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  1. Football teams are comparable to any unit or community in the world. If you are working in one accord, you can pretty much accomplish whatever you set out to do. Pretty unstoppable, regardless of the level of smarts or resources you have. Ron talks about the word fit a lot. Rightly so, because he knows from his military background that nothing is detrimental to a unit than a shady mf with his own agenda. back in the day you could self correct. don't have time for that **** nowadays. just get rid of bad apples or don't bring them in the building.
  2. I'm actually not pissed about Randall. The way he was going back and forth with Collins on twitter made it seem like he wanted to come here. Obviously it was about that paper (as well it should I suppose, but still).
  3. Something about Micheal Robinson. Smh. Always seems to have a axe to grind with Haskins. I get what the rest of the guys are saying. But Robinson just strikes me as a guy I'd **** slap at some point. Just sayin. But I digress. Haskins is in a precarious situation. He had better be in his play book, off social media, doing what squared away players do. They are absolutely right about Ron being a old school coach. However, for me, I just want solid QB play to compliment what I hope to be a good defense. I could care less about the name on the back of the jersey.
  4. joeken24

    Tony Wylie leaving Redskins for Special Olympics

    Stop drinkin all that rat piss. You are what you drink.
  5. joeken24

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Man I was just thinking about the draft today and how these players are going to miss what it feels like to walk across that stage after being drafted into the NFL. I'm sure everyone of them dreamed of that moment. Not being a debbie downer, but I'm feeling some kinda way about this. Fact is, this moment never comes again for this group. Chase Young will be drafted via teleconference. I actually know him from a little league football team he and my son played on. Really wanted to see him enjoy that moment as well as the other players. If you've played and love this game like I do, you know what I mean.
  6. Richard Rodgers Jr. is going to have a time playing with his dad on staff. Pretty interesting.
  7. Hey baby Julio! They giving you no respect this off season. They're saying the Redskins are going to need someone on the opposite side of McClaurin. What ya gone do, huh? I actually think you're going to come out ballin' but that's just me. If you don't do well, who do you think could possibly take your position bruh?
  8. So the focus seems to be on defense. Of course they've added some pieces on offense but I think besides TE, these are depth pickups in hopes that Darrius, Bryce, Harmon and a few others workout. But we had too many busted plays on defense to lead me to believe we had smart team players last year. Further, accountability stunk. I remember Allen going off on the sideline (which I thought was warranted), only to see Trent step in and try to calm him down. Like I said when it happened....Trent was used to losing. I liked Trent as a player. But there is something to be said about a winning culture and how players on winning teams expect excellence. I've seen the GOAT (Brady) go off on folks on the sideline. That's what I want from this team. From the QB to the waterboy. But back to my point....this defense failed in assignment football. I have a feeling that will change this year. We've already seen starters released while still under contract. Didn't even make it to camp. Get 'em Ron and Jack!
  9. So are the Redskins in a rebuild or are they (in around about way) starting a new franchise? This is literally tryouts at every position outside of the DL, McClaurin and the kickers. The Redskins are pulling in young experience players on one year deals to tryout for the team. Some will make it and gain longer contracts and some will find themselves on the market. Its obvious this new staff does not believe the current players can simply be coached up to compete at the level they'd like.
  10. joeken24

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Come on son son. This is a totally different circumstance. Hopkins didn't demand a trade and O'brien is on some weird ****. Further, motivation is one thing; a pot to piss in is another. You can hate your boss, but are you going to just up and quit when you don't have a job waiting for you? I hope not. If there are other disgruntled players, they'll be weeded out. To your point, they were 3-13. So why would you worry about other disgruntled players. Sometimes a change in culture means personnel changes. Its probably the reason they've acquired so many FA.
  11. joeken24

    !!!!0mgz!!!! Trent Williams finally showed up

    Could be. But the rest of the league we're indicating demand for Dunny. PFF was the one claiming him to be top rated. Don't get me wrong, I liked Dunny. But from what I heard, Seattle was the highest trade offer. Every other team was offering a 6th. Either way, you've got to move on from disgruntled players at this stage in the process. Its like having a couple soldiers in your unit that can't let go of the old way of doing things (this is how we used to do it ****). Gotta ship that ass out for the good of the unit. It is what it is.