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  1. ACL tears are obviously very serious injuries, but with modern medicine and rehab you typically hear about players returning. Wonder what happened...maybe he didn't rehab it properly.
  2. Thank you Yeah he is by my side all the time, it is hard for me to even open the front door and leave without him following me. He definitely has separation anxiety. It is also hard getting Waffle in the car (both going and coming). He doesn't get as excited about the car as my previous dog, who went absolutely bonkers. I've been letting him sleep in my bed, I wonder if I should put an end to that and put him in the crate tonight. I know the little guy is just going to cry all night though. *edit* This little dude is so smart. I put his bed in my bedroom and told hi
  3. Say hello to Waffle. 6 month old German Shepherd/labrador mix as far as I can tell. I got incredibly lucky and got him free from a family off Craigslist. They had to get rid of him cuz the wife had allergies, they got him four months previously at a shelter. He is the fastest dog I have ever seen and jumps high as a gazelle. He runs around my back yard like crazy and can play fetch/chase all day. He seems to like dogs (unlike my previous dog) and people as well. Look forward to going on many adventures with him for years to come. I hope he likes the ocean cuz we are going to the beach tomorrow
  4. Yeah downtown LA is pretty bad, no matter what section you are at. You could be outside a fancy restaurant in the banking district and they could be stumbling around asking for change. It's sad. Another reason there are so many homeless people in California, southern California in particular, is the weather. When you live outside you don't want to deal with cold or rain, something Socal has very little of compared to the rest of the nation.
  5. I just logged into my Coinbase account for the first time in a couple of years. It is worth $150.98! Lol. I bought .165 of Litecoin on 12/13/17, back when everyone was going gaga over crypto. Also got .0056 of Bitcoin and .0276 of Ethereum. I'm really balling! I see there are a bunch of different cryptos now. Cardano, Cosmos, Ren....I still don't know how this works lol. Seems like a bunch of nonsense. Time to sell?
  6. My best friend lives in Simi Valley on Erringer Rd. I go up there all the time. Definitely nice and quiet but there aren't enough places to go out to eat, not enough variety. Not all that diverse either. It's the burbs. Very pretty though, I love the mountains. Not that far from some nice beaches, much less crowded than LA. Him and his family are actually looking to move to Arizona cuz they can't afford a house out here. They don't make tons of money.
  7. I got a text from the city of LA saying everyone 16+ was now eligible for vaccine appointments, but when I go to signup everything is booked or the clinic is closed. I tried going to a couple random pharmacies near me to see if they had leftovers, but got denied. Guess I'll keep waiting. I am hoping to travel to France in July so hopefully soon.
  8. Yeah I like Portland a lot, considered moving there. On the "outdoorsy scale" I would put myself at about a 6. I don't bike or surf or anything super vigorous, I just enjoy being able to go on nice walks/hikes in beautiful areas. It improves my mood to enjoy this beautiful planet. One thing I don't love about LA is the lack of trees and green space (although there is some). Mostly a lot of concrete. It is also really dry. I went boogie boarding up near Santa Barbara last year and was constantly worried about sharks lol. That is sort of a prime area for them. Still fun though.
  9. I'd like to know what criteria people are using to make these rankings. Weather? Natural beauty? Economy? Culture? Food/restaurants? Overall livability and quality of the neighborhoods? The people that inhabit them? I dunno, so many factors. I personally like every state I've ever been to, and I feel like I have been to many. The only thing that would turn me off would be there being absolutely nothing to do in terms of culture, such as a lack of museums, social spaces, parks, stores/restaurants, and things of that nature. Nature and cool places to explore are also very important.
  10. Damn. That is pretty major. Hurts Denver's future going forward.
  11. Just saw the video. Obviously he should have not resisted and tried to flee, and the officer made a horrible mistake. I'm not sure what can be done other than better training and hiring more competent officers. I believe I read she was a veteran of the force. Just a really bad situation.
  12. Yeah he looks really bad out there in LF. Could have made that catch or thrown out the guy at third with a better throw.
  13. Has anyone else seen the Cart Narcs? I have never seen such an obvious troll organization that profits off prodding people until they react with anger to their insults. They must have a great group of lawyers.
  14. A lot of the "analysts" that ESPN has are horrible. Just because you are an ex-player doesn't mean you are good at breaking down film and commenting on sports culture. Their NBA ones seem to be the worst, there are a few NFL ones too.
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