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  1. He’s so much better out of the shotgun and when they go up tempo, this is what they should have been doing
  2. No he wasn’t and you know it, damn near played himself out of the league
  3. I can’t believ they’re getting paid dollars
  4. Every decent play is in spite of this O-Line and not because of them
  5. I’m concerned if Charles can’t beat out Christian. Still need a lot of talent and a lot of growth
  6. Lost Flowers who was the best piece on the Line, Scherff not worth what he thinks he’s worth
  7. Glad they didn’t throw money at Scherff, anyway we can get 4/5 of an O-Line in the off-season?
  8. Collins making up for that blown coverage jumping the route
  9. I’d love to see the O-line get to the next level on a running play
  10. The penalty on the opening kick snowballed, but the Cards have so many weapons right now
  11. Landon Collins is another **** contract by Brucifer he sucks at everything but stopping the run
  12. This tempo is brutal, wish we had Fuller for Hopkins today
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