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  1. I shrugged a couple times actually. His immaturity issues are why he isn't playing. He is not good and his immaturity issues/attitude will prevent him from ever being good. Which is why he is practice team essentially. Coaches clearly see no point in wasting time on him.
  2. 2.5 seconds is pretty much the league average in time to throw.
  3. This is the key point in all this. It isn't about Allen and his suckage. Allen is a backup QB in this league. Its about Haskins' suckage. Right now he isn't even a backup quality QB in this league. His fundamentals, skills and knowledge are not near where they need to be to be able to take his lumps and grow like most first round QBs. He lacks the fundamental foundation. A product of one year playing on a college team that essentially goes unchallenged every week, dominating inferior teams. Pursuing his growth as a starter on this team is a fool's errand. If he corrects his apparent diva att
  4. Maybe this is the part of the movie when he runs away and meets Pumba.
  5. Maybe Haskins did respond to the challenge. Its possible to respond appropriately but still fail. Perhaps he responded as asked but simply isn't good enough. Its quite obvious he isn't good enough. Whether that is effort, attitude, or just not good enough doesn't really matter. If he isn't good enough, with a pouty ego, then he is done in the league. If its not an attitude, effort thing, then maybe in 3-4 years he could be a decent backup.
  6. If he is putting the work in then he is much worse than even I thought.
  7. Depends on how they answer, but ok
  8. I understand. It was immature to say that he is better than Jones or anyone really. And he was wrong.
  9. It's not about Allen. Doubt anyone thinks he is the guy. It's about Haskins not being the guy. It's clear and there is no point in entertaining it any longer.
  10. So more immaturity and he was wrong to boot.
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