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  1. At this point, I'd just leave it at Washington. Do we really need a mascot? What, are we 8? Do the Penn State-type clean, classic unis. We don't have to call our team something else and pretend we like it. Just Washington. A lot better than becoming the Washington whatever's expansion team. Little Dan could feel like the big guy (that's important to our fearless leader) like he's giving somebody the finger. Cost a lot less money too, I imagine. Oooooh, oooooh. New idea. Speaking of fingers. Leave the name Washington and put a middle finger on the side of the helmet!!!!! Just to see Costas' and Joe Buck's head explode.
  2. That's a reasonable consideration. It's a tough situation being dependent on other people's money. But any business partner that threatens me or to destroy my business because they suddenly have a problem with me that they apparently didn't have for many years is now a business partner that I can't trust any longer. Diligently looking to replace them would certainly be on the table. Whether that is seen as vindictive or not. In Dan's case, isn't he already seen as petty and vindictive anyway? People will line up to advertise with an NFL team whether they like him or not.
  3. That's exactly what he should do. Change the name and then drop them immediately. But he won't cause he is Dan.
  4. Getting easier to walk away every day. Of course, none of this could be true. But probably is.
  5. Warriors is such a yawner. How bout the Klingons. Paramount could take over for Fed EX and we could remove the stupid color scheme from the top of the stadium.
  6. For me, it won't be my team anymore. I'm a Redskins fan. When they quit being the Redskins, they might as well be anybody else. Some sports franchise in DC is not my family, the Redskins are. I picked them when I was 5 because I loved the uniforms and Indians were cool! Now, apparently, I'm racist. This country is so ****ed up.
  7. Seems like every day its someone else. Been a lousy year. RIP Buges.
  8. All whites at home, white and burgundy pants away. That gives us the best looking unis we've ever had plus the unis from the glory years. Then ban Brucifer's yellow pants. They are emasculating! Might as well wear the ones I posted above.