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  1. You coulda just called it the top 10 hypocritical assholes of the world. You and your many words lol.
  2. Extremely, extremely on brand given your avatar which trolls every single one of us and is somehow fine.
  3. I was rooting for France too, bro. Direct your anger to the first PK. That wasn’t offside, shoulda let him just go.
  4. Nope. Defense can just ignore if they so choose. That’s the rule.
  5. Wrong. Champions league quality is >>>> over World Cup. You can like the latter better and that’s fine, but CL is obviously way more skilled. He was in an offside position, but the ball wasn’t played to him in that moment and he regained an onside position before touching the ball. Its actually a tactic (not in this instance) to send a player into an offside position, freak out the defense, then hit another guy who was legal with a pass to crack open the defense. In other words, you can be offside all day long but if you’re not affecting the play, it’s not a stopper.
  6. If only there were some clear and obvious difference between their career arcs and reasons why.
  7. I wish they had another 30 still but can’t argue in this case. They could allow extra subs.
  8. Yup. That save turned out to be the play of the cup. Unbelievable. Congrats to Messi. Very happy for him. What an amazing game.
  9. That save was nuts. Replay confirmed it was heading lower corner tuck. Well if you’re gonna have PKs, this was worth it. Wow what a game, no matter who wins.
  10. Now THATS a penalty. About to see a whole lot more of them.
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