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  1. That leg whip was brutal to watch... and it was mosdef intentional (not the injury). Peppers though he missed the tackle and tried to trip him up by rolling towards him. He should have been ejected... but I don't think it would have made a difference in the game. Team morale appears low, and the fact than I did not see anyone jump to Allen's defense when he went down, exemplifies that.
  2. No, but the guy has cancer. Priorities and all that. I think he will resign unless this team makes a monumental turnaround under his leadership.
  3. That's not "wild". Its a groin (at least reported on ESPN... and like hammies, they linger without a few weeks rest and rehab.
  4. This ones over fellas. Want to say GG, but I just cant. This is looking line a one and done for the RR era.
  5. SHut up announcer... thats was not a pass coverage INT. THat was a OURE terrible throw by Haskins.
  6. Grab a strong bottle of your choice... and watch from the start if you have DVR.
  7. HOw is that not a hold... you can t pancake a DL like that... right?
  8. Cant help but fell like I jinxed this team by saying the D was good... WTF?!?!?!?! Need a big play here.
  9. Inman getting snatched up on waivers for all the 0-3 FF teams next week.
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