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  1. Birdlives

    2019 Game Day Thread

    I’ve said before and I’ll say it again. Chris Collinsworth is the worst commentator ever. What a piece of ****. Rivers dialed that in and Collinsworth critiques his placement. Superturd. I might risk a jail term just to punch his smarmy face.
  2. Birdlives

    Jordan Reed Is In Concussion Protocol

    I sincerely hope Reed retires. There’s no way he hasn’t sustained irreparable damage at this point. He must have enough money. Go use that competitive instinct in another business, brother. You’ve nothing left to prove on the field. Oh, and **** the Ravens player who jawed him in the first place. Completely unnecessary in a preseason game. I hope nothing but the worst for that carpetbagging franchise. May the devil that is the Modell family forever curse that team. And by the way, that city chased one of the most storied franchises in the NFL away because of their apathy. They deserve nothing but bad karma.
  3. Birdlives

    2019 Game Day Thread

    What a bull**** comment. Dak jumped in the air, he did not in any way get planted. If they did call a penalty there it would’ve been 100% bull****. He exposed himself and paid the price.
  4. Possibly the worst win I’ve ever seen. The Dolphins clearly tanked. The call came down from above to go for it and hope they could eek out a loss. On no planet do you not kick the PAT and take it to overtime. Fitzpatrick would’ve won that game if they did. What’s most irksome is that Dan and Bruce are somewhere in South Beach toasting their decisions and think they’ve righted the ship, meanwhile the ship moves ever closer to the iceberg.
  5. I’m thinking Fitzpatrick remembers last years game
  6. McLauren score touchdown. Me am happy.
  7. I’m at a bar and got caught up watching football games. I missed the end of our second half as a result.
  8. It’s the first half! Why do you not call a time out there!
  9. You may be right i tend towards optimism
  10. I’m kinda thinking he was handcuffed by Jays conservative philosophy
  11. How do you preach run the ball all week and not go for it there?
  12. Not surprising. We get overrun with opposing team fans. Who wants to waste a day in Miami watching this? We are the opposing team and we suck. No way we’re taking over another stadium.
  13. Birdlives

    Next Coach?

    You forgot Murphy’s law, which sadly is also a Snyder regular. Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.
  14. Birdlives

    Reality check time.

    Daniel Snyder is now 55 years old. He’s owned the franchise for 20+ years. He’s recently traded for McNabb, traded a Herschel Walkers bevy of picks for RGIII only to undermine his head coach because he was pals with RG. Threw Kirk Cousins out, and according to most dictated another QB draft pick. Dwayne Haskins (God bless him cause he ain’t gonna win here) who isn’t ready for prime time. But I guess they’ll have a nice thanksgiving dinner??? Daniel Snyder will never win anything. ergo, neither will we.