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  1. I agree, in general. He made his opportunity for this year after he got to play, but the original opportunity was just him answering the phone when Rivera randomly called. lol Wasnt anything he did. Sometimes fortune just finds you.
  2. So theoretically, you shouldn't have a parking placard hanging there, you're supposed to take it down and put it up everytime. Half the cars out here have stuff hanging from their mirrors.
  3. Interesting, I had no idea. My wife has all kinds of junk hanging from hers.
  4. What kind of justification? Is stuff hanging from the mirror not allowed?
  5. It's not like Trent Williams that way, but broadly speaking,, it could be like a Trent Williams situation in that in back to back years, they've had difficulty working it out and keep an elite OL. The hows and whys are kinda window dressing. Now, I do agree, it has to play out. So the emphasis is on "could". But they lost one last year, and there's a chance they wind up losing another. Getting players of this caliber is hard. They need to get on the habit of keeping them.
  6. You can never really predict though. Especially this far out. Some teams you expect to be bad will be good and some teams you expect to be good won't be. Happens every year.
  7. I've heard that just showing up at the end of the day before pharmacies close is an easy way to try to get the vaccine. My sister in law got hers that way.
  8. Last year. If they use him like they did when RR was there, we wouldn't be paying $11m a year for him and we're gonna get a less productive player. They found the best usage for him last year out of the slot and absorbing some of that McCaffrey action.
  9. Agreed. Personally, I dont love Samuel as the #2 on the outside. I think he's best as a primary slot guy that can sometimes move around. I might be underestimating him, but I've never been a fan of bringing in people who excelled at one thing, but making them do something else. I would like to use him how he was used in Carolina, behind Moore and Anderson. He's the #2 now by default, not necessarily because that's what he should be, IMHO.
  10. I understand where she's coming from. It's probably a good idea. I dont know if trying to pivot back and ressurect an old vision on the fly is really gonna work out well. In spite of the Snyder Cut coming out, they've moved on elsewhere. Like The Batman not being connected.
  11. No matter how hard they try, I've never cared about Lois.
  12. I liked it, much better than the theatrical cut. But it's sad as hell. Everyone in it is miserable, and the music is depressing. I think it's a good thing it's coming out after the theatrical cut as a counter, because I think people would like it less if it stood on it's own.
  13. Limiting it to the last two years seems like cherry picking. You can compare the entire body of work. Why just ignore the first 4 years of Crowder, which trump the first 4 of Samuel? Because you know full well Crowder was injured that last year and missed 7-8 games. So yeah, his production was gonna be down. Although, as I recall, he did kinda have a rough year, even when he played. But we clearly saw Crowder return to form in New York. But like I say, timing is everything. Crowder's 4 years in Washington: 221 catches, 2628 yards, 11.9 per reception, 14 TDs, 2692 yards from
  14. I feel like we paid a premium on Samuel thanks to McCaffrey getting hurt in a Samuel contract year. He inherited all those underneath touches that CMC woulda got. I don't really think he's really $11mil WR, but timing is everything. It is what it is. But it's the same reason I didn't think Jamison Crowder was a $10mil WR a few years ago. Nice player, but no. And Crowder was more productive for longer. And yeah, Samuel's more versatile out of the formation and has a nice 40 time, but I didn't actually see that 40 in the games. Not saying he plays slow, I'm just saying, I keep seeing the
  15. I think we still need one. Would prefer Samuel as more of a slot guy than primarily lining up outside. Like how he was used in Carolina with Anderson and Moore. I dont really wanna see Cam Sims as true #2 week in and week out.
  16. So what's the future plan at QB? Try again in 2021, hope we get lucky? This is a clear, "we dont think we're gonna get our guy in 2020" move. And I doubt they use anything better than a mid rd pick on a QB this year.
  17. Kinda shocked to see Andre Roberts was still in the league. Apparently, he signed a new deal with the Texans. I don't think he plays much WR though anymore, he's basically strictly a returner these days. He caught more passes his first year in Washington than he has in the last 5 years combined.
  18. I think the one year deal thing makes it more unlikely. There's still gonna need to be some discretion involved on the player's side. Because nobody's gonna want to bank on one year in a situation with suspect QBing and down production, and go back on the market trying to cash in with their numbers in the toilet. But we'll see.
  19. He's just fast. Reps hasn't been his problem, it's that he's not really a good WR that's his problem. He's gonna bounce around like Tavon Austin with folks trying to turn that speed into something useful and it probably won't happen. But I do agree, nobody's coming to play with these QBs, unless they have some promise we're aiming high for one this offseason. But even then, they could do better than Ross in the bargain bin.
  20. It really makes zero sense to open up when most people are still prevented from getting the vaccine because they're not in the Phase 1 tier. It's like we came this far, only to trip at the finish line.
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