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  1. CTskin

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    What a bummer. I watch every year imaging how awesome it'd be if I could get that kind of inside look at our team... There would be about 18 more training camp darlings. ES would be hotter than the 2012 draft. Oh well. I figured we were third on the list behind the Giants and Raiders, but very surprised they passed on the NY market.
  2. Dammit dammit dammit. The offseason hype has blinded me to reality once again. Hearing all of the praise for the young bucks has me regretting the PRich signing even more; I don't want any of them to be cut or sent to the practice squad aka the Colts farm system.
  3. CTskin

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    We're up against the huge NY market and Jon Gruden. As much as I'd love to see us on Hard Knocks, I just don't understand how we could be chosen over either of those teams. If they go with the Lions or Cards, I'll be extremely disappointed and would be really curious to know their reasoning.
  4. Very happy to hear that Keenum is standing out as the clear cut #1. I've been fully on board with redshirting Haskins and now, given the recent TW news, I definitely don't want to throw this kid to the wolves. Weak WR corp + average-at-best OL (assuming TW sits or is shipped) = less than ideal rookie QB situation. I never liked the thought of trading for Rosen, but he was dealt this exact situation last year and it was ****ing ugly. Let Haskins sponge up his rookie year then next offseason we'll sure up some of our offensive weaknesses and give him an honest look.
  5. TW has always been a good leader and a stand up guy, so him taking a stance like this doesn't feel like a bluff. Hearing Jay acknowledge that there is an issue and not hearing TW deny it substantiates the story. It sounds like he's doing this not only for his misdiagnosis, but for the rest of the players who apparently also felt they were. I don't know what the resolution is, what will get him back on board? Fire and replace the medical staff? Or has he really already made his decision and anything we do will be in vain? Let's hope AP can talk some sense into him... Two years in a row we've been the most injured team and the year before that we were second most. I've maintained that this isn't a product of the medical staff, training facility, etc., that it's been hard luck, but at this point I'm on board to hire some new/additional medical personnel. It would be a win/win if it also keeps TW here. Leave it to the Redskins to get back-to-back gut punches/negative PRs (this and ZB) in early June. The thought of Hard Knocks in Richmond doesn't sound as enjoyable at the moment.
  6. I don't fault the FO one bit for being hesitant to sign Scherff to the richest G contract. I know that we're jaded by the last franchise tag situation, but using the tag doesn't equal incompetence. Paying a guard roughly 10% of the cap is worth mulling over. I'm all about the idea of franchising Scherff after this year and seeing if one of the young bucks develops or if a top G lands in our laps at #32 in next year's draft.
  7. CTskin

    Alex Smith Actual Status

    So you're best friends with Alex's 2nd cousin? In that case, I'm buying...
  8. CTskin

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    I couldn't care less about the "distraction" that Hard Knocks brings, I would love for the Skins to be picked. It would almost be an extension to the football season, one more day every week to look forward to watching my team. We all follow the off-season articles and soundbites, but this would be a whole 'nother level. If I was betting, I'd guess that the Giants will get the nod. NY has has a larger audience, a rookie QB, a new FO who has made numerous questionable personnel decisions, and a fanbase who's losing their minds.
  9. CTskin

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Just got a notification that it's believed to be torn ACL + additional damage... No idea of the source, but doesn't seem at all in line with Mr. 2% battery.
  10. CTskin

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    I don't want to trade with the Chiefs ever again
  11. I just got a Sleeper notification that Guice will be 100% and full-go at training camp.
  12. CTskin

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    This is the definition of a freak injury. **** Chad Dukes.
  13. Rueben Foster carted off crying. Leg injury. And it begins... I'm about two hours late and I see a thread has been made addressing this. Myb.
  14. McGee, McClain, and Hood, so gross, just threw up in my mouth. A short time ago we had overpaid camp fodder starting along our DL. Now we haveAllen, Payne, Ion, Settle, Brantley; all five guys are startable and when healthy this is one of the best DLs in the league. I have never been high on Preston Smith, so letting him walk and bringing in Sweat is a huge upgrade. It's all paper and potential right now, but unless Sweat's heart condition proves to be a real problem, I'm confident our starting OLB situation is improved. Rueben Foster > Zach Brown. It's a shame that he didn't pan out here, many of us, including myself were high on him. Unfortunately his freak ability couldn't overcome his lack of football IQ. Would love to see SDH, JHC, or Holcomb overthrow Mason and walk his ass out of town. But for now, he's the only weak link the front seven. Barring injuries, if the defense isn't top 10, it will be the secondary to blame.