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  1. Like this group, like the coaching staff (including Phil Taylor who was added under the coaching fellowship program). I still think we need a monster in the middle. But we'll see.
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    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    I stand corrected. Which makes it easier.
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    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    All that said, he's not a playmaker, he drops balls and he's quick to step out of bounds. We can only speak to what we've witnessed. Everything else is hope and excuses. IMO, the only reason he's still here is because he was taken too early in the draft (creating opportunities that would otherwise be voided). Otherwise, this coaching staff (that has every piece of tape on him) would still be high on him. This interview says a lot at the 1:25 mark (all be it last offseason). Notice Gruden stumble and talk himself into thinking he has a good receiving corp (we really do). He does say Doctson needed more opportunities. To me, that actually says he hasn't produced. If he's not going to start, why keep him? If he does start, we've got bigger problems IMO.
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    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    The Redskins also picked up Kenny Britt in FA. Have a feeling that's camp fod to give Case a familiar WR. Either way, this is a tough one. I agree with the first four. But Cam Sims is outta here if the Redskins think they can stash him on the practice squad. To me, Davis is just a 6'3 player that looks the part but can't stay healthy. He was drafted in the 6th round for goodness sake. If he's healthy enough, give him and Chesson a fair look in the preseason. Move on if they only provide equal ability as the guys you just picked up. I agree, we've seen enough from Doctson even with the revolving door at the QB position. I think you keep 5 WRs on the active roster - the four you picked and C Sims.
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    BitCoin falling like a Dotcom

    Somebody please tell me its not true. I'm trying to get rich biaaatch!!! Someday, I'll buy the Redskins and make this **** all better.
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    Funny seeing Bostic tackling Roy Helu in his highlight film. Notwithstanding, I choose to look at the reason he's still in the league over the reason he's been with 4 teams. He's obviously a solid football player. Has around 4.6 speed so that's good. He started for the teams he's played on. Bottom line: looks like he's never been the marquee player on the team (like a lot of players in the league drafted in the second round). Seems like a consistent player that will give you your money's worth and will move on when his contract is up. Fact is, Bostic is probably a C player in the eyes of those that choose players. So welcome to DC. We hope you flash.
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    Welcome young fella
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    WR Cam Sims 2019 Campaign

    If the organization gives all of these wide outs a fair chance, it'll be an interesting competition in training camp. IMO, the indicator that competition is non-existent will be if Doctson steps in the game with the first team. I think Kenny Britt and Brian Quick will be insurance. Now, I originally said Britt and Quick was brought in for Case, since he played with them in St. Louis (Rams). But to me, even if Haskins becomes the starter, you can't afford WR that can't win in their routes (let alone catch the ball consistently). You also can't afford receivers running the wrong route or not getting the proper depth (for instance). Either way, both QB will need as much help from the WR spot as possible. IMO, Alex's game suffered more from that than anything else last year. But, like any other position, the team will let you know when the coaching staff hasn't picked the right guys to play. Its time to say **** when a player is picked and a contract and win some damn games. Training camp will let me know if I'll be watching games or going the NFL mobile route.
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    Kyle Rudolph's contract talks just broke down in Minnesota. Now he's apparently on the trading block.
  10. Not that it matters either way, but who is the dude with the blue hat and gold fronts?
  11. 'Here's the bottom line for me. I enjoy Cooley's film breakdown. But he's not the end all. Else he would be working in someones front office. Even those in the front office screw it up after spending months evaluating a player. So I've decided to take Cooley's take on Haskins with a grain of salt and let it play itself out.
  12. Missing it. But its cool. Its how it is. Like I said, some people don't even know when they're type casting someone. Its just what a black QB has to go through if he's not a "dual threat" qb. In the meantime, Jones sucked the entire season, goes 8 for 12 in the senior bowl and suddenly he's the next Manning. Haskins will need to adapt to the NFL game just like every QB that ever stepped foot on a pro field. BTW, there's a number of QBs (one that was MVP last year) that didn't play in a "pro style" offense in college. But hey, again, key words and phrases are no longer cryptic, they're sad.
  13. I'm feeling some kind of way about Cooley's film breakdown. As a matter of fact, I'm feeling a little bias coming out of Cooley's mouth. Starting at 17:55 he begins breaking down Haskins then follows that with a break down of Daniel Jones. To me the knock on QB's that look like Haskins will always be the same. Just listen to this dialogue. In the meantime, he considers Jones above 4 stars Some people don't even know when they're being a certain way. Like the surprise in Cooley's voice when his incompetent side kick says Haskins is from Potomac. Maybe its me, but this breakdown reeked of preference over performance. Someone said if Haskins would have had the numbers Jones had, Haskins would be trying out for the AAF.
  14. Getting the call. What a fantastic moment. The moment your childhood dream comes true. I am truly rooting for this kid.
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    Short player with a chip; goes up and takes the ball; Shifty; good vision. The 4.5 is a concern and he was playing against guys that didn't even sniff the draft. But still. He looks like he's fearless and confident. That's 90% of this game (if not higher). Oh btw, Antonio Brown is 5'10, 181, ran a 4.47 at the combine, played at Central Michigan against lesser competition and was drafted in the 6th round. Am I comparing? We'll see.
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    Dog Alert!!
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    Remember Gruden said they'll need linemen for training camp because most of their current linemen are rehabbing. Maybe he'll surprise (and I'm actually pulling for the guy), but I'm thinking camp fodder at this point.
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    Snyder values Norman's "star power and sizzle" despite coaches?

