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  1. There's nothing I need to "relax" about. No it isn't. Though it depends on what you mean by "wrong person" which sounds like a Straw Man. You can, should, must pick someone who is not only ready to be President and an asset to an administration, but who can also help you win (which is Warren, imo). If you think you're choosing between those things, then something has gone horribly off the rails in the section process.
  2. I'm not sure why you're directing a lot of this at someone who has stated that picking anyone but Warren would be a mistake. But the number one priority is winning. Really, all of the top 10 priorities are wing, because nothing else matters if you lose. And thinking "well, I've got this won", ever, but especially vs an incumbent, is suicidal hubris. Hillary picked Kaine because she thought she had her race won and wanted someone she was comfortable with, by the way. That was in late July 2016.
  3. Several things in this discussion (by which I mean the way people talk about the VP selection process, not just in this thread) I find either hysterical or infuriating: 1. The idea that I need to let Joe Biden pick my next President after him. 2. That, after watching a race where the top 4 contenders were 70+ (3/4 nearly 80) to compete with a 75 year old, the idea that voters are demanding youth. 3. That people talk as if a VP is something like an automatic successor. 4. Or that it's even necessarily a good idea to nominate a sitting VP (especially if after two terms). 5. That someone who could serve a term as VP, be elected President and then be running for a second term at basically Joe Biden's age now is "too old".
  4. Well, the number one job (by FAR) of the VP pick is to help the ticket win. So, I don't really like the idea of saying things like "don't try to run up the score". We don't know what the final state of the race will be. The person who most helps Biden win is the best choice. Again, the worry with qualifications is the drag it could be on the ticket. The first thing a VP should do is to not cause any harm, especially when you start off the gerneal election in the lead. And with a 78 year old that many voters are worried won't stay Compos Mentis for four years, doing something like picking a woman with only a year and a half of presiding over a <500K person city is a ridiculous gamble to take. And this idea of "gotta pick a black woman" might lead us to Kamala, who black voters had no interest in when she ran for President, who is currently preferred far less by black voters than Warren for VP, has nowhere near the plans or proposals to help black citizens as Warren, and who has a troubling history in prosecutions, which she seems incapable of defending. It would be the most Democrat thing ever to pick her and be like "You're welcome, black people".
  5. Who TF is "we", you jackass?
  6. This is really well done:
  7. I like Demings, was actually talking about her as a candidate before she started being really talked about nationally (before we knew who the nominee would be). But, at this point, she falls into a category with several of the talked about candidates for me- with a 78 year old nominee, a pandemic, economic crisis and social unrest, picking a VP who would raise significant questions like "is she really qualified for the job?" seems like a huge mistake. There are others who would be worse for this reason (Abrams, Bottoms), but Demings will have 4 years of experience in elected office. It's an issue. And yes, she will be attacked for police brutality questions from her tenure in Orlando. Even if she wasn't terrible in that regard, it's going to be a problem. And the supposed advantage she has is "she's from Florida". What I think people fail to think about with Representatives as opposed to Governors and Senators, is that they only represent a slice of the state, they are not really more known to the rest of the state than a lot of out of state pols would be. Demings is a known commodity in 1/27th of the state, and that portion is a reliably blue one that would go strongly for Biden regardless. It's possible she could help turnout in her district very slightly and also very slightly get people from the rest of the state to be interested in a home state person being on the ticket, the net effect would be extremely minor.
  8. If you want to laugh at how hysterical RWNJs and their "fake news" "liberal media bias" blatherings are, you just need to remember how many of them (including the moron they elected leader of the free world) consider jokes like Alex Jones and this guy "legit" news:
  9. Oftentimes, state polls can lag behind national ones. I suspect that's a lot of what we saw in 2016. The national polls had just enough time to catch up with the Comey effect, but there wasn't data to show the outsized impact on Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. Plus, the what ultimately cost her the election was depressed turnout in those states. Comey probably caused a lot of that and polling didn't pick it up.
  10. Don't remember if someone posted this already, but I wanted to make sure it was posted. Really ticks me off. These guys should all be fired.
  11. Most Trump supporters are very proud of it, and can't believe the irretrievable stupidity of those who don't- I mean, did you know a lot of libs are in favor of wind power? Don't they know that when the wind stops blowing their TVs shut off? Idiots. However, there are those who kind of know they shouldn't be voting for Trump, know he's unstable and kind of dumb. Who hear their friends talking of all the reasons he absolutely has to be removed form office. And they don't necessarily disagree, but, you know... Mexicans. Those people might have a tendency to lie to pollsters. There's likely not many of them, but they are out there. It's a real phenomenon. It's also vastly overstated. Both things can be true.