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  1. ukskinsfan

    The Brexit Thread

    Agreed Michael Gove from 2 weeks ago in a interview with the telegraph He is also adamant that he will never be Prime Minister himself. “In order to be prime minister of this country, you need to be an exceptional person. David Cameron is an exceptional person with exceptional talents and he does the job well. “I don’t think I have got that exceptional level of ability required for the job." Even if he felt he could do the job - which he does not - he wouldn't want it because it would have a "grueling" impact on his life. "I have seen how someone with immense talent, more talent than I have – Gordon Brown – when he became Prime Minister it was a grueling process. And I think that, you know, that’s not for me.” If only we had a competent opposition, but they seem intent on destroying their own party even quicker than the Conservatives,
  2. ukskinsfan

    ES Soccer Thread

    Claude Puel confirmed as new Manager at Southampton. From what little I have read it looks like a good fit, although I would have preferred someone with experience in the English League..
  3. ukskinsfan

    The Brexit Thread

    Candidates for the next Conservative leader and UK Prime Minister. Stephen Crabb Current Secretary for Work & Pensions. Was for Remain Liam Fox Former Defence Secretary resigned in 2011 after a lobbying scandal, Longstanding Leave campaigner Michael Gove Current Lord Chancellor & Secretary of Justice, Was Boris Johnson's "second" as part of Leave campaign. Andrea Leadsom Current Secretary of Energy, supported leave campaign Theresa May Current Home Secretary, Was on the remain side but did not campaign actively and has history as EU sceptic. Most senior of the candidates in the current Cabinet. Conservative MPs will vote eliminating 1 candidate at a time until 2 remain. Those 2 will then be a voted for by all members of the conservative party Boris Johnson who lead the Leave campaign decide against standing. From those candidates it is likely to come down to Gove vs May
  4. ukskinsfan

    ES Soccer Thread

    As a Saints fan I think you are getting a really good player who should fit what Klopp wants very well. He has all the talent required to be successful at a big club but his attitude needs to be right. At times last season he appeared to be giving minimal effort and his performances were poor. This was around the time of the transfer window so it may be that he was trying to force a move in January. i am sure you have a manager in Klopp that can deal with players egos. On a side note we are reported to be signing Claude Puel as our new manager, can any of the French in here let me know what to expect from him.
  5. ukskinsfan

    The Brexit Thread

    The British people don't actual vote for PM. We elect MPs, The leader of the party with the majority of MPs in parliament then becomes PM. At any point that party can decide to change leader and we get a new PM. This is what is happening now, Cameron is resigning as leader of the Conservative party, the Conservative party will choose a new leader and he/she will become PM. The only way we would get a new election is if the government loses a vote of confidence in parliament, that would trigger a new election where all MPs would be up for re-election. It would take about 20 Conservative MPs to vote against their party for this to happen.
  6. ukskinsfan

    ES Soccer Thread

    The Southampton Exodus continues in talks with Spurs for the transfer of Morgan Schneiderlin and Jay Rodriguez reportedly for 40+ million.
  7. ukskinsfan

    ES Soccer Thread

    Shaw, Chambers and Lallana all came through the youth system. Schneiderlin came to us at 18 (2008). The academy has also produced Gareth Bale, Theo Walcott & Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as well as several other less well known players in the last few years, There still about 4 or 5 young players at the club that they have high hopes for. Some of the success of the youth system is geographic, we are the biggest club (outside London) in the South of England so they can draw on quite a big talent pool. They pick up quite a few talented players at 15/16 from the smaller southern clubs. Some of it is reputation, we are known as a club which will give youth a chance so it becomes easier to recruit young players when you can show examples of players making it in to the first team. Some of it is the money the club has invested in the academy, they have been willing to invest in the facilities & coaching at that level even when the money has been tight at the club.
  8. ukskinsfan

    ES Soccer Thread

    As a Saints fan, sad to see last years team gutted in this fashion but feared the worse when Pochettino left for Spurs. The only good thing is that we have managed to get good value for the players who have left. We should now have about 100 million to spend. The board said that all money from transfers would be available to the manager, but I won't believe that until I have seen it spent. There have been rumours ever since Markus Liebherr died that the family wanted to sell the club, but they seemed to die down a bit last year as Katharina become more visibly involved after the ousting of Nicola Cortese as chairman. These probably a couple more to leave as Dani Osvaldo won't be back after his bust up last year (rumoured to Inter). There also supposedly interest in Jay Rodriguez from Liverpool (any news about that from your end GHH), Man City & Spurs, and the perpetually rumoured Morgan Schneiderlin to Arsenal. Shaw was a much better than Chambers last year, but I think Arsenal got a better deal in Chambers for 16 million than Man U did with Shaw at 27 million. At the moment Shaw is a much better defender at full back and was better going forward as well, but Chambers should improve defensively as he spent most of his time at the academy playing in midfield.
  9. ukskinsfan

    ES Soccer Thread Spurs appoint Mauricio Pochettino as their new boss. As a Southampton fan I am gutted to see him go, it was bad enough that we are likely to lose Lallana & Shaw over the summer but I was expecting that. To lose the manager as well is a real blow and puts a real feeling of uncertainty around the club after the great season that we had.