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  1. No, but the guy has cancer. Priorities and all that. I think he will resign unless this team makes a monumental turnaround under his leadership.
  2. That's not "wild". Its a groin (at least reported on ESPN... and like hammies, they linger without a few weeks rest and rehab.
  3. This ones over fellas. Want to say GG, but I just cant. This is looking line a one and done for the RR era.
  4. SHut up announcer... thats was not a pass coverage INT. THat was a OURE terrible throw by Haskins.
  5. Grab a strong bottle of your choice... and watch from the start if you have DVR.
  6. HOw is that not a hold... you can t pancake a DL like that... right?
  7. Cant help but fell like I jinxed this team by saying the D was good... WTF?!?!?!?! Need a big play here.
  8. Inman getting snatched up on waivers for all the 0-3 FF teams next week.
  9. Nice play, Haskins... went through his reads, and stuck that ball on a rope.
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