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  1. Gotta hear some more about how Biden doesn’t make sense when he talks.
  2. Is that why he's asking states to send National Guard troops to hospitals? It was obvious it wasn't really going to be about getting "accurate information".
  3. Except you didn't really say that, your post bordered on nonsense, and even it didn't, that doesn't really have anything to do with the point you were responding to.
  4. He should be doing some of these closer to prime time, though, and challenging the media to broadcast them. If they are going to put Trump on air, when even his supposed "official" addresses veer into politics (not to mention they all put the Tulsa rally on), then they should be obligated to give Biden air time.
  5. I'm not too worried about winning Graham votes in a red state by showing him praising the Dem nominee. Should point out, this would be airing in a state where Harrison is going to be running ads of Graham trashing Trump in 2016. So my idea would create a two-pronged attack.
  6. OK, sure. But seeing that link, it's pretty clear you only came across that because of your daily googling of "Dawson Creek pics"
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