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  1. Out the window as far as I’m concerned. HTTD. Lose the song lyrics too.
  2. Just Wolves dumbass. Seriously, if you’re keeping the colors “red” is implied. Also lots easier to say Washington Wolves or Washington Wolfpack. DC Direwolves would be even better.
  3. Seems early to me. Curious though. What makes you think this draft is worse than our last few?
  4. He was pretty contrite when he got popped, but who knows. At least Trent is gone. I always thought he was a stand up guy, but clearly not. I wonder how much SF will get out of him.
  5. I’ll be super pissed if they release him. Now is the time to go hard and force his hand. Coming back and playing at a high level is pretty much his only path to getting paid now.
  6. he’s already said he wants to retire a Redskin. His agent said he wants to play somewhere else and then come back retire a Redskin, and be in the ring of fame. Just some of the dumbest **** I’ve ever heard. The interview his agent did with 1067 was enlightening in just how delusional he and his agent are. It wouldn’t surprise me if they think they can get the Redskins to flat out release him. I just don’t think the Redskins will. Again, delusional. Also, if I’m not mistaken, his agent wasn’t even an agent until Trent was drafted. He was a family friend who became his agent. Probably an easy job until now. Since the surgery it’s been mis-step after mis-step. I doubt Trent will fire him. Hard relationship to get out of.
  7. Minnesota picks 13 times today. The Saints not at all. Being a Vikings fan today would be fun. Still seems like overkill though. I assume they’ll shed some of those picks and trade up.
  8. Regardless of the reality, Trents options are drying up. None of us truly know what’s going on behind the scenes, but what’s obvious is that if Trent wants to get paid, he’ll likely have to come here and actually play. Any other scenario will result in him getting little to nothing. At that point he should just retire. I actually think that’s the likely outcome in this situation. He’s going to not be traded, and then wait until the last possible minute and then retire.
  9. Its a production issue. They’re going to the player while they’re literally still on the phone with the team that picked them. Of course they’re not jumping up and down. If they would just wait and cue a little later I’m sure we’d be seeing some really excited kids.
  10. I’m no scout, but notice they keep talking about these “elite” tackles as right tackles. Seems weird. Are none good enough to drop in on the left side?
  11. a little different, clearly you’re just trying to make a clean get away