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  1. Wait wait wait... maybe I didn’t read far enough back but are we turning Dwayne Haskins benching into a race issue. For the love of god. I have backed haskins all the way, disagreeF wholeheartedly with his benching, but now it all makes sense and I realize I was wrong. Haskins is toxic, not because of his race, but because of his individual behavior, which is now well documented. Oh, also he was the worst qb in the league. btw, cam didn’t get picked up because he was viewed as damaged goods. He had taken so many hits that he was now injury prone and his arm strength was in
  2. We’re running a poor mans jay gruden offense and it’s getting old quick. i can excuse the first few weeks because of the new offense/Covid offseason thing, but now we’re into the heart of the season and we’re seeing the same vanilla bull****. On top of it, we’re seeing so many mental errors and guys seeming like they don’t know the playbook. I don’t put any of this on Ron up to this point, but he had better make it clear to Scott that we need to change it up. Crazy, innovative idea incoming- maybe one time we don’t run it up the gut on 1st down and we go play
  3. This is where our concern should lie. We all knew coming into the season that talent on the offensive side of the ball was limited and expectations were, but what we’re seeing is trash. I’ve said it 100 times, we need a creative offense, we simply can’t win with this scheme. He’s asking our overmatched players to win one-on-one battles on every play and we’re seeing the opposite, as expected. We must get away from vanilla and get the D on their toes or nothing will change. I hate to see Dwayne acting like a child, but this was my defense for why his play plateuad. We will learn a lot
  4. Hindsight is 20-20. Over the past two seasons, it was pretty apparent that all the hits cam took earlier in his carrier had taken their toll; he’s been injured and flat out not good the past two seasons. On paper, it didn’t make sense to bring him in and mess with Haskins development process. If we knew then what we know now; cam looking like his 24 yo self and Haskins showing more signs of regression than progression...
  5. Exactly. Look, I’m not going to compare anything about this team to the chiefs, and sure mahomes is an unbelievable talents, but my god every play they run is creative. There’s always some sort of misdirection and the opposing defense is constantly looking confused. given our lack of playmakers and Haskins lack of progression, I’ve been saying the only way we can become a competent offense is by this sort of offense. We simply don’t have the players to square up against superior talent and expect a vanilla offense to succeed.
  6. Yea this was why I’ve defended Haskins as the starter... I don’t see any reason for optimism given kyle Allen’s track record. if you take away all of the cmc dumpoff yards last season he was miles behind the 2nd worst qb. that being said, the change has been made and I’m on board because if nothing else maybe we see it light a spark. After all, we are still hot in the great nfc beast divisional race. ive been begging for turner to get creative and maybe now having a qb who's familiar with the system he can do so.
  7. @Darrell Green Fan exactly what I was telling my buddy yesterday. Sitting here with 1 win we’re in a tie for first and embarrassingly have shot to win the division if turn this bus around. Rivera always insinuated that Haskins was a developmental project and never seemed to embrace him. I wonder if he has thought/known all along that Allen was better and just needed to find the right time to pull him... or if Haskins locker room antics and his agent’s tweet just set him off. A lot of people around here have been clamoring for allen, so now it’s time to see if this was all on Haskin
  8. If we don’t have a chance at snagging a Qb in the draft then maybe we package Haskins+ for darnold? I truly believe Adam game has ruined that kid.
  9. Good luck to this young man. Im optimistic because as a skins fan I have to try to find optimism wherever I can, but my expectations are tempered. He is just as inaccurate as Haskins and thrived on dumpoffs to CMC last season... maybe having more experience in the system will help, regardless, he can’t be much worse than Haskins was. I think Rivera made the switch because the division is crap and even with only one win we’re still right in it. He knew Haskins progression was either much further down the road or nonexistent, so at least Allen gives us a shot at improvement.
  10. Yea... they had the #1 overall pick staring at them. Made that decision a whole lot easier and a whole lot different than our situation. Apparently you didn’t watch the last 6 or so games of the year... I get it, many didn’t. Don’t ask what I’m looking at if all you’re looking at are cumulative stats and didn’t watch the games. I guarantee he wasn’t rated the worst over that span of games. Go look at those game logs or better yet watch the games and then come talk.
  11. Deserves was the wrong word. It would be a disservice to the team if we didn’t see what Haskins could truly do. Second season, new offense, shortened offseason... we all saw what he did late last season, there is something there. Throwing in the towel now is short sighted and lacking comprehension of the situation.
  12. Absolutely. Mitch was a project and got 2+ seasons and Haskins deserves that as well. I can’t wait to see this board next week after we get torched by the ravens... who after last nights game need to make an example out of their next opponent. Lucky us.
  13. Josh Allen, Ryan tannehill, Jared Goff are all prime examples
  14. I go back to my main point... this offense has below avg talent across the board other than mcclaurin. Outside of the very best qbs in the league, no one is going to look good here. Everyone’s throwing their arms up clamoring for a change, for what, Kyle Allen. Did you see him last year, his only decent games were when he dumped the ball off to cmc 10+ times. And thats exactly what I want, for turner to start incorporating that in this offense, something that I believe we all thought we’d see. Get Gibson and mckissic out there in the passing game. I keep saying it, we need creativity, this van
  15. Okay it’s easy to state these “measurables” after an absolutely disastrous game. I’m sure you were singing a different tune after the eagles game. the recency bias is strong here. kyler and burrow were #1 overall picks, Herbert was also up there, top 5 pick I believe? They weren’t in the same category as Haskins coming out. Jones is doing the same thing Haskins is doing. Minshew is the anomaly, whose success to this day has people duMbfounded. Deandre Hopkins probably wouldn’t appreciate that last statement. I’d also say as a whole, every one of those teams has a much b
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