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  1. Exactly. Indeed the bone is stronger than before the injury. I'd be interested to know if their are still pins in it. Ultimately the mindset is key. But you see post of people saying he should not play or they envision failure. It's really a reflection of your own self doubt and failures. Careful with that.
  2. I absolutely am rooting for Alex. I broke my leg pretty much the same way (damn near came off actually). I was able to see pictures of my leg before it was put back together. Same ****. My mom told me the doctors said life first, lose the leg. She fought for both and thank God it worked out. I was young and fearless back then. Over time, I was able to play football again. But I still had an internal fear that pretty much never went away. I worked out, got some steps back and was able to play college ball. But my leg would have always been a question going any further. To this day, my leg has a slight deformity and is a smidgen shorter than my other leg. This causes visits to the chiropractor and other alignment and hamstring issues. But beyond that (which I'm sure Alex will easily address), I would say his biggest hurdle will be psychological. I hope it works out for him. I've said this before about the love for this game called football. It is not something you can really explain to someone that doesn't love the game or is casual fan of it. But for those of you that truly love this game, root for Alex with your very soul. It would be absolutely epic if the team won the SB and Alex was able to take a few snaps, throw a TD pass and take the final knee. I'm sure DH would not have an issue with it all. Broke tibia and fibula 30 years ago.
  3. So you've got Chase and boat load of good picks. You've got Ron and the rest of the new regime. You've got a women as the face of the overall media. Ok. Now the team starts to win. Do you change your doom and gloom?
  4. This is not necessarily direct solely at you but.. I think we all need to take a chill pill. Its not like we are not on this forum, all rooting for the team and even have hashtags symbolizing the team. We all knew about the cheerleader story and we all know about the latest. Yet we're still here. So besides this organization, who's culpable.That would be you. If its so important to your well-being, I think you'd be better served at stepping in front of a mirror? Or you need to face another fact. That is, we're football fans, rooting for our hometown team located in the epicenter for drama, politics, and conspiracy. The only ones not really ****ing with this area's bull**** are the players. They play football and don't have time to get caught up with stupid ****. But we do. We've been bred in this sludge. The Washington Post, 106.7 the fan and all the other media outlets cater to the fan base's general hunger for bull****. If not, they'd have a feel good story once every blue ****ing moon. But they don't. Its always doom and gloom. So with all that said, I believe that is the culture Ron needs to shift. The players are going to play. Hell players are here one day, gone the next. A good leader can change a organization fairly easy. But the media narrative, the mindset of the fans and eventually the national narrative is the challenge Ron faces. It's actually a perfect time for Ron to do it. Winning helps a lot.
  5. As much as people are seeking positive change in this climate, there are those seeking to maliciously profit from it. I am for the name change. But all this other **** seems calculated.
  6. Add to that....the Washington Post is a mortal enemy to Dan and the old team name. Its common knowledge they've been staunchly campaigning for the name change for years. Along with the name change, they've been a frequent critic of the owner. Now regardless of whether they are right or not, the negative bias is clearly evident. So this is the perfect time for them to finish him sorta speak. So what does WP do? They grab a few women with a axe to grind, write a story of allegations and boom. Now some will use the argument that oh but it was 15 must be true. Bla bla bla. There's always a boat load of women coming out when someone is getting railroaded. Sexual harassment claims IMO is beginning to be leverage tool. No way you can tell me that professional women are not capable of speaking out. The WP story is about allegations. Writing a story about allegations keeps WP away from lawsuits but kills the person they are seeking to destroy. And in this case, lowers the boom on the organization from a sponsor standpoint. I'm sure the team is ripe for the picking if you're looking to purchase on the cheap. Just sayin.... Some will even say in this day and age (and even 15 years ago) that its hard for women to speak up about sexual harassment. I say GTFO. I am not condoning sexual harassment. But this reeks of a WP campaign along with a few women seeking financial gain based on the timing. So now I'm a male chauvinist. Whatever. Lets see what happens if Dan sells the team. I bet the allegations magically float away. I call BS alert.
  7. Welp....looks like AG or AGG is going to have to step it up. I still think the Redskins are looking for a vet presence to play opposite McLaurin. Just don't think they'll have time as it stands. Not to mention, if the season is cut short, you've a got a vet on a one year contract getting paid a full season after the first game played (I think). Additionally, things are not in place with the PA right now, so player movement might be sparse. Hey, why not pick Reed back up? I mean the curse is lifted ain't it?
  8. Didn't know Cooley did a interview with Mayweather. Mayweather doesn't even know who he is. Cooley looks a little toasted. Now that's random.
  9. I suppose their tryouts sucked. We'll probably see more movement as Ron continues to review a perennial losing organization. This is the time to do it.
  10. Ok. This might be a bit controversial but do we still see highlights of OJ Simpson with the narrator glorifying his play on the field? When you put it into context, isn't the reason for name change (at its core) as a result of the numerous murders and abuse of native Americans? We can sugar coat this all we want. But for the ones offended, that's at the core of wanting the name change. So years from now, someone on the NFL network has a Superbowl special, highlighting this team's accomplishments. Does the Steve Sabols of the future speak about the team and mention it admirably without backlash? I think not. Best thing to do is become the Red Wolves, win some damn Super Bowls and allow the Steve Sabol's of the world to narrate a winning team filmed in 4k. We're literally holding on to 3 years.
  11. I predict the following: The name changes, the teams starts to win ball games, the narrative changes, fans get galvanized to pack the stadium and the team wins Super Bowls. Lots of them. Future babies are raised up howling in the name of the Red Wolves as they step into Wolve's Den stadium for the first time of many. Our stories of the glory years become like the stories our fathers used to tell us about walking barefoot in the snow to school. Yea right.... Of course if a catastrophic global event occurs, my prediction is mute.
  12. Smh. What if another local native american group disagrees? What then? Smh. What if another local native american group disagrees? What then?
  13. Not trying to politicize on this thread, but just over the past 5 weeks, 350 companies have pulled their money out of Facebook. That is staggering IMO. And companies are moving quickly. Who knows how many have pulled their money from the Redskins? These owners are more than likely pulling away from the Redskins for the sake of their own companies regardless of how they truly feel about the issues. Hell, this may very well be a power move by the minority owners. Maybe they're seeking to oust Dan while at the same time gaining popularity in their primary businesses for standing up sort of speak. It actually makes Dan out to be another Marshall. And in this day and age, he's liable to lose a lot (if not all) of the team's sponsors if he maintains his normal quiet approach. Maybe Ron's popularity around the league and in the community will serve as a foundation in an otherwise crumbling set of circumstances. Maybe Ron can reference Dan in ways that makes Snyder out to be a swell guy that is in touch with the current climate. Who ****ing knows. But at some point, Dan better sit down with some reputable news reporter and change his narrative. Changing the name is the best move and this is the year to do it. New name, new uniform, new message, new coach, new team and new hope. Fact is, the Redskins team and name has had roughly 3-5 good years out of it's 88 year history. I remember the Wizards changed their name. I happens. All will be fine.