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  1. I think you mean the Dwayne Haskins era. He has single handedly lost this game for us.
  2. Agree; after watching a ton of highlights I cant find a play where Christian didn't get destroyed. Wes Martin wasn't much better either. We need to get Jeron out before he gets Dawyne Killed. It was atrocious, on multiple occasions he didn't even look like he was playing football. You could tell Dwayne was being rushed from the left side heavily.
  3. I thought we should have got Gibson involved in the passing game BEFORE giving him some carries. I think this would have established the threat and helped the passing game out. I though Logan Thomas played pretty well. He is a very physical presence and has some pretty soft hands. Jimmy FREAKING Moreland..... Im expecting a huge year from him now. Many have said this, I think Dwayne has a very Alex Smith type game. No turnovers was the key. Kirk threw a pick yesterday and I think it is clear to the vikings that they wasted a lot of money on a guy th
  4. As ugly as it has been... we’re still in it.
  5. I think the defense will keep us in games and as long as the offense dosent become a turnover machine then I think we can be in the 7-9 to 10-6 range. Our schedule dosent seem that bad as there are a few teams that seem to be on the decline (Eagles,Rams, Bengals and Panthers) All we need is a few things to go our way. ALSO IM PREDICTING WAYYYYYYYYYY LESS DRIVE KILLING PHANTOM HOLD CALLS. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH!!!!!!!! I decline to comment on the reason for the lack of calls but Im fairly sure we will see less HTTR
  6. I think a good way to go would be the Washington: 1.) Looters 2.) Rioteers 3.) Covids 4.) Batmen 5.) Offenders On a serious Note: 1.) Hogs 2.) Windtalkers (Navajo code talkers) 3.) Redtails
  7. Watching Sean Taylor dive into the End Zone against the Fecals to send us to the paloffs in 05 was something I will never forget. My my how time flys, just like ST did into the endzone. Monday night miracle was as close second.
  8. TB is winning the SB, they just got Eddleman.....
  9. I remember that. Also... Taylor Jacobs was on that team. If we had taken more deep shots to him instead of Brunell's "Green 40" Play, I think we win the super bowl!
  10. Well then you were "one Reciever" away from a from a Superbowl win
  11. This thread is completely out of control. Young is the correct pick here and nothing you guys can cook up can make that change unless someone offers 3 first rounders.
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