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  1. Xanax actually calms you down, and puts you in a restful mode. That ho is on uppers. Lots, and lots, of uppers. She probably has a "Fun Dip" packet full of cocaine, with the dip stick made from adderall.
  2. RG3-and-out is probably done after this year. The man just can't play ball. 2012 is probably the best coaching performance by any staff in history.
  3. Have faith, fellow tank commanders. We play Pittsburgh and Seattle the next few weeks.
  4. Really though, if Biden can speak in complete sentences and knows most, even if not all, of his ABC's, that's still enough to make Trump jealous.
  5. I'm down for the tank, but there's just no way we're going to defeat Tank Commander Gase. The Jets have losing down to a science man. It's an art form for them. We'll have a top 5 pick most likely, so not sure who we're going to draft. We desperately need a stud QB, but outside of Lawrence, I don't know if there's another consensus top QB. Kind of wary with Fields after just drafting an OSU bust.
  6. Uh yeah, if Jacksonville's QB is performing worse than Haskins was, safe to say they are going to be in the market.
  7. Carson Wentz now leads the league in INTs (13) and fumbles (9).
  8. Everybody ****ting on the defense, but we are much better in every statistical category compared to last year. 1st in pass yards allowed per game. 5th in total sacks. 11th in points allowed. Relax people.
  9. Jfc. Did Randy Bullock get some advice from Hopkins pre-game?
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