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  1. It’s the end of an error. Hopefully Bruce is tired tonight, a competent FO and a decent coach put into place. Jay saved his job with the “You like that?” Game, that might have been the worst thing to happen to this team. It allowed Bruce and Jay to sell Snyder on the “we’re close” narrative for 3 and a half years afterwards, when everyone could see the team regressing. Now we hear that Snyder has hired experts from outside the team to consult on a new HC and FO. I don’t know what that new regime will look like but it’s time, it would have been time if Jay and Kirk had continued to stink up the joint on the Tampa game. It just took way too long
  2. The former: Keenum only excelled for one season in Minnesota, his time in Denver, LA and elsewhere shows he’s a backup
  3. I’m going to feel great seeing Chase and Sweat feasting on QB’s for the next decade, look at how Bosa changed the 49ers Defense, that’s what we’re potentially looking at
  4. Dallas really wants Garret gone
  5. Better than watching him do a QB sneak
  6. Super tank unveiled today, those fourth down calls are the perfect tank
  7. Getting closer to a new regime, no more Moronusky, and Chase!
  8. Will any NFC East Coach be employed after this weekend
  9. Keenum’s ceiling at this point is a back up
  10. Chase, Sweat and Anderson in the hands of a competent DC could be a nightmare for years to come
  11. It’s a meaningless game, losing allows this team to have a game changer on Defense at number 2 overall. Winning means they’re 4-12 yay, let’s celebrate a .250 winning percentage . In this case a loss now is a win later
  12. Exactly, the only reason we’re in this game is because Dallas is so pathetic
  13. All right time for The D to give up a long drive, every team in this division is pathetic