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  1. The soccer teams you're talking about have a winning tradition and years and years of building a fanatic fanbase . Those people will buy dirt if you put their teams name on it. You can't expect a wounded franchise to do the same. Give them a new name and move on or fight like hell to keep this one. Calling us "Football Club" does not give us an identity and this team certainly needs one.
  2. How about no. You can't sell jerseys without a name. Plus last I checked we weren't part of the Premier League or La Liga.
  3. Snyder should leverage this; I would go to the D.C. counsel and tell them they're a huge factor in the name change. If he can somehow void the Landover deal and build a new stadium in D.C. within the new two years, this "new" franchise has a chance. Otherwise, our already dwindling fanbase will continue falling into abyss. I'd also go to the NFL and try to get at least 5 primetime games. He's going to need exposure.
  4. 1. Warriors- Been a fan of the name since the first real "scare" in '14 when 50 US Senators signed a letter to the NFL asking for a name change. 2. Redhawks - Good name if you want to keep the R on the logo. Also sounds badass. Don't really understand the buildup around "Redtails" besides the story behind it and someone making a sick looking mockup of the uni's. The name doesn't get me hyped up.
  5. Just watched a few of his highlights and I'm really impressed with his on-field awareness. The kid looks like he has the IT factor.
  6. I love this pickup. If he pans out great, if he doesn't we'll at least have Randy coach up some of our young receivers when camp opens.
  7. If it doesn't I'd consider adding a late-round pick next year.
  8. I'd go Oline with the next two picks and trade our new 5th for either OJ or Njoku.
  9. I'm glad the TW saga is over but it's bittersweet because Tunsil netted two 1sts and a 2nd while we couldn't even get this years 3rd.
  10. I'd be down with Moss if he drops to our second 5th rd pick