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  1. Pretty disappointed we’ve done nothing to address o-line so far. Once we got our safety I was hoping we would be working on getting at least more solid offensive line depth, if not an outright starter. Injuries cost us a lot last year and in 2017. I would be hyper focused on that group if it were my team.
  2. Birdlives

    Landon Collins and the #21 debate...

    I’ve never been a fan of the fixation this franchise has with numbers. As far as I’m concerned only 1 number should be off limits; 33, and only because we retired it. All other numbers should be open to anyone who wants to wear it. At the least the guy who assigns numbers can then tell the player that wants to wear 28, “hey, you know who wore that number and what you’ll have to live up to? HOF player, hope you’re up to it.” edit: I didn’t answer the poll because none of the answers fit my opinion.
  3. Thrifty is as thrifty does. Just because a team has a ton of cap room doesn’t mean they’re willing to spend it. The Jets have been cheap for years.
  4. Jets sign Barr, maybe out on Mosley? (If they were ever in). if we sign Mosley and Collins and just some O-line depth, I would mark that as a successful FA offseason.
  5. I hate to admit how smart this was. 21mil up front but other guarantees are triggered. I wonder if other teams are pissed that we “set the market” but surprise! Not really. He’s essentially guaranteed 45 mil, but only if he performs the next 2 years, otherwise we cut him loose for a 32 mil over first three years. He gets 45 by being a stud. The last 3 years salaries are inconsequential. I think a sneaky low cost pick up would be Cam Wake from Miami. Get him on a 1 year deal to replace Smith. He’s older, but better. I wonder if he has anything left or if Miami just sucked last year on defense.
  6. Never a good idea to comment on contract terms when all you have is the frame, I.e. X dollars for Y years and N in guarantees. These things are really tough to decipher unless you know the structure. He’s a good player. We’ll see how the terms shake out.
  7. Not sure why we would want to pay top dollar for a wide out when we don’t have a QB to throw the ball.
  8. Birdlives

    Gameday Thread

    In theory, yes. In practice, Terrell Davis and Kurt Warner. The rules have changed.
  9. Birdlives

    Gameday Thread

    That call was; I don’t even know what that was. I never saw the press conference where the NFL said they were moving to a two hand touch league
  10. Birdlives

    Gameday Thread

    Should a kept running it lol
  11. Birdlives

    Gameday Thread

    Pats going old school I-formation
  12. Birdlives

    Gameday Thread

    Love the blue and gold. Wrong network