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  1. Arguably top 3 player at the G position, that we drafted and developed in-house, and us not signing him will be "dodging a bullet". Us WFT/former Skins fans are a unique bunch.
  2. Plot twist: What if all the anti-vaxxers are right? Watch, in a few years, Montez Sweat will be driving around New York city, dodging us vaccinated zombies and hunting deer with his trusty canine sidekick.
  3. Well if our recent history is any indication, he'll become a top 5 player and then get franchised twice before we lose him in FA for no compensation. I can't wait.
  4. Ignorance is ignorance. The cure for ignorance is information; information the team provided by bringing in doctors and medical professionals to educate the players on both the virus and the vaccine. Sweat doesn't get a pass if he wants to remain ignorant, do "his own research", or what have you. There is no legitimate source of information, anywhere, that could warrant enough reasonable doubt on either the efficacy or potential side effects of the vaccine to have over 50% of your team not get it. "Tailor the treatment accordingly"? Wtf are you talking about? It boils down to selfi
  5. I'm digging the logo. But we need to make just one adjustment, to really make it terrifying...
  6. I'd be fine with the Wizards as a team name, as long as they used a picture of Gandalf smoking pipe-weed as their logo.
  7. I hope every episode this season is just 60 minutes of Zeke running up the gut for 2 yard gains, interspersed with shots of Jerry Jones visibly decaying further and further into Skeletor.
  8. Bruce Allen with his finger on the "Draft" key, while being constantly 8 Coors Lights deep, probably didn't help. Draft Room Dude: "Sir, we scouted this kid, and we really found concerning...." Devil Allen: "aaannndd DRAFTED"
  9. Glory be unto you, by the grace of all gods. Ramen.
  10. Oof. Guess he may soon be called Tua Ton-of-turnova?
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