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  1. This seems like worse than drafting a punter. Aren’t there a 1000 of these guys?
  2. Clearly ran that to the podium. Everyone shut up, there’s a delay!
  3. Interesting run on linemen.
  4. Terrible way to get validation. One of the best franchises in football made my pic.
  5. Rooting for a trade back
  6. I wanted Sewell, then I wanted Parsons, now I want Harris
  7. So now that’s happened, who’s going with Belichik and who’s going with Shanny. Especially knowing neither can pick a QBs to save their lives
  8. Shot in the dark it’s a pass rusher
  9. Chicago picks Fields. Another dubious endorsement
  10. So giants have jones, and Cowboys have Dak, would Philly take Fields?
  11. I love the nfc East with no Surtain!
  12. Here’s a view into my bias. I liked Trey Lance. Now that Shanny picked him? I think he might suck. Lol
  13. At this point I hope we stay pat or move down. No one worth trading up for imo
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