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  1. RIP Larry King. Man...another one bites the dust. I didn't watch much of him, but he seemed very composed and intelligent, well-spoken. Certainly well-informed as well.
  2. Thanks It seemed obvious, he has experience and is tall enough to at least guard the rim and rebound somewhat decently. Len hasn't shown much, but at least he is still young and has some versatility to his game. And he is Terp, so that is a plus haha. He certainly hasn't panned out since being drafted fifth overall in 2013, but I hope there is a glimmer of skill still left.
  3. Same sample as D'Evils (DJ Premier on Reasonable Doubt). This is much more raw and evocative though. Love that sample.
  4. New album from Hus Kingpin, inspired by Portishead. Not all tracks sample Portishead but many do. Very dark and moody album. I love it. Hus is an underground fixture, hails from Long Island. Check it out. Pharoahe Monch also dropped a new album, haven't heard it yet.
  5. RIP to one of the all-time greats.
  6. I use betboss.ag. If any of you guys ever wanna sign up just let me know, I'll give you the number to my agent - you place bets online but you deal with a real human being when it comes to cashing in and out, usually by Venmo or PayPal. I get a $200 referral bonus so come on down. I'm going with both favorites this weekend. Not gonna mess with the spread, gonna go moneyline. Packers -195 and Chiefs -180.
  7. So glad I never have to see a Trump thread again. I hope I never see his name mentioned again in the press or anywhere else.
  8. We need to pick up Alex Len. We have no options at center other than Lopez.
  9. Packers -7 Bills -2.5 Chiefs -9.5 Saints -3 I like all the favorites this weekend. The only one I'm slightly concerned about is the Bills cuz the Ravens secondary can potentially shut down that prolific passing game, but I trust Josh Allen can make some plays and the snow will limit Lamar.
  10. Nice to know that neither the Wizards nor the Rockets improved from that trade. A complete waste.
  11. Bill Walton is such a cringeworthy announcer. I know part of his gimmick is to say doltish things and act incredulous about dumb ****, but give it a rest. I'm sure he's a good guy, he used to hangout with my uncle in San Diego back in the 70s, but he needs to retire. He's on the same level as Chris Berman at this point, who I absolutely loathe. Just call the game and save the corny jokes for home.
  12. Trade Westbrook! The team is obviously better without him. I know that is basically impossible - would be nice though.
  13. So Suns -6.5 tonight? ESPN article says Beal is out for health and safety protocols, but I don't see that mentioned anywhere else. Nevermind he is playing. Yeah, the Westbrook trade looks horrible right now. I don't really mind, I think it was a wash either way. The draft pick is what makes it uneven - although it is heavily protected from what I recall.
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