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  1. To add to this, I think there were times that our offense was rolling pretty good however the was some stretches of really bad play calling. I do think a lot of this comes down to our limited QB options. Even Alex only had a few healthy games and when his leg got hurt we couldn't do much at all. Then we saw Taylor come in a basically shred the eventual superbowl champs Defense which was #3 in the league with no running game. Im definitely open to seeing what this offense can do with a functional QB. I also like the misdirection and unpredictability we showed "AT TIMES" last year.
  2. If were in Dime then why not go Juice and j3 on the outside with Fuller and Mcain over top with other DBs underneath.
  3. To me, DaRon Payne is a freak. He stands out a lot in games. I think he is better then Allen but its very close. Having said that, I think Ion comes on strong this year as well and I still think we haven't seen the best from Settle. I really feel like Payne and Allen push Settle to be the best version of himself and that's a great thing! Im also kind of wondering how the have Young over Sweat. Sweat was really really good last year and yes Young was impressive but; I do feel like Young was bothered by that injury early in the year were as Sweat was ballin from day 1. From a
  4. I can think of another SS that switched to FS quite nicely...... just sayin....
  5. I agree a Chris Cooley type would do wonders in this offense. the only problem is that you need someone big enough to block LB'ers, Fast Enough to also out run them and coordinated enough to catch passes in traffic. This type of athletic combination is rare. I would love it if we could find someone but I doubt it.
  6. I feel you man, Just watching this guys make the reads he was making impressed me a lot. I dont know why anyone would be hesitant slating him as the #1 QB going into next season. I believe that if he started all the games this year were sitting at 10-6 maybe 11-5. Our offense was inept for most of the season. Tony Dungy was impressed by him and that is a guy that coached Peyton Manning and watched him from the sideline for a long time. To make it clear, I was impressed by the playes he made and the diving play was amazing but his reads were what really set him apart from any QB we have p
  7. Its like when entering a restaurant you need a mask. But when you sit down your safe to remove your mask. When you win the division you can then remove your mask in the locker room.
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