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  1. abdcskins

    Redskins vs Packers Prediction Thread: Cheezy Wins

    Packers 28 Redskins 10
  2. abdcskins

    Any actors or actresses you have met?

    I met the guy from Super Troopers who said, "don't spit in that cop's burger." Is that considered famous?
  3. abdcskins

    Random Therapy Thread

    I like turtles. Have a great weekend everyone.
  4. abdcskins

    Random Therapy Thread

    Sushi is too expensive.
  5. abdcskins

    The Official Georgetown Hoyas Basketball Thread

    Yeah I just read the ESPN article on the harassment and burglary charges for Alexander and Gardner as well. Not good. Ewing's tenure at Georgetown has so far been unsuccessful. This does not reflect well on him.
  6. abdcskins

    The Official Georgetown Hoyas Basketball Thread

    James Akinjo and Josh LeBlanc are no longer on the team and have entered the transfer portal. Huge blow to the team. Ewing is going to have a big challenge getting this team in the tournament this year. Losing to UNC Greensboro at home was bad.
  7. Killing our draft position I'm also fairly sure we won't be drafting a QB. Double
  8. abdcskins

    Sports Wagering thread

    1-4 last week. First truly bad week all year. 36-27 on the year. Giants +6.5 Redskins +10 49ers +5.5 Dolphins +10 Colts -1
  9. abdcskins

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    No, a bubbler is a pipe that has a water filtration system similar to a bong. Same idea, there is a "female" glass stem that goes down into the water, which filtrates the smoke. You can google it and can see. I prefer it to bongs, because you can have a more mellow hit while also getting more flavor from the bud. It is basically a small version of a bong with a different mouthpiece. Good for people who don't smoke a lot, like myself (although I used to smoke a lot 10-14 years ago).
  10. abdcskins

    Have you ever smoked Weed before???

    I bought a new bubbler last week. Get that fresh hit. The best kush out here. Happy Thanksgiving.
  11. I just wrote a short reflection paper on Native Americans and their treatment in society if anyone wants to check it out. Native.doc
  12. abdcskins

    2019 NCAA Basketball Thread

    I just checked, Duke was 27.5 point favorites. Geeezzzz. Wish I could've hopped on that SFA moneyline. By the way, Utah State is winning the championship this year.
  13. Wow! What were the odds before the game? That's wild. SFA is a historical Cinderalla come March. Guess I better keep an eye on them.
  14. abdcskins

    Random Therapy Thread

    At the advice of a friend, I will pick my battle elsewhere. I do support freedom of speech though. Thank you mods, you are the best. Hugs all around. Go Terps and Hoyas.
  15. abdcskins

    Fantasy Football 2019

    Really good year so far in both leagues (9-3 first place, 8-4 fourth place). Gonna make the playoffs in both. Had one of the ugliest wins I've ever had this week 74.8-67.1. I made the mistake of benching Allen Robinson & Jarvis Landry (had em in daily fantasy though cuz I like to spread my assets). I've also foolishly been starting TJ Hockensen the past few weeks, hoping he could find some of that early season magic. Bad mistake. Luckily I picked up Kyle Rudolph last week on waivers for $1. He's gonna be my starting TE in the playoffs. I think it is time to possibly find a backup for Matt Ryan. He isn't looking right and the Falcons receivers are banged up (Julio Jones went out this week with a minor shoulder injury). I need to look at the schedule and see who has the best matchups. Thing is the waiver wire has slim picking. Rivers, Brissett, Goff....not good. Maybe I'll roll the dice with Hodges. The other league I have Lamar Jackson - nuff said. That trade I made mid-season was highway robbery. Jackson, Cooks, and Freeman for David Johnson and Kirk....I still can't believe it. Even if Cooks and Freeman have been nothing, getting Jackson turned my season around.