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Game Day Thread ~ Washington @ Arizona

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1 minute ago, Yng Lady88 said:

i curse all the local/beat reporters hyping Apke in camp. obviously he was going against 2nd and 3rd team talent on anything team, but for us it was 1st team talent. He gets exposed 2-3 times every game


Its worth noting that they hyped Quinn last summer as well

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1 minute ago, dyst said:

I hope Haskins doesn’t end up a waste of a draft pick.

Why, we have plenty of wasted draft picks; especially at QB.  It's a Skins/Team tradition.


If Haskins doesn't cut it this year; he will not be on the Team next year; Skins will draft a replacement. 

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I agree with whoever said that they haven’t seen that burst from Gibson yet. He got around the edge there, where is the acceleration entering the second level? He’s a stronger runner so far than I thought with good instincts, he’s a natural. Where’s that speed burst?

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1 minute ago, skins4eva said:

Can’t start games like this. Offense needs to be able to get first downs. Not loving the play calling or offensive design. That’s what we get for hiring turners son 

I dont mind the playcalling. We just dont have the personnel. 

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