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  1. I would much rather have AP than Barber. Maybe I’m wrong but even this late in his career i think AP is better.
  2. Name it whatever ya want it will always be the Redskins to me.
  3. He truly was the Boss Hog. One of the Greatest Oline coaches of all time. RIP Buges.
  4. Some of this will depend on what is available for FAs. If Trent wants to come back I'll take him because we could be down a couple OL (Moses,Sherff). If not trade if can cut if you must. Would also leave RK. Team leader and not sure if this's year was a legit decline or F'd up play calling.
  5. While it is a positive that Allen is out, I am in total shock that it actually happened.
  6. Thanks guys!! That was my first post in while so I appreciate your words. Hasn’t been much good to post about in a while regarding the skins but thought that made the cut. Enjoy the game today today and let’s get a win. HTTR
  7. I am going to my first game at FedEx! I have seen many games in TB, NE, NY but never FedEx. Coming with my brother (A Jets fan) who bought the tickets for my birthday. While both teams are awful and I’m not expecting much, it is a special day for me and my brother. When he was younger, I would get him tickets to the Pats Jets game in Foxboro. Was always a great bonding experience for us since there is a significant age gap between us (nearly 20 years). So while the game/team maybe a little disappointing the memories and the treat of being taken to a game by my brother will more than make
  8. Couple things: -I'm cool with the Collins deal. If he would have been there in the 2nd round in 2015, pretty sure he would have been picked by the Skins. -Glad Beckham is gone. I think the could have gotten more, but overall decent haul. My take is that they will mortgage a part of their draft for a QB now that they have ample picks. -Interested to see what we do next. I don't think we will have any additional HUGE signings, but I could see a mid tier pass rusher, WR and/or OL all in the mix prior to the draft.
  9. Not to get in to a political discussion, but is anyone else appalled that the government is spending more time on this than any of the other 10000 important things going on in the world ?!?!?!?! Keep the name Danny! Don't give in!!!
  10. Just got me even more fired up for tomorrow's game!!!!! I hope RGIII puts on a display and the D chases Romo around all day. Nothing better than eating the Dallas turkey right in front of them!!!!!!!!
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