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Game Night Thread- Skins at Carson Wince & the Philthy Beagles


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1 minute ago, LetMeSeeYourWarFace21 said:



Shiddd, no they wont. They may even get back some that they lost when they cut Doug Williams.  No Way in hell anyone can tell me garbage azz Sanchez is better than Kaep. 

Sanchez is better then kap

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1 minute ago, sonofzorn187 said:


It would take him weeks to get up to speed. We're better off hoping Sanchez learns on the job quickly. 


It's a shame about McCoy. I like him and thought we still had a shot with him under center.

We still need someone to back up Sanchez...

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Just now, Renegade7 said:


You know what you laughing about.


We keep paying injury prone guys and expecting them to get healthier as they get older. That's a FO problem, not a training room problem. The broken bones and ACL's are no one's fault at all. 

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11 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:


Could be kinda funny to see what Gruden would pull out of his ass week after week to end the season, at least. Get Pat White back in here and run the damn triple option


The rate we're going, Whites plane might disappear in a mystical fog before he even made it here to work out....

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