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  1. NoCalMike

    Presidential Election 2020 - ManChild vs Adult

    Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! But the honest response is: No idea? Lol.
  2. Exactly. What Barr is supposedly "investigating" has already been investigated IE: The origins of Trump's campaign having surveillance put on them. This was already figured out and deemed to be done for a credible reason and done through legal avenues. The entire thing about Barr saying "spying occurred" is merely more distraction nonsense material just give right wing media headlines to eat up and report on.
  3. Ok, well for the sake of this thread, I think just talking about this subject outside of election implications might be useful.
  4. No one is running for office with this being a high ticket issue or issue at all. This thread really isn't having to do with the election so much as just the subject itself.
  5. I have turned pro-reparations over the years, but I think the bigger issue right now is really the institutional racism issues that prevent the climbing of the ladder in the first place. It doesn't hurt me any for descendants of slaves to receive a check for $16,200, but that also isn't going to work as some kind of cure-all.
  6. Naturally occurring I suppose would be miscarriage?
  7. Barr's job in all of this is to offer just enough info for headlines. We already saw this exact thing play out with his "Summary of Mueller report" It is no accident that he said just enough for a "No Collusion" headline to be splashed everywhere, yet once the media and others started actually reading the report it was fairly obvious that was pretty misleading, not to mention Barr severely ignored/undercut the Obstruction aspect(s) of the report as well. Then it happened again with the "spying on Trump campaign" thing. He kept using the term in order to fuel the right wing media machine with a splashy headline, when in reality it is already common knowledge everything was legal, with warrants, based on credible information. But somehow none of that made it into those headlines.
  8. You must teach us the ways of the force. Immediately.
  9. Probably because Mueller saw some twa posts on here and realizes if that represents the mindset of any significant amount of the population then it's a lost cause.
  10. I wasn't trying to count it as "abortion." I was making the statement for the "life begins with conception" aka when sperm meets egg. If that is what they believe, and that the moment sperm meets egg should be treated the same as a zygote, a fetus, a baby.....then it seems like the destruction of life is naturally occurring in a lot of cases all on it's own.
  11. Don't a significant amount of pregnancies end so early on, unbeknownst to the woman when literally is just a clump of cells? When I was dating my soon to be wife, she had missed a period, took a pregnancy test and it came back positive, but before she had a chance to schedule a Dr's Appointment she ended up getting a super heavy period a couple weeks later and she is assuming it was a miscarriage. I don't think the "just a clump of cells" argument was ever meant to mean up to the day of birth it is a clump of cells.
  12. If hollywood insists on making more Terminator sequels I wish they would, at least once, go back to the formula of the original, instead of constantly trying to redo T2.
  13. Yeah it's a weird situation because who is to say the parents have ownership rights over his body even if deceased. What if, for example, he didn't want to have kids? Do those wishes get tossed out the window because he is dead and the parents want their family name continued? In this case he likely never said one or another. Also, what happens to the baby (if they go forward with the plan) The parents are I think in their 60's? Do they have a plan if something happens to them?
  14. In another sort of in-direct relation to this story, did anyone read about the parents who wanted to extract sperm from their deceased son so they could use it to continue their family name? It is a bit weird and not sure if legal gray area. The son is deceased so he can't exactly object but he also never gave consent to use his dna to create a life (and why would he, he was 23).
  15. Seems fairly obvious Trump would like to push the Dems to start impeachment hearings without having the aid of all the documents they have requested, which would 100% assist them in laying out a more thorough case for why the President should be impeached.