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All Things Star Wars Thread


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She was horribly scarred when her x-wing was shot down and crashed causing her to leave the new republic police force. In an effort to hide her face, she now wears a beskar helmet and has found religion. 

that’s right, Dinn, Even if she strips down into nothing but her helmet, she’s still all Mandalorian now. 

this is the way 

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1 hour ago, The Evil Genius said:

Wtf are you guys talking about? Why would she need a mask, she's not from Mandalore?


Filoni can ignore her character from now on. She was background noise anyways. 


Life support?  Like Vader?  Or like Leia bull****ted with in Rotj.  "Ya tayy, ya tayy.."  You can throw any sort of mask on the character for some conjured up reason.  Writing her out is probably what will happen.


Mando:  "She's dead.  A Jawa fell on her from the top of a sandcrawler."


Bill Burr:  "****ing Jawas.  I never liked those things."

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The Disney Star Wars movies were actually better than The Mandalorian because


- the characters had flaws and various interests and were not a perfect specimen of space justice upholding a "code"


- the people they met were somewhat interesting and didn't get cancelled into the vortex


- the storyline was strong at times


- there was more droid input (remember when the SW universe was actually about droids / compared to Mandalorian where Mando specifically says he hates droids and the primary droid is a reprogrammed killbot who we don't even see after the first episode until the conclusion)


- your attention could be captivated without having to wait every week. Even with a binge it's difficult to get through all 8 episodes without getting bored AF

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9 hours ago, TK said:

What it was really like video. 


Pretty much. If you weren't one of those folks telling their stories from back then you knew one or 3. ;)  I volunteered to do chores to get more allowance to go see it the other 4 times in the theaters.  Sacrifices had to be made. ;) 

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Very cool. I know my parents were in Belgium when it came out. My dad was participating in a naval officer exchange program with the Belgian navy. It came out and my parents wondered what the hype was about. My dad didn't see it in the theaters in the states, but maybe saw it when it came out overseas? Anyway, he loved it and soon introduced my brother (born in 78) to it. My mom never really got it.

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