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  1. Doesn't really matter what the win/loss number is this year , the name of the game is figure out an offense. Whether with these players or players to come, gotta figure something out because our offense is basically nothing. Brutal truth is that it comes down to QB. Haskins is still a question mark. I'm fine with using this year to let him grow and figure it out, and we'll be fine with replacing him if we have to, but we have to find an offensive identity. Every good team has that now, either a scrambling playmaker or a pure pocket passer. We gotta pick one and go with it. Go
  2. I expect rivera to give these guys a talk like they're not used to hearing after a loss. I don't mean aggressive mean coach talk, but a talk from a coach you actually believe in. The loss talk was coming eventually. I think we're in a good place going forward.
  3. We always say "building year" and it's always nonsense. These couple games, win or lose, feel like things are actually building. Patience is key this year it seems.
  4. Team needs to develop an offense from the ground up. Hard to tell if they've started that yet, just going with what they have or what, but I believe the new coaches are planning to. This year is preseason as far as offense is concerned. In the meantime....play action throw towards terry?...we got nothin
  5. Sure. So we're supposed to play scared? Send the house. Strength is pass rush, can't get worse than this. That's what Iiked about last week, It was unusual, like we didn't care, nothing to lose. Today looks more like playing safe, which I understand on offense, but I LOVED how aggressive they were last week on defense. Today we seem scared of kyler murray using his feet, but I'd rather lose to that than dink and dunk 4th down conversions. Or maybe he's just beating us, I dunno , can't see it all at the bar. Just want more **** it balls out aggression from the D
  6. Whatever happened to bringing the house when they disrespect us with those 4th down plays?? It killed carson wentz , I don't care how quick Murray is, stop playing like little ****es. Impose your will
  7. Haskins needs to call out of love with 82
  8. Our only strength is d line. They're running around it. Easy pz
  9. I'm watching at a bar as much as I can , why is chase young on the sideline
  10. People call us "Washington" anyway. Nothing's really gonna change as far as commentary and ESPN stuff. Now, if it was New York, where there's 2 teams, that would be interesting. If the giants were the redskins in this situation, they would be the new York.....not jets. Or the New York football team and no one would laugh because they weren't able to rush a new name a month before the season during a pandemic. But we will be laughed at. We deserve it. This is the move that makes sense. And all this noise about ....the washington football team...is distracting us fr
  11. I remember the Kyle Allen hype, it was real. He wowed me on a couple plays. Young and hungry, familiar coach, 5th rounder. Why not? He struggled later, but we say that about all young players. Depending on the fanbase that player might get another chance to prove he can grow. He will here, from the bench. And challenge Haskins, another young guy, to work hard. "There's FA options that won't cost draft picks". Who? Who ya want? This is a solid approach. Put a pin in the QB situation for this year, draft Chase, and go from there. Simple, logical approach. There's no sa
  12. I was about to type a long winded version of this. But yeah, this. Lot of "matter of fact" lingo going around rather than the usual speculation. And it's all completely made up, like the "confirmed" trade deals for trent at the deadline. No ones even trying to be clever anymore, things are just completely made up and sent as facts. Doesn't bother me. If teams think we're serious about tua then they pay more for our pick. The crazy idea of trading to 3 and still getting chase becomes more possible, so whatever. I dont like to speak "matter of fact ish" myself, but
  13. That's an interesting thought. I could swear I've heard of teams in some sport doing it before. Maybe NBA? And the players were already signed and traded and cash was involved or something?
  14. "dyslexic" whatever. I mean, he doesn't seem...super bright? Super cerebral. I want that in a QB. But I'll take the raw talent and fling the football however you want as long as we're winning. I don't have high hopes for him, but I don't care. That feeling of apathy hasn't worn off just because we're probably going to get the very exciting chase young. I want young to come in and shine and if Haskins doesn't work out, fine, we'll get another QB and be glad we have the scariest defensive player in the NFL. So even IF everyone in the world thinks Haskins is not the
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