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  1. Rufus T Firefly

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    People love saying things like this, but it's not really how trade value works. If Rosen played well, then Arizona's choice wouldn't be to take what you offer vs keeping him, it's what you offer vs what all the other teams who would like to get a young, promising low-salaried QB would be willing to offer. No, I'd plan on using all the draft capital and cap space I'd create to build a new OLine for the long-term. And I'm more concerned with getting a great foundational QB and I think Arizona's firsts still have a chance to be high, maybe really high, even with Williams and Scherff (and Murray). Plus, us getting worse for a year or two gives us more potential shots at getting a Franchise guy in the next. two drafts, which look to be really strong QB drafts. Scherff starts getting really expensive this year. If we start rebuilding now, we're not going to be a serious contender for at least 2 years (If we don't, it'll be considerably longer). So we can pay Scherff about 25 mil for two years of us not contending so we'll be able to pay him about 15 mil per year as he's hitting his 30s and we start getting good. Or we can instead save and roll over some of that money for when we might be good again, play put part of the long-term money into signing a guy at one of the few positions where top-notch FAs routinely change teams (check out the potential G FAs in 2020). And pocket good draft picks in the process. I'm not giving Scherff away. But in the specific idea I posted, hell yes. It's the kind of thing a forward-thinking, creative Front Office would try to pull off. So, not ours. But I wasn't suggesting it actually might happen, just an idea of what should.
  2. Rufus T Firefly

    Spurrier comment

  3. Rufus T Firefly

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Still not sold on the notion of Arizona taking Murray, but if they do, they'd also have the option of sitting Murray for a while and grooming hm while they let Rosen play and hopefully build some trade value for himself. And or all of the above, though, requires they find a way to fix that OLine. Which, in my rebuilding fantasy would be where my idea comes in of offering them Scherff and Williams, plus probably a couple of mid rounders, for their 1sts in 2020 and 2021. But dare to dream.
  4. Rufus T Firefly

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    I get where you're coming from, but I'm going to beg to differ on guys who are specifically not good passers. Accuracy is the most important physical ability a QB prospect can have. You don't know you can fix it if you fix mechanics. Some guys just aren't accurate. And fixing mechanics isn't always possible anyways, at least not without years of work. A guy with "moxie" whose release is a little slow, who's an inch or two shorter than ideal, who doesn't always diagnose or read defenses the best, who maybe needs to work on arm strength, or work on his footwork, etc.... In those cases, I can get onboard with where you're coming from (depending on what other traits he has, and the definition of his "moxie"). But just taking a bad passer and assuming you can fix that, no thanks.
  5. Rufus T Firefly

    2019 Comprehensive Draft Thread

    Yeah, I like that. Though I tend to value a FS who can really cover. But, then, you could say that's just elevating a player for his ability, which doesn't really dispute your tiers. I mean, obviously Julio Jones is more valuable than Preston Smith no matter what tier their respective positions are in.
  6. Rufus T Firefly

    The Sean McVay Tracker

    Absolutely not. Goff missed some plays, but McVay was outclassed by miles. First off, I could have told you Belichick was going to shut down the run. Yet, McVay came out and did run-run-pass for three quarters. So, his young and nervous QB had to constantly throw from 3rd and long. His pass plays were all 7 step drops, wait for someone to come open. There was no creativity to anything the Rams did on O, there were no discernible adjustments during the game. Where were the screens? Where were the slants? Where were the pick/rub plays? Where was the tempo? Where were the attempts to throw to set up the run? Goff had a bad day. McVay had an abysmal day.
  7. I don't mind an owner trying to make money. It's what they do. But the best way for an NFL team to make money is to win. I mind, a lot, having an owner with his head too far up his own ass to realize what he's been doing for the last 20 years isn't working.
  8. Rufus T Firefly

    Gameday Thread

    Well, he'd be a better owner than Snyder (a trait he has in common with several billion other mammals on planet Earth), but the only thing that makes him a "great" owner is he got Belichick. He had already chased two Hall of Fame coaches out of town and if Belichick hadn't shafted the Jets it's doubtful Kraft would be anything other than an owner with an unremarkable tenure.
  9. Rufus T Firefly

    Gameday Thread

    Yeah, obviously I misspoke when I said guys don't get in for short careers. I meant generally. I was thinking of Sayers, but not Davis, who again I don't think should be in. But the point is a player at least has to reach a level of real transcendence to get in in such circumstances. And have extenuating circumstances. I just don't see how even being the best at a position that doesn't send many to the Hall for the equivalent of like 4-5 years and not amassing stats that put you past guys who would never even get nominated for the Hall can make you a "lock". But again, he'll get in because the bar will be lower for Patriots players.
  10. Rufus T Firefly

    Gameday Thread

    At some point, people are going to get hip to the fact that the whole "the game is worth watching for the commercials" thing has been dead for over a decade. There are rarely more than 3 or 4 good commercials, and rarely any great ones anymore.
  11. Rufus T Firefly

    Gameday Thread

    He has less career receptions than Ben Watson and Vernon Davis. Yeah, he's a great blocker, but that doesn't make up for some pretty pedestrian career numbers in catches. I personally don't think Davis should be in. He got in in a soft year for candidates. But at least he got in on three historically great seasons, an MVP and a Super Bowl MVP. And he got in because injuries made him unable to play. He didn't have a short career so he could go wrestle. Gronk may have three rings, but he didn't play in one of those Super Bowls, btw. Missed the whole postseason run that year.