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  1. Let's run with this as two perennial top 5 QBs just retired. Your top 5: Aaron Rodgers Patrick Mahomes Tom Brady Russell Wilson #5 DeShaun Watson Challenged by: Josh Allen Joe Burrow Justin Herbert Trevor Lawrence How long does he remain a top 5 QB? Is it worth it? Hopkins was simply incredible for the Texans and demonstrating how much that helps a young QB for the Cards. I am very interested to see what happens over the next two years and how the competition shakes out.
  2. Y'all are crazy with this Watson talk. For a franchise that went through the aftermath of a huge haul for RGIII, you would think we would be gun shy more than most. I don't see him as a top 5 QB. So, you handcuff the team of high-value resources (picks and cap) and need Watson to do it largely on his own. Recipe for disaster, imo. Combine that with Mayhew joining the WFT and it seems obvious that Stafford is going to be the guy. With a proven starter who has helped receivers put up monster years, that does change the tune for free agents. It's a unique opp
  3. Not a huge fan of Stafford, but if Alex retires freeing up that cash, o think you have to make a huge push. Fairly accurate, strong arm, quick release, has some moxie. Stafford + Robinson are going to leave the NFC North and head East. Draft a LT, MLB and FS. Win.
  4. Need to seperate. That's Cam's issue. Harmon's too. Going all out for a #1 like Robinson changes the entire dynamic. Terry can run more deep routes to push teams vertically. Easier then to find an adequate slot option with the outside threats.
  5. I'm not impressed at all. I don't think he has a future in this league with those hands/concentration. Upgrading at receiver is desperately needed to avoid relying on guys like Wright again.
  6. Yeah. I'm with you. I thought he was close to done last year. Looked fantastic this year. Unbelievable.
  7. I was just thinking the same. A lot of money on the line for him. Big game for Reaves NFL future. If he can show well in a playoff game, you'd have to think that boosts his chances of sticking in the NFL a couple years more.
  8. And I think the emphasis on a short passing game helps. Those long throws take some fine tuning.
  9. Exactly. Give me the arrogant Stefon Digg's that ball every day. Back it up.
  10. Need two defensive TDs, 4-6 turnovers to even make this close. Tom looks better than last year. Yes, they have some huge injuries of their own. But, it's the QB for WFT, not the WR1 or the MLB. Without their top blitzer and WR it could be the difference, but Antonio Brown could put up a monster game and then it's really their top blitzer they're missing. Guy is legit whack, but was a technician with the Steelers. DL will have to be monsters, need Bostic playing downhill and the safeties to be mistake free.
  11. Landon Collins's poor play was his own doing. Bad angles, bad positioning. Overrated. Can't play in space. Archuleta may have been better.
  12. #3 This fanbase should be incredibly thankful for this one legged legend. #7 Left side took time to find something that worked. #8 That starting safety who is out for the year was replaced by a better player. #10 Fair to call Ioannidis our top pass rusher outside of potentially Chase Young. Wonder if he becomes dominant or plateaus.
  13. Love Baldy's Breakdowns. Chase Young is elite. No doubt. Good feeling this defense will be elite too.
  14. Team is united and focused after dropping Haskins. D-line feasts, multiple turnover game, the running backs play well. Washington wins. Think this is a no-doubter, but it's a division game and the health issues are impactful.
  15. Yeah man....my ankle is still messed from undergrad. I mean my whole body is, but that's besides the point. I wouldn't rule out round one of playoffs, but even then. Doubt they make it that far (winning a playoff game), so you'd think he's done for the year at this point.
  16. I actually like what Scott Turner is doing. Feels as if he was handcuffed most of the year with Dwayne. A lot of quick passes early on to the sidelines to get the defense running and tired out. Lots of power running. Seeing the benefit in the second half. I've only seen a quarter of the games in full, so take it for what it's worth.
  17. Can't wait for this experiment to be over. As if Heineke showed more with no reps and coming in with 9 min of 4th quarter play left. Kudos to Scott Turner. Get this clown out of here. We need professionals.
  18. Never happening. Gruden recognized his potential and went through the growing pains. He'll get his. Prior to this week, the best 3 game stretch for a TE in NFL history.
  19. Training camp being the context. Offseason hype trains.
  20. You can observe the players respond differently with each QB. They are showing little to no faith in Haskins, why should we? This isn't a question. They need Alex back to hold onto 1st in the division.
  21. You bet. We're seeing it differently. During the game, felt obvious they did not want him to throw, and when they did it was a one-read pre-determined destination with good play design. I came away impressed with Turner. Really liked that play with Logan Thomas throwing the block and catch for the first down. Nice layering and lanes on many of these plays to give Haskins easy throws. Still missed a lot of easy ones, and the team didn't look confident with him back there and neither did he. Alex had a handful of throws that were short before
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