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  1. NeverSurrender

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Mark Sanchez starting for us gave me serious doubts about if I still wanted to be a fan. But then refer to my name......
  2. NeverSurrender

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    It was also a fumble.
  3. NeverSurrender

    How's the Redskins Roster shaping up?

    I agree, production is what matters. Thats great that he didnt flourish until year three in college but if your expectations are 750 to 900 yards and 6-8 TDs then you are expecting mediocrity in year 3*. We could put a bunch of different people in that position and get the same result, so why do we need Doctson?
  4. NeverSurrender

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    Im right with you on this one. I think Settle could be a monster.
  5. NeverSurrender

    Welcome to the Redskins Montez Sweat Mississippi St.

    I agree about Ryan maybe being better suited for ILB but until Sweat actually plays a down I think Anderson is starting OLB taking over for Preston. Sweat should overtake him fast but I do think that Ryan is a competitor and will make his presence felt.
  6. NeverSurrender

    Is this the best Defensive Front we've had in years?

    I may be in the minority here but I think Sweat has the chance to have a double digit sack season. With the interior front we have as well as Kerrigan on the other side, there is no way he gets double teamed. That speed off the edge will be a massive problem on 3rd and long situations. All he has to do is show well in camp and I think he will quickly take over as the starter.
  7. NeverSurrender

    2019 Starting Free Safety will be......

    I have ZERO problem with what he did. He just might want to be careful with who he chases down because you never know what kind of weapons they might have.
  8. NeverSurrender

    Welcome to the Redskins Wes Martin OL Indiana

    Just watching a tiny bit of tape on this guy and he looks legit. The only knock on him is his short arms and stiffness. But he strength more then makes up for it. Im betting he is the day-1 starter at LG.
  9. NeverSurrender

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Jason was lacking in a couple areas but arm strength was NOT one of those areas. Dude could throw it 80 yards in the air.
  10. I love when he tosses people!! especially pukes. Allen, Payne, Ion= Best d-front in the league.
  11. NeverSurrender

    2019 Starting Free Safety will be......

    I put him in there for you!
  12. NeverSurrender

    2019 Starting Free Safety will be......

    This is my second post, I'm sorry if no one cares or it shouldnt be a post at all but I think it warrents some merit considering we signed a pretty solid Strong Safety this off season. Here are my thoughts on potential candidates for the position: Montae Nicholson: So there are character issues now, with the beat down but his play on the field didnt seem to far off from HA HA. I didnt see him get burned a whole lot, however, he didnt make many plays. Overall not hearing his name called that much while playing in the secondary cant be to bad. He also has Elite closing speed and length. Troy Apke: Well we know he has some speed and it seems like he plays with some decent instincts. The injury may have hurt his chances of development last year. But you can never tell what an offseason will do to someone. Hopefully he can come in an play well in preaseason impress and make decisions tough on coaches. Deshazor Everett: I like him but he is more of a SS to me. Seems to play like a thumper and better near the LOS. I think he can cover TEs and backs pretty decently and honestly Im only adding him here because he will make the team and Im sure they will put him out there at some point. Adonis Alexander: I would love to see this transition. I just think he may be to big to play corner at a high level (I could be completly wrong) A 6'3 FS with his range gets me excited. I love his body type for the position as well. I REALLY hope we get him on the field more this season. Josh Harvey-Clemons: This guy can play, He is always around the ball and I think he has the speed to make the transition I also think he played FS in college. This would keep him on the field more and make him very versatile on 3rd downs. Please feel free to merge/move comment and lets discuss!!
  13. NeverSurrender

    Starting QB 2019???

    To tweet again
  14. NeverSurrender

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I dont think we need to draft a RB at all. All positions in greater need are: Interior O-line, TE, Saftey, ILB, OLB, WR. Honestly we have to many RBs we need multiples at other positions. We also need to Draft a QB.
  15. Totally agree about Moses being garbage last year, but and I hate to defend Lauvao but when he is healthy he is decent especially in the Running game. The obvious problem is that he cant stay healthy. I dont think many around here are staying that Moses is great or even good.