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  1. Mad as hell about that last call but what a game. This is the NFC east team that belonged in the playoffs. We've said it before, but this team really feels like it's rising. And we should believe it this time. Number 4 just made a case to start next year and at least makes our FA and drafting situation a little easier. Did I mention I'm mad about that last call? I believe 4 could have scored there and the 2 point conversion would have been a heart attack. But damn. Pretty work from everyone on the team. Brady had one of the best games I remember seeing from him.
  2. I guess you were expecting a blowout embarrassing win. Very few teams in history could have pulled that off in week 17 against a division rival. We won the way we always do with Alex. Same way we won before his leg got smashed. His toss to Logan for the TD was all we needed. How many times does this guy have to win for us before we believe he can win a superbowl. He's the smartest guy on the field and he has a great defense. Its as good a formula you can ask for in the playoffs. Forget flahsy offense this year, it ain't happening. Let's win boring just like b
  3. Brady is food for our front 4 and they gonna be hungry. Let's eat boys. We can do it. With Alex. The guy just wins games. With his defense having a full belly, that's how we win. Call this an ugly win, that's what we do and our opponents want no part of it. Can't wait for Saturday
  4. Of course it's a heart attack game. I wouldn't have it any other way. Make it interesting WFT, might be the last time we see you.
  5. It's OK. It's not great but it still has to be Alex . Turnovers will end this game . Win this one boring
  6. Smith is the smartest guy on the field. You don't pull him unless we somehow go down a couple scores before the half. The guy wins games for us, let him play.
  7. I don't usually call refball but ****ing refball. Huge bull**** flags on that drive, the defense is playing winning football and their dude winds up running in. Everyone can see who the better team is here. Keep playing and finish strong boys
  8. Defense will get this done tonight. It's a playoff defense, record be damned. And no one wants to play this defense next week.
  9. Haven't been this hype in years. Creeped up on me, feelin it, let's ****ing go
  10. I don't think I've ever been this mad at a QB. Absolute failure in every possible way and at a crucial time fails the hardest. **** off forever.
  11. Hah. Hadn't thought of that. Far as I know , filming still isn't allowed, and it's pretty obvious when someone is using their phone to do so. Anyway, his crew probably felt pretty safe and important and balling and everything, which is a thing I don't like about Dwayne. Wants that glamorous lifestyle. I get it, it's probably hard to turn down when you get paid like that. If the play matches the lifestyle sure. But at this point, he's basically just celebrating the fact that he has money from getting drafted high. Zero pro accolades to brag about, but he can afford to dress up a bunch o
  12. Dwayne for ****s sake stop throwing it as hard as you can. Go be a pitcher
  13. Said in insomniac thread, haskins needs to forget about his strong arm and play like alex. But no he has to Lazer everything off guys hands.
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