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  1. Seeing that this and a few other threads close at 9am tomorrow (I assume EST?) means they will likely be toast before I get up for work. Well, it has been a wild 4 years, yeah? Interested to see if some of the conservative members return to the board reinvigorated that they don't have to defend such a buffoon of a President. Now that the Dems control a lot of the decision-making, they will and rightfully so get plenty of criticism for coming up short and/or making errors. Contrary to popular opinion, I did enjoy the political discussions when there were more sides participating, even though
  2. The signs that the cult of Trump isn't planning on going anywhere, they are still trying to out-Trump each other with nonsense like this.
  3. I wonder if any Trump supporter would answer this question honestly: Has anything about the last 4 years made you a happier person? I feel if they were being honest, the answer would be a resounding NO, and maaaaaaybe it would be a lightbulb switch of realization. Also, maybe not, but maybe if they sat on their answer for awhile and really dug deep, they'd realize most of them have become angrier people overall and for what?
  4. By all means, create the Patriot Party and ensure that any battle ground states and/or races go to Dems in the future. Finally Trump being useful.
  5. Yeah, and how it just keeps getting worse and worse.
  6. I'm starting to become less worried about the actual inauguration going badly. Most of those Trump supporters don't want any kind of conflict. They stormed the capital because they were basically allowed to. A big portion of those that went up the steps and inside were there to troll. Don't take that to mean they shouldn't be prosecuted, they should, they made the foolish decision to get caught up in the mob and broke the law. However, if there had been proper law enforcement to deal with the crowd, how many of them would have really tried to push forward? Likely a fraction of them. Whil
  7. I remember listening to talk radio (primarily right-wing) after Obama won re-election. You had all the same typical "self reflection" brew-ha-ha for about 48hrs and then it was right back to how awful Obama was, how the real way back to power was to go more right wing, tea party nonsense blah blah blah.....The GOP was already to the point of being useless before Trump got in, Trump just took the garbage on the offensive and turned out more voters, but the GOP at large was and likely still is in favor of a lot of the horrible policies still.
  8. Stealing a congresswoman's laptop to sell to Russian intelligence? Nothing quite says "I Love America" eh?!
  9. The entire "greatest economy in the history of the country" narrative of pre-Covid Trump Presidency is a lie that must not be allowed to go unchallenged every time it is said.
  10. I don't mind Bruce Arians vouching for one of his own players in a vague generalish type of statement, but I didn't think it was necessary to say the "seven and a half sacks" part as if he isn't intelligent enough to know that sacks is just one statistic in how a player's impact is judged and graded.
  11. I've been playing through some modern takes on retro platforming games. Stuff like Huntdown & Broforce. They are making me laugh with all the over the top 80's nostalgia. Also been playing some Zombie Army of the Dead 4. Over on the switch been playing New Super Mario Bros Deluxe edition with the kids. Getting some final legs out of the PS4 before I purchase the PS5 probably sometime during late spring early summer. Also might have to save up some funds for the Switch Pro if that actually ends up happening. Been looking to get back into Days Gone as well. I have been streaming so
  12. If guys like Jim Jordan, Hawley, Cruz, etc etc etc.....were actually interested in the country healing, they would simply come out publicly and say Joe Biden won a free & fair election, he didn't steal anything, and to suggest otherwise is not dealing in reality. An election for President takes place every four years and they can try again in 2024. However, as we have seen, they are cowards.
  13. Gov't officials and select personnel in law enforcement having prior knowledge of the Capitol being targeted for an insurrection attempt does not eliminate the fact that a mob of simps were still needing to be incited in order to have the numbers to get the job done. Once again Don Jr is just being an idiot. You literally have Trump supporters posting about how they did it because Trump was asking them to fight for him.
  14. Amazed at some of the posts by Trump supporters I've seen who feel back-stabbed by Trump after releasing the latest video. These people are openly admitting they stormed the capital because they believed that is what he wanted them to do and now they are confused by him saying the "yadda yadda, you aren't my supporter if you are for violence" These people not knowing that Trump is for Trump, and only for Trump. The second he thought he might possibly be in actual trouble for any of this he of course was going to roll over on everyone, including his own supporters.
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