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  1. Panthers probably took the Long snapper they really wanted
  2. Felton off to Cleveland
  3. I take it you have Felton as a WR?
  4. He had a good week at the senior bowl and he seems to be a versatile weapon.
  5. Didn't realize Felton from UCLA is still available. That guy can be an offensive weapon and returner
  6. Cooper the DE from Ohio State could be a decent pick in the 7th. He is good against the run and sets a good edge, basically the Ryan Anderson replacement.
  7. He has been a solid NFL starting QB and has put up numbers.
  8. That makes sense. I was interested in him for around this range
  9. Dallas got Jabril Cox
  10. Who else is left besides Newman?
  11. Hopefully there isnt huge speeches and delays before announcing picks like there was yesterday. Ex. Dallas
  12. I like Jamar Johnson as the one of the safeties left. Not the prototype centerfielder the team could use, but seems like a good player and value. Really liked his game against Justin Fields.
  13. He usually does that at the draft parties in the past
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