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  1. my new game + ultra hard run I went with the new stealth armor that damn near makes you invisible when you add stealth mods to it too. That was my play style completely different from the warrior of previous runs. I was all stealth and letting enemies fight each other and picking off what was left. Went up to frozen wilds for the first time in my stealth gear and got one shot by that scorcher at the top of the mountain when you first climb up there. Had to change strategies right away to the Zero Dawn armor so I could make it through the first hit at least. Thought maybe I could swit
  2. I am not sure as I haven’t researched that thoroughly. It appears to be the least effective of the 3 but that’s not to say it “isn’t effective”. also wanted to say thank you for making the decision to get vaccinated.
  3. Pac 12 might want that Texas tv audience and let them in. Not a terrible fit since they feel similar to the Arizona schools. You’ve also already got Colorado in there
  4. I’m fine with them retconning that, and I’d be on board for putting the ST in “legends” territory and making an entirely new ST set 5-10 years after the current Mandalorian time period with a recast young Luke, Han, and Leia. they had the chance to really do something unique and interesting and bold with the ST following TLJ (which I loved) and they ruined it. So just forget the whole thing. the problem is Disney won’t do that. All the work they are doing on Mandalorian and their hundred other shows are going to try to prop up the existing ST rather than make something new
  5. I think there is massive interest in that. I think people would rejoice over a young Luke trilogy set shortly after Mandalorian timeline and see what he’s up to. The problem is this would likely butt up against the ST or at least events that we know about from that. then you would have to recast Luke and probably Leia and Han which I don’t think Disney wants to do
  6. You’re in for a treat. That first one is crazy atmospheric and haunting with a terrific story. Infinite is a ton of fun as well and has a better story imo tho loses a lot of the atmosphere that made the first two so special being set under the sea. Most FPS don’t make you think about philosophy, economic theory, religion, racism, etc but these do
  7. this is the only time in the game across 4 different runs that I actually had to farm for supplies. Had to go back down to safety and load up a couple different times for ropecaster and sling ammo to get through that mother****er on the hardest difficulty. Frozen Wilds is the best DLC I can remember playing but it’s so satisfying when you can start handling these tougher enemies. Some of the most rewarding and fun gameplay ever for me with a great story.
  8. “Someone that goes way back.” As in the original. so if you are the first and only, you are the OG. I don’t see where the discrepancy is
  9. if this happens it basically ends college football as we know it. Nobody outside of the “sec” matters at that point and will be treated like Boise State in the middle 2000s. I mean the only traditional “power” that wouldn’t be included are Miami, Notre Dame and USC. this is bad for college football.
  10. Conflicted on this. Find it hard to believe that they would introduce a character as massive as Wolverine in Captain Marvel 2. Then again, CM 1 is regarded by many as one of their worst movies (I loved it) so they may want to use Wolverine to prop up the franchise there and get in a lot of those particular “dudes” that didn’t like Captain marvel or Brie Larson
  11. Sinister disappears and then shows back up with a brand new PS5 still talking about playing Bethesda games from 2007 like he didn’t miss a beat. No signs of rust…
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