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  1. I went into the game, knowing it would be a crapfest, but I am still excited to see the glimpses of how this offense can be with an interested O-line. Yesterday's performance was downright abysmal. Penn and Roulier were terribad, with some sacks where Penn looked like he just mailed it in. I would call them bench-worthy. Haskins had some down-right beautiful passes, even though he was pressing and holding the ball too long at times. I was very excited to see Guice run a bit. Kids got the size and surprising juke ability. Unsure why they were committed to the passing game from the start though. They seemed pass-heavy throughout the game. Very excited to see what this duo can accomplish with an interested O-line, and a year under their belt. Rookie receivers looked good as well. Getting separation and making tough catches. Color me hopeful with a head coach who will want to build on these guys.
  2. Team looks like they are mailing it in. The rest of the season should be a dress rehearsal for 2020. Interested to see Haskins mature, and hopefully we can finally see what Guice can do after the bye.
  3. Ha! I have seen this thread is AGES! Thanks for digging it up!
  4. LONG time ES member here. I faded off the boards back in the late 2000's. I only post a few times per year nowadays... I remember having some spirited debate with skins fans (SoCal, TK, Bubba, SlinginSammy, etc) about Jason Campbell and the team back then under Gibbs, and Zorn (ugh what a shytshow that was... anyone remember the swinging gate?)... and some memorable Eagle fans (shout-out to Westbrook36... if I can recall his handle correctly.) Apathy is definitely palpable. I live out of the market, but the few skins games I have attended have felt like away games (Steelers and Cowboy fans travel well.) Now I just stream on my digital scrip on Sunday ticket. I find myself following my fantasy teams more than the Skins these days. I can't tell you the last time I bought merch. Until they put a better product on the field, this apathy will continue. Concerning this year, we need Williams back at work, and Keenum should be benched. Not sure how he missed so many open receivers on Sunday... MIND BOGGLING.
  5. I could not watch the whole thing this morning before work (live in NY and DVR'ed it). What I liked: Cousins. Looked crisp. Good pocket presence. Zip on ball. Accuracy. I little dink/dunky, but his time was so short. Cant really complain... and dink/dunk is being REALLY picky. Defense looked stout... and FAST to the ball. Loved, loved, loved the run stoppage. Cant wait to see them unleashed in a real game planned game. Super excited to see them! Special Teams. A bit 50/50 in this. Kicking/punting game was great. Return game... meh. Receivers were getting open consistently. Looking forward to more. What I didn't like: Running game was pretty bad. Too much dancing around. Though Matt Jones only carried twice, he supported my thoughts on him. He has no vision, and runs too upright. He will get stoned and drop.get stripped of the ball if he continues to play like this. I hope he gets better, but I think I saw enough of him last year to pretty much close the book on him. We need some help here.
  6. This is going a ways back, but I liked the look of the Burgundy on Burgundy. I did not like the outcome of that game though. Would have been better with gold helmets IMO
  7. I think firstrow is down. Site comes up, dont see any games up yet. All are not broadcasting yet... usually on and running by now. neverimnd... games are up
  8. That was such a bad combo. To each their own I guess. Reminds of the seventies unis which were the worst. That year... the color wasnt even burgundy... its was more like purple. Yeah Purple and gold... great combo. I do like the arrow though. I have to take a "wait and see" approach. B on B sounds okay... but could look very NFL Europa... I guess we will find out.
  9. Damn thats fun! I could do this for hours. Check this out!
  10. Too retro for me. I did not like the older uni's style compared to the newer ones. I like the all whites and I love the idea and the few photoshopped images of the all burganies. All burgandies with a gold helmet. The indian insignia on one side and the 70 anniversary spear/arrow on the other. That would be tight!