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  1. Looked like Carolina ball. Looked like a charge afterwards. As a tarheel fan that's a hell of a dagger, but they straight up lost that game , not blaming refs. Sucks for the kids though. Fine line between a huge confidence booster going into the ACC tournament ( anything can happen?) And thinking "welp we can't close games and we aren't very good anyway". Why did I let this game get to me so hard lol...I know it's a down year. Just damn.
  2. I hope we improve quickly , and I know it can happen like that in the NFL, but we might as well strap in for one of those growing seasons. I don't usually put much stock into the idea that the "locker room leader veteran backup" guy will be great for the new starting QB. I think you're either good or you're not. You adapt quickly or you don't (so far, Haskins seems to be adapting). So basically I dont really care who the backup is, it could be literally anyone because if Haskins goes down or sucks, we're right back to Redskins apathy. We shouldn't bank on a backup taking us far, we have too much growing to do on the rest of the team. It works for the Patriots and the eagles that one year but once our backup QB is in this year we're done. Take whoever for backup. I DO love the idea of a rookie backup shining out of nowhere, so draft one I guess. Would sort of reset our QB carousel situation we've been in.
  3. I ****ing love fat boi touchdowns. Dude just had his career highlight.
  4. Dirt

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    If the dolphins had converted that 2pt try against us we'd have a hell of a decision on our hands. I still like staying with Haskins and taking chase. Looks like that's happening but man.
  5. Dirt

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    This burrow fellow looks pretty good, the bengals should probably draft him first overall. Please.
  6. Hopefully we're doing that soon
  7. Well that screws up the timing of the routes. Adjust and do something else. Kirk doesn't play backyard football like Russell Wilson
  8. Is it me, or does Kirk have sort of a hurried drop back today. He's racing those 5 or 7 steps on some plays. Not a good thing
  9. Vikes could do a lot worse than down 4 at the half. I can see Kirk having a youlikethat moment today. Gonna take a mistake or two by San Fran but it's there. I think they need to simplify in the second half. Stop panicking and running sideways because you're in the playoffs. Kirk does great on the move with play action. His receivers can haul the tough passes in and there's always the pass interference flag that puts you in the redzone. Go deep, or let diggs work. Can't have that diggs play be the only diggs play of the day.
  10. Bingo. Which is why they should skip all that and just hand the ball off right up the middle. Probably the same result in yards without the risk of the ball flying around.
  11. The plan is there and the Vikings aren't doing it. Stop being cute with run plays, just slam it in the middle on first and second (which we hate), then force San Fran into single man coverage on the third down and throw to one of your great receivers. Or play action which is Cousins' strength. In other words, expect to play on 3rd down, don't be a hero. The Vikings aren't going to win with long clock eating drives, they need the big play and the big play happens on 3rd and 5 or less vs San Fran.
  12. I'm happy for Kirk and don't care how corny the 'you like that' is lol, he knows he's corny. And it's one of those things where everyone's like "say it, say the thing!". Teammates loved it and they're still playing football in January. Not gonna hate on that.
  13. I know I don't post here much, but I'm pretty sure we argued here about 10 years ago on the same topic and you had the opposite opinion. I was preaching against losing for a draft pick. I was living in Florida and you said something about "why didn't you go to the Jacksonville game if you love the team so much". I was saying players and coaches would never play to lose so it's unrealistic to root for in the first place, and I could swear you were arguing that the better draft pick was more important. Hey, my memory is foggy, correct me if I'm wrong. Either way , times change, and this game was literally a lock for the 2nd pick, unlike the last one a decade ago. I changed my opinion from whatever that old game was back then, lol did we switch sides?