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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Philadelphia Football Team : WIN & IN EDITION

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1 minute ago, PartyPosse said:

I hate Alex Smith


For doing his job to the best of his present ability and winning far more games than he's lost in his time with Washington? 

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Just now, Warhead36 said:

Why is he so quick to take off? Guys are getting open. He literally runs right towards where the rush is coming from.


I'm sure with your "God given" athletic ability you could perfrom so much better..........



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As much as Alex gives us the best chance to win, the Eagles figured out a way to immobilize him by pushing him to the sides. I think it's time to rest Smith and give Taylor a chance.

If we pull this game out, Heinicke may be the guy that'll have to get us past Tampa.

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Just now, joeken24 said:

Championship defense needed here.


We have a good defense. It's not a championship defense. We don't have the linebackers. If we had the backers this D would be really scary. And a FS better than Reaves.

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CY sealed the outside on the previous wide receiver option play.  Super smart.


It's incredibly hard to do that with a QB option and short yards.

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5 minutes ago, Idaho fan said:

Dick Stockton 


6 minutes ago, Fat Stupid Loser said:

If Collinsworth and Buck did a game, who would you want to kill first?



With a rusty Dick Stockton. 


Cause I'll beat a mother****er with a mother****er. :) 

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