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Game Day Thread - Washington Football Team at Philadelphia Football Team : WIN & IN EDITION

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1 minute ago, Idaho fan said:

Alex also doesn’t turn the ball over much.  Heineke can run but a turn over is a lot more costly than a 3 and out.   Just have to hope defense can ball.  

but I agree QB has to be addressed in the offseason 


You're absolutely right about the turnover risk. But if an opposing defense penetrates the pocket at all, it essentially blows up the whole play. Easy gimme roll outs turn into negative yardage sacks or throwing the ball away. It makes a big difference IMO. So why not see if Taylor can keep his turnovers in check and let him use his wheels? Just sayin...

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Just now, mcdonaldrw said:

Honestly if we lose this game, I think the worst thing to deal with will be the "see we shouldn't have cut Haskins crowd"

I disagree, he has alienated just about every one of the people that once defended him.

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Just now, joeken24 said:

The broadcast it giving the Eagle defense all kinds of credit for the sacks. I guess they need something to talk about. 

I’m fairness it’s a rather boring game fir a National audience.  Minus the Smith story, and maybe Rivera with cancer, the game isn’t that exciting, and there isn’t that much to talk about. 

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3 minutes ago, TryTheBeal! said:

3rd and 3 is a good spot for us.  It has to be.


We just didn’t get it done.


I don't disagree here. I'd just like to see us avoid third down altogether or set the table for things later in the game rather than the "2nd and 5-7? RUN IT!" calls. Screens and draws are very effective there.

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2 minutes ago, ddub52 said:

His biggest standout play was when he couldn’t  simply fall on the football after a muffed punt in the Pittsburg game 


Sprinkle must bring the best dish every potluck. 

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4 minutes ago, KDawg said:


I don't like the fact that it's predictable that we run on 2nd and medium. Every time.


Where are the screens? Draws? Have we run one of either one of them all season?




Ah, I see what you're saying.  I don't really trust our line to do draws, but we could do screens.

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