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  1. ExoDus84

    Redskins vs Jaguars Prediction Thread: 2018 Disappointment Superbowl

    Skins light it up in the opening half with an offensive explosion of 6 points. We take a lead going into the 4th and the game ends in an epic, thrilling come from ahead loss. Jaguars 9 Redskins 8
  2. Same here. Mobile chrome for Android.
  3. I just took a gander at Kirk's stats for the season. 3,700 yards, 24 TD's, 9 INT's. 70.6% percentage. This is why stats can be misleading. If you just looked at his stat line, anybody would think, "damn. Not too bad!" Statistically speaking, his numbers are pretty damn good. Not world beating, but pretty good. The issue is, and always has been, his performance in key moments, and his consistency. In every Minny game I've seen this year, Kirk has had an INT or fumble in the 4th quarter with the game still on the line. Inopportune, game-killing turnovers has been his achilles heel his entire career. On top of that, despite good statistical numbers, he'll play like crap and completely disappear for long stretches of a game, before putting up a bunch of garbage time stats in the 4th in a losing effort. This is why the Skins didn't pay him top 5 money, and why I think the Vikings won't get over the hump and reach the SB with him.
  4. ExoDus84

    I’m Happy the Redskins Lost

    Hm, just got home. I decided to go to the LA Auto Show instead of watching the game. Seems like a good decision. Sanchez predictably plays horrendous and gets benched. But we gave up 27 points in the second quarter to that offense? The **** happened? At least I saw some sweet rides at the show. I want an Audi TTRS or RS3.
  5. ExoDus84

    Terminate Manusky

    No, this defense has been on the skids for the past 5 weeks. Alex has missed the last two weeks. It's infuriating because the defense has been, outside of Dunbar and like 1 game by Ion, very healthy. We just started playing like **** on defense 5 weeks ago for no reason. To me, it sounds like offenses have figured out Manusky's basic schemes and are exploiting his lack of adjustments. I know our LB's suck and our backup corners are green, but I don't see a reason to fall from the #4 or 5 rated defense during the first 7 games, to the 30th ranked unit over the last 5.
  6. ExoDus84

    Press Release: #Redskins Quotes- Sanchez

    He's fumbled by being hit by an ass, and has now recovered a fumble with his own ass. The only thing left for him to do is to scramble after taking his own handoff and putting the ball in his ass. Ten bucks says this happens this week.
  7. Yeah with the two-time butt fumble extraordinaire behind center, we play like ass, absolute futility rears it's head and puts us up ****s creek without a paddle. All that's left is to turn the other cheek as we get reared. Gnats gonna get that booty. Giants 27 IR's 6
  8. Dude, please. Mark ****ing Sanchez is our starting QB. We'll be lucky to win anther game this year. Our offense is putrid, decimated by injuries, and run by a bunch of buffoons who get out coached every game. This season is over. The worst part is Gruden well probably get anther pass because of injuries, even though the team was starting to putrify long before Smith broke his leg.
  9. This team is ****ing cursed. The season is over. 6-3. 6 and ****ing 3, and then we lose both our QBs, the defense starts to fall apart, and we go into the ****ter. We'll be lucky to finish 7-9. Typical goddamn Redskins. Every year is something new. Some new way to dissapoint us fans and let us know how unlucky, inept, and pathetic we are as a franchise. People have the nerve to wonder why our stadiums are half empty every game?
  10. ExoDus84

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    It's not. Hunt is a dumbass, but I think the Chiefs kind of overreacted here. The best hit in the footage was Hunt getting 5 to the eyes. He wasn't even charged in the incident. He shoved her and gave her a kick so light that if he was trying an onside kick, and she was a football, it wouldn't have traveled the necessary 10 yards.
  11. ExoDus84

    Breaking: Redskins claim Reuben Foster NFL.COM

    I saw the video. Definitely not the worst thing I've seen an athlete do. It really wasn't that horrible, honestly. Somebody is going to claim him. He's a hell of a talent, and only 23 years old. We already have a PR problem after getting Foster, might as well add to it in the short term and have a dynamic playmaker for next season.
  12. ExoDus84

    Gameday Thread

    Seriously. Tonight was a fluke. They are going nowhere with that **** offense.
  13. Hard to keep your hands clean with that much Cheeto dust floating around. Can anybody close to Trump really be that clean? Tune in tomorrow to find out!
  14. I would say the Trump team still has to run their version of the "swinging gate", but his whole presidency has been a broken play.
  15. ExoDus84

    Redskins vs Eagles Prediction Thread: Kenny Loggins Special

    The stakes are too high. The MNF lights are too bright. The game is too meaningful for this franchise to actually pull out a win. Eagles 33 Skins 20