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Game Day Thread ~ Washington @ Arizona


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2 minutes ago, KDawg said:


You're not wrong. Haskins clearly doesn't have that elite pedigree you'd like to see. I think that much is clear. Elite QBs make that throw even with pressure.


But we can't judge him as being an acceptable QB or not... This is one of the worst lines I have ever seen in my life. And I have seen a lot of lines at various levels of football. 


I think you got to sign Penn or someone this week.   You can't have your left side abused routinely and have a good season. 

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Just now, dc1 said:

Under pressure and the WR had both hands on the ball.  Have to make that catch.  


I think that's a touch too far. The receiver had his hands on the ball that came in on the ground. 


If I'm blaming anyone on that play its 1) OL, 2) Haskins.

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soo maybe being down 17 is our good-luck charm? maybe they need to see that score on the board before a light goes off to actually play professional football. who ****ing knows. 


this drive is really the time for DH, Turner and the O to show and prove and get their team back in the ****ing game. they've look skittish and outplayed all game. when are we going to turn Gibson or McKissic lose in the open field? and i believe Terry has 1 target? 


but it would also help if the o-line showed up. so who ****ing knows.

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