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  1. NoCalMike

    The Impeachment Thread

    What I don't get about the Joe Biden whataboutism is that even if it was 100% true (it's not) how does that somehow absolve Trump or mean Trump should not be investigated for his actions? The whataboutism in this case would seemingly merely mean that Biden should join Trump in the corner of "People we don't want as President" and honestly I think the entire country would be fine with that outcome, but it's obvious the way the GOP is going about this is to merely distract. There is no actual concern of corruption by the GOP. They just know that if they repeat something enough times it will work it's way into the voters' psyche and people will believe there is something there regardless.
  2. NoCalMike

    The Impeachment Thread

    Didn't that Sean Duffy character just retire due to needing to spend more time with his family? Sure didn't take him long to get right back on cable news to make some rather ridiculous defenses of Trump. "But Joe Biden....." is the new "but her emails"
  3. Don't understand the "trade Brandon Scherff" sentiment. It is not the same situation as Trent. Trent is in the twilight of his career, perhaps a a couple of seasons of elite level play left in him that is going to be getting his last big pay day, and he wants to do it on a winning team. Scherff is still very young, playing at a high level and O-line is a position you absolutely need good, young players at if you want to build something.
  4. Warren wants to avoid the 10 second "I will raise taxes" soundbite that will be cut and played repeatedly on Fox and every where else for the next year. She is sort of letting Bernie take the hit for what the reality of the MFA plan requires. Personally, I think she should just come out and say it, everyone knows it is what it is at this point. On a macro level however, I am just tired of the question being used by the moderators as some sort of "ooooh gotcha" thing. They have been told over and over........and over, that yes MFA will affect taxes for mostly everyone, but it will be a net savings in cost to the individual(s). This has been studied and shown to be sound. It is not a question that needs to be asked every single debate as if no one has ever heard of such a thing ever before.
  5. Oh they could do the Big Trouble in Little China Lopan fate with Darth Sidious....his plan works, he is back.......just in time to be killed all over again a few scenes later. The trailer was one big enigma, for what little it gave away of the actual action and set pieces it sure seemed to give away a lot of actual story line. Of course it could be a carefully crafted trailer purposely edited to throw people off.
  6. I guess the most frustrating part of the entire situation is that in a country that felt Donald Trump was mainstream enough to give a chance to, people like Elizabeth Warren are somehow deemed too "whatever they want to insert here." The fact that Trump got as much support as he did, should logically shred any notion that any other candidate, on either side for that matter, is too "anything" to be electable. To me Donald Trump is evidence enough of how tribal this country has become. Tshile, I respect your thoughts and comments on this matter, but somehow I am willing to assume that regardless of who wins the Dem nominee, everything the right-wing is saying about Warren & Bernie, will simply be replaced by "Insert Dem Candidate" here, and the same people who claimed "I would love to not vote for Trump" will simply find brand new justifications to not vote for the newly crowned "too left to vote for" candidate of the Democratic party.
  7. So I can be on board with the Democrats being weak sauce on their messaging. That isn't anything new, IMO. However what is out of their control is the fact that Fox News and right-wing radio, blogs, etc etc control the minds of so many that they are beyond being reasoned with. If you divide the country up, I think it is safe to say 40% will always vote Dems, 40% will always vote GOP, so there is the 20% being competed for. (Outside of just being able to energize folks from the each base that don't normally vote in the first place) The biggest issue to me is how dishonest right-wing media is willing to be in order to create false narratives. (I am not suggesting the left is beyond doing this too in some cases). It isn't anything new, FDR was called a socialist too, but it seems like this kind of nonsense has a lot more sticking power now then it did before. I honestly have no idea how you combat all the outright BS floating out there that gets into people's heads and just takes on it's own life. It's the same frustration I have when people like Warren are denounced as being "way too left to be elected" yet if you removed her name from the equation, those same people are very likely to agree with her down the line on the actual issues. Your comment about Trump being the evil they know versus Warren being the evil they don't know. Therein lies a major issue, they THINK THEY KNOW, because of what Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Dennis Prager, Larry Elder....have told them she is. That is the extent of their knowledge of her. As another poster said after my reply....nobody even seems to actually understand what socialism, or even capitalism for that matter is or means anymore. They are just these abstract terms that people throw around. It's just a dirty game, and in the end it is the people who are hurt by it due to how the wealth elite have been able to lobby and get things changed in their favor. The older I get, the more jaded I become, and less hope I have that this ever gets solved until it becomes so bad for the working poor and even lower end of the middle class that something bigger ends up happening.
  8. If the "moderate" right looks at Warren and thinks "socialist" the country is doomed already. The right has hammered their nonsense messaging so hard that it seems like any reform to the current system at all is an "attack on freedom." The lasting effects of Reaganomics and the like may very well be the most damaging idea to have entered the heads of so many Americans over the past 30 years. The concept at it's core was a farce, but it's bred something even worse, the "FU, I got to get mine" mindset. The worst part is the way it has successfully pit the middle class against the lower class, while the upper class laughs all the way to the bank........overseas.
  9. We are talking true franchise QB's versus the next tier down. (In no particular order) 1. Rodgers 2. Rothelisburger (not anymore, maybe?) 3. Brady 4. Brees 5. Rivers....sometimes? Who am I missing? Outside of those 5 QB's, and even Rivers might be questionable for this particular list, no one should be making 100 million. I don't even care how it breaks down by season. I do agree the market for the position is just out of control but it is driven by so much more than actual performance. I think in a lot of cases if the team drafts a QB who settles nicely into the Tier 2 level, then the front office is desperately afraid that if they don't keep them around, they aren't going to necessarily find anything better right away. This is where I think a QB such as Russell Wilson ends up paid so much. Dude is good, his play-making ability to pull something out of nothing likely notches him up to very good, but he is making the kind of salary only the elite probably should.
  10. NoCalMike

