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  1. That's just a ludicrously bad take from PFT (this is my shocked face ) 1. They are treating the "1/3 of the league" report as gospel and an exact figure. 2. It's only been a couple of days and the season isn't over yet. 3. Just because Mike Florio thinks a team "should be interested" doesn't mean it's surprising that they aren't calling. The Jets and Dolphins have high picks and are rebuilding. It's not news if those teams are thinking draft pick, or Watson (or Tua) and not a 32 year old Stafford. The Falcons could draft someone or stick with Ryan. The Browns? After Mayf
  2. With the injury histories of those two and Allen possibly being on PUP, that scenario might get Steven Montez a chance.
  3. Would you pay him $25.5 mil if he were a FA? I sure wouldn't. So, why the hell would you trade a draft pick for the right to?
  4. My guess would be it's a lot to do with Saleh and Joe Douglas. They have a youngster who looks like a stud LT and some promising receivers. They have a lot of draft capitol and a ton of cap space. If you believe in the brain trust, it's easy to see them being a power in a couple of years. And you make a lot of money being in NY.
  5. I'd do that, too. You'd have to convince Rivera to be patient to buy into that, of course. We wouldn't take a cap hit to release him in 2023, btw. For LA, the problem is they're way over the cap and even after trading Goff I'm not sure they'd have enough cap to add another QB they could win with, and they'd be way down in draft picks to trade for one, or to fill out their roster with cheap young players.
  6. No way they could release Goff. They could theoretically take the small hit if they traded him, but who the hell wants to pay Goff $28 mil? Let alone give something up for the right to?
  7. Considering what they already have on their roster, you could make the case that they have the best cap situation in the league. They also have an offensive minded coach that QBs want to play for. Maybe Scott Turner becomes that, but he sure isn't comparable to Frank Reich right now in terms of who guys like Stafford would want to play for.
  8. For them. But Stafford wouldn't likely get traded within the division anyway.
  9. Do we know what kind of treats Rodgers gives his dog? Or what he orders at Starbucks? If he's a skinny latte guy, then I don't want him near my team.
  10. This would be the proper response to that question:
  11. Payne would be on the 5th year option in 2022. But I agree, and I would be looking for trade packages for Allen regardless. There is no way we are going to retain all 4 DTs, and I think the difference between what Allen and Settle will be paid will be far greater than the difference in their playing abilities, and we should be able to get a decent amount for Allen in a trade.
  12. Again, they would save cap space by getting rid of Rodgers. Also again, I don't believe for a second Rodgers is going anywhere. But to imply that they can't afford to under the cap is completely wrong.
  13. It will be extraordinarily easy for Dallas to do some simple restructures and get the space to tag Dak, It'a so not an issue that it doesn't really merit discussion. That goes for a lot of other talk in this and other threads, where people think being a little over the cap is some kind of automatic eliminator from teams being able to make moves. It is not. Now there are teams with cap issues either by being ridiculously over, like New Orleans or having some good FAs while being over, ie Green Bay. Or you have the unique ass-pokery Pittsburgh has gotten themselves into with being $3
  14. So, this is one of those numbers that sounds like it means something important, but on examination is completely irrelevant. Sure, the dead hit on Rodgers would be over 31 mil. Crippling. Except that Rodgers has a cap figure of over 37 mil to start with. SO the team would save about 5.5 mil on their cap by getting rid of him. That's not a lot, and they'd probably spend a couple mil of it to bring in a vet back-up, but still they'd actually net cap space on a move. It's a little like someone offering to pay you $10 to take a couch off their hands and you saying "nah, I can't afford it, I'm brok
  15. What Allen did was totally unsportsmanlike, what Feliciano and Dawkins did was completely dirty. They weren't punished for it at all because Okafor said something to the guy who chucked a football at his head. I can't put into words how ludicrous that is.
  16. I mean, I remember being baffled by it as a kid. Like a 5 yard offsides and a 15 yard dirty hit and they cancel each other out? It's never made sense to me.
  17. The offsetting rules are just stupid. 45 yards offsets 15. And Really Okafor shouldn't have been punished. He talked back to a guy who threw a football at his head.
  18. Allen can't take that sack and you can't take 15 yards. They'll be more ready next year.
  19. Wylie came back in, but yeah, Fisher going down would be big. Like when Bakhtiari went down, I thought it was huge. Didn't seem to bother GB for a while, but I think they win today if he was out there.
  20. I was sure Tampa would beat New Orleans, and felt like they would beat Green Bay. I'll be shocked if they beat KC.
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