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  1. There a lot of people who are experts in their field, or specially trained to do a certain job that when outside of that field are.................how to describe it, not very smart?
  2. I am a mere amateur at political analysis so bear with me here, but from what I have seen since my teenage years in the 90's to now having just turned 40, the GOP, Conservatives, Right-wing think tanks goal since the 1980's have been to poison the term/brand "liberal" so much that every single election all they have to do is tag someone with that label and automatically it ruins any chance of them getting votes from about 30ish percent of the population. It is why Trump has so desperately tried to paint Biden as an imaginary leftist in hiding, "just like Bernie", "taken over by the left wing
  3. The ironic thing is those with lots of money are preparing safe guards and conversions for Climate change behind closed doors, while publicly they don't want the gravy train profits of fossil fuels to stop until they have milked every last consumer of everything they have to give.
  4. I mean all things considered, it is a sad commentary that Trump A) Got elected in the first place B ) he could even have a reasonable chance at re-election after the last 4 years. However, here we are and for the most part the old adage remains true, the better the turnout, the better the chance for a Democratic President. Sure, the GOP might turn out higher than usual turnout as well themselves, however the fact is there are simple more Democratic voters out there, it is the same question as always, will they actually go vote.
  5. If Trump wins the election fair & square, then I'm sorry, save the protesting for another day because it means it simply came down to a lack of turnout. Not everywhere mind you, but in enough places to matter and Dems will only have themselves to blame.
  6. It's funny seeing the downright denial from Texans about how TX is slowly turning into a battleground state if not blue. I still am not counting on it going for Biden, and likely we are another 8 years away, but it is headed in that direction in a hurry.
  7. It is completely natural to feel nervous going into these last few days. All things considered I feel Biden is going to win the election as long as we don't see Trump successful at getting a significant amount of votes thrown out. We already see some effort, undoubtingly very likely by judges he appointed over the last 4 years, to unnecessarily tighten restrictions. Trump is already operating from the stance that the less votes counted overall, the better for him.
  8. What people need to realize about the Hunter Biden stuff is that it has already been investigated. Everything he is being accused of TODAY, was the same stuff he was accused of back when the GOP wanted to kill Joe Biden's original momentum. Once it looked like Joe was going to be the nominee the worry set in right then and they went to work with the Hunter stuff. There is a reason that outside right-wing media no one is touching the stuff right now, it was already shown to be bunk. This laptop thing is just a way to re-package the same exact accusations but fool enough people into thinkin
  9. There is a theory going on that the GOP is trying to call the dogs off on the pre-election shenanigans and conspiracy nonsense, so in the event the election is close, they can then go full force afterwards with Supreme Court to try and get things nullified after the fact. This strategy seems more likely should the election come down to a single state like FL again or maybe PA, but if Biden ends up winning big due to a lot of close states going his way, I don't think the strategy will hold up. There is also another theory going around that they are going to led the Hunter/Laptop s
  10. This would be a good time to remind everyone Tucker Carlson just beat a defamation suit earlier this month based on the judge saying no reasonable thinking person would believe anything he says on his show is the truth.
  11. So basically we are in a spot where only uneducated white people can screw this up.........again. I don't see any other demographic or group that has any ability to make a significant impact on the race.
  12. When Obama was elected in 2008 he went out of his way to try and work with the GOP those first two years. A lot of people suggest it was much to the detriment of the policy(s) he actually wanted to, and likely could have passed if he just flexed his muscle with the Dems in charge of the House & Senate. I understand why he did it at the time, and I still partially think it was the correct thing to do given the situation. That ends if Biden wins, Dems flips the senate & retain the house. There is just too much that immediately needs to be reversed, thrown out, and fixed that
  13. The reason the GOP never gives an inch when they are in power is because they know full stop that their actual policy ideas are not favored by the majority. When you poll the people on actual issues instead of attaching the generic "Democrat" vs "Republican" to them, almost every single issue down the line comes out more approving of what the Democrats want to do. With this knowledge the GOP know that their only play for retaining power is to lie and rig the system as much as they can to where the will of the people doesn't matter. If we had actual free and fair elections in this country in
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