this GMs main job is going to be finding a franchise QB.
  3. WFT leading the way. Lets see what the other coach introductions sound like. Lots going on this off season. But the term coach centric may be catching in this copy cat league. Is it a ploy to get the fans excited and hide owner meddling? We'll see. coachcentric.mp4
  4. WFT leading the way. Lets see what the other coach introduction sound like. Lots going on this off season. But the term coach centric may be catching in this copy cat league. coachcentric.mp4
  5. Heineke and Brees are the same height. Brees is 20 pound heavier. But Brees is not giving you the speed Heineke has. Now before you go off the handle. You know damn well I’m not comparing Taylor to Brees from a talent standpoint. Plus a lot of players are list taller or heavier than they really are. Bottom line the kid balled out in both games he played in for us. What other QB of recent has done that for us? I will say that Scott loves him. We’ll see.
  6. All those guys you mentioned are being cussed out by their fanbase. We get the national media's take on them and rarely tune in their games to see what the truth is. They are names. That's it. They don't play well. Otherwise they would be benched and/or leaving their teams. They'd be the franchise. This is not the time to be picking up someone else's trash. Even Fitz is not nearly as magic as he seems. Especially if he's looking to get paid anything over vet min.
  7. Stafford hasn't been durable. I'm satisfied with our current QBs with maybe a reasonably price vet to compete. Who that is is beyond me. None really impress other than Rivers but he can be maddening sometimes. There is not one QB coming out in the draft I'm impressed with either. So drafting one high is a waste IMO. Ron likes veterans (and so do I) and does not have time to be guessing about a rookie prospect. You picked up Montez and he has a year under his belt in this system. Ron has spoken highly of him. I'm cool with them seeing where it takes them for another years. But all in all, I'm g
  8. Played all the way up through D1. It goes both ways for the most part. But lets be real. Sometimes its totally lopsided.
  9. Watching the reply. The amount of no calls against TB was astounding. Hands to the face Another hands to the face A pull down on the TD pass to Brown. No call No call Run play hold. WTF are you looking at refs? Same run play. Two shots at it refs and you still ****ed it up. Floyd slips. But has the wherewithall to reach out and trip Darby No call of course. Next play they get the first down to Brown. Would have been 2nd and 20.
  10. Great post man! Absolutely felt. Just watched the exit interviews and I can't recall ever feeling sad to see these guys leave. I can't put my finger on it, but there was something different about these group of guys. I think the Montez interception really opened my eyes to the personalities on this team. Just an amazing display of mutual joy for a teammate. Ron mentioned after the game how the guys in the locker room was genuinely saying their farewells to one another. This team has the right people in place. Now for us as fans: I think we can make some adjustments. I think i
  11. Coach D'Amato is out of Philly. Wentz is probably going to follow him unless Hurts is the real Willie Beaman. Any given Sunday. The real version
  12. TB was a top defense. They played the run in an effort to make Taylor win with the pass. Taylor showed the ability to throw multiple times with success. That bodes well for next year if Taylor gets the knod. An upgraded WR core, a healthy RB and probably additional help on the Oline and TE. I'm feeling good about the offense next year. TB was stacked. **** that game.
  13. This entire year, I never felt like this offense was in any way open. I liked Alex's ability to calm the huddle and do all the things Ron and the players talked about. But this guy Taylor has the it factor. He hits receivers on the run, sits in the pocket and manuevers it like Rogers. Yea I said it. The offense moves with him in the game. Del Rio said it best. He said all players in the league are good. It's about opportunity. The narrative on Taylor is durability. But you've got to be blind to say this was just a flash. I know a baller when I see one. If Taylor was the backup from the start o
  14. Kurt Warner was working at a grocery store when he got picked up by the Rams. The best show on turf happened as a result. Just sayin **** normal and **** narrative. Go with who runs your offense at a high level. And here's a hint. It won't be a damn rookie.
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