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  1. I'm glad for him. Our line is thin enough without losing its best lineman. I know he has been inconsistent as of late, but he's still the best option we have at G, and is still a cut above his replacements in talent.
  2. I still think Gase is the first one fired this year. The guy is a terrible coach, and his players seem to despise him. Quinn deserves to get fired after another meltdown, and Patricia is hot garbage also, but Gase loses games and has apparently lost the locker room as well. If the Jets don't win next week, I could see him getting canned.
  3. ...and this is surprising, how? Here's a below screenshot of where every QB ranks in QBR after week 2. Dwayne is dead last in the NFL. Also, last year, he ranked somewhere between 40th-50th in the NFL in QBR. See a trend?
  4. Yeah our offense is bad, but the Browns are still the Browns. They were obliterated by the Ravens, and then beat the de facto worst team in the NFL this week, who was starting a raw rookie at QB. I think our pass rush will rattle Mayfield, and give us a great chance of winning. BTW the Rams, and Aaron Donald, did not sack Wentz once today. Kyler is slippery as hell, but I think our line will feast next week.
  5. Any updates on Scherff? Based on the replay, and seeing his knee buckle the way it did, I'm guessing he tore something and is probably out for the long term. Otherwise, we spotted another opponent a huge lead, and the Cardinals are leagues better than the Eagles, so it was pretty much a guaranteed L by halftime. We just don't have the talent on offense to overcome large leads against even remotely good teams. Defense looked good in stretches, but also looked like they got gassed as the game wore on. I think they'll be fine. Haskins looks like Haskins. Head scratching
  6. And Kurt had 91 net passing yards, 0 TD's and 3 INT's. Strange day, indeed.
  7. We're not bad enough to vie for the #1 overall pick. The Jets/Giants/Bengals/Dolphins are all worse than us. Hell, after today, you might be able to add in the Eagles to that list. We have just enough talent on the defense to scrap out a few more wins, even with a borderline high school-level offense.
  8. Our offense wasn't doing anything all day, and they had a very comfortable lead in any case. Given those two facts, it's not shocking a young coach would get aggressive. If we don't want this to happen, then maybe we should kick the habit of spotting our opponents a 3-4 score lead.
  9. Camera panned over to Haskins, and he was joking around, all smiles, while the team was down by 15, as if he was happy that they only lost by two scores or something. Definitely irks me. I can't possibly imagine Brady/Manning/Brees, etc., chilling on the sideline in a happy-go-lucky mood after they played a poor game and the team was getting blown out.
  10. I don't like it either, but the team needs two touchdowns, and the offense has been pathetic all afternoon. Rivera probably just wants to get out and not risk injuries.
  11. I'm glad to see Haskins is all smiles on the sideline, after a bad game and the team being down by two scores.
  12. Murry could outrun Dwayne by doing a handstand and running with his arms.
  13. McLaurin still soarin'. Dwayne still lame.
  14. Bad team is bad. Cardinals are so much more complete
  15. Somewhere in the afterlife, Rodney Dangerfield was even surprised by that move.
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