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  1. That might be giving too much credit. For a lot of them it's just repeating what someone on Facebook has told them without even bothering to see if there is a source for it, much less a verified source.
  2. Isn't it amazing how it seems the "do your research" crowd just repeats easily disprovable nonsense? Do they actually know what "research" means? That's rhetorical, of course.
  3. And, if you ever get lost in the woods, Bill Gates can find you. Benefits galore.
  4. You say that because you obviously don't mind becoming magnetized.
  5. Can't take credit for being astute. Just riding autopilot on the cynicality for about a decade and a half. Just waiting until I need another mode.
  6. I mean, I can't see what he would have been "instructed" to do on that play. There's no TE covering him, the RB is on the other side of the formation, there's no one else lined up in Moses' orbit. If he didn't think the rusher was his responsibility, why did he eventually have an "oh, crap" reaction and turn to go after him too late. Not going to crucify a guy for one play, but I don't buy any explanation for that one other than that he basically fell asleep.
  7. I mean, we could have gotten good returns during the year for some players who aren't/shouldn't be part of our future- Moses, Scherrf, Darby, Kerrigan, Bostic, maybe Collins before he got hurt. Which would have gotten us some good draft capital, a bunch more cap and we could have accepted a couple more losses in exchange for a draft position which might have gotten us a QB for the next decade plus. But we went 7-9 and lost a playoff game, and that's all that matters.
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