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  1. Wonder if Detroit's original asking price is too high and teams are balking at that price and not countering.
  2. % of accurate passes from a clean pocket. Stafford is 29th last year at 58%
  3. You can cross off the Patriots. They just re-hired Matt Patricia. Stafford has no love for Patricia.
  4. At least 6 teams will be in on him, teams like Indy, Chicago, SF, Denver. Price is gonna be 1st rd +. Yall ready to spend that much?
  5. Reviewing the Mahomes and Allen draft trades: Patrick Mahomes draft pick trade details Kansas City Chiefs received: No. 10 pick in 2017 NFL Draft (Patrick Mahomes) Buffalo Bills received: No. 27 pick in 2017 NFL Draft (Tre'Davious White); third-round 2017 pick (this pick was packaged in a trade that led to Buffalo taking both tackle Dion Dawkins and receiver Zay Jones); first-round 2018 pick (used to trade up and take linebacker Tremaine Edmunds; Buffalo also drafted defensive back Siran Neal with a final pick acquired along with Edmunds) Before the draft, Chiefs GM John
  6. My only hope is that if WFT can't get Watson or Stafford that at least teams above them in the draft can get them to heighten the chance that one of the top 4 falls out of the top 10 or close enough to it that a trade up is feasible.
  7. Putting together Chris Russell's and John Keim's latest podcasts I get this: Russell said his source told him that Kyle has been butting heads with someone in the organization but it's not Rivera. Keim said that Rob Rodgers has been trying to dip his toes in the player evaluation side of the org and has come up against some resistance. Perhaps that is part of the trouble.
  8. Agree. It's a bad off season to need a QB unless you have a high draft pick or willing to pay through the nose with draft picks to trade for one. FA wise, besides Dak is a pretty mixed bag. I would be pretty happy if the training camp QB roster was: Fitzpatrick, Kyle, Taylor and a 3rd rounder. Loser between Kyle and Taylor they try to get on the practice squad.
  9. Rivers is no longer an option if he ever was.
  10. I'm also in a wait and see attitude. I believe that the Hurney hire will be more of a business side/admin role with either keeping Kyle or hiring Cowden as the head talent evaluator.
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