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  1. ExoDus84

    Redskins vs Bears Prediction Thread: Monday Night Meltdown?

    Bears offense is bad. I guarantee if they score 30+, Manusky is gone. For that reason... Bears 29 Skins 16 We are bad on MNF. Very bad.
  2. ExoDus84

    This might be the worst Redskins running team I've ever seen

    FYI: We are currently ranked 30th in rushing at 37.5 YPG. Only Miami and Cincinnati are worse.
  3. ExoDus84

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Holy hell did Manusky fly down to Atlanta and takeover their DC role? They just gave up 40 yards on 4th and 15.
  4. ExoDus84

    How was the stadium crowd today?

    27 years of a dog**** product combined with a garbage stadium and poor GameDay experience will do that.
  5. ExoDus84

    This might be the worst Redskins running team I've ever seen

    We've rushed for 75 yards in the past two games combined. That's pretty horrendous. How many games are you going to win averaging 37 yards per game in the ground? Pathetic as hell.
  6. ExoDus84

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    Manusky, just like Haslett and Barry before him, is a terrible coordinator. Grudens entire tenure has been marred with the most inept defensive staff money can buy. It's pathetic, and I'm not sure how or why this **** team keeps making the same mistakes in staff year after year. It's unacceptable.
  7. ExoDus84

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    Well, Keenum is on pace for 40 passing TDs this season, while the team is on pace for 0 wins. That would be an interesting season lol
  8. ExoDus84

    Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

    I hitherto declare this team a puddle of ass, unworthy of even the basest of 1 ply TP. Worst part is we won't even win the tanking championship. Miami has that down to a science.
  9. I love the explosiveness and playmaking potential that Guice has/had. I was really excited for him. He's now played in two NFL games and suffered serious knee injuries in both. That's insane. More to the fact, looks like his career is going to end before it even begins at this rate. Hoping for a speedy recovery, but I have a feeling it isn't going to end well.
  10. ExoDus84

    Raiders suspending Antonio Brown

    Can't tell if those text messages are from AB or from Charles Dickens. Such concise and structured prose. Could AB be the greatest text orator of our time?
  11. Colt still recovering from what was reporting as a hairline fracture in his leg LAST DECEMBER is pretty damning. What the hell did the training staff do to him to have it take a year to heal from a fractured leg bone? **** is ridiculous.
  12. I need to show up in a TW jersey and collect that paycheck. I don't even think they'd even notice. ....I"m 5'7, white, and run a 7.2 second 40.
  13. Perhaps you got Guice confused with Jon Allen, who does have an MCL sprain. That being said, I really hope it's not a torn ligament for Guice. That would be some Redskins-level bad luck.
  14. That article is from 2018, when he was misdiagnosed as an MCL sprain but it ended up being an ACL tear.
  15. Guice didn't have to go back into the game; Redskins legend Wendel Smallwood could have answered the call.