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  1. I remember the Kyle Allen hype, it was real. He wowed me on a couple plays. Young and hungry, familiar coach, 5th rounder. Why not? He struggled later, but we say that about all young players. Depending on the fanbase that player might get another chance to prove he can grow. He will here, from the bench. And challenge Haskins, another young guy, to work hard. "There's FA options that won't cost draft picks". Who? Who ya want? This is a solid approach. Put a pin in the QB situation for this year, draft Chase, and go from there. Simple, logical approach. There's no savior QB on the FA market, so all there is left to argue about is whether or not we should draft Tua. Doesn't seem that's gonna happen. We're keeping it simple, giving our 1st round QB his second year to grow, got him a backup with potential, and adding the best pass rusher the draft has seen in years. If a 5th rounder gets anyone upset, I dunno what to tell you. It's a 5th rounder. And it wasn't going to be Tom Brady. And we have two 4th rounders right? Who needs the fifth? I'd rather pay the 5th for the potential of a young, solid backup (for years by the way, QBs get hurt), than sign a whoever aging guy at QB and spend the 5th on a whoever BPA player at that stage in the draft. I understand talent can be found late in the draft, but everything weighs out here. Solid move.
  2. I was about to type a long winded version of this. But yeah, this. Lot of "matter of fact" lingo going around rather than the usual speculation. And it's all completely made up, like the "confirmed" trade deals for trent at the deadline. No ones even trying to be clever anymore, things are just completely made up and sent as facts. Doesn't bother me. If teams think we're serious about tua then they pay more for our pick. The crazy idea of trading to 3 and still getting chase becomes more possible, so whatever. I dont like to speak "matter of fact ish" myself, but we're drafting chase young. Sorry that's so boring for the twitter world lol.
  3. Dirt

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    That's an interesting thought. I could swear I've heard of teams in some sport doing it before. Maybe NBA? And the players were already signed and traded and cash was involved or something?
  4. "dyslexic" whatever. I mean, he doesn't seem...super bright? Super cerebral. I want that in a QB. But I'll take the raw talent and fling the football however you want as long as we're winning. I don't have high hopes for him, but I don't care. That feeling of apathy hasn't worn off just because we're probably going to get the very exciting chase young. I want young to come in and shine and if Haskins doesn't work out, fine, we'll get another QB and be glad we have the scariest defensive player in the NFL. So even IF everyone in the world thinks Haskins is not the answer, you still take Young. In the meantime, give Haskins the reps, call him the guy and go and hope he figures something out.
  5. Dirt

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    I especially dislike the "put all your eggs in one basket by taking Young" thing from the pff article. There are no eggs. Trading back is just a possibility. A possibility that's there for every team in every draft. No need to take all this pot stirring seriously. Take the best player, especially when he's this good.
  6. Looked like Carolina ball. Looked like a charge afterwards. As a tarheel fan that's a hell of a dagger, but they straight up lost that game , not blaming refs. Sucks for the kids though. Fine line between a huge confidence booster going into the ACC tournament ( anything can happen?) And thinking "welp we can't close games and we aren't very good anyway". Why did I let this game get to me so hard lol...I know it's a down year. Just damn.
  7. I hope we improve quickly , and I know it can happen like that in the NFL, but we might as well strap in for one of those growing seasons. I don't usually put much stock into the idea that the "locker room leader veteran backup" guy will be great for the new starting QB. I think you're either good or you're not. You adapt quickly or you don't (so far, Haskins seems to be adapting). So basically I dont really care who the backup is, it could be literally anyone because if Haskins goes down or sucks, we're right back to Redskins apathy. We shouldn't bank on a backup taking us far, we have too much growing to do on the rest of the team. It works for the Patriots and the eagles that one year but once our backup QB is in this year we're done. Take whoever for backup. I DO love the idea of a rookie backup shining out of nowhere, so draft one I guess. Would sort of reset our QB carousel situation we've been in.
  8. I ****ing love fat boi touchdowns. Dude just had his career highlight.
  9. Dirt

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    If the dolphins had converted that 2pt try against us we'd have a hell of a decision on our hands. I still like staying with Haskins and taking chase. Looks like that's happening but man.
  10. Dirt

    2019 NCAA Football thread

    This burrow fellow looks pretty good, the bengals should probably draft him first overall. Please.
  11. Hopefully we're doing that soon
  12. Well that screws up the timing of the routes. Adjust and do something else. Kirk doesn't play backyard football like Russell Wilson
  13. Is it me, or does Kirk have sort of a hurried drop back today. He's racing those 5 or 7 steps on some plays. Not a good thing
  14. Vikes could do a lot worse than down 4 at the half. I can see Kirk having a youlikethat moment today. Gonna take a mistake or two by San Fran but it's there. I think they need to simplify in the second half. Stop panicking and running sideways because you're in the playoffs. Kirk does great on the move with play action. His receivers can haul the tough passes in and there's always the pass interference flag that puts you in the redzone. Go deep, or let diggs work. Can't have that diggs play be the only diggs play of the day.
  15. Bingo. Which is why they should skip all that and just hand the ball off right up the middle. Probably the same result in yards without the risk of the ball flying around.