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  1. This trade is either a sign they may trade Sherff or it's a reminder that if he doesn't make up his mind soon they're preparing for replacements.
  2. 1. Warriors 2. Redwolves (Not Red Wolves or RedWolves) 3. Warhogs (Not Warthogs) The Warriors are the logical choice. It can be associated with military, the W can be kept, the color scheme does not have to change. Keep in mind there was a time Dan trademarked the name. I have a feeling he'll get the copyright back, and they'll be called the Washington Warriors.
  3. Talk about replying 25 years later
  4. Solid argument pal. Biff is that you? Facts are facts. Stop crying about it. If you can't toughen up, you're part of the problem.
  5. How is a bullet politically incorrect? With that in mind we should cancel all branches of the military. This cancel culture needs to stop. We're going too far. Calling a team "Bullets" does not bring more crime. A bullet can also signify speed, strength, and force.
  6. If the basketball team does not want the Bullets, let's take it and run with it.
  7. I would love a Robinson, Crowder, McLaurin trio. Doubt it'd happen due to salary constrains, but this would open up the field in every which way.
  8. Is anyone selling or reselling one of these? I had a few, but after 10+ years of wear and tear, they're no longer salvageable. Hoping someone knows where I can scoop one or two.
  9. If they can stay healthy, it'll happen. All teams in the NFC East are trending down except for WFT.
  10. The point isn't in whom he played, it's the fact that the world rushed into giving him the crown before he played a full season. Again, Taylor looks to have all the intangibles, but I keep hearing $5-10M/yr figures and want us to approach it with slight caution.
  11. Taylor showed grit, pocket presence, ability to run and make correct reads - all qualities of an NFL starter. But as much as I loved his performance, let's all take a collective breath and remember Nick Mullens. He destroyed the Raiders, got verified on Twitter and has been mediocre since. I'm by no means saying Heinicke is that. But we need to approach this with a bit of caution. With that said, sign the man and let's keep building!
  12. Before the game I said we'd have phantom calls go against us, but we're having phantom NON calls against us too. Holding on every damn play. We can do this still do this. LET'S GOOOOO
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