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  1. At my childhood home looking through my baseball card collection, which is gigantic. I've been googling some of these cards - damn apparently they are worth something. It is hard to really appraise though - for instance I see a 1987 Topps David Cone going for $10 on Ebay. Then another exact same one being sold for $225. I really need to sell some of these. I've never used Ebay before, have no idea where else to sell them.
  2. USA down 2 sets to 0 to Russia in men's volleyball. Gonna take a huge comeback. Up 8-7 in the third set.
  3. USA men win the gold in 4x100 freestyle relay! Whoever swam that third leg killed it!
  4. Nice Olympic record by Regan Smith right there!
  5. King and Jacoby on to the final in the women's 100m breaststroke. I hope they go 1-2. Schoenmaker looks damn good though.
  6. I'm watching handball. I don't know how the goalies are supposed to stop anything. I also can't tell how many steps players are allowed before dribbling.
  7. USA is still -600 favorites to win gold. Second is Spain at +800 then Australia at +850. Slovenia third +1400. I am willing to give them the ever slightest pass at not playing together for a long time and having an off day shooting. Still, they had two "off days" during exhibition and looked slower and less prepared vs. France. They did just get Middleton, Holiday, and Booker yesterday. I doubt Durant, Lillard, or Tatum shoot that badly again. The team as a whole shot badly. Maybe they just need to get in the flow. I love Team USA so much, and this would be a great stor
  8. Crazy how we own the Nationals most years. I don't know what the overall record is but it has to be good.
  9. I am in Cap Ferret, my family vacations here every summer. It is spectacular here I love it. I would agree the motivation looked lackluster.
  10. France shot the lights out. We didn't. That's basically what happened. Had numerous open shots that rattled out. I also hated our defensive effort in the second half. Popovich is going to have to coach the hell out of them in order for them to have a chance at gold. Things aren't over yet - it does look bleak though. I'm in France right now too. Just had a lunch party and this one dude was joking about it
  11. USA playing horrible basketball right now! In danger of losing.
  12. I echo everyone, that Golden State trade would be a miracle. I think Wiseman will be really good, he wasn't #2 overall for nothing. I think he will end up being better than Anthony Edwards.
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