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  1. It's really hysterical that these guys think so highly of themselves that they can just jump in late and make any kind of run. The reality is that you have the same name ID problems that everyone but Biden and maybe Sanders had, no base of support and don't have the 6 months or so and multiple debates to build it. Oh, and people are going to resent you skipping most of the process and trying to shortcut your way thru it now. But, you know, good luck. I'm sure I'm wrong. I just haven't met the millions of "Oh Dear God, why oh why isn't Deval Patrick running!?!?!" people.
  2. Rufus T Firefly

    Why are we this bad on the field?

  3. Rufus T Firefly

    2019 Game Day Thread

    Sholda picked that.
  4. That's one of the most ludicrous twisting of someone's words I've ever seen.
  5. Rufus T Firefly

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yeah, you can see it, and you hear it from everyone around him. Things like work ethic, competitiveness, toughness, etc. Intangibles and what not.
  6. Rufus T Firefly

    2020 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I've been starting to lean that way for a little while anyway. He's not going to blow you away with physical attributes, just gets the job done.
  7. The hysterical part of this is that Bloomberg is running to "stop" Elizabeth Warren, but the best he'll be able to do is take votes from moderate candidates like Biden and thus help Warren win the nomination. Brilliant billionaire whose ego is rendering himself an idiot.
  8. Be interesting to watch what happens to the numbers if Biden actually finishes 4th in Iowa.
  9. New Civiqs poll of National and Battlegrounds, again not showing data that backs up the freakout-inducing NY Times poll of a few days ago, but shows a close race, as should be expected; (all margins vs Trump, of course) National Warren +4 Biden +4 Sanders +4 Michigan Warren +3 Biden +2 Sanders +4 Pennsylvania Warren +5 Biden +5 Sanders +3 Wisconsin Warren +5 Biden +4 Sanders +3 Arizona Warren +3 Biden Tie Sanders +2 Florida Warren Tie Biden -1 Sanders -2 North Carolina Warren Tie Biden -2 Sanders -1
  10. Not just turnout, but 3rd party protest votes. The share of the electorate that Johnson and Stein got basically tripled from 12 to 16, due to dissatisfaction with the candidates. On the Dem side, a lot of that was due to the centrism and lack of vision displayed by the candidate.
  11. I don't know if it's a red state, leans that way certainly. Be interesting to see if the voting reforms there change anything. But yeah, centrist Nelson loses in Florida and then says that only a centrist can win there. Typical of what the punditry does.
  12. Rufus T Firefly

    Petition to Fire Allen and Hire a Qualified GM