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  1. Reyes has never played football. So it will be interesting to see what he can do. But to that, it is kind of a slap in the face for college, FAs looking for jobs and just players overall that have played all their lives and just haven't gotten an opportunity because they didn't have an advocate working on their behalf. Hopefully, he plays up to this opportunity.
  2. Convert to TE and you've got a gem. Soccer player. Translation...footwork. Take him in the round he is scouted at. Now with that said, Cam Sims could do himself a favor by bulking up and shifting to TE as well. Not sure about his ability to block. But if I were him, I'd bulk up and hang out with Trent Williams this off season. I could actually see Cam as an all pro TE if he applied himself to that position.
  3. I am totally bought into the team to building a massive wall of ballers on both sides of the ball. Then stick a young capable rookie QB into it to learn how to be a pro and how to play team football with no pressure. Sick and tired of drafting saviors. They never ever work.
  4. On the one hand, I am all for the player getting as much as they can in the small window they have to do it. But players are expendable. They are also not guaranteed. So you look at Kirk. Did we miss? I don't think so. Did he get overpaid and (so far) under-deliver? I would say yes. I'll put it like this, if I'm looking for a house, I'm not going to offer the high in a buyer's market. I may not even do it in the sellers market. Reason is (and more than likely), I can find a comparable house somewhere else for less. The guard position (on the weak side no less) doesn't command extraordinary com
  5. Interesting. Be nice to see the offer details. I am inclined to think the new regime is into keeping their own. But technically BS is not their own. Just sayin' Plus the offer is based on this year's cap right? Not sure. But if it is, this may not be the time for a player to sign a long term deal. According to NFL.com his projected contract was five years, $85 million ($17 million per year), with $48 million guaranteed. If that was the offer, five years is a long time. Especially when you consider where the cap will be when things open up and the TV deals kick in. I'd wait, play on
  6. Interested to see what our defensive lineup will be vs 11 man. If we can pick up the LB out of ND I think we create better matchups. I also think good FS play would improve the ability to defend it. I think a good FS knows where the help is needed. A LB against a scat back is rarely a good matchup Mr. Apke. However, I think Owusu-Koramoah provides what this defense needs to alleviate those big plays the defense gave up last year (which was mostly out of 11 man). We'll see. Found this short article interesting. https://steelersdepot.com/2020/12/beating-washington-football-team-three-p
  7. Are you Rick James? Go back and look at what you typed. You may have thought you said people like him. Look this is over. You have your take. I have mine. Live with it.
  8. I used to work for a large organization that had a media room where all the reporters would meet and get a morning brief on what to report on for the day. The head person would stand up and provide a bullet point slide identifying what's news worthy. But in that, they would generally leave out facts if it was deemed detrimental to the public or contrary to the underlying perception the head guy wanted. Its the reason you rarely read "feel good" stories. I also used to work as a stock broker. Same thing. We'd have our morning meeting. The floor manager would tell us what stock to push for
  9. Running away? Lol. You ask me a specific question about my opinion on Hitler. I told you straight out that its none of your business. That's your answer. What you're really trying to do is pull me into your bull****. But here's the thing.....I never gave you an opinion on Dan either. Did you ever hear me say he was a good person? You probably did in your own mind. But again, that's who you are. And again, it doesn't matter. Do you. But I will say this....nobody is completely good or bad. That's just me. I keep saying I don't trust the media. And in that, I don't fully trust the sto
  10. I think the draft will be exclusively linebacker and TE. The rest will be a search for diamonds. The team is pretty much built. I don't have a problem with any of the starting spots. But I'd also like to see them go the FA route for KPLs replacement if they aren't able to get Parson (which I doubt will happen). The kid from ND is a bit too small for my taste. Bolton is a walking personal foul. We'll see
  11. You keep aligning yourself to one sided reports/stories. Do what you like. But I don't align myself with that ****. So stop trying to convince me to do otherwise. I've spent too much time at levels in a number of places all around the world to know how twisted **** gets when the media wants a narrative pushed. Not sure about your life experiences (although I don't care...at all). But you strike me as a closed minded individual. Its fine and no offense. But don't push that **** on me is all I'm sayin'. Stop trying to convince me to like or dislike Dan. But to that (and I keep saying), I don't g
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