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  1. If DH was a little more mature, If our OC was a little more competent and If our defense had a littler more talent Man..what a slightly better WFT we would have.
  2. 100%. While I'm sure (hope) he purchased insurance..he absolutely should not have turned it down. Hindsight and Foresight being 20/20.
  3. That doesn't correlate. It's a comparative study. And the assessment of Haskins with this team is far more nuanced than "Haskins Sucks". Please see this game as a partial reference). All that said, we may have very well seen the last of Haskins as a WFT player. His (unspoken but hinted) immaturity did him in. Hopefully he learns and grows from it.
  4. Ron just said that Allen will start next week if he's cleared this Wednesday.
  5. Not sure how your comment is relevant to the post. It is simply polk at the hypocrisy of quick judgment.
  6. 150 total offensive yards for our football team folks. That's it.
  7. One more look at the offense? Maybe one more attempt to help Smith knock off the in game rust before next week? Bare with me folks ..I'm just trying to grasp on to some positives for next week.
  8. I'm with you on the first paragraph. You're right in that every athletes has some Diva. However when it's called out, it extra. It's above and beyond what's called for or what you actually game play can afford. However everything in your second paragraph is speculative. There have been countless (again, this could have been propaganda) accounts that speak to his in playbook intelligence. Part of his initial appeal was that it was picked up with such limited total football experience. Long story short, if he is overtly immature from a head space perspective, and it t
  9. Hard to knock the box on this one. We don't have big fillers on the line and I can't imagine stacking (not suggesting that you were) against the Rams.
  10. Its not because he has a hard time grasping the O. There is some diva in the young man that he needs to works out.
  11. Well to his credit..it's a highly multi generational finger poke.
  12. Is someone playing the Doors? Wait..not yet. Sweat is balling
  13. Not sure how you can judge him so harshly with our personal.
  14. Yeah. Its the same issue only compiled with the Rams... Just not sure if we have the run game or line play to allow a deeper rout to develop.
  15. He knocked the sweat off him!!! Sorry not sorry!
  16. Can we keep the hyperbole out. Let's watch some football!
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