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  1. I’m enjoying my ps5 way more than Xbox series X. The ps5 hasn’t randomly turned off on me.
  2. He has reeled it in before but Kerr was not happy. He was adamant about Draymond crossing the line yesterday.
  3. Draymond gotta real it in that situation. Literally cost us the game.
  4. Unexpectedly got my ps5 today. I’m juiced. Downloading Warzone and going to destroy some kids with my buddies later.
  5. I got my ps5 today. I was not expecting to receive. I never got a shipment confirmation or anything. But I’m glad it’s here.
  6. I lift around 5-6 times a week. a typical workout routine monday- squat, flat bench close, split squat or some variation that’s like a lunge tuesday - regular flat bench, front squat or some variation, press either dumbbell or barbell wednesday. Some rows and run for like 20 mins or so. Add arms Thursday- touch n go bench, deadlift, barbell row friday- press, Romanian dead, db bench I also sprinkle arm work when I can and pull downs and back work when I can but with a busy life style I focus on MT ThF. Saturdays and Sundays
  7. There’s a silicon chip shortage causing delays in 3080s as well.
  8. Good place is great. Janet was hiding that thickness till bad Janet came out. Tahni is beautiful
  9. I got mine today. Lol. I only had 1 item on there. I use schwab
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