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  1. Minor bit of anecdotal for y'all this morning- polling places seemed pretty busy.
  2. Rufus T Firefly

    Ooooweee Dunbar wants to be traded!

    We should have been looking to trade him anyway. Maybe we'll be forced into doing what's best for us. Of course, I thought the same of the Trent situation a year ago.
  3. We all know the caucus system is dumb, but its been going forever and both parties do it. But just pointing out, on the sadly somewhat long list of things I've lost some respect for Bernie for this cycle, him fighting for that undemocratic system because he thought it would help him is included. The idea that it ended up costing him would be sweet justice (but in totality, the caucus probably benefited him more than hurt him).
  4. It's a caucus. It wasn't invented to screw Bernie over. (Of course, Bernie's was the only campaign to lobby for the caucuses to continue, but that's no reason for Bernie bros not to complain about it).
  5. I won't predict a heart attack, but it is astounding to me that he's gotten away with promising to release his health records, and then changing his mind, as a 79 year old who's coming off a major health issue.
  6. Yeah< I nearly put "unique among Democrats" but I assumed everyone knew that's what I meant. But...
  7. Again, I've been a fan of Bernie for many years. Supported him last time, including with a good deal of money (for me). Decided to go with Liz this time, but Bernie was as strong second. So, it's not like I have a vested interest in spreading bad word about Bernie or his supporters. But fi you're seeing what's going on in Democratic circles, especially online, then you see what the Bernie bros are doing. They were bad enough in 2016, they've gotten worse since. And Bernie did nothing to discourage it, which is a major disappointment to me. Yeah, there are bad supporters of every candidate, and there are its who feed the disunity. But the toxicity of the Bernie bros is on a level that's unique.
  8. Bernie's supporters are going to be the big issue either way. They have grown so obstinate, arrogant and strident, that it's reasonable to wonder how many of them would let Trump beat any other Dem candidate just out of spite and the desire to say "I told you so". On the other hand, they have pissed off so many other Democratic voters, and will probably turn off so many independents with their "If you don't support Bernie you're a moron" routine that they might just sink their own candidate (and the country with it). I've been such an admirer of Bernie for so long, but he's become the worst thing for Democratic unity in a long time. The best thing that could've happened is another heart attack that forced him to drop out.
  9. Another big day for me. Yesterday was my first Deval Patrick sign. Today it was William Weld.
  10. In the sense that he probably votes D more often than he votes R, yes. But he's pretty clearly a centrist, and he does so much work to undermine Democrats that people on the left despise him. He's kind of the poster child for the "left wing media bias" BS.
  11. I haven't been on the board much lately, and maybe that's why I wasn't at all familiar with the poster before a few minutes ago, but from the first post of his in this exchange, it was pretty clear there wasn't much point in engaging.
  12. Thanks for confirming that there is no need to take you remotely seriously.
  13. Even if true( (and it's at least largely nonsense), the argument really boils down to wanting to continue having 1 out of 6 people suffer without health care so the rest of us don't have to wait a little longer for an appointment. And, of course, if this is an issue of having not enough providers of care to serve the increased number of people with insurance, then the market will correct itself and more people will go into that field, which means more jobs, and good jobs at that. Right wingers pretend to believe in the power of the free market when they use it as an excuse for not giving living wages to workers, or anything else that benefits the wealthy, but when it comes down to it, they really don't believe in it at all.