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  1. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    1. I will not. Because you didn't "watch the film" either. Seriously....watch the film? Who says that? 2. Poor Jay. 3. He let Keenum throw the ball beyond the line of scrimmage. 4. True! I win.
  2. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    See what exactly? Some dude yesterday told me that we need to wait a few years for him to get the center exchange part of the job down. The issue with Haskins is not a sample size question. These are the concerns right now. 1. He started one year in college on an elite team where all he did was take shotgun snaps and throw to dudes who were always wide open. 2. Gruden - who for all his faults seems to be pretty damn good with QBs - didn't want to draft him and didn't want to play him. 3. Callahan seems to have no trust in him at all and is running some kind of 1960s college offense right now. 4. He hasn't looked remotely good at pretty much anything so far.
  3. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    What would you do IF YOU bought the team???

    Why wouldn't you just hire the guys you are asking for advice on? This is another thing I've never really understood. Why does anyone think Joe Gibbs has a list of ten sleeper picks to run the Redskins in 2019? You know who I would hire for GM? Chrissy Teigen. That would change the culture for damn sure. I bet it would be fun.
  4. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Disciplined, commitment to the run football back in DC and it works! Who knew?

    No one has physical practices any longer. It's essentially outlawed by the CBA. You're allowed pads, lke, 9 times in all of training camp. That's the main reason, I think, that Gruden's teams always seemed sloppy in September. It's also the reason pretty much every team seems sloppy in September. There is no more Riggo Drill. There is no more Oklahoma Drill. All that **** is gone.
  5. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    Also, why do these "You would have given up on these guys too" posts never include Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith, Jamarcus Russell, etc. All the QBs who obviously sucked from day and then never got better? Sometimes guys stink at first and get better. Sometimes, they stink at first and continue to stink. The difference is, all of youse guys would have stayed married to all of them for four years because Troy Aikman had a bad rookie year too. Also, am I the only person who actually knows anything about football history? Jimmy Johnson HATED Aikman and wanted to get rid of him. He spent a freaking first round supplemental pick on Steve Walsh and then pretty much immediately benched Aikman in favor of Walsh. He probably would have stayed with Walsh except the receivers led by Irvin demanded that Aikman be the starter because Walsh's passes could not break wind.
  6. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    This entire post was stupid. But this Elway piece was remarkably bad. Elway single-handedly dragged three pretty lousy teams to the Super Bowl and made people think that Dan Reeves knew what he was doing. Reeves hated Elway the entire time and wanted to replace him for, like, a decade. Because NFL coaches are often really stupid. Elway's career didn't take off under Shanahan. He just had a coach who finally built a team instead of staring at pictures of Tom Landry while dropping stories in the press about how his Hall of Fame quarterback wasn't actually very good.
  7. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Disciplined, commitment to the run football back in DC and it works! Who knew?

    Yes because he killed a guy and had to rebuild his brand in order to get a media job after his retirement. I think some guys respond to Ray Lewis type stuff. I think others roll their eyes at it. I actually think all the coaches you named - Gibbs, Parcells, Bellichik, and Tomlin - are all kinda the same. Not in personality. Not in ability to deliver pre-game speeches. But they all seem to great individual managers of people and personalities. Gibbs someone developed loyalty in Dexter Manley (an illiterate coke addict), Joe Theismann (someone always looking for a tv camera) and Darrel Green (a devout Christian). Parcells managed to keep absolute freak show human beings like Taylor, Megget, and Brian Cox devoutly loyal to him. BB has treated every play like a widget for 30 years while still keeping them all committed to the same cause. And Tomlin...I mean, it turns out that he may have been the only thing keeping Antonio Brown sane for all those years. I think 80 percent of pro coaching is managing relationships with players. And all the great ones are able to do it differently in each situation. I think that's what players want. Someone that they want to be loyal to because they will receive loyalty back. Not necessarily in a job for life but because you are treated like a human being. This Callahan Junction Boys nonsense can't possibly work.
  8. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Disciplined, commitment to the run football back in DC and it works! Who knew?

