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  1. Yeah, Stafford to the Colts makes too much sense. And the Colts have the most incentive to pay the cost to get him, IMO.
  2. Depends on the player, and how many. If you trade a key player to get a franchise QB that can win you games every week, they'll get over their trust issues. I highly doubt they'll still be pouting about an offseason trade if they have confidence in the man under center. And it won't take long.
  3. We're also living in the era of Brady and Mahomes. These two will have won 5 of the 7 SBs since these other guys got into the league, outside of Stafford. We're not getting either one of them, so you get who's left. We were probably a good QB away from 11 wins this year. Even with the roster deficiencies. Bad QB play is primarily responsible for, at minimum, 3 losses, probably closer to 5. It's not so much overstating our team as it is rating them relative to the competition in the NFC, particularly the NFC East.
  4. I can't see it. I think it's 90/10, 80/20. Parting with the (presumed) reigning MVP of the league, with a team on the verge of a SB seems unconscionable to me. I put nothing into any chatter minutes after a game. Not even the day after, minutes after. lol
  5. All guys that at least were familiar with his work and know what he can do. Now, he was just a scout back in those days, so i don't know how much interaction there would've been, or how much influence he would've had. Probably not much, I guess. But still, can't be a coincidence that 3 ex-Skins coaches all want him.
  6. Oh absolutely. It's very well done and everybody's doing a great job in it. But the 3rd episode you can see they're starting to get things moving. Which I appreciated. Now we're getting somewhere.
  7. True, however, it's interest nonetheless. It's other teams feeling like they can poach talent and add it to their pipeline and going out of their way to get it. Kinda like getting a backup QB into your building because you know what he could be in a few years.
  8. You just gotta put yourself in Kyle's shoes. I know, if I was auditioning for a year for a job, and then get to the end of the long evaluation period and the boss essentially says "there's no chance in hell", I'm looking for the exits at that point. There's no path here, why would you wanna stick around? Now, Ron could be 100% correct and maybe Kyle isn't a good fit, isn't up for the job yet, whatever. I went into this season the #1 contender, or so I thought, come out of it and Mayhew falls outta the sky and gets the job, Stoke has seemingly vaulted in front of me, Hurney's looming doing
  9. Who didn't see this coming. The pipeline here is basically slammed shut. If he needs seasoning, I don't blame him for wanting to get it somewhere else.
  10. I appreciate the history of it all, but all this preamble to actually taking the oath and speaking has never really been that compelling to me. We're literally watching them get out of a car and walk up some steps. I mean, let's be honest, it was a dump when it was being used regularly and being taken care of. lol
  11. I'm happy for him that he came back and had a decent year. He looked cooked his last year in San Diego, but came back and had a good year by any measure this year.
  12. To me, it's less about that, and more that's one more team to compete with in terms of needing a QB.
  13. I will say, I don't know why we have to wait 5-10 years for vaccines now. The world has established you can do whatever you want. And they swear up and down no corners were cut on safety. Yes, most vaccines aren't as critical as this one, and won't have the resources and urgency pumped into this one, but I would think efficiencies and ineffeciencies in vaccine development have been identified to where at least a little time could be shaved off. I might think you might see a boost in the number of people getting into epidemiology which should only help vaccine development for future generat
  14. My wife is an nurse and just got her first last week. What happens if you don't get your second dose in a timely fashion? Do you have to start all over and get 2 doses, or you just get the second one when you get it and it doesn't really matter when it is?
  15. I've probably flipped the bird to my TV a lot in the last few minutes. Seriously, F' this guy, and all his family and friends.
  16. Building teams often comes with some losing, particularly upfront, so records can be skewed, but the 107-133 isn't impressive. And in this case, the losing came on the back end. Hurney's last 7 years as GM in Carolina were 40-72. Fun fact, Bruce Allen's last 7 years were marked by 41-70-1. Just sayin, I get the situation's a little different. But not sure how the working relationship and Ron being comfortable with him is going to translate into actual results. But I'm open minded, so we'll see. Seems like a good guy. Having said that, I was not aware until 10 seconds ago th
  17. It's clever, but I'm kinda hoping they get on with it.
  18. I'm am interested see how this Trump defense plays out. Because his team is floating the idea that he didnt incite these people to do some spontaneous act because, as the intelligence and investigation seems to be revealing, this insurrection was pre-planned to a growing degree. Truth is the mob was surely made up of a little of both.
  19. This was his first year as VP of Player Personnel and they had a good draft, signed some free agents that worked out, and the team was in the playoffs. Mayhew's front office record of ineptitude speaks for itself. So winning records and playoffs can't be the criteria they're going off of.
  20. That's obvious because he's not getting interviews. But that's also not really the point. The point is there's no path to it here. As long as Rivera's here, it's closed. Nobody wants to work at a gig where the boss really isn't sold.
  21. I can't imagine Kyle Smith is long for this team with some of the people they're interviewing. Rivera seemingly has no real interest in making Kyle the GM and then is interviewing people that do the same thing he does for GM and dont gave any GM experience either. And this is after saying he wanted an experienced GM. I'd be plotting my exit if I were him.
  22. She looks like she's the type to scream "white power!", but engages in interracial fantasies on the down low. lol
  23. She really never ceases to be despicable. There's no doubt in my mind she knows more than she's telling. And was also, at minimum, sympathetic to the insurrectionists.
  24. Part of me thinks if the Wiz had held on a little longer, they coulda been in on this trade.
  25. I looked at his numbers in the 4th quarter and even just when the game is close situations, and it's pretty pitiful. Just this year, 35% FG in the 4th, 17% from 3 in the 4th, 42% when the game is within 5 points. I'm sure there's an argument that his usage is too high, thus wearing him down in the clutch and at the end of games. He's putting up almost 4 more shots a game than the next closest person in the NBA. Some guys can absorb that load, not sure Beal can. Not that he's ever really been good in clutch moments.
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