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  1. Ok. Conspiracies are always fun. Gives folks something to live for until they get their guys in next time. Then is starts anew. Nothing to see here folks. Trump is not going down. Nor should he. And the more we go down this path, the more Republicans win in 20.
  2. Now be nice. Everybody is going to be fine. The country will survive. We survived the Clinton's corruption, Obama's corruption, Bush's Bushiness. Meuller is supposed to be beyond reproach, that is until people didn't get the result they wanted. Now he is a hack and Barr's toadie. To borrow a phrase, its time to MoveOn. If Dems are to win next time they are going to have to move on and abandon their conspiracy lunacy. The right hurt themselves with that stuff now the left is doing it with 2 years of non-stop hysteria. Right now the fringe (hopefully) is running the party. They better fix that right now or there will be 6 more years. Some of you guys will bleed out. I'd hate to see that.
  3. 6 more years baby! You guys try not to start pooping blood.
  4. Fat Stupid Loser

    Starting QB 2019???

    He sucked at UCLA and sucked in Arizona. Yeah Arizona was bad, so was he. Showing up for games in the PAC12 gets you a 500 record or better. What did he win his senior year? Or any other year? 7 games or something? A true first pick in the draft, college QB talent, dominates in college. The guy from Marshall on the practice squad in KC was better than Rosen in college but he liked weed and himself too much to fuss with all that practice, so he'll never get off practice squad. First rounder for Rosen is a totally Redskins thing to do. Other than getting budget, non-factor other team cast offs to fill holes. That's the other Redskins thing to do. Is Bruce still here? Just checking, its been a while.
  5. Fat Stupid Loser

    Gruden's Press Conference at NFL Owners Meeting

    Jay likes to stay medium.
  6. Fat Stupid Loser

    Starting QB 2019???

    Its the same every year. Kiper an Mayock hype the crap out of whoever the QBs coming out are into legitimate 1st round talents. That's their job. When was the last time you heard any of these guys say, you know. I know Team A is sitting there at 3 and really needs a QB but honestly nobody coming out is worth a first round pick. ?? I'm thinking never. Murray with one year playing is the no question number one pick. Grier is now a first round talent. Pretty soon we will be moving up to 3 to get him.
  7. Fat Stupid Loser

    The Cult of Case

    Welcome Mrs. Keenum. Don't pay any attention to people in here. We're all insane. Well, not me, but the rest.
  8. Fat Stupid Loser

    Starting QB 2019???

    I never got the Rosen hype. I watched a few of his college games and he looked awful. The guy is the number one QB prospect and number one pick in the NFL draft and couldn't win in the Pac12? You can go 500 in the Pac12 by just showing up. If a guy that's supposed to be that good can't carry his college team, how good can he be? I understand one guy is not a team, but college is a little different. Sure fire 1st round QBs dominate in college. Those that don't are generally busts. Some that do bust too obviously.
  9. Fat Stupid Loser


    You know he is coming back.
  10. Fat Stupid Loser


    Love AP, good signing. Now if we can just get Lavauo back. Or however you spell his name.
  11. Fat Stupid Loser

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    What I looked up was 194. I rounded down for slanted purposes. He is certainly a different kind of mobile than Griffin, who was just fast, but it's hard to see that type of player at that size not getting RG3d into 3rd string at Buffalo by a LB at this level. This ain't the Big12.
  12. Fat Stupid Loser

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Yes!!! The 190 pound version of Robert will be amazing. Get it done Dan!!!
  13. Fat Stupid Loser

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    Wasn't Mike Nelms #21? How did Sean get that number to begin with?