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  1. I will give credit to Allen with a great throw to the corner of the endzone and Thomas to make a great catch, boxing the defender out
  2. Allen cant be patting the ball with a defender bearing down on him. Awful awareness on that sack.
  3. I am good with that from a backup. He is the opposite of Orakpo
  4. This Metlife Turf has claimed 2 Washinton players so far.
  5. Feed Terry! Best player on offense and he should get the ball more than any other player.
  6. Browns has a powerful run game. How didnt they run out the clock with a huge lead?
  7. Apke playing the ball and knocking it away is way better than the first few weeks of being nowhere near the ball and receiver.
  8. It was a pipedream that this team would hold onto first place.
  9. I am thinking the same thing that Inman was the target
  10. No team can win just giving up some many points after turnovers
  11. I dont understand either. JD has plenty of time to catch the ball and protect himself/make a move.
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