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  1. LOL. I refer to my previous comment about such things degreasing into pointless and irrelevant debates. And I thought it was pretty clear I didn't give a damn about a 7-9 "playoff run". If that was your priority then so be it. Again, my opinion is we chose that over a much better chance at long-term contention.
  2. I didn't say anything about cutting players (though I could easily make a case that the team would be better off paying minimum salary guys and saving the salary of each of Thomas Davis, David Sharpe and Jeremy Sprinkle would benefit the team). What I said was the team would get a trade return for players that could prioritize cap or draft capital. For example, if I traded Kerrigan early last year, I could find a team willing to take most of his salary and give a smaller return or we could pay most or all off potentially and get more. I'm not going to guess at trade returns. I hav
  3. He definitely wouldn't have been my first choice, but I always liked Rivera as a coach. I'd have much preferred to go with a younger, more innovative type of HC, but Rivera as Coach wasn't anywhere near the worst hire Snyder has made. Rivera as de facto GM is another matter. My assumption was what we'd get with an older retread coach running personnel was a guy who would prioritize the short-term rather than recognize the opportunity the team's young talent and assets presented to potentially build a long-term powerhouse. That, imo, is exactly what transpired. Imagine
  4. I wouldn't be terribly upset if we took him, but giving up assets to trade up to do it would be a different matter.
  5. They haven't traded completely out of the first round a lot, but they have traded down a lot and traded picks for better picks in future years many times. After Brady's QBing and BB's coaching, that organizational philosophy is probably the next big reason for there sustained success, even when their drafting was just decent and not great.
  6. If I'm Houston, that sounds like a good offer even if Watson isn't forcing a deal. I'd at least be looking at Fields and Lance and seeing if I really liked one and exploring whether I could trade up and take one of them if I pulled the trigger on that Carolina deal.
  7. It sounded a lot like what Belichick did for years.
  8. It's not the most unlikely scenario I've ever heard, but banking on a team deciding to trade themselves away from 2 top notch QB prospects so they can target a guy who may or may not be there at 19 to be the QB they build around seems really far-fetched.
  9. So, the team that was in position to draft a generational QB talent ended up winning enough games that they had to settle for an obviously damaged QB, and this is proof that it's better to win those games?
  10. Technically he's not with his drafting team because he's.... you know...... not with his drafting team.
  11. 75% of snaps, or 70% plus playoffs. According to LaCanfora.
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