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  1. Biden has done an amazing job considering this hit job bull**** child having a temper tantrum he’s had to deal with. I don’t know how he’s kept his composure
  2. I think you interpreting "vote like your life depends on it" with "vote as if you just crawled out of a plane crash"
  3. You guys are really underselling Trump. Sure, he's crazy and incoherent. But he is going to be a bully on that stage. Wallace has already said he isn't fact checking them so Trump's lies with carry as much weight as Biden's truths. Trump can say and do whatever he wants, bully Biden with his lies and come off with authority to his mindless morons. And when he says something completely outrageous, the dumbass media will spend 30 minutes covering that after the debate and discussing the merits of it rather than just ignoring it or calling it lunacy and moving on. It wou
  4. Im very pro- defenseless WR protection but that was a bad call. Hard to see in real time though so I don’t mind coming down on the side of caution. It is what it is, gotta protect players and they didn’t have a good angle to see he only got his arm a little
  5. Live look at Mahomes against this Ravens defense:
  6. He should walk over to Mahomes at halftime and hand Mahomes his 2019 mvp. Lamar was just keeping it warm for Patty while he was hurt.
  7. he deserves it. He’s always been a great coach and got great results from subpar talent. Then as a reward for his troubles he’s gifted a QB designed by the gods to destroy humans.
  8. Can we just put Mahomes in the HOF now. Good lord
  9. yep, when you are an old QB that cliff comes fast and seemingly out of nowhere
  10. I didn't mean miserable as in cold. Just dreary. Anytime it's rainy and ugly outside, a big 10 football game could break out. I don't know what is the more rare sighting, a dominant VT football win, or a big 10 football game played in the sun. Either way, I am trapped in VA due to the wife and her family so my California Dreamin will be my only reprieve from these Winter hellscapes.
  11. I think I might pick the Heat. They're a better team. Lakers have 2 great players and a bunch of bums. Heat have a cohesive team that fits together and plays well together and compliments each other. If Lebron or AD have a bad game, it's over. The Heat have so many ways to beat you. it will say a lot about Lebron if he pulls this off
  12. Should have said potential foreign lenders. my bad. Seems likely at least a portion of it is though based on what we know of his deutsche bank stuff
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