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Game Day Thread ~ Washington @ Arizona


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i'm not seeing anything that surprises me much, honestly, given what i take as the realties of last week's adversary and the team's actual  output and all the other stuff for this being a 2nd game in a new era, not to mention the longtime habit of this org, even with all the new pieces, to rarely have two solid games in a row lol


this is more or less what i figured...regression to a reminder of reality and the work ahead and how far down the pole we have been for a long time and still are


ya really didn't all think that fun time against that beat-up team with all its own up-and-down issues was going to be our floor did ya?


this is closer to our floor :) 

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3 minutes ago, KDawg said:


O'Connell wouldn't have made it better unless he influenced a major influx of Offensive Line talent.


Do people really not grasp how bad the OL is and how that impacts an offense? It's probably the biggest reason an offense is good... or bad. Even moreso than a quarterback unless that quarterback is TRULY elite. 


I'm not saying the line is good, but it's pretty much the same as last season. At least they were moving the ball towards the end of the year. To throw away continuity for this....I know it's apparently a taboo word..... but it's pretty Redskins.

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Just now, Sticksboi05 said:

The excuses are already excessive. I don't expect Haskins to look like 2012 RGIII but you have to make simple 2 yard slants. His accuracy is terrible and that's about the most important thing in a QB along with vision.


I have never thought he was the guy and every game I feel more confident GRANTED he also has a trash offensive line and one above average weapon.


Nah, he's not a good QB right now. Best he can be is Alex Smith lite beer, which he was last week.

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