    In the modern NFL, only superstars get a second contract. Half of rosters are always guys on rookie deals. Because of that, everyone is pretty much playing their ass off all the time. Because teams are looking to replace you with a street free agent in order to save $75K against the cap.
  9. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Disciplined, commitment to the run football back in DC and it works! Who knew?

    I hate the Effort Police. Again, this is Doc Walker-level football analysis. "They lost, because they didn't play hard." I've been watching football every weekend since 1980. I can think of five or six times where I've seen a guy and thought, "Well, he's not trying." I never understood the whole "Camp Gruden" thing, because in his time here, I thought it was pretty amazing that he never seemed to lose the team in any meaningful sense. It always seemed like the team respected him and played hard for him. Even if the game plans or whatever sucked. I don't care that he got fired mid-season but I never thought he was the main problem. And I never thought this Callahan "Pass out the salt tablets" approach to football was going to work. Because the issue was never discipline or effort or any other vague words in the first place. Our defense stinks because our secondary and linebackers stink. Our offense stinks because we have no QB, 1 playmaker, and a line that's shaky on its best day.
  10. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Serious Question: Do you regret letting Cousins go?

    Here is the baseline question for any QB: Can you win a Super Bowl with him? The answer with Cousins - to me - is yes. So when you have that QB, you can stop worrying about that QB and focus on other stuff. The Skins could have spent - oh - seven years worrying about other stuff. But all we've done since the first time Cousins was franchised is spent time worrying about and focusing on one position. So, I regret that we have wasted, like, five years on an issue that could have easily been resolved.
  11. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    All Things Star Wars Thread -- Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    Yes, but the movies have established that Kylo Ren secretly sucks at everything. He's one of those NBA stars with unlimited potential who never practiced and never developed a jump shot. His approach to every situation has been to swing wildly and kill everyone in the room. One of the over-arching themes of all the movies - including the prequels - is that all these people have really bad teachers. Obi-wan himself doesn't seem completely trained by the end of the first prequel. Obi-wan's entire approach to Anakin is to say, "Patience, my young Padawan" fourteen times a movie. Luke gets no training. Rey has no training. Kylo is trained by a clearly alcoholic Luke and then the incredible melting man. Obi-wan is the one who really points out how little training Luke got. He's like 30 in the prequel and is still an apprentice. Luke - at best - levitated some rocks for two months with a dying old green hermit on his back. I care about Star Wars more than you do. I went to KMart in 1978 and shook hands with some dude covered in gold wrapping paper on the day the action figures were FINALLY released. Top that!!!! Also, you are wrong.
  12. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    All Things Star Wars Thread -- Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    I've said this a dozen times. The Star Wars universe - on film at least - is incredibly small. Everyone in it is related to Anakin Sywalker, friends with Anakin Skywalker, or friends with his relatives. There are millions of planets and everyone is three degrees of separation from Anakin at most. And the fans both hate this and want it to be the driving theme of the new trilogy. Rey needs to be related to someone we know already, because everyone else is related to someone we know already.
  13. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Welp...have we seen enough..?

    By the way, I remember the Patrick Ramsey and Jason Campbell debates which always came down to "It's not his fault that the team stinks." It's entirely possible that the Redskins can never evaluate a young quarterback because the team will always stink.
  14. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    All Things Star Wars Thread -- Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

    Here is where all Star Wars fans (and I saw the first one in 1977 in a goddamn drive so leave me alone) are insane. We all agree that ESB is the best movie by far. In that movie, Luke trains with Yoda for maybe a week and a half. Seriously, his training his cross cut with the Falcon escaping from Hoth, going into an asteroid belt and going to Cloud City. That took three weeks tops. And the training seemed to consist entirely of running in a swamp and making **** float. Luke didn't train long enough to win a Tough Man contest. That's as far as I got into the Expanded Universe too. I quickly realized that I just didn't need books on the adventures of Wedge or whatever.
  15. Lombardi's_kid_brother

    Erosion Of The Redskins Fanbase

    Look, guys, the only way you are getting rid of Dan is to get him on tape being racist. So, one of you has to volunteer to be his drinking buddy and start asking a lot of really uncomfortable questions.