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  1. $50!? That’s a steal my man! And hold on to that chase young mini helmet auto. I’ve been sniping chase young autos on eBay and they go for... well, for more than my wife knows. I know @bakedtater1 started a thread about ESers collections, would love to see what you’re working with over there. Cheers.
  2. Haha you’re pointing to a time before the changes started... i get it man, how many times have we said things are changing. It’s the boy who cried wolf. But you’re being very @GOATFrerotte on this one. If you really think nothings changing when Dan stood on a table to make the team draft Haskins and then less than 2 years later let’s his pride and joy get cut then you’re missing something. I respect u as a long time poster, but you must see how this would have never happened if Snyder was really calling the shots.
  3. Then please explain how he let his golden boy Haskins get cut? Not just benched, not just a talking to, cut. The player who he forced on this team. Relax man, things are changing... whether u refuse to see it or not.
  4. Admittedly, I don’t do daily GM scouting, so I’m no expert, but I’m struggling to understand why everyone is up in arms over the hiring hurney and mahew. As TK pointed out a few pages back, hurney has been smoking first round picks. And mahew I assume had a part in building the 9ers and their recent super bowl team. we’re all hot on Kyle smith and I like the guy, but I don’t think the average non-WFT fan would prefer him to either of these gents. In fact, I think most would be outright disappointed if they hired smith as their team’s GM.
  5. Almost positive neither of those signatures are Yoder or Davis. You have me on a wild goose chase. I think there’s a good chance the silver auto is Fred smoot, which would be awesome because that’s a tough auto to find. the black auto I’m pretty sure is laron Landry. im definitely not a professional and comparing autos on paper vs a helmet is tricky, but there are a lot of key distinctions that match up. nice helmet!
  6. awesome to see mutual interest btwn Darby and the team. He’s by far my top priority re-sign. Hard no to Aaron jones. Every rb in Gb was excellent this year... could it perhaps have a bit to do with the threat of Aaron rodgers? Idk what he’s asking, I assume it’s in the eight figures per year range, I’m way out.
  7. and there are probably still some people here who believe the TW situation was ALL Bruce. Don’t get me wrong he was part of it, but it was 50/50 and Trent went as low as he could go to try to get more money out of this franchise. Couldn’t be happier to see the 9ers nose dive this year. On the FA front, although I agree that we don’t NEED an AROB alpha across from terry, I think it would be a massive help. Look what teams did the second half of the season, only focused on shutting down terry... and they kind of who did. Who knows if this was due to Haskins and Alex’s inefficiency th
  8. couldn’t agree more. I know plenty are high on the meaningless awards but the bottom line is scherff graded out on pff as very good. I don’t have a subscription, but I imagine that puts him too 10ish. And I’m surprised it was that high, I didn’t see a dominant player out there and certainly not a RG deserving of the kings ransom he will demand. look at the bucs game, they have a solid run d, but they absolutely brick walled the right side of our line. That’s our “all pro” RG next to a “pro bowl” RT and a center who we just paid quite handsomely. if scherff isn’t contribut
  9. Didn’t read the OP, just the title and figured I’d put this here. Doug pederson fired. he’s an excellent coach, just a brutal year for the eagles btwn injuries and Carson wentz. Couldn’t be happier to see him out of the nfc east. I was scared McCarthy was going to be the fired nfc east coach...
  10. figured I’d circle back to this... so u still sticking with heinicke can only perform in “garbage time”
  11. Curious why people are so willing to mortgage the future on Watson, but wouldn’t simply pay dak? I see dak nearly on the same level as Watson, but we could get him for free... yes, this is assuming he hits FA. Dak- give up zero draft capital, pay $40m/yr Deshaun- sign away our future, pay $40m/yr We’re not talking about mahomes here. I love deshaun, but look how far he led his team this year... deshaun and dak are 1a 1b. It should be no-brainer for those so willing to give up the world for deshaun to be more than happy to pay dak if he hits the market.
  12. have any of the pro-cammers watched him play this year... or any of the past 4 years? He’s not a good passer and his football IQ is just not there. If you took away his threat to run he’s dwayne Haskins. id be much more content sporting Kyle Allen on his salary than wasting more than a couple mil on bringing in cam. He’s a big name, big body, but a bad qb. Why spend any money on a bottom tier qb? ive said it before and I’ll say it again, break the bank on dak if he makes it to FA. top tier qb + top tier defense = success in this league. I’m not a huge fan of stafford, but
  13. I mean the headlines should be lambasting the eagles for throwing the game. They made a mockery of it in prime time, just an absolute joke. I hope this is a black eye on them for years to come. at full health we barely snuck by a tanking, short handed team. No random fan came away from that game thinking that WFT proved anything, but they did come away thinking what a low move this was by the eagles. I live in ny and took great joy shoveling in my redskins hat and hoodie this morning.
  14. They threw the game more than we earned it. Bring up all the stats you want but you’re kidding yourself if you thought the qb change to sudfeld was an attempt to win. I don’t recall a more degrading win. For any team. Ever. We could barely beat a tanking, short handed eagles team. I love Rivera, but his qb decisions over the last two weeks have me livid and seriously questioning wtf is going on. We all love the Alex comeback story, but there is no upside with him. I worry that Rivera tied his ship to Alex for the season, as collinsworth alluded to at one point, and he’ll
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