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  1. I wish we would cut this ****ing bum.....shouldve been cut him....
  2. All facts..........hell no Kyle Allen didnt show anything to be optimistic about. These fans just happy anyone but DH is out there.
  3. He aint the problem. This trash ass OL and lack of talent on offense is the ****ing problem. Bottom 2 OL in the league. We dont have ONE WR not named McClaurin who can get any separation from a defender. TE is trash. Now this week the QB's stink it up, and now all of sudden, the QB isnt the problem. Everyone wants to put in on the OC. Keep the same energy you kept for the QB who had 300 yrds w/no INTs last week. Sure the numbers are misleading, but he looked better than what was out there today. As a DIE HARD who NEVER wants to see former Skins player find success with
  4. Ball has little to no zip on it......INT coming up if he keeps floating them out them out there like that......
  5. Until Dan is gone????? Dont hold your breath....He's had recent controversy, but he's going no where....
  6. Speak for yourself....Wish we wouldve made him HC when we had the chance......
  7. Naw, put all the blame on the QB (s) like yall been doing......
  9. Iono, maybe he understands that outside of McClaurin and maybe Gibson, everyone on offense is low tier talent. Haven't heard what he's saying, but if he's crapping on the offense around Haskins, I agree with him.
  10. Yeah, starting to feel like that also. I guess seeing him always standing on the sideline, I could pretend that he was ok. But seeing him sit down on one of those plays/drives, it reminded me that he is fighting a battle outside of football. Kind of made me sad. Hope he gets this behind him. **** cancer...
  11. The offense around whatever QB that's back there is LIMITED.....
  12. Please.......Baker Mayfield is trash too..........Give Haskins Beckham or Landry to go wit McClaurin, and our offense is drastically better.
  13. Yep..........Outside of McClaurin, we have EASILY the WORST WR group in the league. Those guys are getting little to no separation. TE is not bad, but he's a lower tier starting TE. Meanwhile everyone expecting Haskins to be Joe Montana in his prime.
  14. Im not familiar with the Chargers offense overall. How does it compare to ours?
  15. Thanks RG3, ****ing bum........trading up for that guy was one of the worst decisions ever. Dan shouldve stayed out of that, and let us stay at our pick and possibly take Russell Wilson....
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