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  1. I remember trying to buy after the crash and almost every house we were interested in, we were outbid immediately by investors who had more available cash on hand to throw down. It got the point of frustration and we gave up. Five years ago, we had a family friend who was in real estate and he was able to get us inside tracks on homes before they hit the websites and we were able to lock in a big which was accepted. Without that inside track help I am not sure how we would have avoided a similar situation. Sometimes the ability to make mortgage payments is not the issue with owning, it is all the money that goes towards the process of getting into the house in the first place.
  2. Possible? LOL. Well I suppose every investigation has to start somewhere. I am sure the D.A. will be fired any time now.
  3. My biggest reservation with mail in ballots has nothing to do with the front-end fraud and everything to do with the security and integrity of the ballots themselves once placed in the mail. I am way more concerned with ballots in certain counties magically going missing, which will of course be found way after the fact and written off as much ado about nothing and/or sour apples or whatever.
  4. Pretty sure Trump will blame covid19 for economic woes, and while there is a nugget of truth to how it definitely accelerated what was already the beginning stages of a recession, Biden better have a retort ready to go about what he would have done different why Trump screwed up the response, and how much more it negatively impacted the economy because of his defiant nonsense reaction to the medical community.
  5. Stealing user information is reserved for U.S. Companies only! I kid I kid.
  6. It's funny how the Trump campaign is doing exactly what was predicted, creating an imaginary radical leftist Joe Biden to run against. What is ironic about that is if Trump had gone into office and decided to govern from the middle and embraced his fake "I'm not a politician" persona, then this campaign he could actually attack Biden on some past issues and things he's said, which in 2020 comes off pretty out of touch, but that will never work since Trump is so much crazier than an 80's and 90's Joe Biden combined anyway.
  7. Whoa that Lincoln Project ad........I am not sure how much coverage/reaction it has received on cable news, but you better believe that if a Biden-specific PAC had made
  8. Was that a shot I heard after the cop said "impact him" or was it some type of non-lethal weapon discharged?
  9. The whole mail-in voter fraud ruse is the same as every other made up voting issue you've heard from the GOP. Bottomline is their goal is have less votes cast & counted period. Trump and his team probably assume more of his base will scoff at mailing in their votes and show up to polls regardless of the pandemic, where as more Biden voters will tend to want to stay at home and vote from home via mail-in ballot so the plan is to disrupt that process as much as possible via disinformation campaigns, defunding the USPS to cripple their ability to handle the increased volumes coming their way etc etc etc..........
  10. Yeah I never got what was so "gotcha" about Texas essentially bribing corporations to relocate there with lower or no taxes and less accountability to their workers and overall. 1. It is pretty much admitting none of these companies would want to be there if it wasn't for not having to pay taxes. 2. What kind of person brags about how great it is that huge corporations will not have to contribute to their local communities.
  11. The Dems have plenty of flaws and under normal circumstances they should be highlighted and brought to the forefront just as much as the GOP has been the last few years, however at the current moment, the Dems flaws mostly can be filed under "what you would expect from politicians because.....politicians" while the GOP rank & file stuff is just out of the realm of normalcy. There really isn't any kind of valid whataboutism to apply when it comes to party platform as a whole verus focusing in on a single crazy representative or two
  12. Texas going blue in the future will be the sweetest karma for all the "LOL CA people fleeing to come to TX" trolling.
  13. So basically a round about way to force people's hand back to their low wage jobs while at the same time taking all liability away from those companies that are likely going to prioritize productivity and bottom line over protecting their own work force. Sounds about right............wing.
  14. That is the downside to these hearings, when you have half the officials (regardless of political persuasion) not interested in actually being constructive with their time it becomes very easy to steer the hearings in a different direction in unison with the witness.
  15. Has anyone asked Barr directly who these "federal agents" are, specifically if they are actual gov't employees or private mercenaries, and what is their chain of command, who do they answer to, what are their rules of engagement etc etc etc.....
  16. It's pretty bad when Gym Jordan's questions are so dumb that even Barr kind of just stares at him blankly before answering.
  17. Barr is doing a pretty awful job defending the accusation of him applying a different set of rules for Trump vs. Everyone else. Not that it will matter to most people.
  18. Anything interesting coming out of the Barr hearings?
  19. I am just over all the positive Biden polling. We know he is the more popular of the two nationally. We know he is winning the popular vote. All that aside, it seems like those midwest swing states are still close and indicate the election is still very much a toss up, and I'd expect the polls in those states to get even more close as we get closer to election day.
  20. Democrats grievances with Barr are for being Trump's personal political hack. The GOP's grievances with Barr are for not acting on his political hackery enough.
  21. The problem with debating Trump is that he has shown that he has zero regard for the real world and reality in general. He is just going to rattle off pretend things he has accomplished and go on and on about how great everything has been, which instantly puts any debate opponent in the position of playing defense trying to explain why Trump is full of nonsense instead of really being able to offer their own ideas on things. If anything, Trump should be instantly fact-checked on his garbage before Biden even responds. (and vice versa).
  22. Come on guys this last page of the thread is full of #FindSomethingNew opportunities!
  23. There are a lot better ways to advertise the fact that you have no clue the difference between socialism and the national socialist party other than.........wearing a swastika mask.
  24. Biden can campaign however he wishes, but we all know he is not a progressive. It doesn't mean he still isn't a better short term solution versus Trump getting a second term.
  25. I have only been able to check in sporadically today, can someone explain the "Washington Football Team" situation to me quickly. Is it confirmed that they are going with that name for 2020 season and will figuring out a permanent name afterwards going forward, or is the "WFT" just what they are asking to be referred to in the immediate future until they make an annoucement?