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  1. ExoDus84

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Apparently he's not throwing at the combine. $10 bucks says he also skips the measurements.
  2. ExoDus84

    The Jussie Smollet Fiasco

    Is this guy's first name pronounced "Juicy"? If so, then LOL. I'd never trust a dude named Juicy. Oh yeah, he's an attention-seeking, man-sized hemorrhoid.
  3. ExoDus84

    The 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    He's a distraction and a locker room cancer, who has missed a bunch of practices, been late or no-showed, etc. He's thrown his teammates and coaches under the bus. If I was Pittsburgh management, I'd be sick of his **** and get rid of him. They will trade him and eat the dead cap, because he's a distraction and honestly, if they didn't trade him, he could pull the same thing Bell did and sit out a year. Might as well get a first or second rounder for him if you can and move on from the headache.
  4. Funny, "abolition of civil rights" seems like the Republicans platform when it comes to voting and marriage. Don't think that was a misspeak.
  5. ExoDus84

    The 2019 Free Agency Tracker

    I dont think we showed any interest in resigning him before he left via FA. I doubt the FO is going to be looking at him again unless we get him for vet min. Also, not a FA, but we'd save $5M if we ditch Vernon Davis. I'd get rid of either him or Reed, or even both, and find some younger talent. Reed isn't worth his contract, and Davis underperformed last season. For Davis, the cap hit would be $1.3M to save $5M For Reed, the cap hit would be $3.6M to save $6M
  6. ExoDus84

    Gameday Thread

    **** football. I'm sick of the ****ing Patriots. **** this game.
  7. This team is on point with the staffing changes. I wonder if we'll find out in training camp that we have a new DC, and that Manusky was fired in December. This team is going to be such a dumpster fire next season. I hope it's at least a true disaster, 2-14 status, that way some meaningful changes can occur.
  8. My guess would be absolutely nobody. Dems have every ounce of leverage here. They're not going to give him any money to waste on some concrete or metal monument to his failed presidency. The $5.7B for other border security measures, as a compromise, is all he's going to get. Maybe Joe Manchin offered him a $10 spot, since he's basically a DINO anyway. When Trump doesn't get his wall funding in 3 weeks, I wonder if we'll just repeat this same bull**** cycle. Can anybody shed light on the political/legal ramifications of Trump abusing the "national emergency" card to get a stupid section of the wall built?
  9. ExoDus84

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I didn't watch an actual highlight video. It was more of those "every snap vs. x team" videos, so you get the whole picture of the performance. All I can say is...MEH. Not interested. He's athletic sure, but as an NFL QB, it's a hard pass in my opinion.
  10. ExoDus84

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Just watched a couple of Kyler Murray highlight vids after I saw a few mocks having us taking him. Threw up in my mouth a little. The dude is 5'8" and doesn't seem to throw with any kind of anticipation. No way in hell he makes it as a QB in the NFL. I feel like he's a Tavon Austin kind of gadget/utility player in the pros. If we draft this kid, it better be in the 4th or later.