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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Philadelphia Football Team : WIN & IN EDITION


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Just now, Llevron said:

I like him too to be honest. If he was playing for us we could be a legit threat in the post season assuming we made it. 

Also I don’t know what I’m talking about. I have only watched him for about 3 quarters. 

I liked him coming out of college. He was my leader for the Heisman for most of the season. The guy has the leadership factor. Poise. He can move and he is underrated as a passer.

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4 minutes ago, KDawg said:


We have a good defense. It's not a championship defense. We don't have the linebackers. If we had the backers this D would be really scary. And a FS better than Reaves.

Championship defense can still be played. Its not always the big names. Championship defense is discipline and they make plays. This defense has shown themselves to make plays. 

I'm sure you want that don't you. If so, put it in the air bro!

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Just now, redskinss said:

Hoping this is one of Alex's efficient drives that at least results in a field goal and not the Alex Smith that Kansas city knew they had to replace despite winning 12 games.


And that was 3 years and one leg ago.

You can tell he’s kinda scared back there, let’s hope

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3 minutes ago, dyst said:

If Taylor gets in the game it’ll be too late. Or he will be cold and make turnovers. 

Taylor entered the game cold last week and did fine. Yes, he made mistakes but at least his mobility may move the sticks.

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3 minutes ago, XxSpearheadxX said:

Games like this are the harsh crucible where champion defenses are formed 

I think to have a Championship defense you need a stud on all aspects - linebacker, corner, safety, DL

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1 minute ago, Bacon said:


I guess any failure has to be blamed on the DL because we invested in them and our expectations aren't through the floor...

I mean the Dline had everything sown up. Holcomb had a 1on1 tackle, instead he fit a hole that was WAY shutdown by payne and Sweat. An NFL linebacker who is kept clean like that? You don't have to be a probowler to make a play like that. Its not like they were expected to shed blocks... 

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