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  1. I like "Washington Villains"..... Dont know what the logo/mascot would be....The Dallas XFL team logo/mascot would be PERFECT. During this transitional period, I definitely want us to keep the B&G. But I would absolutely LOVE if we can add a black trim to the uniforms. Been wanting that for YEARS. Out of what Ive been hearing the most, I like: -Red Wolves (Please make the Red Wolves logo look menacing). -Warpath (keep the spear logo on the helmet) -Natives (keep the spear logo on the helmet) Would LOVE the "Warriors" if Golden St. didnt already have it. I'm a Redskins/sports geek, I watch different sports networks and listen to different sports podcast all the time. And they all mention Golden St. Warriors 100x an episode. Its going to get annoying real quick having my ears perk up everytime I hear "Warriors" only to find that they are talking about Golden St. I dont care how many other professional sports teams share names, but we not them. **** that. I'm stingy, all my life good or bad, whenever I heard Redskins/Skins on tv, I knew they were talking us. As HUGE of a Tuskegee Airmen fan I am (I have a Tuskegee Airmen brown leather bomber jacket I wear every winter), I have to pass on Red Tails. I want to love it, but I dont want our logo to be a jet.
  2. As a huge fan of the Tuskegee Airmen, "Red Tails" is one of the many names I would love to switch to. However, if we go with any name that has "Red" in it, I'm sorry, but I dont want to keep the burgundy & gold colors. If Red is in the new name, I wont our jerseys to have the color red in it.....Red, Black, & Silver...... If the name switches to a new name that does not have "Red" in it, I want to keep the B&G.
  3. THIS is what's always been my concern. I never wanted to lose the name, not only because it all I ever knew, and all the memories in DC as a kid. My main concern has always been what the new name would be. I'm a psycho fan like most here, I've physically fought people over this team. Ive lost sleep countless nights, Ive been on this sight for thousands of hours at minimum. I hate this team so much, but at the end of the day, I LOVE this team more than most things in life. BUT, if we change to some goofy ass name like Washington "Beavers" or "Centipedes", I may have to finally tap out. And for the love of GOD, please dont switch to the "Warriors". I dont want to share the same name of another professional sports team. If every time I watch ESPN and hear "Warriors" I have to wonder if they're talking about Golden St. or DC, that's going to get old VERY quick. Too many cool unused names in the world, we dont have to use another establish professional sports team name. **** no to the "Warriors".........
  4. EXACTLY, people need to keep in mind that we dont HAVE to trade him right now. I want the absolute highest value for him, even if means we have to wait for the 2021 draft to reap the benefits. Also wouldnt mind watching the season come and watch Trent swallow his vomit while suiting up in a Skins jersey. Just sayin, dont take no BS value just for the sake of getting rid of him. Totally agree...........But if we do, we better bend them over the barrel and make them REALLY pay.
  5. Okayyyy LOL...................IDK about "MUCH"....Jury is still out as far as I'm concerned. Haskins is going to be a BALLER for us, if we actually give him a ****in chance like real teams do with their first round QB draft picks......
  6. I'm willing to bet if Haskins was named the starter immediately (which we SHOULDVE done, but our HC was focused on keeping his job) like Kyler was, Haskins wouldve had a better season than Kyler.
  7. Don't know about that (I have to watch him some more), but people are definitely sleeping on Robbie Anderson. I had him in fantasy football towards to end of the year and he was BALLIN. Especially when Darnold came back. He basically became their #1 WR over Crowder.