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  1. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Derrius Guice and the Skins Synergy of Suck

    This is clearly accurate.
  2. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Derrius Guice and the Skins Synergy of Suck

    It's specifically how we suck. And - after 20 years - I'm not sure any of it is fixable. We are way way way past the idea of "We need a competent GM" or "Snyder needs to just sign the checks." It's inherent in everything. You can't fix the stadium issues, because fixing the stadium issues pisses off the marketing department. You can fix the field, because fixing the field would somehow be seen as taking money from the campaign to build a new stadium. You can't hire an all-powerful GM unless the man was also a Snyder syncophant which defeats the purpose in the first place. Because of these problems, you can't hire that best coaches, because they know they can't win here. The Skins are not rotted as an organization. They are molded. Rot you can fix with some beams. Mold requires either tearing everything down and starting over. That or incredibly long, arduous, and maybe not entirely successful clean up work.
  3. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Welcome to the Washington Redskins Derrius Guice RB LSU

    And as a finely condition professional athlete playing in the most violent of sports, your situation is completely analogous. I'm convinced.
  4. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    The Skins Can't Win With These Coaches

    I love the complaint of "can't adjust." No one ever says what that means. "Things were working for a while and then they didn't. It was those damn adjustments again."
  5. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    The Future is Bright...

    It is decidedly not.
  6. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Derrius Guice and the Skins Synergy of Suck

    Hello, Dum dums. I don't post as much these days. because come on. Talking about a terrible team on 1998 web tech makes my already sad existence all the worse. But this Guice thing has momentarily allowed me to shake the ennui and state a few things. I would say that for nearly all of Snyder's tenure - but especially during the Allen Era - we have tried to out-clever the league. We absolutely love signing other teams #1 picks who have flamed out. We love drafting dudes with an injury history who can be all-pros if they can just stay healthy. Way back in time, Vinny Cerrato's favorite thing to do was draft players "graded as a first round talent" in the third round - without ever seemingly asking why someone with that grade fell to the third round in the first place. Guice is an all-world talent. But he slipped to late in the second round because he was hurt his junior year and because he was apparently seen as "extremely sketch" as the kids probably never said. Then he got hurt. Now he's hurt again. At this point, his entire life since his junior year in college is question of "can he stay healthy?" and "can he stay out of trouble?" I think a team can take chances with one of those two questions. The Skins take chances on both of those questions constantly - often in tandem. Do I think the medical staff is bad? Yes. Why? Because everything on the Skins is broken. Snyder has created a Synergy of Suck. We take extremely risky players. And then put them in the worst possible environment with the least support possible. I don't really want to rehash the RGIII saga, but it really lays this out beautifully, and it explains how nothing ever truly changes. RGIII was legitimately a once in a generation NFL talent. But our head coach at the time probably never really wanted him. He made that pretty clear by drafting another young QB in the same draft even with the organization sacrificing a ton of its future draft capital to get RGIII in the first place. Then he had that year. That year was probably a bit of smoke and mirrors thanks to a really bizarre and likely unsustainable offense. But regardless. That year. Anyway, the coach was always unsure on him, but the owner adored him. This happens over and over and over again here by the way. RGIII gets hurt, and our sketchy medical staff throws him back on the sketchy field because our sketchy grounds crew can't keep our sketchy stadium functioning. And our sketchy coach doesn't really protect him. And he gets really hurt. Since the Skins are a marketing company disguised as a football team, RGIII's rehab is turned into a reality show. And guess what? it totally doesn't work. Who saw that coming? And he leaves here in the ugliest manner possible which triggers into Shanahan leaving in the ugliest manner possible which eventually leads to us hiring a really sketchy guy as a GM who is incredible as long as he's not drunk. Lo and behold, he's drunk. Who could have seen that coming? I'm not going to rehash Snyder's catalogue of horrors. But everything bad here elevates all the other bad stuff. Maybe we could take headcases and injury-prone dudes if our coaches, front office, and medical staff worked in perfect tandem. Maybe we wouldn't have knee injuries galore if our facilities weren't 25 years behind the times. Maybe our coaches and medical team could make better decisions if the owner didn't constantly buddy up to players and empower them to make decisions that may not necessarily be in their or the team's best interest. As I said, it's a synergy of suck. And we live in the middle of it. If I was Om (memba him?), this is where I hit my signature sign-off of Hail. But I already have a signature intro that none of you even know is my signature intro. Because I don't write much. Because you don't deserve me. Anyway, beat the Cowboys.
  7. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I think all NFL contracts should be guaranteed. That's what we are moving towards so do it now, and you will end all holdouts plus teams to actually budget correctly. As it stands, you give the QB a $150 million deal and then adjust to that as you go, which forces you to cut all the middle class guys on your roster. In general, I say move towards an NBA model. The MLB model works for major league because of the length of careers AND the disparity in team revenue. Giving Dan Snyder the right to trap an NFL player for 6 years would be borderline evil.
  8. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    I think football trades are weird, because a player almost always has far more value to the team he is with than to the team he is going to. Trent Williams is probably one of our four most important players. That's based on talent, position, experience, money, and so forth. To any other team in the league, he's just a cost to be worked into an overall salary cap and then someone who has to learn his job. That immediately makes him far less valuable. The same was true for Brown. To the Steelers, he was the best receiver they ever had. To the Raiders, he was this head case who had never dealt with Gruden and was probably going to murder Carr the first time he was overthrown. This is why every fanbase that receives a player believes they have overpaid and every fan base that trades a player thinks they just gave their guy away. Honestly, because of the salary cap, every NFL payer is basically seen as a liability. No one is ever worth the money they are paid according to the fans, and every player is underpaid according to the players. It's not like baseball or basketball where everyone's value is pretty evident and you are just measuring their value versus their salary. It's basically the same for every team. (In baseball, the obvious issue is low revenue clubs versus high revenue clubs but even that is changing). Eventually, this whole system is going to collapse in the NFL. It's untenable for management/the fans to think every player is overpaid and for the players to feel the exact opposite. It's the reason that no team has any "upper middle class" stars. Those guys who are not quite an all-pro but who have played for you for six years and are pretty good. You can only justify huge money on obvious stars and everyone else needs to be on a rookie contract.
  9. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Somewhere, Art is kicking himself for not trademarking "fake news" when he had the chance. Here's my approach to the Redkins' media coverage. I believe everything. Because eventually it all becomes true. Right now, I think Peterson is going to be released after the bye, because that's what the Redskins do. Laugh in the face of a story....and then prove it totally true six weeks later.
  10. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Season Ticket Renewals

