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  1. NoCalMike

    Redskins to sign Adrian Peterson per

    Watching AP this season sort of reminds me of when the 'Skins first traded for Portis, and it was obvious that Portis was not built for that running scheme, but his natural ability, talent, & athleticism allowed him to thrive in it anyway as he slowly morphed into the kind of RB for Gibb's system. AP is not meant for the zone stretch scheme, he is actually more of a downhill Gibbs kind of RB, yet he is such a baller, even at his age, that he still manages to look like a beast at times.
  2. Personally I try to separate policy talk from non policy talk. I think with Trump it becomes more difficult because he intermingles so much of it into his speeches or answers. It's like he can't disagree with someone without coining a "hi-laaaarious" nickname for them or insulting them personally in some way. So naturally he is going to get back what he gives tenfold, with a lot of people.
  3. I think a new GM is needed above all else at this point. Bruce Allen had the biggest hand in building what the current product is. It's not all bad, but it hasn't progressed past the .500ish level his entire time here.
  4. NoCalMike

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. Jaguars

    A few reasons. I think AP is showing the NFL that he is still a viable RB. He isn't going to be a starting RB for most teams outside of a situation similar to Washington's. but imagine you are a playoff team looking for that extra edge and you are able to bring in a fresh AP during the 2nd half to run downhill on a tired defense? AP is going to be an asset next season for any team that picks him up, or our team if they so choose to keep him around. is called being a professional. We haven't been used to that kind of mindset on a player since Gibbs's first era ended. Since then it has been mostly a circus where winning games has been the 4th highest priority? On another note...... Chalk me up as another one who has no idea what is going on with CT. Is he still hurt and just trying to play through it? The guy is a virtual ghost and has been pretty much non-effective. He also seems to barely get 2-3 touches/looks a game. It's just odd to me that players that were very recently balling out are just inconsequential to the offense all of a sudden.
  5. It's unfortunate that McVay got away when he did because I would have liked to see what he could have done with in the current situation with the QB mess. Jay Gruden seems to be another Norv Turner in the making. He knows the X's & O's, he can draw up a play, but is there anything we can point to in his five seasons here that would suggest it was his coaching that led to a win or string of wins? Players seem to like them, but then we also get reports about how soft practices are, and how they are always goofing around and taking things light. Zero urgency? Maybe those are some of the reasons players like him. (the wrong reasons) I don't think Jay Gruden is the absolute worst person you could have as a head coach, but I just don't see or better yet can't point to anything in his tenure here that you could say "THAT is why we need Jay Gruden"
  6. I have a feeling if anything Jay & Bruce are tied together. If one goes, they both go, but unless Snyder is ready to get rid of them both, they will be back.
  7. Oh come on guys. I am proud of Josh Johnson too, but no.....just no.
  8. Here is the thing, yes it is true, if a team is on it's 4th QB, they are likely not going to win games, however the signs of a downfall were there as soon as that Atlanta game happened and the weakness in the defense was found. The defense got this team to the 6-3 record, affording the offense the mission with a "Just don't mess this up" strategy. As soon as the defense stopped being very good, it became apparent the offense was not good enough (regardless of the QB) to make up for opponents scoring over 20ish points.
  9. The defense was dominant today. It doesn't seem like it because the scoreboard was close, but that was more on the offense. The defense essentially gave up 6 points, as the TD was on special teams. The game likely would have been lost had it not been for the INT on the Jags final drive.
  10. Especially since the Colts are manhandling the Cowboys. The NFL sometimes makes no sense. I guess the games are just that grueling that if you let up, even on inferior opponents, it will cost you the game.
  11. Plenty of time on the clock plus all 3 timeouts. Gruden better not play for the FG until the offense is inside the 20. At that point I can be ok with running off as clock as much as possible, but not until the FG distance is a gimme.
  12. That is what you want to do with the game on the line!
  13. Redskins are Redskinning. Players in position to make tackles for a loss. End up being huge running plays. Ugh. We should have known better.
  14. Welp, this ensuing Jaguars drive will show us if the Redskins are going to pull a Redskins and suddenly not be able to stop them, when they pretty much have all day and just got their biggest rest of the game other than halftime.
  15. These guys need to contain. They keep rushing themselves beyond the QB leaving Kessler empty space up front to run. Got to send a LBer up the middle so Kessler is forced to go backwards instead of forwards.