    We lead the league in vendetta games

    Well it makes sense considering almost every player that leaves the franchise goes to a better team. It is the same thing as that stretch where it seemed like the Redskins were every teams' "Get Right" opponent. Washington would be hovering around .500 as always, yet any 0 or 1 win team that rolled into town managed to come away with their coach getting a Gatorade bath as the clock ran out. It was pretty embarrassing.
  11. I think the NYG are an interesting contrast. Eli Manning may be done as an elite level QB, but no one can say honestly he would be doing as bad as Daniel Jones is. It might not matter in terms of wins/losses because the Giants aren't a good team regardless of QB, but Daniel Jones has been pretty bad after the media once again uber-praised a rookie QB way too soon. The guy has looked bad flat out, a turnover machine. Eli very well might be looking mediocre with the team, but Jones has looked bad yet their front office doesn't care. They recognize the situation. With Washington same situation almost, except the combination of Case & Colt have done absolutely nothing in the NFL to earn anything (Case, 1 good season) yet we keep hearing Haskins isn't ready. If they mean he isn't ready to win games, then I think we all agree, but at this point the team isn't winning games anyway.
  12. NoCalMike

    What the hell is Wrong with Scherff?

    O-line is a position that seems like it would be difficult to play at an elite level in a bubble by yourself. There is just so much intricacies to technique and assignments. It is rarely ever just you against a single rushing defender one on one (even if the play initially starts as such). Not to mention you also have to have a QB in sync and understanding the right blocking assignments to call out and when to audible to different ones etc in point (no pun intended) Keenum took the blame for the Moses play where he just stood there, said he failed to get the correct snap count to him. Sherff was so good from Day 1 that at this point I am refusing to believe he just turned into a bad player.
  13. NoCalMike

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. 49ers

    Callahan's "ball control" scheme only works if the offense can finish drives with points, preferably TD's. You are limiting how many drives the offense will touch the ball. It also means the margin for error is extremely tiny as evidenced by Washington having one true good opportunity for a TD drive when AP fumbled. So far they played a horrendous Dolphins team, and a 49ers team that took zero risks in bad weather against an opponent they clearly thought of as inferior. This Thursday in a dome, taking on the Vikings I think will be the first game of the "Callahan era" that will show why this strategy isn't going to work with the current roster. Without a 49ers/Patriots caliber defense to shut down your opponent, it doesn't matter if you can rush the ball 50 yards on every drive if you end up stalling out on the opponent's 40 yard line. Granted, weather played a factor in the lack of passing offense, but the same could be said against the 49ers. On a sunny & clear skies day, that game likely looks drastically different. The Redskins can run the ball all they want so at the end of the day some fans can say "AP rushed for 80 yards, see, it works" yet the scoreboard is going to likely show a lopsided loss. I am as glad as the next fan that Callahan is at least showing there was more of the run game to offer than what Gruden was willing to let happen, but the passing game has been just as horrendous under Callahan, Keenum seems to regress every week, partly because he is probably playing on a bad leg, but oh well, that is Callahan's decision to play an injured QB over Haskins. No sympathy there.
  14. Kind of Ironic that the swamp Trump is exposing isn't quite of the political persuasion he intended it to be. It's just sad that the country is so polarized that they refuse to see it.
  15. NoCalMike

    Next Day Thread: Redskins vs. 49ers

    If Callahan's mission as the interim HC is to show Jay Gruden was wrong for under utilizing Adrian Peterson? Mission accomplished. However, everyone not named Jay Gruden likely already knew this. I hope he has satisfied his own mission and is ready to move on going forward calling games with the intention to win.