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  1. Very fair. And much more unfair of me to point to the one game when he had a qb who could actually play the position, but I do weigh that TB playoff game heavier. Not only that, this is a converted TE who was new to the team/system, so it’d make sense for him to excel later in the season. I know how kool aid drinking this comes off, but I see Logan as a weapon and easily top-10 during the rest of his time here.
  2. How many teams have two really good TEs? If you have a really good TE, you wouldn’t consider it a position of need… sure depth is great, but when you have one who’s top 10, it should not be anywhere near the “need” category. It’s the nature of the position. If anything we needed a blocking TE, but that’s not a player that should be mentioned as a must upgrade. seriously not trying to debate, I’m as happy about this signing as I was about Allen. We’re rewarding the players who deserve it. Love it. Or you missed a lot… I don’t mean that as abrasive as it came off, but Logan Tho
  3. Shocking indeed. Did you happen to read the FA or draft threads? TE position was viewed as a major hole by many. This wouldn’t be the case if everyone thought of Logan as we do.
  4. Love it. Plenty on this board don’t realize what a stud Logan was last year. We’ve been saying it about all of our receivers, but imagine the numbers he would have put up with competent qb play. he busted his ass to convert from qb to te, all of the guys saw it, and now they see the man rewarded. I was worried he would walk next year after becoming a proven player, so I Could not be happier about this.
  5. I’m shocked. Everyone and their grandma knows that next years cap is going to be massive, so I’m surprised anyone’s agent is letting them sign right now. It really seems like Allen just wanted to be here. I believe this makes him the 5th highest paid DT, which we all know he is not. But by next season he will be right where he belongs and the days of solid DTs making under $20m/yr will be long gone.
  6. Absolutely. If someone on the team is unvaccinated and causes an outbreak then they are held responsible. The game will be cancelled to keep all parties safe. You don’t play the game, you don’t get paid, I don’t see where there’s an issue. that being said, I believe I read that players can’t do endorsements if they’re unvaccinated. I don’t know how that’s something that the NFL can dictate.
  7. We have a solid squad. And we now have a qb… even if he’s just top 20 that’s miles ahead of what we’ve had for years. And if he plays like he did last year combined with our defense then we should certainly be a double digit win team. that being said, we still have holes and we still have question marks. Comparing our schedule to those of our division foes, I don’t see how we could be considered a favorite to win the NFCE. I see six borderline auto-losses and that doesn’t include our divisional opponents; we’re obviously not sweeping. It’s going to be a tough road. I can’t
  8. What dhop doesn’t understand is how selfish his stance is. He assumes that others should be inconvenienced by his decision. Everyone can do as they please, but they must reap what they sow.
  9. let’s be honest, the story would read a whole lot different if they were training just about anywhere but Miami. Regardless, not concerned at all. Anyone who actually paid attention last year knows there isn’t any TO in these guys.
  10. If the FO knew that we’d land flowers and Leno for peanuts as well as draft cosmi, I wonder if they still would have franchised scherff. Regardless of Moses staying or leaving, our OL depth is stellar. We used to feel like we’d have gaping holes if someone went down, not any more. We can say the same almost all the way across the board. So many were clamoring for a TE in FA/draft and I don’t understand why; Logan Thomas played at a pro bowl level last year. Sure, two great TEs would be welcome, but how many teams have that luxury? We found a diamond in the rough in him.
  11. This trade is too good that it almost feels fishy... if we’re not missing anything then goddam does it feel good to be on this end of a trade. Praying that we find a draft day trade partner for scherff. Paying an interior OL 10% of our cap continues to hurt my soul.
  12. Or it screams of a season with mason rudolph at qb and then a season with two stud young gun wrs and not enough food in the kitchen. juju is a perfect #2, as he proved when he was alongside AB. That is exactly what we need here. My only concern is a #2 asking for #1 money.
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