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  1. NeverSurrender

    Starting QB 2019???

    I think Bridgewater could blossom with Gruden though. Tearing your knee up like that could happen to anyone, I for one would like Teddy on the cheap if we could make that happen.
  2. NeverSurrender

    The Sean McVay Tracker

    Saints had the ball inside the 15 yard line with under 2 minutes left and the Rams had only 2 time outs remaining. I would have ran it 3 times and kicked a field goal with less then 1 minute remaining and the rams having no time outs. Throwing the ball at that point in the game was incredibly stupid.
  3. NeverSurrender

    The Sean McVay Tracker

    Totally agree with you. Everyone is talking about the Rams D but that Pats D was just downright filthy.
  4. NeverSurrender

    Starting QB 2019???

    The guy was literally calling where Tom was going with the ball in OT. I can almost guarantee he will be a coach at some point. I dont think its crazy at all not to want to acquire obviously talented people. I would think it crazy not to. I hated Romo when he played, but the guy was a heck of a QB. Now that his playing days are over I see no reason to hate.
  5. NeverSurrender

    Starting QB 2019???

    I would LOVE IT if we brought him in as an offensive assistant and Groomed him as a future OC/HC
  6. NeverSurrender

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    The only thing I have taken away from the playoffs is that the Refs are HORRIBLE!!! Something has GOT to be done. But this is nothing I havent been saying for a LONG time!
  7. Honestly, it sounds like a lot of people making excuses for things they cant control.
  8. This thread is a joke. 1.) Would everyone be cool if we fired Manuski with no replacement? I actually like what they are doing, He did a **** job last year so he should be on the block. As far as im concerned they can and should talk to any/every DC they want. If Manuski is lucky enough to be the DC next year he will know that he needs to do better. This is called accountability. It also extends to DJ Swearinger. 2.) The sky is not falling, Ill sig bet anyone we win at least 7 games next year. Which would be a 5 year stretch where we have won at least 7 games. Just FYI you have to go back to Gibbs 1 to find a stretch like that. 3.) Stop crying, this is the best we have been in 20 years, we may just need a few things to go our way to have a really good season.
  9. NeverSurrender

    Terminate Manusky

    I agree about Tomsula and the D-line but I saw NO regression in Dunbar. I thought we was playing very well and I love his mentality.
  10. Did I miss something or did we let Manuski go? Ill take Greg Williams all day if so.
  11. Yeah the future at FS... whats wrong with giving the guy the opportunity to "flourish"? He played pretty good in GB just FYI. Just go back and look at some of his numbers. Dix has more tackles, sacks, ints(tie) in 5 years then DJ has in 6 years. DJ is gone, get over it. His play droppd off hard as the season went on as well, so if were going to be critical then he is a much better target because not only was he getting beat like a drum by TEs he was criticizing coaches.... Ill take HA-HA all day over that. (yes i know they play SLIGHTLY different posistions.)
  12. I would be ok with Dix coming back. I think he may have been overshadowed by the outspoken DJ. I thought he played better as the season went on as well. Its not easy to switch team like he did and fit right in. I think he could be a good player for us.