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  1. What this points out is a toxic culture in the workplace, not even your standard lack of institutional control but something toxic. This also may be the tip of the iceberg, and it goes along with the cheerleader story it proves a pattern in the offices of Washington that shows one of the worst, most toxic cultures to work in. For everyone saying this isn’t that big, this is huge and a major scandal.
  2. Blind hatred, trust I’ve been in orgs like this, it is absolutely disgusting, and comes on top of everything thing else. Santos, Mann, Michaels, all of those people it’s disgusting.
  3. This should be enough in and of itself, imagine any other organization with this kind of stuff going on, they’d be out of business. This team created a horrible hostile working environment a toxic culture; I don’t get why people are not acting like this is a big deal. This isn’t some tampering case, or someone misappropriating funds
  4. Utter trash and garbage. **** Snyder and all his stooges, this is the worst franchise in Football or pro-sports in General. I think it would be easier to identify as an English Football Hooligan than a fan of this **** hole. Snyder needs to sell
  5. When the bombshell comes out it’s gotta be earthshaking, Snyder has been like a ****roach the last 20 years. I’m not surprised that Jay Gruden was involved if true, I always thought Jay was a scumbag. I’m just surprised it took this long for Bruce to leak, considering that he was the source of so many leaks in Ashburn
  6. 20 years of Snyder, this team has become the equivalent of an EPA superfund site, toxic to the core.
  7. Depending on the news, we should just call ourselves the Washington Damn Good Cultures and be done with it, might be Danny’s lasting legacy
  8. It’s a metaphor for the fact that ol’ Jerruh is completely insane
  9. I kind of think that Snyder brings all of it on himself, Jerry Jones May be crazier than a rainbow trout in a car wash, but at least the Cowboys have some financial value to the league. Snyder on the other hand averages a scandal a year, almost every measure he takes is either stupid, ham fisted or half assed, and the team and fan base may be on life support. Even if Kellerman is over the top sometimes, Snyder pretty much deserves all the bashing he gets