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  1. wiseman will likely be good but could take too long to develop and if you can flip him for a sure thing that helps while curry is still at this level, I’d do it
  2. maybe some stuff was missed in the beginning so I don’t think this is a spoiler but after God of War 3, it’s apparent he traveled to Midgard to leave that past life and shame behind and move on. There he fell in love, married and had a son, Atreus. This story opens with the death of his wife and their honoring her last request to have her ashes spread at the top of the mountain. no idea the timeframe but it’s been at least a hundred years, aging Kratos Quite a bit making him the reflecting, wise yet regretful person he is in this game
  3. Emilia Clarke deserves to be in a series and franchise that won’t **** her over in the end
  4. it’s not an immediate avengers or security type problem for the world but it is a massive problem for Sam so it’s important for his character arc and development. it’s really the only time they can tell this story of a black man choosing to be captain America and exploring what that means for himself, for minorities, and for America. unfortunately, this is the MCU so just lightly touching on issues is enough for them rather than actually evaluating them and having something to say about it. still, it’s more than what we typically get in that regard so I’m enjoying it.
  5. They need to ship Wiseman and this top pick for another star forward. Gotta try to maximize his remaining apex
  6. WV is a better show but the ending was abrupt and too clean and left a lot to be desired imo. FATWS started off weaker but the last 2 episodes have been excellent and it is setting up for a better and more impactful finale imo
  7. I still have a problem with Falcon and Walker and anyone else using Cap’s shield the way Cap did without the serum. I always thought his ability to bounce that thing around all crazy and catch it was due to his super strength, agility, and reflexes not because it has some weird ass gravitational lull. It’s just weird. I’ve accepted it, because that’s what they have decided but I don’t like it. watching Sam throw it and basically it’s a self-flying vibranium drone. That’s always going to come back unless you throw it with some extra sauce and it gets stuck
  8. It's pretty ****in hilarious that for years the Q and maga idiots have been waiting on this Emergency Broadcast System to be used to tell everyone that the storm is here and the martial law was in place and Trump was being moved to an underground bunker somewhere for safety while the traitors were arrested etc and now it's finally used and it's Biden using it for the vaccine notification that they don't even believe in
  9. yes the last episode was great and kinda drove home some of the ideas they touched on earlier
  10. He should be the mvp. Sucks that 2 years of his prime have been spent on bad teams due to injuries
  11. After Mueller, I just don’t worry about this stuff anymore. Nothing ever happens to them so it’s not worth worrying about. It sucks and makes me furious but I don’t plan on ever seeing any of this maga clan face consequences for their criminal behavior
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