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  1. If Trump supporters were to move, where exactly would their destination be for the "conservative values" they hold so dear?
  2. I don't think Trump changed anything in this regard as much as he has given a bigger forum to the "Christianity through a conservative lens" crowd. I think the bi-product of folks leaving religion (or at least taking a more euro-centric approach to it) is that those remaining are going to be the fanatics and that is who conservatives cater to as part of their base because they need them.
  3. Only audit of the 2020 election that needs to be done in TX are the comments made by the one official who said without his efforts to stifle mail-in voting, Biden would have won the state.
  4. Tucker's attack on that capitol police officer was puzzling and seemed to come out of nowhere..........until you realized the guy is testifying on Tuesday in front of the 01/06 commission so of course he must be smeared and have his name poisoned by right-wing media beforehand so their audience will just accuse him of lying and whatever else.
  5. Anyone catch Abby Martin on Rogan? I am very selective about my Rogan listening these days but she has a doc coming out about the U.S. Military's empire effect on the climate and health.
  6. How is it 2021 and we are still mischaracterizing what the term "white privilege" means? It has nothing to do with saying white people didn't work hard or had all the easy paths in life. It is merely saying skin color did not present obstacles to them that is obviously does to minorities in a lot of cases. Generally speaking of course. If you feel that the strive for equal opportunity is taking something away from you, then how can you not also acknowledge that you have benefit from unequal opportunity? It isn't a tough concept to understand, but a very easy one to mischaracte
  7. The last two jobs I was at during the pandemic both used productivity tracking software that tracked workflow and it showed productivity was the same or higher at times as it was in the office. Maybe because this software had already been used while in the office so everyone working from home was aware their work was being monitored (passively though, no one was getting daily emails about they didn't do a certain amount of work). And this was the opposite of having any kind of fancy upgraded setup at home. It was literally, pack the stuff on your desk and take it home.
  8. Yeah even the supposed "liberal media" stations still have their paychecks signed by a lot of the same big money interests as any other cable news networks.
  9. I'd imagine The 5 Republicans are going to say "Antifa" "BLM" "Protests last summer" "Property damage" "Rioting" "Mostly Peaceful" etc etc way more than they spend on the capitol riot questioning. Their job is going to be to make it seem like Jan. 6th was no different than any other protest or riot that got out of control, and that the only reason the media is focusing on this one in particular is because they are Trump supporters. Guaranteed. It is alll a bunch of BS, but they know that there is too much footage of it to just explain it away, so instead they are going to attempt to qu
  10. Well the last 30+ years would suggest you're correct and it will keep trending in that direction until the constant bending turns to breaking.
  11. There's definitely been a "disturbance in the status quo force" as we attempt to come out of the pandemic. There are a lot of factors producing today's realities and it is hard to boil it down to any one things. I do think however that people are seriously looking at work-life balance and other conditions of previous employment and saying no thanks to it, and the companies are not happy that younger people are not taking the same "just happy to have a job of any kind" attitude. Good on them I say. We are long over due for a "righting of the ship" when it comes to labor in this country. It
  12. Out here in CA they do peak time pricing during the summer and of course the peak time is the hours everyone is getting off work through about the time you would have dinner cooked, laundry loaded and ready to wash. So basically the hours of the day that a full-time worker can't really get around using the most electricity. As far as the solar customers go. What would be the reason for the price hikes? I could see if they are using more energy that their panels were providing so they would be charged for any excess energy being used, but I thought the entire idea of solar panels
  13. First thing, climate will eventually destroy everyone unless something is done, but lets put that aside for a few moments. Let's focus specifically on economics. America, and the world at large actually is sort of at this crossroads, the wealthy have been absorbing a bigger share of the pie continually for the last 30+years. Trickle down never really went away regardless of the President, it just might have gone sideways for a few years or even still gone in the wrong direction just at a lower pace for a little bit. As long as populations continue to grow, and resources conti
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