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  1. Just nauseating. One of the few bright spots in this dumpster fire the last 10 years. The Eagles. Good luck Ryan.
  2. Seems QB needy teams are less enamored with the remaining QBs than the announcers.
  3. I'm old, so humor me.. Who are these "Karens" I hear about all the time?
  4. I think because the Redskins were more than a name. The nickname was more of a beloved identity to their lifelong fans. An extended family. It wasn't that the particular nickname was all that important by itself, it was that it was who we were. I was known on some level as the Redskins fan. A small part of who I was. That being stripped away now makes a nickname pointless. So having a nickname was not what fans wanted to hold on to, it was their identity they wanted to hold on to. That's why I don't think we need a new nickname. We are Washington football. So that beautiful phrase "Touchdo
  5. Put mine in. Washington Football. Drop Team. Simple, classy, nobody else does it. Why do we need a nickname? We aren't 8 years old.
  6. Don't we have those projects already? Unless you are convinced that 3rd rounder is going to turn in to at least Kirk Cousins, why waste the pick on a project. We already have two projects on the roster. Plus Montez.
  7. "Fitz will throw for 400 yards or 4 interceptions. Sometimes both. A "bus driver" he ain't. His style of play is more like a sports car from hell. Flying to a win or crashing and burning. But I am thinking this could be trouble." Don't know why, but I love that quote.
  8. Fitzmagic was my preferred veteran, place holder. Great leader, fun to watch, gives you a slugger's chance to win games while continuing to build the team. A big high, low low kind of player. Barring a Rich Gannon kind of year, he won't take us anywhere big, but this team can win some games with him this year while building. We just weren't in a good position to do anything bigger and outside of two guys, nobody was worth trading up for. And I'm not overly confident about those two.
  9. Back up NFL QB. Best job in the world.
  10. 40M??? Curious where you were on Cousins.
  11. Did you watch Cam play last year? He is more done than Alex. Way more done. If we are going after has beens as a bridge for a year, get Fitzmagic. At least he gives you a sluggers chance to win while building the rest of the team. The last few years have sucked just about every drop of care out of me. But every time I get the 45 year itch come back a little we do something like sign Cam Newton. So I'm sure we will.
  12. I hope your turd is wrong. Mariota, holy crap. We have back up QBs on the roster already.
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