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  1. I got Pfizer. felt fine after the first and second shot. I worked out after receiving both.
  2. Remember when the Warriors signed KD and destroyed any parity in the league. Good ole times. y’all lying to yourself if you don’t think the Nets are overwhelming favorites next year.
  3. I cut my run short today. **** wasn’t a joke. I was having heart pains. Going to set up an appointment just in case
  4. I did a double in blood donation yesterday. Lifted even tho I wasn’t advised against it. I ran today and **** I’m struggling bad.
  5. You ready to stream that BF2042? You watched the game play trailer right. my twitch account is ready bring that sexy light skin ass and we blow up.
  6. You are caught up in the moment. Giannis is a great player but are you forgetting what KD showed in the series versus the Bucks without Kyrie and a fat injured Harden. he did a lot to silence the critics but So did KD. KD 35/10/5 with Blake Griffin and Joe Harris playing the second most minutes after him. Come on not even close IMO.
  7. Competitor yes. Player nope. KD proved he is the best player in the league during nets vs bucks series.
  8. It’s not body dysmorphia. You are small. I lift 200k lb worth of weight in a single day. Come at me bro. ive always wanted to try out those tonal things. Seem like fun.
  9. I got nothing against LeBron hunting rings. Winning a title takes a lot of luck. To say Giannis ring is more organic is meaningless.
  10. Doc rivers has blown two 3-1 leads. So he deserves it.
  11. I’m also happy for Jrue holiday. He was always underrated and although the always didn’t play great this playoffs. I’m glad he got a ring.
  12. Credit given bud I’m here looking at Monty for not doubling Giannis. SMH
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