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  1. My closure on this season is that the Chiefs should never have made the big game in the first place. No one can tell me Mahomes should’ve played the week after that concussion. No way he passed the protocol without some shenanigans. He didn’t get hit in the head but he was out on his feet, couldn’t stand on his own, and then he plays the next week? I call shenanigans! It should’ve been Buffalo beating a Mahomes-less chiefs to go to the game. This was engineered by someone.
  2. Cant believe they didn’t sneak it. Brady’s the best at that...
  3. Any chance we could switch him for Turner as OC? We’re pretty much starting from scratch at QB anyways.
  4. Don’t hate the call to go for 2. Hate the play call. Didn’t look it would’ve worked from before the snap. Maybe something more creative? Or possibly something with a higher rate of success? It looked like a 1 read play and the target was covered forcing an improv which had no chance because he was already next to the sideline with no where to go.
  5. Meh, bad penalty, bad play call, stupid mistakes. AZ aren’t dominating us they’re a good football team doing good things. We’re not playing that badly.
  6. Can someone explain to me why as a defense you don’t slam the starting QB when he goes out wide as a receiver?
  7. As usual. It’s the curse of George Allen. We used to have the best special teams.
  8. How you don’t have 2 people around Hopkins all game is a mystery
  9. Our win over the Eagles isn’t as impressive anymore. The rams taking them to task.
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