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  1. I agree, Joe Gibbs won those trophies so makes sense to have them out there. Were the Super Trophies out during Shanny's press conference? Or Gruden's?
  2. Good to see Sweat show up on the stat sheet with sacks
  3. Does Dallas have single digit passing yards?
  4. Sweat is getting pressure again and great play getting the ball out!
  5. Damn, that was a nasty collision.
  6. Haskins has a high ankle sprain and that usually has a guy sitting for atleast one game, so that makes the decision easy. Haskins has shown growth and am excited to see how his offseasons will be. Hopefully the new head coach will keep developing him and the new GM gets him more weapons.
  7. ejay183

    Should The Redskins Draft A QB?

    Maybe a project QB in the later rounds.
  8. Terry needs two more catches to break the rookie reception record set by Jamison Crowder at sixty. That guy is a humble, hungry guy from his interviews. Looking forward to seeing him and Haskins tear it over the NFC East for the next few years.
  9. Terry needs 2 more catches to break the Redskins rookie record.
  10. Skins defense cant stop Barkley, so if the Giants get the ball first, the game is over.
  11. Fox showed Terry grabbing his helmet
  12. Need 2 more catches for the rookie record. Hope he is okay and just has the wind knocked out of him
  13. Feed Terry! Needs 3 catches more to break Crowders's rookie record.