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  1. Can someone explain the 16-18 month timeline being said by Rivera and others about the new permanent name? Are they referring to how long it would take to have everything in place including gear for sale? November 2021. Otherwise, not having a name announced till then doesn’t make sense.
  2. On the Reddit thread the OP claimed it WAS a placeholder for 2020. The OP also sid he didn't like it either and said it would be announced today.
  3. Rookies not reporting until Thursday. I saw somewhere an idea that the name should be announced before the rookies sign their contracts which will happen tomorrow or Thursday morning at the latest. So I predict a name drop by Thursday morning at the latest.
  4. Keim just said on his podcast that he thinks the name gets announced this week. Doesn't know what it is or whether it will be a temporary or permanent name. Also said we would have known it by now if not for the Post story.
  5. John Keim Podcast: "I do think the name will be announced this week. It would have come out last week if not for the Post story. I don't know what the name is or whether it will be a temporary name or not"
  6. So based off the new Covid testing protocol, Training Camp for veterans won't officially start until August 1st. First test on the 28th, second test on the 31st. All players who test negative twice, allowed inside team facilities.
  7. My step father didn't follow the NFL nor did my father. I didn't have any interest in the nearest team that was 3 hours away so in 1983 is asked a friend who won the last Super Bowl and he said the Washington Redskins. "Okay" is said, "Then that's my favorite team from now on".
  8. If the NFL decided to guarantee that the players would receive their full salaries this season and not drop the salary cap a lot next season then the players wouldn't be so worried about Covid-19. This is predominantly about money.
  9. I think tomorrow (Monday) is a good possibility to reveal the name. The day before rookies report and a big distraction from the harassment story.
  10. We root for drama. In the absence of winning football and actual decent people running this team we are forced to root for drama.
  11. Ugh... Please tell me this Washington Post story will actually drop this week and won't instead be a long legal slog were the story never comes out but is instead leaked bit by bit for the next six months while the status quo remains.
  12. This is the times when I love being on this forum. Potential juicy news about to drop and we can speculate as much as we want. Fun times!!
  13. Guessing someone has been working on a piece for a while and was going to have an exclusive so everyone has kept their mouth shut.
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