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  1. Never been a Moses guy. Flag waiting to happen, overpaid, have heard him weekly on the Junkies and doesnt seem to have a clue about the reality of the team he is on. I'd keep him one more year because we already have enough holes, but the savings become a lot more significant in 2021 if we move on and I hope we do.
  2. Thanks man! Was mildly rooting for Cooper and Hooper, probably for sheer excitement factor more than anything. I think our interest there was more about figuring out Haskins. End of the day though I think we'd get the Raider version if Amari came here so glad he didnt. And Hooper isn't much more than a very reliable safety valve imo. Not worth that kinda coin.
  3. More and more I find myself not caring about veteran player X or veteran player Y, at least when trying to build the roster from it's current state. Dont want to be here? Cool, dont let the door hit you. B-minus free agent wants how much money? Lol adios muchacho. Maybe I'm jaded from the eons of ineptitude around here, but at this juncture it's just not about the players for me. It starts with culture and organizational attitude and until that gets fixed, the Skins aren't going to be interesting in January. Which is why Rivera is such a breath of fresh air for me. At first I thought we'd see a quick turnaround to respectability in the win column, but with the way hes approached free agency, I think its crystal clear the record in 2020 is secondary in his mind to fixing the intangibles around this dump. And now with the plan unfolding, I find myself doing a slow nod and climbing on board for a longer ride than initially occurred to me. This is okay. Even if it fails in the end, I'm fine with trying to fix the foundation first. Let's get back to basics around here. No more nonsense, no more country club atmosphere...put your damn helmet on and get to work so we can coach your ass up. They'll be FAs we like next year. And the year after that. And the year after that. Let's just bring in culture guys and create competition, do our best to nail the draft, and see what we got come August. Took me a second, but I can dig it.
  4. 86 Snyder

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I've proven to be pretty good at detecting busts for high profile WRs. I'm calling Higgins vastly overrated and a total bust. Wont be surprised of he slips in the draft a lot more than folks think, like 4th round, but wont change my opinion even if he goes early. My highest confidence level projections are Lamb as a future undebateble WR1, Jefferson as a QBs best friend and target hog, and Higgins being a washout. Haven't put as much energy into Hightower as hes pretty far down the dynasty list. Will dive deeper based on the recos from you and @volsmet though. Appreciate it fellas.
  5. 86 Snyder

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Love your rankings man. I play in some high stakes dynasty leagues so keep a laser focus on WR and agree a ton with these. Same top 3, high on Mims, Davis, Raegor, Pittman. Where we deviate the most is Higgins and Hamler. I'd be very interested to hear what you see I Higgins because I have him as another Treadwell. Just not nearly athletic enough and no Boldin type compensating factors. On the other hand, Hamler I see as a guy who is going to present a lot of problems of DCs at the next level. Someone you have to make a plan for. Another small quibble but it's probably fantasy related. I see Ruggs being a guy whose impact is more felt peripherally than in the box score. Just not seeing a difference maker. Read a lot, dont post much, respect you opinion on this a lot and would be interested to hear you elaborate.
  6. 86 Snyder

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Great breakdown, man. Much appreciated. Do you have any high/low comps you'd throw out for these guys? I'm no scout, but just thowing on highlights, my immediate impression was that Jefferson has true stud potential. He jumped off the screen and looked like a guy you build your passing attack around. Johnson seemed really crafty, not an exceptional athlete but looked like a real gamer. Maybe a bit of Diggs to him. I'm really struggling with Higgins though. My immediate impressoin conjured memories of Treadwell. Need to see combine results of course, but he just seemed so lumbering and when I went back and watched Treadwell for a baseline, they seemed really similar to me. Am I way off base or is that a legit low end comp for him?
  7. 86 Snyder

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Could you offer some analysis on a few WRs? Super interested in your take. Higgins, Tyler Johnson, Justin Jefferson.
  8. 86 Snyder

    RIP Former Skin Sam Wyche "Die, you yellow dogs, die!"

    Never knew this! Love that clip. RIP Sam.
  9. Well, ya know, he's the OWNER, so obviously he has he ultimate power. But I've seen more than enough of your back and forth to just drop it there.
  10. He doesn't have to share power. He needs to recognize where his genius zone ends and rely on people he trusts for the areas that fall outside it. A great leader can do this while still maintaining every ounce of power given to them. In fact, it can actually increase thier power by doing so. if we DONT have a structure where someone has most of the power, that person will inevitably become Snyder himself. So, I don't mind that we have this type of setup. It remains to be seen whether Rivera is the man to pull it off.
  11. @thesubmittedone is making some damn solid points and a little cold water is probably a wise idea right now. I think ultimately this structure can work, it just depends on how drunk Rivera gets on his newfound power. If he recoginzes his limitations and puts his trust in the right people, the structure doesn't doom the organization to failure in an of itself. If he gets extra thirsty and the juices of freshly killed personnel decisions start frothing from his lips, we're probably not going to get any further than we have in the past. Hopefully Rivera has the requisite self-awareness and restraint to avoid painting himself into a hopeless corner.
  12. Rivera's favorite saying regarding success is something like "It's not 1 guy doing 11 things. It's 11 guys doing 1 thing". I'm paraphrasing, but that's the gist of it. Hopefully he follows this principle himself because as you say, that's too much for any single person to handle successfully. He sure did. What an awkward boob he is.
  13. My recollection is they were, but I could be mistaken.
  14. Lol Those belong to him, he can do whatever he wants! It's a pretty small thing, but to me it says something about the mindset of the franchise if they get trotted out tomorrow or stay on the shelf. We shall see.
  15. Please dont break out the Super Bowl trophies tomorrow.