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  1. So.....Snyder is terrible at everything, right? This means we can safely assume that this is going to get ****ed up. Let’s speculate on the screw up. 1. Choosing something more offensive like “Injuns” 2. Failing to secure a copyright properly and getting sued by a regional chain restaurant. 3. Misspelling the name at the introductory press conference 4. A drunk Scott McLoughlin shows up at the press conference like Dennis Hopper in Hoosiers. 5. Actually buys the name Generals.
  2. it’s all good. You can still sing Nazi drinking songs and launch fireworks at Gypsies at EPL games. Probably.
  3. I want it to be the Generals. Snyder buying the most mocked name in sports in a ham-fisted attempt to leverage affection for the military at a time when the NFL’s cynical attempts to wrap itself in the flag are collapsing would be peak Snyder.
  4. I forget where I heard it, but someone pointed out that this is no longer just among active players. Kobe was not involved at all with the Lakers and went several years without going to games until his daughter apparently expressed an interest in it. But it seems like every player in the league had had a conversation with him in the last three years. In the old days, Magic and Bird had to become coaches or executives after they retired to maintain an influence. Now, it seems like there are dozens if not hundreds of informal advisors all over the place driving the culture. My theory
  5. Life is weird. As I was eating breakfast yesterday, I wasn't thinking, "Lamar Odom is going to make my wife cry in the next 24 hours." Also, has anyone checked on Meta?
  6. By the way, the path to NBA greatness now seems to go through the Olympic team. With Kobe's death, all the stories are coming out about how Lebron, Wade, and their peers spent a summer with Kobe with realized what they had to do in practice/training. Zion will get his summer with Lebron, and if he's smart, he will show up to the next training camp in the best shape of his life. Zion has rolled out of bed and been twice as good as everyone he has ever played with his entire life. Even at Duke. That's probably still the case to some degree in New Orleans. But the cool thing about the
  7. My daughter went to Harden's basketball camp a few years ago. And to his credit, he was there for every minute of it and was running drills with the kids. He would also do something insanely athletic every 15 or 20 minutes just to keep their interest. Point being, NBA players in real life are difficult to process. You look at Harden on the court, and he seems like an average-sized dude who seems slightly out of shape next to everyone else. You stand next him by a water fountain and he is one of the largest human beings you have ever encountered, seems as wide as he is tall, and eve
  8. I was thinking about this last night. What made Kobe fascinating was how legitimately odd he was. Most black NBA stars are not relatively privileged teenagers who grew up overseas and spoke multiple languages. He was weirdly uncool. Except he had a single-minded drive and focus where he decided that the culture would accept him as cool. His nickname is the great example of this. How many NBA veterans suddenly announce to the world that he has given himself a new nickname? And one stolen from a movie at that. I was way into the baskeball blogosphere when that happened,
  9. A casino/stadium combination is not the craziest idea I've ever heard. I do find it hard to believe that the NFL has already signed off on this though. I guess it also triggers the question, "How many gambling options does the DC/Baltimore region need?"
  10. I like it. The one thing this team has not had is a major child abuse scandal.
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