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  1. If we can get him down to 10/11m, sign me up for that. 15m is nuts though. We may have to let him test the waters but with teams shedding cap space all over there's a good chance he doesn't find the waters as warm as he'd like.
  2. The only type of Guard I want to give $15m to is someone like Hutchinson, Grimm, Larry Brown, Quentin Nelson...the absolute elites at the position. Scherff is very good when healthy but even at his best I don't think he makes a big enough difference to justify that kind of coin. I know he's coming off an All-Pro season but he's more like one of 5 or 6 really good players comprising a group way, way, wayyy behind Nelson. It's hard to just let him walk though so much like dealing with finding a quarterback right now, I just don't see a good option. Let him walk? Meh.
  3. I mean, I didn't say it was always a good idea lol
  4. How'd it work out for us playing hardball with Trent? Now multiply it by whatever degree QB is more valuable than LT. Watson will get dealt prior to the season if he holds firm.
  5. If they aren't 1st round picks (with 5th yr options attached), you have to sign them after year 2. Dallas didn't even try as far as I've seen. They waited until after year 3 which, duhhh, he's going to wait it out, same as Cousins, PLUS he's in a different tier of player. Basically with QBs you need to be 2 years ahead of schedule or otherwise, they bet on themselves. Do I want to pay Prescott 40m+? Hell to the nah nah nah. He is not special enough to justify that salary unless you have all the other pieces in place. They have a KC-light style offense but it's
  6. Dak is like the turbo charged version of Cousins. He's better, but not by much. It's a similar conundrum...they should have extended him a few years ago.
  7. Yeah we can agree to disagree on that, fair enough. But I'd argue Alex is simply incapable of winning a Super Bowl. He couldn't even get close with KC, so it ends right there for me. You're saying there's value in stabilizing a franchise and while I disagree, I understand the viewpoint. I'd rather my *coaching staff and front office* stabilize the franchise and the quarterback go win playoff games and super bowls, but I can at least see your viewpoint. We've not been arguing whether the sky is actually blue, despite @Cooleyfan1993s insistance to the contrary lol.
  8. Yes and only one of those opponents finished with at least 7 wins. Try again.
  9. Well, that's kinda my point. We weren't a good enough team around Alex where trading for him made any kind of sense. All it did was raise the floor, keeping us from high draft picks amd real QB solutions, while putting a low ceiling on what the team could actually accomplish. And that is the worst place to be in the NFL.
  10. For anyone who cares... Alex Smith went 11-5 over two seasons spanning 3 years in Washington. Opponents record in wins: 73-116-3 (38.62%) Opponents record in losses: 41-23 (64.5%) He's exactly who we thought he was. He can manage games to victory against bad competition. He has an incredibly difficult time against good competition. Only 5 of his 16 starts came against teams who finished the year with a winning record. Only 2 of his 11 wins came against teams who finished the year with a winning record.
  11. The ironic thing is the guy that made the statement seems to completely understand this lol
  12. Fair enough, I agree with most of this and any disagreement really boils down to assessing the qb prospects differently. Let me pose it this way... Would you rather trade a mediocre, low ceiling vet (Carr, Stafford,, whoever that may be for you) or trade up for the hot prospect (Wilson)? Basically I d rather swing big and miss than get a known mediocre guy because it keeps you in purgatory. And that's the historical representation of the Smith and RG3 deals, which is why I'm saying Smith is the worst deal we've made in the Snyder era.
  13. I'm talking about MY point, which he was responding to, with info that doesn't jive. I'd suggest taking the chain from the top.
  14. The point I was making is that Alex was a known commodity, which is to say not good enough to take us where we want to go, and even if you throw out the injury delivered exactly what we all expected. It kept us in QB purgatory for 4 years. RG3 was pure upside. It didn't work, but I'd do *that* type of deal again rather than a Smith deal in heartbeat. The current comparison would be trading Carr versus trading up for Fields or Lance. Bruh...context...it matters. The whole point was oh nevermind. See above and try to absorb it.
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