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  1. I liked it too. She just didn’t deliver it well
  2. Him and steyer seemed like they had no idea how to expand on their motto or work it into their message. Just a few words and stopped 10 seconds in. poor Amy was so forgettable they didn’t even catch hers.
  3. Sanders got bodied tonight. And he didn’t have good answers. Yikes. I could see him falling to 3rd in SC. This was not good. biden has a good showing but he was so angry. Man he was fired up. Pete had some nice moments and I like the way he addressed the billionaire question. Amy lies. She is very boring. steyer showed some spark too but I can’t help but feel like he seems he’s just happy to be there. But he actually seems very sincere. I just don’t see how it’s in the cards Warren proved she is still the best candidate. Calm, cool, smart, nurturing and caring. Genuine. Thoughtful and articulate. Sucks her campaign has just lost steam
  4. do not go gentle into that good night...Rage rage against the dying of the light. Always been a fan of the poem. Part of it is included in my forearm sleeve. mock away
  5. It’ll definitely be a woman or minority. I like Warren but I’d hate losing two senators since both have GOP governors that would fill those seats. Abrams, Gillum, Kamala and Booker is the short list. You could get really nice betting odds on a #YangGangBang. Some Midwest congresswomen aren't bad picks either If he picks Tulsi, I’m just moving to Canada.
  6. I doubt he has because it makes no sense to start compromising at this point. Sell your big idea and fight for it and then if you have to compromise. We will never get any improvement if we start out with a compromise because republicans will start with that compromised position and trash it and pull it further to the right, or current system with no changes. Go big and bring a bunch of support with you for massive change and see what happens.
  7. That's fine. Let him lie. He did that during the midterms too and was absolutely thrashed. So I welcome it. The people that have a significant voting interest in health care are tuned in enough to know that he's lying and those are the people that will help decide the election again.
  8. yeah, you’re right. Just need to require every employee to rise and form a union out of thin air or individually rise up against your owner placing a huge target on your back. And if I win this, my victory secures me the option of buying another high priced plan on the marketplace for which I wouldn’t qualify for in many cases all while dealing with the fact that I spat in the face of the owner who signs my paychecks. I don’t know if you are being deceitful or just out of touch because you’ve been in the military for so long but that’s not a viable solution for the majority of people in the real world, even if it has worked anecdotally. but yeah, everyone that doesn’t form a union at work or clash with their management over converting health insurance benefits into wages is just lazy.
  9. Momma There Goes That Man

    Guys I need recommendations on the next TV series I should start watching.

    It's not a masterpiece or anything but I was pretty entertained by See on appleTV. Stars Jason Mamoa and is a post apocalyptic story about the human race after a virus kills the population except for around 2 million people, all of which lost their site. Now, generations and generations later, humans live as blind primitive tribes and the idea of sight is a myth entirely. Humans have developed other senses like smell and hearing. Mamoa is the badass leader of a tribe and not surprising one of the best fighters in the world.
  10. Exactly, there is no current choice in healthcare. My employer has changed health insurance providers 3x in the last 5 years. They also went from offering 1 plan option to 2 and then back to 1 plan option. Nobody had a say in that except the owner who made the decision based on some idea he has of what he wants to pay versus what coverage we are provided. And the health insurance is listed as part of my salary package as if it's negotiable or something. Imagine if some of that money was freed up to actually provide increased wages to people. There is no choice. And i'd be happy with no choice if I had all my basic needs covered without insurance premiums, copays, deductibles, waiting for the bill in the mail without ever knowing exactly how much it will be, trying to find in-network hospitals and individual doctors, completing endless paperwork for claims, having to decode paperwork to determine if you are covered each time you go etc. its's ridiculous and I consider that I have fairly decent insurance from what i've seen and I still hate it. It's purposely made difficult and confusing because they don't want you to use your insurance they want you to get sick and not file a claim while continuing to pay premiums.
  11. A Jewish man with family that was killed by the Nazis during WW2. He's the perfect person to finally stand up to Israel's bull****.