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    No its true. Check out ESPN and But first, there's a huge write up about it on
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    Snyder values Norman's "star power and sizzle" despite coaches?

    I really don't know why people take as a reputable unbiased media source. I just don't. I listen to them for the occasional breaking news, don't get me wrong. Hell there's only two stations in the area that talk about the Skins. But this station right here, is washingtonpost II. On the other hand, the other station is homer central. Somewhere in the middle is the truth - maybe one of the podcast gives a more truthful take. But thefan is absolute garbage when it comes to facts IMO. They blow **** why out of proportion when it comes to the Redskins (and Tiger Woods too I might add). **** 'em
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    I guess the whole month is open season.
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    The Cult of Case

    So Case Keenum, Brian Quick and Kenny Britt was the offensive tandem in LA. Now keep in mind Jeff Fischer (Jay's twin brother in coaching) was the coach. But the re-signing of Quick and the new signing of Britt says to me that Case will be the starter. I will say, I like his toughness and swag. So here's some highlights from that year. Of course the bad **** was not included. The team went 4-12, so keep that in mind. BTW, Jeff really sucked as a coach. But I digress... Keenum holds the following NCAA records (for the most part/as of 2017). Most career pass completions: 1,546 Most career passing yards: 19,217 Most career passing touchdowns: 155 Most career games with 300+ passing yards: 39 Most games with 300+ passing yards in a single season: 14 (tied with Tulsa's Paul Smith) Most seasons passing for 5,000+ yards: 3 Most seasons passing for 4,000+ yards: 3 (tied with four others) Most career total yards: 20,114 Most career touchdowns responsible for: 178 Here's my issue with NFL coaching: Its clear, the kid can play, right? So I look at players like Nick Foles when he got to philly, Case Keenum when he was in Minnesota & Jared Goff once McVay got there...These guys can play, they just needed a guy in their corner from a coaching standpoint to take advantage of their strengths and not pigeon hole them. I say all that to say this.... Case is going to bust under Gruden unless this new kid on the block (Matt Cavanaugh) understands how to take advantage of Case and the other offensive player's strength. Its not a bad thing to simplify an offense. Just make it appear complicated. McVay does it. They do it in Kansas City. WTF Gruden? Gruden even admitted in his presser that his offense had all kinds of tells. Which is an absolute fire-able offense in my opinion. But I digress again. But still.....this bama....
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    Gruden's Press Conference at NFL Owners Meeting

    Decent interview. But I hate his philosophy about playing in 20-17 games. The object of the offense is to score ****ing points - not play the field position game. There's not even a ****ing stat for that ****, Jay!!! IMO, if Jay doesn't feel like he needs to score, that's a ****ed up way to play football in this day and age. Its probably the reason the defense sputters mid-season. They are on the field to goddamn much!!! Its like he's admitting that some of his play calling is predicated on the fact that he believes the defense is going to bail his sorry ass offense out! Why not put pressure on opposing defenses so your so-called good defense can pin their ears back because there's offensive points on the board? You would think he'd learn from the Raider's game. This grind 'em out style is archaic as ****! Oh well, I suppose this **** ain't going to change. **** 'em
  24. So Doug, Bruce and Kyle walk into Jay's office..... Doug: "Hey Jay, we've got this player we think you'll be interested in. We think he can help the team". Jay: "Let me get back to you, I've been focusing on the X's and O's". I'll look at film on him tonight and let you know in the morning". Bruce and Kyle: "There's a couple teams that are interested in him, so lets be mindful of that" Jay: "I got it. Damn Bruce, relax" Next morning, the Jay wakes up, grabs his morning coffee and clicks on ESPN........ duh duh duh....duh duh duh... "Top news......ESPN reports that one of the players the Redskins had their eyes on, just got picked up by another team. Reportedly Jay (who gets paid to coach) didn't get to the film in time to evaluate and approve the player" What's say you uninformed NFL pundits? NFL Pundit #1: I suppose the guys in player personnel who evaluate and construct the financing to get the players need to run it by Jay first (??). ha ha ha NFL Pundit #2: You would think, Jay has already outlined the type of player he wants in certain position, right? NFL Pundit#1: Inquiry minds want to know. We'll follow this closely as the world turns in Ashburn. duh duh duh.....duh duh duh Commercial: Do you suffer from irritable bowl syndrome?...... Me watching this bull****: "Fart"