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  1. David Amerson being cut before training camp starts, while Patrick Peterson is suspended for the first six games, and the Cardinals deciding to use a rookie second round pick as a starter instead, is not a very good sign for the man. Live long and prosper, Mr. Amerson, for your path lies beyond the NFL.
  2. I sincerely hope somebody dumped out the gatorade in that bottle and replaced it with bull semen. I really hate that man.
  3. No need to rush back Guice. There's still 6 weeks left until camp. Let him rehab and get stronger. I imagine he'll be on a limited snap count until the regular season starts, however, which I'm ok with. At any rate, good to see Perine looking good. Hopefully he can put it all together. At this stage, he still might be our 5th best RB. AP, Guice, Thompson, and even Love, have much more talent and explosiveness. I'm not expecting Perine to make the cut for the upcoming season.
  4. Training camp isn't even here, and we've lost our projected MLB to a serious injury and our stalwart franchise LT desperately wants out. What the **** else could go wrong with this accursed franchise.
  5. Scherff is a damn near All-Pro guard. It would be foolish to move him to the tackle spot, especially considering the team tried him at tackle his rookie season, and quickly realized he was much better at guard. His play would drop off precipitously as a T, I'd wager. Regarding Trent, it's kind of a dick move to pull this now honestly. He's an elite LT, and is still making very good money. Because one or two guys make more than him, he now wants much more, and is using the fact the skins drafted a QB high to force his way into a much larger deal. I'd say give him a few extra million for the next two years, and then let him walk or cut him after the new CBA is signed. We really have no way to replace his production in any way right now, but he's still coming off as greedy.
  6. Love hearing about Moreland. Kid has some moxy. Quick is a medicore WR at any rate, but still a good showing from Moreland. I like it.
  7. ExoDus84

    Would you want HBO Hard Knocks to feature us this year?

    Not sure there's really a "best deal". Across all streaming platforms and on it's own, HBO Go/NOW is $15 per month.
  8. ExoDus84

    WP: 20th anniversary of Snyder

    20 years and 2 playoff victories. Why do we even bother. What sorrows yet await us?
  9. Got any other video clips? Of the other 6 picks or of the 50 or so TD's?
  10. ExoDus84

    Reuben Foster carted off on 2nd snap of OTA's

    Just anther day in the life of a Redskins fan. Talented player explodes his knee in the third play of the first Ota. This franchise is absolutely, laughably cursed.
  11. ExoDus84

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    It pisses me off that Jon was shafted like that. Look, I understand his arc is about duty over love. I get it. I just don't agree with him being exiled to the Wall under those circumstances. You're telling me his brother, who is now King (wtf?), and his loving sister, now Queen of the North, would just let the goddamn Unsullied determine his fate and let him rot at the Wall after everything he's done for the Realm? They were totally ok with a few foreign soldiers telling them that the Hero of Westeros has to go die at the Wall? Oh yeah, wtf is the point of the Night's Watch? White Walkers are dead and the 25 remaining wildlings are friendly to the realm. Also, there's a giant ass hole in the wall so what's the point in manning any of the castles? It should have been his choice. The North is who he is, and he's bonded with the Wildlings the entire series. Had he chosen to forego the Crown despite his birthright, and instead spend his time with the people in the far north that he saved, away from the politics of the realm that destroyed so many lives, then I would be ok with it. The show framed it as the Unsullied and Dothraki wanted him to suffer, so he gets sent into exile, which is bull**** considering his family now controls all power in the Kingdom. Also, the unsullied left and the Dothraki evaporated after that scene, so again...why is he being forced into exile? ****ty writing. I hate D&D for shafting the ending to this incredible cinematic opus of a show. Rushing the hell out of the final seasons and destroying the narrative that has been building for years because they wanted to hurry up and start destroying the Star Wars franchise next really pisses me off.
  12. Agree with this take. Buying a nice car is not a big deal, for a young kid that has money now and wanted to own his dream ride. Coming off the awful RG3 experience, seeing Haskins and his family trying to build his "brand" before he completes a single pass is giving me PTSD. I want Haskins' full attention on being the best QB possible. I really hope his business interests are taking a back seat. I think I'll puke if Haskins starts putting out self-congratulatory social media posts and coming up with idiotic catch phrases.
  13. I picked 5-11. That would be a break of Grudens propensity for 7-9 Jeff Fisher-ness, but I'm not liking the QB situation. We have a rough schedule out the gate, at the time of year where offenses generally struggle. Compound that by the fact we have as murky a picture at QB as any team in the league, and you have to imagine we are going to really struggle to score points. We do t have a lot of offensive firepower. Our defense should be better, but as we saw last year, it can't hold us up if we are only scoring 17 pts per game. It'll be a rough year. I just hope Haskins gets a chance to sit and learn for a while before he is thrown to the wolves.
  14. ExoDus84

    Game of Thrones Season 8

    Not sure if these have been posted...