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  1. CTskin

    Please stop blaming the refs. You look dumb.

    Continue contradicting yourself and then telling people that you'll dumb it down for them. Ayyy okay my work here is done.
  2. CTskin

    Please stop blaming the refs. You look dumb.

    Hahah drunk again? So to recap, the thread title says you're dumb for blaming the refs, but that it indeed does happen. Makes sense
  3. CTskin

    Please stop blaming the refs. You look dumb.

    There are plenty of games where ES ran rampant with ref-blaming, but this wasn't one. There may have been a call that a select few disagreed with but no one came out of this feeling like the refs caused us to lose. You were so drunk that you don't remember making this thread, so I'm also calling bull**** on your memory of the rest of the day... In response to your last statement- go tell the Saints fans they look dumb for blaming the refs for the NFC championship loss. Not even Rams fans would take your side. Cheers
  4. Impressive. I think you nailed it... You should tweet that back to Pete Hailey.
  5. CTskin

    Please stop blaming the refs. You look dumb.

    I'm still trying to figure out who you and others are calling out for complaining about refs in the Philly game? Even during the game on the board I don't recall much ref chatter... We all know why/how we lost and the refs had nothing to do with it. No need to pile on to fake news. It was THAT long ago?? That kind of blew my mind.
  6. @Xameil I'm curious, what's your take? You're dismissing all speculation and second-hand reports, which is certainly fair to do, so are you just in the mindset of shut up, sit back and let it play out?
  7. CTskin

    Please stop blaming the refs. You look dumb.

    KB- weird time to start this thread, I don't think anyone is blaming the refs for the loss on Sunday. That being said, there are plenty of instances, league-wide, where refs can be blamed for affecting the outcome of games. Most notably, the Saints/Rams playoff game last year with the no-call PI. (I assume everyone remembers it, so I won't go into details). Not all examples though need to be as obvious as that and you don't have to be a terrible team to not be able to overcome a few poor, drive-changing calls or no-calls. If you have two evenly matched, teams and one has the benefit of a few more calls that go their way, you better believe it has an impact. If you watched the Saints/Texans MNF game, which I hope you did, what a game, you would have seen JJ Watt getting held coming around the end a la Ryan Kerrigan and he drew a flag that we rarely see Kerrigan get. I'm not calling for a conspiracy against the Skins, I'm just saying that these type of inconsistencies and missed calls absolutely affect games. The loss to Philly certainly isn't an example of ES whining about blown calls, but out of the next 15 games I'm sure we'll have one. We'll cross that bridge when you get there, but to completely dismiss inconsistent/poor reffing as an "excuse" is flat-out ignorant.
  8. I have always been a firm believer in never rooting against anyone wearing your team's colors, but if TW does in fact hold out until week 10 just to accrue the season, then **** him. By then the season may be as good as over. As Cali mentioned and was discussed 20+ pages ago, BA offered to fire anyone on the medical staff and that somehow didn't satisfy TW. It's all about the money. For those not comprehending the situation, go look at LevBell. He sat out all year, forfeiting his 2018 salary so that he could have the opportunity to land a long-term contract with more guaranteed money. Longevity is not the NFL's forte. As upset as I am with TW, I'm equally upset, if not more, with the FO. They have a clear read on the situation and appear to again be misplaying their hand. TW needs to be traded but the FO's arrogance/ignorance has erased the opportunity at a beneficial resolution. Unless there has been talk behind closed doors that we're not aware of, which seems unlikely, this is an example of how a poor front office functions. Some make lemonade when given lemons, we just let them rot.
  9. @dyst there's a lot of overreaction on the ES boards, but you win. For you to honestly say the Sweat pick was wasted after only his first nfl game is as ignorant as it gets. Give me the 80% price discount on the younger, higher-upside player every day.
  10. If Gruden really knew that Guice came into the game with a knee issue and still decided to make AP an inactive...
  11. CTskin

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Eagles

    ****ing Desean Jackson... twice on 3rd and 10. That's the ballgame. We can slice it up any way we want, but if you take away those two plays, it's a different story. Jonathan Allen again?!? I couldn't have been more disappointed in our DL. They ran for ****ing 4 yards on QB sneaks. There are plenty of positives and plenty more negatives, but this game came down to two awful plays.
  12. CTskin

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: 2019 Kick-Off Spectacular

    The punter, well done sir. I was going to say that they should just throw Ereck Flowers up there for us, but the punter is far more appropriate. Anywho, the prediction- my heart obviously says we will pull out a miracle and Case will look like he did two season ago, McLaurin and Guice will beast, and our D will wreak havoc. Heart says 21-17 W (even in that scenario, we pull out a squeaker). My brain says this is week 1 where we notoriously come out slow, new QB, no TW, who knows about WRs, away against a Super Bowl contender... 31-16 L.
  13. CTskin

    Random "Thot" Thread (Stadium Edition)

    @ThePackisback Congrats on the win. I'm trying to figure out if your offseason investments on the defensive side of the ball are to credit or if Mitch Trubisky is really that bad...
  14. CTskin

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Cutting AP? Perine?