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  1. Yep and we all saw how much "appreciation" Obama received for cleaning up a mess during the majority of his term.
  2. The last 2 years Trumps camp's main objective has been to poison the well of information. Create the "Deep state out to get Trump" narrative so in the instance where the investigation goes on long enough to start producing results, there will already be a built in distrust of the results from Trump supporters and likely a portion of the general GOP base. The next 6-8 months will likely give us a good indication of how well that strategy has worked, although in recent days we've seen even some Fox pundits starting to change their tune and for most of the GOP base that is their direct (not to mention) only line of what they consider useful information. If Fox turns on Trump, it's pretty much over. No surprise that Trump is in zero rush to have a functioning Gov't in which the Democrats hold the majority in the house. He will likely ride this wall funding nonsense out as long as he can as a last bastion of protection from the inevtiable.
  3. Trump ordering employees to return to work without getting paid? Well hey, at least he is now doing something he has plenty of experience with.
  4. How did you manage to get an advanced copy of the speech so far ahead of time? Impressive.
  5. Considering no Dems want the border wall and more plenty of (R)'s seem to not want it either, I am wondering how much of this shutdown is even about the border wall anymore and more a tantrum by Trump as a final spiteful act he can put into action against the opposition party. Basically, "if I can't have things my way, there will be no way period"
  6. Barr's answers are all the usual vague evasive ways of letting everyone know he plans to squash Mueller's findings as best he can. "I will let him finish his report" is meaningless statement when Barr has the power to suppress findings from congress and the public. At this point there is no reason to believe Trump would nominate anyone for AG that isn't assuring Trump of some form of sabotage.
  7. The Wall is a waste of money and is ineffective for the purpose of what Trump wants it for. The Dems have offered funding for other methods of border security so the narrative that the Dems want an open border with no checks & balances on immigrants trying to get into the country is bogus. The Wall is merely a symbol at this point. The right wing seem to be big on symbolism over substance, flag lapel pins, the flag itself, chanting "USA USA USA" at political rallies, & now the wall. I bet none of them care that just about every expert has said the wall is a waste of time, money, & resources, they just like the idea that the wall appears as a big FU to the brown folks south of the border. He promised it during the campaign, it was stupid then and it is stupid now, but the far right of the party who make up 90% of conservative media, which Trump obviously listens to religiously, is hammering away at him for not having it built. It is obvious this method is working and now Trump is throwing tantrum. The money Trump is asking for now is not nearly enough for this stupid wall, he will ask for more in the future, then more, and more. Are we to expect, and accept that Trump is justified in shutting the gov't down every single time he doesn't get funding for a single item?
  8. It's Romney, I am sure he has money invested somewhere in those companies.
  9. Republicans sold their soul(s) to win the Whitehouse. They had their opportunity to have their souls returned afterwards in the face of an obvious traitor occupying the oval office. They stood by and did nothing. Not sure where they can go from here as a party until a good majority of the current leadership is long gone. I am not very familiar with the younger up & and coming GOP congressmen/senators nor do I know if they are prepared to start rebuking what is going on with the elders of their party.
  10. He reeks of a person that all research has suggested he is. Wealthy on someone else's accord. He doesn't act like a person who knows how to actually earn money or build something from the ground up. He is no businessman, he is a con artist that was propped up by the ugly methods his father built the family fortune. That was Trump's education into the business world.
  11. NoCalMike

    Watching the NFL playoffs

    I think what stood out to me the most is that it feels like the actual playoffs don't start until the divisional round. That is when the "we scraped into the playoffs via a few lucky bounces during the season" teams tend to go down. Of course there are exceptions to the rule, sometimes good teams get hot at the right time of the year and started in a hole so that the wildcard is the best they can achieve at the time, however for the most part this weekend seemed like a real difference. The way the Rams just physically pushed the Cowboys all over the field. Had they been able to finish a couple of drives earlier in the game, that one would have been a blow out. Also, the playoffs show that having a franchise QB makes a difference, and if you don't have one, whoever is filling in, better be having the game(s) of their life.
  12. NoCalMike

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    Anyone watch Bong Appetite on VICE? Basically a cooking show where they infuse THC & CBD into the food. The food looks delicious and I bet it tastes even better know!
  13. NoCalMike

    Things that you'd like to see come back in sports

    An owner of the A's that will spend money in free agency. An MMA league the caliber of PRIDE to compete with UFC regularly.
  14. NoCalMike

    Gameday Thread

    LOL bailout flag there. That should be either be a flag on both or neither.
  15. NoCalMike

    Gameday Thread

    It also might be something McVay feels help with QB's who aren't as good making new adjustments after the ball is snapped. He probably wants to put them in the best possible situation to snap the ball and run designated play. Rams defense needs to not concede anything quick here. It's even ok if Dallas ends up scoring a TD, but it has to take most of the clock up to do it.