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  1. NeverSurrender

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    That's out of the scope of the question. "Why are we this bad on the field" Gibbs is not to blame for the performance of the team on the field this year.
  2. NeverSurrender

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    Leadership, lack of accountability. Its very simple, they have the talent to compete. Listen to Dontae Whittner talk about the culture of the team. The coaches let some players get away with bad play. This type of thing compounds year over year and we reached a tipping point this year. I would say Gruden is a lot to blame as well.
  3. Good points man, I think Apke has surprised a lot of people. I also thing that Bostic is really the problem with the ILBS. He gets beat like a drum. Im wondering why SDH is not playing more.
  4. NeverSurrender

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Not in the least bit.
  5. Easy when they put a dry ball in for 3rd down.
  6. NeverSurrender

    Bench Norman

    I agree with the last part but we clearly keep playing man coverages so I think Dunbar at 1, Moreau 2 and Moreland nickle would be better. At least Dunbar could blanket the #1 option and make it a damn challenge.
  7. NeverSurrender

    Bench Norman

    True, but honestly with the money he will want I would rather stay with Montae. At least he holds onto those INTS.
  8. NeverSurrender

    Bench Norman

    In comparison, Dunbar completely smothers that out route. Like straight up closed for business over there.
  9. NeverSurrender

    Bench Norman

    I was thinking this too. He looks more like a safety.
  10. NeverSurrender

    Bench Norman

    Im throwing this out there because to me, its very obvious. After watching Dunbar become a pretty darn good corner as well as Moreau play good and Moreland in the fray. Josh Norman gets beat like a drum over and over. I think that Callahan can make an example of him by benching him. He needs to be held accountable for his piss poor play this season and with Callahan's new "accountability" I think this is a must. It would send a message that poor performance leads to the bench. Thoughts?
  11. This, I have been saying this for a while. These refs are controlling the outcomes of drive and games with Penalties. I see it in EVERYGAME, not just redskins. Did anyone watch the Cowboys game last night? On the last drive the Pukes get the ball needing a TD and a 2 point to tie. The Jets DC is Greg Williams by the way, they played a great game blitzing the crap out of Dak. But the last drive in particular, there were 7 PI/Illegal contact penalties call IN A ROW. Yes 7 in a row, to help the pukes get in position to score. Itsnt it wierd that all of a sudden the most penalized offense in the league gets hardly any penalties?? Perhaps this should go in the conspiracy thread but to me its not a conspiracy, its blatant and in our face. Im not saying we arent committing penalties but other teams are as well and they arent being called.
  12. Drives like that is what made this team tough to beat early last year.
  13. Im all in baby!! Callahan is exactly what we needed!
  14. NeverSurrender

    Is it time to go Nuclear on Snyder???

    Truer words have never been spoken here.
  15. NeverSurrender

    Not Watching This Weekend...

    Im all in for week 5!! Lets go!!! You like that???!! Seriously though, this might be the best chance we have of winning a game all year. Im watching.