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  1. People need to realize then when it comes to culture-related issues, sometimes things flip on a dime and move fast to align with where modern society is. I don't want to make anything political so I will keep this strictly as observational and not about being pro or anti anything. The name change issue is not something new that just sprung up during this new era of "cancel culture" however society as a whole was never before in a place to actually push the issue enough to make the organization take action on it. Look at something like marriage equality and how even the Dems for the longest time were reluctant to be fully in favor of it, then society itself changed and evolved on the issue and it was legalized swiftly and without much controversy. That is how these things work.
  2. This may not be how everyone envisioned it, but if this leads to Snyder selling his share of the team, than so be it. Any shame & embarrassment that could come from this supposed story dropping tomorrow will go away as soon as the franchise rids themselves of any and all involved and get a truly fresh start. Also, what better time to get that point across than to coincide with the name change. I am numb to the trash we have had to put up with by the front office, management, & ownership over the last 20+ years. It is never ending, and while some of it at times seemed like overkill and piling on, that will be nothing compared to what could possibly be coming in a few hours. I am honestly more upset about Harmon's injury and how it will effect the actual team, than any management/front office/ownership folks being shown the door if it is justified.
  3. Trump is basically a pipeline for how to get crazy right-wing conspiracies into the mainstream to be discussed. No one on the right or left majorities ever had an issue with mail-in ballots as a thing 6 months ago. Then covid happens, and keeping away people from their polling places because a beam of hope for Trump's re-election. Then the idea of allowing more people to vote by mail-in ballots comes up and it's "uh oh, more people WILL be able to vote? Oh no, quick we need to demonize mail-in ballots" so Trump starts repeating nonsense from the blogosphere and now you have his army of supporters simply repeating things. I think he has stepped up this attack on the mail-in ballots because his attacks on Biden himself are not working. Biden is about as middle of the road vanilla as you can get. Not everyone supports him or likes him or is enthused about him, but outside of the crazies no one views him as a "THE END OF AMERICA IS HERE" type of candidate that Team Trump keep saying.
  4. The voter suppression is going to be off the rails and the GOP is going to be unapologetic about it. (even more so than they already have been). They see the scoreboard, they see where things are headed if this is a free & fair election.
  5. Last I heard from my daughter's school is they are thinking of going "2 Days in the classroom, 2 days remote learning" plan.
  6. It's not that I am against a season happening if the medical science says it is safe, but I have a strong inclination that it isn't going to, yet the NFL will look for every possible corner they can cut in order to get the players on the field. As it stands now I have Week 14 tickets WSH@SF, but I don't see at this point how I end up at that game. I certainly am not going to feel comfortable going if they allow full attendance, and if they try social distancing by only allowing 50% capacity or something of the sort, I have no idea who they determine gets in and who doesn't outside of a random raffle or just allowing the most expensive ticket holders in!?
  7. Sorry Mr. President, Mitch McConnell has made it perfectly clear that there shall be no nominating a Supreme Court judge in an election year!
  8. Right, this has nothing to do with "but people won't go back to work" and 100% to do with not having to knock on the door of the donor class and ask them to start contributing more towards the crisis, thus making them mad and possible not voting for Trump.
  9. Trump's response to this, or actually lack of response, has retroactively made Dubya's dumbfounded face while reading My Pet Goat after being told the country is under attack look less infuriating. (Not really, but.......)
  10. Everything closing back up again has to be humbling not only for Trump, but also for all these elected GOP officials who were willing to put Trump's selfish reasons before public health. That fact that even a good number of them are shutting things down should be somewhat of a clue to GOP voters that Trump hasn't and continues to not know what in the hell he is talking about.
  11. If this doesn't end Trump's chances of re-election, I truly give up. At this point I feel like Trump is fine with losing as long as he can sort of plan an exit strategy and go away unscathed. He deserves a whole hell of a lot worse, but for the love of gawd, go........just go. Please.
  12. I am still assuming all the usual states go blue/red and that Biden has to win the 3 battleground states that Hillary lost.
  13. I never understood the idea that taking down monuments was "erasing history." No one is saying the people that were turned into monuments should not be discussed in a historical context and/or erased from actual history books, however that is a lot different than creating monuments in their name and likeness as some kind of idol or hero.
  14. These polls look great until election day comes and people are showing up to 5 hour wait times at their polling places. Suppressing the vote efforts are going to be far and widespread.
  15. Cases like this are why I don't agree with merely reading old documents to form a decision about today's world. I think you can definitely use the "original intent" as a basic guideline and try to apply it to today's world without straying beyond the principles, but the problem with the conservatives views of the original documents being this holy untouchable grail, is that what happens when you run into situations like this where it is not plainly written out one way or another. I think it is fair to say that issues such as gender & sexual orientation are not specifically addressed by the founders, but you have to apply common sense and say it is because that was not even being considered in the first place back then and you can't just allow this legal gray area to remain that more times than not hurts people in their pursuit of happiness. From a common sense angle, the gender you choose to sleep with should not matter to anyone but the two people sleeping together. It should have zero bearing on where I can/can't work. If it wasn't written plainly written out in the original documents, then that is a flaw in the original documents and people in 2020 should not have to live with that flaw.