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  1. Dude he was running off the field talking to his team mate. Not like he said the **** in a press conference.......When asked about it, what was he supposed to do, retract his statement?? **** that..............When asked about Brady, he gave him nothin but praise....
  2. Outside of MClaurin, I HATED our WR core going into this season and I STILL HATE them. Any WR with the last name Sims on our team needs to ****ing walk home. Cam Sims had 2 HUGE DROPS. He dropped that bomb from Heinicke that would've put us on the 1 yard line, with some decent time still on the clock. And of course Sims Jr drops kick return. ****ing TRASH........ If WR aint our top priority in the offseason, it better be next in line.
  3. Speaking as a big Haskins supporter, I want Alex back. The plays we run are much better. The playbook opens completely up when Alex is the starter.
  4. That means **** if we make it to the playoffs and get eliminated all because we kept a drive alive because of a stupid penalty on a 3rd down play that we stopped. Settles Roughing penalty (after the play, last week) & Sweatts Roughing The Passer penalty's were boneheaded plays at crucial points of the game. And for the record, this game was in Arizona, not San Fran. And even if it was in San Fran (Like Pittsburgh), it wouldnt had been in front of a packed stadium in front of those team savage fans. Relax.....
  5. As much as I hate to be picky about our defense on a day where they singlehandedly won the game for us, Del Rio definitely needs to speak with our defense about these stupid penalties on 3rd downs. That roughing the passer penalty on Montez Sweatt nearly cost us the game. We stopped them and we were going to get the ball back. Instead, we keep their drive alive, give them 15 yards and they go on to score a touchdown. Without that penalty, we would've gotten the ball back with a 23-7 lead. Game over. Settles had a stupid Roughing penalty on 3rd down that we stopped that
  6. I'm hoping that calf injury is the reason for how bad Alex played, because he looked like **** the whole game up until he left the game.
  7. Me too..........I record all of our games, and this one is definitely a keeper..... That goal line stand was a thing of BEAUTY......I went absolute ape ****, damner had the police called on me..... And I watched Ron's victory speech, and there is no way in HELL Cam Sims shouldve gotten the game ball over Logan Thomas..........Logan Thomas was a BEAST today.
  8. Sorry, not putting this on Beal. From what I heard on the Kevin Sheehan podcast, supposedly the plan with the front office was to keep everything the same. To bring everyone back and to resign Bertans. Apparently everything changed when that video of Wall throwing up gang signs in Brooklyn came out. That did not sit well with the front office. And supposedly Wall had gotten several warnings from the league about throwing up gang signs in basketball games after making shots. The video coming out was the last straw for the front office.
  9. LOVE my man John Wall, hurts because he's one of our draft picks. But I will get over it. Fraud fans, leave if you want, lock the door behind you, and dont come back. At least we didnt give him up for some trash......... As a fan who watches 98% of Wizards games, I'm ready to watch The Westbrook, Beal, & Bertans show.....Sucks that because of Covid our fans can't get to watch this excitement live at the Verizon Center. We deserve the show that Westbrook is going to bring......
  10. And investigated for gambling. He looked like he was paying a debt to the mob with that play.
  11. They should've hired Eric Bienemy from KC anyway....Crazy that guy still doesn't have a HC gig....
  12. I'm not feeling the first impression of our 1st pick, but I gotta keep it 100, I've seen more than a few analyst saying we have possibly the steal of the draft......LOL, swear I dont get it, but I hope theyre right....
  13. I think this video made me dislike the pick more.........**** was the purpose of this pic, to pump up the international fanbase? Shouldve just took Jalen Smith from Maryland....
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