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  1. Normally I'd agree with you, but it's exceptionally rare that a QB of Watson's caliber becomes available. For talent like that at the most important position, sometimes you need to swing for the fences.
  2. Alex is a warrior, a class act, and an all around great dude. I wish him luck in all the things he does after he retires from the NFL. As for the remainder of his playing career, may the winds take him to Philadelphia or Dallas, as their starter.
  3. Simple, evidence free hot take. I like it. ESPN will be offering you a job soon.
  4. Russel Wilson in exchange for Taylor Heinicke is going to happen. The NFL world is not ready.
  5. You can't fault the coaching staff for being wary in Smith, after that kind of injury. I don't think anyone in the sports world really thought he'd be able to come back from the injury. You can also excuse the teams' reluctance to put a guy back there after nearly losing his leg. Alex's arguments that the team didn't "believe" in him are a bit off the mark. It's more the team being prudent and looking forward as an organization, even if it is technically true. At any rate, I think Alex might see the writing on the wall that he won't be back, and feels more comfortable speaking abou
  6. You say they're stupid, but I'm taking it to the next level. I'm going to wingsuit over an active volcano, and if my parachute deploys over my sulfurous doom, it'll be pink or blue.
  7. The Steelers fans I've talked to and heard from say he looked absolutely washed last year. Dink and dunk constantly, can't throw the ball downfield anymore, overweight and lazy, limited mobility, etc. They said he looked finished. I'd much rather have Fitz. I want Roethlisberger the same way I want Darnold... in an Eagles or Cowboys jersey.
  8. All I want next season is for Darnold and Haskins to play each other as the starting QB's. No offense to Tom Brady, but that would show us what stud quarterbacking really looks like.
  9. If the Jets give us Darnold, and a 2nd rounder or better, in exchange for nothing but a thank you and a candygram, then I'm ok with it. Otherwise, hard pass.
  10. I mean, they get a 2nd in 2022, and a 3rd this year. Not amazing value. Plus they are getting taken to the woodshed in dead cap: $33.8M. I know they could potentially land a 1st in 2022, but with Wentz's injury history, I doubt he plays 75% of snaps next year.
  11. In other asshole media personality news, I saw this was trending on twitter. Gave me a nice chuckle.
  12. I'm going to lose a lot of sleep over this. ...because I'm going to be drinking and partying like a ****ing BOSS boys!
  13. Smith has made $190M total in his career. I don't think money is the primary driving factor in him playing or retiring.
  14. It's only 3:30PM on the east coast and you're already ripping beers. You must be a Wizards fan.
  15. Who needs 9 million dollars, when you can pick up 9 million Hawaiian chicks?
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