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  1. Joey Votto led the Reds with a .226 batting average during the regular season. How is that even possible? How the hell did they make the playoffs? I dig this new format. I hope the Twins can win tomorrow. Poor guys deserve one, plus I dislike the Astros.
  2. I saw Achiuwa play a few times. Struck me as a very strong and athletic player, but also forced many shots and played out of control. Needs more finesse and mental sharpness. He was supposed to play second fiddle to Wiseman before he got suspended. Maybe he felt he needed to take tons of shots for Memphis.
  3. I wish Biden were a bit crisper in delivering his thoughts and words. He missed some opportunities tonight.
  4. Trump showed how ****in outrageous he is. Anyone who has a sense of decency saw that. I really think they should consider cutting off mics if they want to have an actual debate.
  5. Undignified and cringeworthy debate, as the lady on NBC just said. A lot of people turned this debate off.
  6. Is it possible to cut off Trump's mic? Someone needs to tell him to shut the **** up seriously. A bunch of fools yelling at one another.
  7. Wish Biden were a bit more assertive and speak louder - only to counter Trump's blathering.
  8. Haskins can throw lasers when he's on! Great throw! One of the best I've seen.
  9. I'd be down to trade him for a 5th rounder at this point honestly. He doesn't have "it."
  10. What a catch by Inman! I'm screaming my head off at the sportsbook at Mandalay Bay Went big on the Skins
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