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  1. Or it screams of a season with mason rudolph at qb and then a season with two stud young gun wrs and not enough food in the kitchen. juju is a perfect #2, as he proved when he was alongside AB. That is exactly what we need here. My only concern is a #2 asking for #1 money.
  2. Obviously Juju > Samuel. But since we lost crowder I’m realizing how bad we need a slot wr. Samuel is not only a really good slot, but also has the gadget dimension. I’d be pumped to get him, but not for anything over 10m/yr.
  3. and rushing stats? Samuel is a weapon everywhere. would I prefer golladay, of course, but with $30m already spent, we’re not in the position to make that kind of splash. I heard the jets were fielding calls about Cj Moseley, I hope we’re one of the teams calling.
  4. This means no darnold/Mariota so I’m not too upset. But between franchising scherff, losing Darby for cheap, and signing fitz, I’m not loving the start to FA. Plenty of time left but $28m already spent doesn’t leave us with a whole lot to work with.
  5. Love this. I’ve been touting this guy for too long. I do question his size and durability, but he has the football IQ and athleticism to be really damn good. he’s quick, elusive, has great pocket presence combined with a mind that can get thru 5 reads in under 3 seconds. Athletic nerd, I welcome that at qb any day.
  6. Dak just started following WFT on Instagram... my FA dream scenario starting to shape up. i knowwww it’s a ridiculous stretch, but these little rumors and tidbits are what keep the off-season fun.
  7. You’re comparing the play of scherff to that of a backup RG? Yea, of course it’s better, but nowhere near the night and day you speak of. I don’t have pfff, so I don’t know where he ranks among guards, but he was only and 82 (very good, not elite). Paying a very good player #1 money is a think that smart, successful teams don’t do. Plain and simple. I hear the talk is 18m/yr, that’s what I’m basing my opinion on. If he takes a team friendly deal around 10-12m, I’m all about it.
  8. I didn’t expect so many skins fans to be caught up on the all-pro tag... you watched him play, you watched him play at an above average level, and you want to pay him 1/3 of our available cap? 18m to a RG? Allocating 1/10 of our available cap to arguably the least important position on the field is lunacy. Sentimental value should have nothing to do with this equation. and as I said previously, we should have no problem continuing to be a not dominant OL without him. The left side of our OL was complete patchwork and it held up just the same as the right side.
  9. I’d like to believe that, but when was the last time u saw a player take a sign at a hometown discount (other than Brady)? Scherff couldn’t be in better negotiating position given his age and all-pro tag... I don’t see him doing it, but would love to be wrong.
  10. Would love to work out deals with Darby and Allen, but I don’t see how we come to a common ground with scherff. i like scherff and would love to have him back... at the right cost. He got the all-pro tag this year and I could have sworn last year he said he wanted top dollar. You watched the team this year, did you see dominance out of him? I certainly didn’t. And his pff grade agrees as he was not rated in the “elite” category. I have a real problem paying $15m+ for a top 5-10 player at the least important position on the OL. We can continue to not be dominant for a much lower cos
  11. They still will be. The cap is will bounce back next year, so contracts will just be backloaded. No free agents will be taking a discount because of a team cap problem. more the reason why I don’t see how the cowboys can afford to keep dak when they’re already over the cap. I assume he’d cost them significant player cuts and a nightmare dead cap situation. Thanks for choosing the cowboys amari!
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