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  1. Will miss Ty, but he has regressed over the past two seasons since his "breakout" year. I didn't dive into the numbers, but I'm pretty confident that the stats look so strong due to the stellar 2016 season. Regardless, good for him, man deserved a real contract.
  2. Smith obviously didn't light up the stat sheet, but his lack of turnovers was a big reason for our success. Case is a wealthy man's version of Colt. I'm not overly optimistic at the thought of him paired with our weak WR corp, but who knows how the rest of FA/draft will play out. With roughly $9M to spend in FA, I don't see how we can land another name. I like how Schaeffer worked magic with the Collins signing, but I don't want to backload too many deals and put us in a bad place over the next few years. The Alex Smith deal has essentially turned into Haynesworth cap penalty. I liked the reasoning behind the trade and am now hoping that we follow through now with Case being the mentor to a young QB.
  3. I'm no scientist... but if this Case Keenum deal goes through, won't we be left with essentially pennies to spend in FA? We'd have something like $45M tied up in QBs with Case and Colt to show for it. Not exactly a winning formula. Still, I can't help but get in the flow of the usual Redskins offseason optimism.
  4. CTskin

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Mark Sanchez is our QB behind a 3rd stringer-filled OL. How on early does Gruden take the blame? No coach is overcoming this train wreck.
  5. CTskin

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    Not sure if you're really a Skins fan, but given your name and first few posts here, you're firmly in the troll category.
  6. CTskin

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    I agree. We essentially have a polar opposite QB on our hands now; we went from ultra-conservative to ultra-liberal. The problem is that you can't teach an old dog new tricks and just like Alex couldn't let it loose, I don't know if McCoy will be able to dial it back. Regardless, it should be an interesting end of the season. Given the injuries, I don't see the run game rebounding to what it was, so a gunslinger may be our only hope.
  7. CTskin

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    I wish Alex only the best with his recovery. He's a stand up guy and will hopefully find a way to play again. That being said, at his age, this could certainly be a career-ender. The issue for the team is that they likely won't have a better idea until next season. Realistically, I see Alex still recovering 12 months from now and eating up $22M of cap... Unless he does the selfless thing and retires, which I don't expect, it will put this team in a hole.
  8. CTskin

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    I wasn't. Safe QB play was a general statement regarding not turning the ball over. Oh he certainly didn't beat the Cowboys himself, but he didn't lose it (classic Alex). 3 interceptions loses games plain and simple. My wild guess would be that 10% of teams win games when they're -3 in TO differential. I like that Colt has a bit of gunslinger in him, but we're an average team, especially at this point with the injuries piled up and we won't have a chance in many games if we turn the ball over like that. He's essentially a poor man's Kirk Cousins... I don't think many at all, if any, considered Alex an upgrade. I was cautiously optimistic, as were many, that he would do well, but certainly didn't view it as an upgrade.
  9. CTskin

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    I thought I made it pretty clear that I wasn't comparing QBs in my original post... Don't play the hypothetical game especially when Alex already beat the Cowboys this year. Now stop making me stand up for him.
  10. CTskin

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    For sure it's a combination, but if we had "safe QB play" and that TO differential vs the Cowboys was 0 instead of -3...
  11. CTskin

    A New Beginning - Embrace The Noodle

    You don't understand the relationship? When we were winning, our turnover differential was +12, give or take one. The pick-six vs the Texans and the -3 TO differential vs the Cowboys were main factors in our losses. I'm not doing an Alex vs Colt thing as Alex threw the pick-six, but it seems fairly obvious that safe QB play is strongly correlated to us winning. Also, the effing refs. All season I'd say the refs had been fair, but between the last 4 mins of the Texans game and the whole Cowboys game, we got the red-headed stepchild treatment. I'm glad that game was on Thanksgiving for all to see. I just went to get my car emissioned (in NY) and was wearing my Skins hat and a couple of the guys started talking about the game. I said my usual "ah hey, Snyder has lowered the bar so much for me that I'm just content with playing meaningful games in November." And they went on to say how we've gotten crushed by injuries and the thanksgiving game was a joke, etc. Sure, I say the same sort of things to fans of teams who aren't doing so hot, but it was good to see that this isn't just ES shenanigans.
  12. CTskin

    Redskins vs Texans Prediction Thread: Pessimistically Optimistic?

    Scary matchup against a great defense with a very good QB... We haven't been putting up points vs bad defenses, so I'm not sure how we keep up in this one. That being said, 23-17 Skins.
  13. Dez practice 1: looks to have suffered a torn achilles. Hahahahah... not laughing at him, just at all of the people who were beating up the FO for not signing him.
  14. Hahaha you're too much... next is "Gruden should have hired a better equipment staff who would have ordered better gloves so that Docston wouldn't have dropped those passed." Enough already man. And no, the DL was terrible. Go re-watch the game, I already did. They were consistently tossed wherever the Falcons wanted them. You have to be extremely naive to place no blame on the DL when we gave up 6.5 yard avg rush.