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  1. I mean that is good that Manchin is willing to go big on infrastructure, the question is will he agree on how Biden plans to pay for it, because if not, doesn't that spoil the bill anyway?
  2. Got my 2nd Pfizer dose today approx 12:30pm and my arm is sore at the injection site. I want to say the soreness appeared much quicker this time then with the first shot. So far though, that is the only side effect. My wife told me that her symptoms didn't even show up until the following day so here is hoping I wake up tomorrow feeling okay-ish at least. I am still working remotely so unless I feel so bad I need to lay down all day, I plan on working.
  3. I often have wondered why it isn't automatically a crime (as an officer) to knowingly lie about an incident let alone an officer involved shooting.
  4. When it comes to the homelessness I am assuming a lot of them head out west due to the weather and the idea that there are more programs and funding to help them, but even the more generous cities are overrun too. It becomes real tiresome when I hear pundits on Fox or other media mocking CA or NY for their homeless problem when the fact is a large % of these folks are not native to the states they are residing on the streets in. Maybe the states who ignore the problem so severely which causes the mass migration should start sending money to the states actually trying to help? I a
  5. Not to hijack the thread to make it a general Biden one, but asking honestly here, is there any legislation Biden has signed, proposed, requested, talked about being in favor that......isn't popular with the American people so far? Not sure if the polls are simpy unreliable and the real numbers are closer to the 50/50 split everything tends to turn into around election time, but other than Biden committing the "crime of being a Democrat" do the republican/conservative voters dislike anything he is actually doing (not what right-wing media is claiming he is doing, or trying to tie to him)
  6. To be honest more rioters are lucky they weren't shot. That is not me endorsing shooting anyone or anything like that, I am just making the observation that I am a bit surprised it didn't happen sooner and more that day. Considering how scared cops seem to be conducting routine traffic stops these days, the fact that only one person was shot by police on Jan. 6th is pretty remarkable. Now as to why that is.....I think we know part of the answer because Ron Johnson sort of said it out loud.
  7. Right. It did exist for a small fraction of America, and it seemed like once a bigger percentage of Americans wanted to live that same "American dream" in came the Reagan Revolution to demand that we stop "punishing the wealthy & successful." That is what their entire policy agenda comes down to in some way or another. Almost every piece of legislation they propose, pass, or look to get rid of always seems to tie back to how much more profit will go to the highest earners if not in general, then for someone(s) that they have ties to. The GOP has made the fear of "the other"
  8. Very true, however they seem to have their hooks in those folks to where it doesn't even matter anymore.
  9. If Tucker is so concerned with immigrants becoming citizens and voting Democratic, a perfectly legal process mind you, then maybe he should be more concerned that the GOP offers no incentive for new citizens to vote for them. That is the heart of the issue, the GOP offers little to nothing for the American people in it's current form and instead of evolving and adapting to the modern electorate their strategy is to allow less people to vote. If the statistic showed a higher % of immigrants voting for conservative candidates than democratic ones, the GOP would be smuggling folks over the bord
  10. When I see rankings like this it just goes to show how little people (in general) actually travel outside of their own suburb/county/city/state so they end up developing opinions about other places based on any headine news or stereotypes: California = Los Angeles Florida = beaches The South = rednecks Midwest = farmers etc etc etc..... I know financial means can come into play, but for your own peace of mind and experience, pack up the car and go somewhere once in awhile
  11. Ohhh I know. In the big picture even if I get side effects I don't really care so much. I think it is more about the mental aspect of preparing to be sick (in the event that it happens) where as most times when I get sick it is somewhat of a surprise or I didn't realize it was coming and I wake up congested or something.
  12. I go Thursday for Pfizer #2 and I am somewhat fearing the same. Only real side effect was a typical sore arm you'd get from a flu shot. At least in my case if the side effects go wild on me, I'd likely only have to miss one day of work.
  13. Gaetz is a phony Trump supporter anyway, he came from the Jeb Bush tree in 2016 and invented a new gimmick once Trump got rolling as the likely nominee.
  14. The common cold is an SOB because it is so unpredictable. I've had 48hr head colds that felt like my face/head from the nose up was in a vice grip, then I've had common colds where the symptoms were way more minor but they lingered for nearly 2 weeks before going away completely. I do find that having grown up nearly medicine free (not due to some belief system or crazy ideology, just merely a stubborn kid always insisting "no, I don't feel thaaaat bad I don't need it) it seems like some of the over the counter stuff I might take on occasion now as an adult works a lot better for me than it
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