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  1. Haven't watched a single Bengals snap. Between skins, dolphins , jets - I think the jets have the best chance to win a couple games. Dolphins I have watched and geez they truly look like they're tanking. Redskins, well, we definitely have a chance to win, but not scoring a touchdown for a month is pretty damning. Sad, really, but odds are we come around and score a couple down the stretch, and the defense can turn that into a couple wins. I see 2-14 for us, 3-13 for the jets and Miami getting the top pick. Bengals sneak in somewhere in between. Gonna be an interesting draft for sure. Has there been this many awful teams heading into a draft in recent memory? Exciting trades during the draft coming up? Embrace it y'all . It's all we've got
  2. Dirt

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    We can dissect it all we want. It's all we have left: yelling at each other about how awful the front office has been. We don't care about games anymore. On any other planet the GM of this organization is fired simply from the media mess it's created. But apparently Dan has his own planet. A yacht is one thing, but geez man, your own planet? We just want it to get bad enough for change. I'm personally hoping that Dan and Bruce get into a drunken argument - Bruce says something out of line and Dan fires him. That's the realistic goal at this point.
  3. I'm beyond apathy. Whatever is after "I don't care". That's where I am. There was even a period of being sad about that fact after all these years, but I'm past that too. I don't care that I don't care. And I ain't the only one. And the fact that that's happening with fans and the owner doesn't seem to care puts me in the shadow realm of not giving a ****. I don't miss a damn thing this week.
  4. The Team Doctor's office? Totally Knows Everything About Head Growths Doctors Office? Too far, sorry. How bout: Dan's Brothel. Ah damnit, that's also too far. How bout Dan's ol' Peanuts and Beer. Nah let's settle for Dan's Chuckle Hut. Cuz we're all just laughing at this point. Sorry fellas I've been drinkin. Was a late Halloween. That peanuts and beer thing actually sounds good right now.
  5. Lol what better sports justice than just blasting one into the stands. No other sport really has that sort of effect
  6. Suck it. Should be another run though
  7. "we're taught throw it at the runner" no get the **** out of here with that old school playground bull****, it's the world ****ing series
  8. I mean it was a bad throw, like what are they even discussing here
  9. Wait what? That's worse than the bull**** we see in the NFL, he was directly with the bag, you're asking him to slow down or....run around?? What the **** was he supposed to do??
  10. Dirt

    Game Night Thread- Skins at Vikes

    A team begins and ends with it's QB. This team hasn't been sure who it's QB is since the first franchise tag on Kirk. Well, really before that. Even with the RG3 and Kirk stuff, Alex and his leg, whatever, HOW has this team not figured out QB yet. It's a "whatever" each year, even the Haskins pick seems to have controversy. What a mess. Everyone on the Redskins shut up, slow down, stop everything and just pick someone to be your quarterback already. Stick by them even if they suck at first. Adjust to their strength and weaknesses. We won't be mad if we go 4-12 with a growing QB while our defense grows. We will be mad when we see this nonsense for the nth year in a row. Since the franchise tag bull****, it's only gotten worse. Pick a ****ing QB and go with him already. I don't care if it's some undrafted whoever, it's the only way your team can sustain success. I'm sick of case or whoever making a few good plays and giving hope. We have no hope. How are the fans done with hope before the people in charge of the team are. Steve Smith saying it right now. Blow it up.
  11. Dirt

    Game Night Thread- Skins at Vikes

    The magnifying glass should be on Haskins , but case had done some very stupid things with the football this year as well. Might as well see if haskins can adjust and learn going forward. By the way, that guy on the Giants hasn't looked so great lately either. Give Dwayne a chance and for the love of God do the right thing in the offseason