    I'm expecting them to pull a Bobby Ewing in the shower, pretend last year didn't happen, and ask people to join the season ticket waiting list.
  11. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    ES Exclusive : Man About Tailgate Town

    So at what point do you look that that Trent Williams airbrush job on your van and say, "**** it....I'mma gettin' the cover to Led Zeppelin IV...."?
  12. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Welcome to the Redskins Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

    1. God, I hate it when people call young players "kid." You aren't weathered vet nor is this WWII. Let's all relax. 2. Do you think he is reading this? 1. That was in a goddamn playoff game. 2. The issue wasn't that he couldn't protect himself. The issue was that they played him while hurt. 3. They also played him while hurt in a goddamn meadow. We're lucky he don't fall into a hornet's nest during that game.
  13. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    They are going to be swimming in money for the next three or four years once the new arena opens as long as they still have the core of this run to keep the dot-com zillionaires entertained. Year 2 and Year 3 of Durant with hope for a title will pay massive dividends. Signing him to supermax is a great business decision. Besides, it's rarely the conracts to the Durants of the world that cripple you. It's the maxed out Joakim Noah's that crush you. (That is why Draymond is such a wild card. A washed up Durant will still be able to get you 20 a night just on shooting and length. The second Draymond hits a wall, he's going to be borderline unplayable). The Woke NBA is the place to do this obvious thing. Some dudes may be uncomfortable at first, but there is a player hierarchy and word shall pass down from Lebron through Steph that if you say something dumb, Draymond has orders to stab you. In the NFL, Richie Incognito will get signed the same day a woman is hired and immediately nickname her Tits McGhee.
  14. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    The Official Washington Wizards Thread: The JOHN WALL ERA

    I love you guys. The second best player on Gonzaga = Japanese Freak. Jemerrio Jones = New Bruce Bowen. Tommy Shepherd = Post Modern Darryl Morey. It's all happening. Seriously, I am giddy for the 3 game winning streak in January that has McQueen talking title for 2021.
  15. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    ***2019-2020 NBA Offseason Thread***

    Mainly because of the Garden. It's the best basketball arena with the smartest fans, I think. I mean, you get brief runs like Linsanity or Amare Stoudemire's first 60 games, and it always feels like your watching a playoff game. I think it's the only arena that can create a playoff vibe in the regular season. The Lakers fans can't do that, because they are too spoiled.